Mixed Hive Guide

Mixed Hive Guide 

+Earlygame and Midgame playthrough guide + How to get windy bee

Dm me at 3c3k#8746 if you want to suggest any changes, report mistakes or ask questions. 

Extra info: 

  1. My blue hive/lategame guide 

  2. You should not hesitate to read this all, it will just take around 15 mins 

  3. If you are on mobile, you should click the 3 dots on the top right and select “Desktop Site” (on chrome) to read it properly. (And on desktop- remove mobilebasic at the end of the url) 

  4. Explore the map of the game as much as possible. 

Important tips:

Note: supreme star amulet is a very late thing which requires around 10-30 days of playtime to unlock on average. No need to understand what it is if you have just started playing. “Midgame”, “Endgame” etc are explained in the playthrough part. Beesmas is the christmas event where there are extra mechanics to make you earn more honey. 

  1. NEVER USE CODES. You can only use the codes which give items, but never a code that gives field boost. You have to save all of them for endgame beesmas boosts!

  2. You should be a mixed hive till the time you complete all 30 spirit bear quests and unlock the supreme star amulet(40 gifted bee types)

You just need to discover the gifted bee types, not keep them in your hive. 

After unlocking the supreme star amulet, you should get an amulet with pop star asap. Then make a blue hive in order to save up honey for a double passive such as gummy saw(white), pop shower(blue) or scorch saw(red)

  1. You should avoid keeping ungifted epics or rares unless ungifted legendaries are not easy for you. 

  2. You should remove the score 1 bees (bomb bees) when you do not have anything else to remove. 

  3. Never hatch diamond eggs, never remove gifted basic, never remove mythics or events in earlygame. You need diamond eggs for diamond mask, and beesmas donations. 

  4. Never feed your fruits unless you have a quest or less than level 6 hive. You need fruits to craft tons of enzymes, oils, extracts etc in midgame. After you have unlocked the supreme star amulet, you may use your fruits to gift mythics. 

  5. You should buy cub buddy with tickets only after you unlock the supreme star amulet. 

  6. Stealing sprouts is acceptable in the very earlygame, but even if you have atleast one item that costs 500k honey and you steal sprouts, you will be annoying. 

  7. Everyday you should use all dispensers, memory matches, kill all mobs and bosses in the game, and use each field booster separately even if you do not have a quest on the field you got the boost on. 

  8. The Bee Swarm Wiki is a very useful place for answers to all your questions about “what is this” or “how rare is this”, or “what reward do I get from this quest” 

  9. You should macro bug-run for lots of tickets, and the field macros for the last 5-10 spirit bear quests. You can learn about macros by watching any youtube video. You can also learn where to get macros from yt. 

  10. You should kill at least 1 commando chick every day. If your commando chick becomes level 11, you should level your vicious bee to level 11. Like this, when your vicious bee becomes level 12, you can start boosting and killing coconut crab every 2 days. You do not need to level your vicious bee to level 13 though. Also, you can stop killing your commando chick after you get the mythic egg at 50th kill. 

  1. Give your translator to riley, then bucko, then stickbug. Riley bee gives stingers in quests, that is why you should do it before bucko. 

  2. You should use star jelly only if you do not have the bronze star amulet. After that you should save your star jelly to get the petal wand, petal belt, to donate for windy bee, or to craft super smoothies. 

  3. Never use star eggs. A star egg always hatches into a gifted bee you do not have in your hive. So when you discover any gifted legendary, do not remove it from your hive. When you have discovered all gifted legendaries, place all gifted epics and gifted rares in your hive(including score 1 bees) and then hatch the star egg. You will be guaranteed to discover a gifted mythic for the supreme star amulet. 

  4. Do all quests of all bears at the same time. Do not focus on one bear at a time. 

  5. This guide is good for all players even if you are playing for the first time. Though it is not that good for players who are mixed hive with ssa. 


This is the approximate path you are going to follow in your bee swarm journey. You may do some things after the other, but that is completely ok. 

I have not written about the sprinklers and planters, but you should buy them whenever you can afford too. This also applies to hive slots

Early-Earlygame: Till the point you buy everything in the first shop

Jar - Rake - Clippers - Backpack - Vacuum - Canister - other items (alternate between tools and bags, no need to buy every single thing)

Mid-Earlygame: Till the point you buy everything in the second shop. 

SuperScooper - Compressor - ElectroMagnet - guards - Elite Barrel -  Honey dipper - Port o hive  - Other items whenever you can 

Late-Earlygame: Till the point you get the honey mask/porcelain dipper/porcelain port-o-hive and 35th hive slot. You should skip the scyte/bubble wand/spark staff but get every other item inorder of price. 

