Model 3 Tips and Tricks

  • Turn on the rear window defroster to defrost the side mirrors
  • Triple tap on the Tesla logo to open the arcade quickly
  • Just swipe down on Tesla nav button for car to automatically navigate to home, work or destination in calendar
  • If charge cover won’t open, there’s an emergency latch. Pull the tab.
  • You can unlock all doors by pressing the Park button a second time after engaging the Park gear.
  • Applying external 12V power to the terminals inside the tow eye cover (press on top right) releases the hood latches.
  • Do not close the hood with one hand. Doing so applies concentrated force in one area and can result in a dent or crease.
  • Wait until after purchase to upgrade EAP so you aren’t paying vehicle taxes on the extra $$$?
  • The glove box locks whenever closed
  • Do not connect multiple devices using a USB hub. This can prevent connected devices from charging or from being recognized by Media Player.
  • You can temporarily mute a seat belt reminder associated with a rear seating position by touching
    the associated seat on the seat belt reminder card that displays on the touchscreen when a seat belt reminder alert is active
  •  To restart the touchscreen, press and hold both scroll buttons until after the touch screen turns black, releasing when the Tesla logo appears.
  • Model 3 automatically shifts into Park whenever it is determined that you are exiting the vehicle, even when you shift into Neutral before exiting
  • You can set the zoom level and it will stick (at least under older builds) but there’s a trick. If you pinch to zoom in or out, as many of us do, it will not stick. If you tap the screen to pull up all the map buttons, then tap the + or – buttons to zoom in or out, that will stick.
  • You can unlock all doors by pressing the park button a 2nd time, Hold it for parking brake. (Only if you have disabled ‘Unlock on park)
  • Apparently, if you use air recirculation along with cabin overheat AC protection, then the condensation that naturally builds up never really has a chance to evaporate especially if you live in a warm area where cabin overheat is on a lot. This causes mildew to build up and cause this terrible smell like someone who just ran a marathon and took off their shoes in your car. To avoid this design flaw, only use recirculation if you absolutely have to, and to be extra safe turn on fan only cabin overheat.”


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