Mists of Frostwell - Campaign Bible

Campaign Bible

Part 1 - Campaign Setting


World Map (Link)

Regional Map of Frostwell (Link)

Short History of the Realm

The current super power in the realm, the Lelandian Empire was originally just a collection of individual fiefdoms and untamed wilderness until, centuries ago, a warlock named Leland the Touched rose to power and conquered them one by one, bringing them under his authority. He enslaved his subjects, forcing them to  build roads and forts and raised a standing army of conscripts to enforce his will - this was the First Age of the Empire.

The Warlock Emperor ruled over the Empire for centuries, turning to unholy rituals in a bid for immortality. During this Second Age of the Empire, life became increasingly brutal, with Generals in the Imperial Legion ruling in his name and doing as they pleased - might made right, and the common folk suffered for it. Eventually, a rebellion of several Legions, folk heroes, mages and newly a founded priesthood (the Holy Order of the Sun) came together under the banner of a young Paladin named Janus, risen from the ranks of the Imperial Legion and pledged to serve the sun god Belenus.

The ensuing Lelandian Civil War lasted for years, eventually culminating with Janus slaying the Warlock Emperor and appointing himself Emperor. He ruled for only a year, though, before a massive, otherworldly entity rose from the depths of a Lelandian lake to begin devouring nearby villages.

Emperor Janus was slain destroying this monstrous threat, but the few surviving members of his party returned to the capitol city carrying a massive crystal, radiating  golden light - Janus’ voice spoke from the crystal to only the chosen few, and it became known as the Emperor’s Voice, and his Chosen declared to the nation that he had attained godhood as just reward for his deeds of valor in Belenus’ name, and his divine spirit would rule over the Empire forever through this crystal, known now as the Emperor’s Voice - this was the start of the current era, the Third Age of the Empire.

Around the time of Janus’ epic confrontation with the otherworldly beast, in the northern territory of Frostwell, a massive volcanic eruption wiped out all but a handful of Imperial citizens in the region - the few that fled by ship from the fire, ash and darkness spoke of dragon  and shadows and flames dancing along the coast. Imperial troops and adventuring parties were sent to investigate for years, but none ever returned. Eventually, the mountains and a persistent fog of ash hid the region from the rest of the realm - a region of unknown terrors and darkness.

Recently, though, the fog has subsided, and scattered reports speak of ruins, shadow moving in the mist and woodlands, and an emptied region ripe for resettlement. In the centuries since the Emperor’s Voice began its rule over the Empire, various factions of its Chosen have risen to power - the Mage’s Conclave, the Merchant Assembly, the Church of Belenus, to name a few. They have assembled an expeditionary force to take back Frostwell, and resettle it for the Empire.

This is where the campaign begins - with the first shore parties of the Frostwell Expeditionary Force landing on the beaches of that wild region.

Notable Organizations in the Empire

Mage’s Conclave

Mercantile Assembly

Holy Order of the Sun

Church of Belerus

The Council

Notable NPCs

Emperor Janus Erelius

Gideon the Archmage

High Priest Elendra

Expedition Master Krusk

Magic, Gods & the Planes

MoF is a low magic setting, with the Celtic pantheon found in the core rulebooks for D&D 5E.

Part 2 - Player Information


Any player species in the Core Rulebooks are acceptable. Since we will be running through D&D Beyond, if you want player races outside the Core Rulebooks please be sure to purchase the respective module during character setup.


Any of the classes/subclasses in the Core Rulebooks are acceptable. Since we will be running through D&D Beyond, if you want classes or subclasses outside the Core Rulebooks please be sure to purchase the respective module during character setup.

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