Early-Midgame: Honey mask - Honeycomb belt - Crimson guard - Cobalt guard - Petal wand(Do not buy it before the guards) - Level 12 vicious 

Mid-Midgame: Diamond Drenchers - 42th slot - Gummy mask will take a few weeks - All quests except spirit bear done and you will do a lot of improvement in your hive. Then you should begin saving up honey for Coconut Canister 

Late-Midgame: (after coconut canister)Coconut Cloggers - Petal Belt - Supreme Saturator - Level 10/Level 11 hive - Demon and Diamond mask will take a bit of time too. 

If you donate your 2nd spirit petal to the wind shrine, you can windy hop and get your windy bee in few weeks based on how much luck you have and how much you donate per day. But if you don’t think you can do that, you can get the petal belt after the coco clogs. 

You also need to buy a lot of royal jelly at some point to discover gifted legendary bees for supreme star amulet. You should macro bug run(not pine tree) to get tickets for star treats to gift events. After you have gifted all your events, you can feed your fruits to your mythics/use star eggs to try and make them gifted, but you should do that by keeping 2k fruits in the blender so that you do not lose all your fruits. 

You should buy cub buddy with tickets only after you unlock the supreme star amulet. 

You also should complete the final spirit bear quests in this stage of the game, you will need a lot of macro help though. 

Early-Lategame: Get the pop star - Make a blue hive using the blue hive guide linked in the beginning - Get gummy boots 

Mid-Lategame: Complete your blue hive in such a way that you do not have any temporary bubble bees. This stage is mostly about macroing. 

Late-Lategame: Get every item that costs less than 1t - Save up honey for a double passive

Now you have to decide whether you want to go for a specific colour, or you are ok with any colour. 

If you are blue, you have to afk and macro a lot and prepare half an hour for every boost. 

If you are red, you do not have to prepare much but you need to macro for stingers and you get really good attack. 

If you are white, you need to macro for both gumdrops and stingers. (and you get ok attack)

So if you decide you are ok with any colour(pop shower, gum saw, or scorch saw), you need to save up 5t for any one of those.(You need 2.5t on average)

But if you are going for a specific colour, say, blue, then you need to save up 10t-15t(You need 7.5t on average).

Early-Endgame: So you saved up for the double passive and got it. Now build your hive and buy the stuff that costs more than 1t. Early-endgame ends when you get 50 bees level 16 and the petal planter/tide popper/ dark scythe

Mid-Endgame: Get every single item in the game and gift all your bees. 

End-Endgame: You are a mega pro now with a level 20 hive. Now macro 24/7 and question why you are doing this. 


(Check tip 15 before reading this)

Score 1 bees: 

These are the unneeded gifted bonuses. You should keep these bomb-giving bees till midgame. This is because bomb-giving bees will fill you up too quickly and you waste all your time converting.

Score 2 bees: 

These are the bees which are kept only for their gifted bonus but are optional. 

Score 3 bees: 

These are the bees that are kept only for their gifted bonus but are not optional, you must keep them if you get them. 

Score 4 bees: 

These are the bees that you need multiple of, not for their gifted bonus but because of their abilities. 

Score 5 bees: 

Mythics and Events 

Score 1: Bomber, Rascal, Bubble, Demo, Fire, Frosty

Score 2: Brave(not worth a slot), Hasty(breaks some macros), Stubborn(small difference), Demon(small difference in mixed)

Score 3: Basic, Bumble, Looker, Commander, Exhausted, Rage(You need 2 rage, but only 1 if you have spicy), Shocked, Honey

Score 4: Baby(3-4, remove 1 for each gifted tadpole. But keep at least 1)


Lion(Leftover slots, around 2)

Music(4, 3 if you have a bee with beequip that gives melody)

If you combine your number of Photons, ninjas, shockeds, and hasty, you should have 3-4 haste producers(So if you have 1 shocked and 1 photon, you need 1-2 ninja). The best bees for haste are: Gifted photon> Photon> Gifted ninja> Ninja> Gifted shocked> Shocked> Gifted hasty> Hasty

You need to have 4-5 red boost producers in total in midgame, which is the combined number of shy, riley, and rad. You can have 1 or 2 less red boost producers if you have a precise bee. The best bees for red boost are: Gifted precise> Precise> Gifted shy> Gifted riley> Shy> Riley> Gifted rad> rad

You also need to have 4-5 blue boost producers in total, which is your combined number of tadpole, diamond, bucko, frosty, and cool. You should not remove your diamond, bucko or cool even if you have too many tads. The best bees for blue boost are: Gifted tadpole> Tadpole> Gifted diamond> Diamond> Gifted bucko> Bucko> Gifted frosty> Frosty> Gifted cool> Cool

Score 5: Never remove Buoyants, Vectors or Tadpoles. But you may remove Fuzzy, Spicy or Precise if you have more than 3. 

You should keep all events in your hive other than ungifted puppy. 

Tier List:

Demon is “optional” in the above tier list

Order to buy events: 

Whenever you ask people the order to gift events, you hear a thousand different responses and nobody agreeing with each other. This is normal. Therefore, you should gift your tabby, then photon, then gummy, and then just gift whichever event you think is correct. Because all orders make sense. Though this is my opinion: 

Tabby - Photon - Gummy - Vicious - Festive - Bear - Cobalt - Crimson - Puppy 

The order of purchasing events is agreed upon by most people. 

Tabby - Photon - Cobalt/Crimson - Festive - Buy star treats for ssa - Buy and gift puppy only for ssa

You should buy tabby first if you play regularly. At first tabby would be worse than photon but eventually it will be much better(thought it takes time).
After gifting all of your events, you should gift fuzzy/buoyant, then gift tadpole bees till you have 4 gifted tadpoles, than gift all your other mythics.


Earlygame Boosting:

Use any field booster and grind in the field. Convert when you fill. Do not waste any materials or codes

Midgame Boosting:

Midgame boosting starts after you can kill coconut crab. Prefer white fields over red/blue if you have gummy mask. 

Get mondo blessing(it spawns when the minute counter is at 0), add boosting items to your slots. Donate a gold egg/silver egg/cloud vials/extracts. Use the glue dispenser, claim honey bee’s quest, activate mythic meteor shower or beesmas machines(if its beesmas), auto on gumdrops and coconuts. Use all field boosters and use your field dice/smooth dice. Then claim the correct mask. Go to the best field you get(preferably white). Use your glitter, enzymes, oil(optional), tropical drink(optional in non-white fields), blue extract/red extract. Then keep grinding and stay within the marks and under clouds and collect all tokens. Use jellybeans(after mid-lategame) and micros constantly and use cloud vials when the main clouds run out. Do not let your boost exceed 15 mins.(or you will use too much stuff)

Lategame Boosting: 

You need to boost differently based on your colour. I have explained blue hive boosting in the guide.


(n) means don’t care about that stat. You should focus on the stats of the amulets instead of percentages.

Star Amulet: 

You should just get an amulet that has instant conversion and stop gambling more honey on your amulet. You should not waste honey on the diamond star amulet, trying to get a passive.  

If you want to stay mixed even after ssa, you can get gummy star or star saw. Still, the best stats are 

Instant conversion, Critical Chance, Bee ability rate, Pollen%, White pollen%(n)

Ant Amulet: 

Convert rate(n) 

Critical Power

Critical Chance 

Bee Attack

Blue Pollen(n)
Red Pollen(n)

While comparing critical chance with critical power, take 1% critical chance to be equal to 20% critical power. 

King Beetle Amulet:

Convert rate(n)

1+ Bee attack 

Strawberry field 

Bamboo Field 

(Clover field is better than bluf or mush) 

Shell Amulet: 


Goo conversion


Stump field pollen 

Cactus Field pollen(n)

“A bronze shell with goo conversion is better than a supreme shell without goo conversion”- Abraham Lincoln

Moon Amulet: 

You should not care about the capacity even when it is not at max. 

Bond From Treats and Instant Conversion

Bond From Treats and Honey Per Pollen> 

White Pollen and Instant Conversion> 

White Pollen and Honey Per Pollen> any other 

You should be smart about how much and when you spend on the moon amulet. 

Stickbug Amulet: 

Convert rate(n)

Bee Attack

2+ Red/Blue Bee Attack


Bee Attack Power 

How to get windy bee:

  1. Donate your second spirit petal

  2. Donate a star jelly to the wind shrine or 3-5 field dice to almost always spawn a wild windy bee 

  3. Fight windy bee to get more cloud vials

  4. You can also windy hop to find windy bees, which means to go to different servers again and again and check if the chimes of the wind shrine are moving. If they are moving, it means that there is a windy bee right now in that server. 

  5. Donating any item increases your favour. The more your favour, the more likely you are to get windy bee if you donate atleast 1 cloud vial. Cloud vials have high favour so they are the main things you are supposed to donate in your quest to get windy. 

  6. Start donating cloud vials to the wind shrine as soon as you unlock it. This is because you can increase your favour even if you have not donated the petal. 

. Super Idol的笑容 都没你的甜 八月正午的阳光 都没你耀眼 热爱 105 °C的你 滴滴清纯的蒸馏水


Nectars are an important part of the game but they are difficult to understand- so these images will help you out in understand them: 

For mixed hives the best nectars for boosts are invigorating> motivating> satisfying but all nectars are similar in how much they help 

Placing a planter in a field and harvesting it gives you nectar (the amount of nectar varies from planter to planter and how much it was grown) this image and the one below is mainly about what each nectar does and where you can get it. 

How to know which field gives which nectar: 

(Example: pesticide planter): it gives 1.25x motivating in spider when fully grown (because it is in the same line) 

1.25x satisfying in sunflower pineapple and pumpkin

And the nectar in other fields can be read from the 1st image

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