Momento: Game Mechanics


Harbinger can move freely across the lands of Shadekeep, having a simple jog of sorts that, after holding the dash button, can propel them forward in a sprint. While sprinting, Harbinger can jump higher, or swing the Silver Augury downward in a powerful cutting motion. Both these actions stop his movement. If Harbinger dashes or sprints into a wall, they will clamber up it. If he is damaged during a wall climb or will simply dashing, he will fall out of it, and have to restart the sprint or climb (air-dashing into a wall also allows wall climbing). 

Harbinger can press the Circle button to dash, which grants him minor invulnerability frames and allows him to perform a quick slash. Dashing in mid-air will perform an air-dash, giving them extra length during their leap. 

Harbinger can also jump with X, allowing them to reach upwards easier. He can also double-jump in a swarm of Gloom, which grants them minor invulnerability frames and propels him higher. Their double jump is also improved after a sprint, along with their normal jump. While jumping, Harbinger can perform a slash, as well as use the Spell Demise, which sends them plummeting to the earth. 

Broken Shards

Harbinger’s will (the health in the game) is measured in the three broken shards of Augur’s broken blade, which increases with every Sword Shard they finds scattered across Shadekeep. A single Shard decreases with every hit, although some attacks will do two, while others will only Splinter the Shard. A Splintered Shard stands for half a Shard, and carries over to the next Shard, depending on the damage. Certain abilities in Harbinger’s arsenal can reduce damage taken to be a constant Splintered Shard instead of one being fully broken. If all the Shards are broken, Harbinger’s will breaks, and their form will dissipate back into the Gloom. They can recover Shards by resting at a Gloomfount, or by channeling their Fury to heal them. 

Fury Meter

Below Harbinger’s health lies its fury bar, which is separated into four separate sections. Each section is filled as Harbinger damages enemies or is damaged themselves. With each meter, a new passive is granted to Harbinger:

  • The first quarter being filled increases the range of Harbinger’s slashes

  • Half of the meter being filled increases Harbinger’s attack speed

  • A third of the meter being filled causes Harbinger’s attacks to gain hyper armor

  • Having the meter fully maxed out allows Harbinger to reduce incoming damage during attacks, and if it remains full upon their death, they will revive with half health

When fully maxed out, Harbinger will enter Harbinger’s Fury, which at the cost of decreasing their fury meter slowly, grants them all the passives fully. If Harbinger dies while the Fury is active, their will revive with a set amount of health, but their Fury will be drained. 

Harbinger can also directly consume Fury for Magik and healing ( with healing using a full quarter of the meter in order to heal one full Shard, and Magik using slightly less). 

The Fury meter can be increased as Harbinger finds Construct Slivers, with each one stacking with another two in order to add an extra level to the meter. 

The Silver Augury

The Augury Blade, also called the Silver Augury by some, is a retractable sword gauntlet affixed to Harbinger’s right arm. By pressing Square, Harbinger uses the Augury Blade as an attack performing various moves to eviscerate enemies. 

Base Combo: Square, Square, Square

  • A slash over the body, starting from the right and ending at the left shoulder

  • A slash back to the right side, starting from the left shoulder and leading downward to the right

  • A thrust from the bottom to the top, ending with Harbinger’s arm outstretched before quickly retracting it to begin the combo again.

Sprinting Attack

  • Jumps slightly, twisting their body and slashing in a crescent pattern before landing with their arm back, in the same position that leads to their third attack.

Dash Attack

  • A quick slash to the middle of a foe, which puts Harbinger in the position to start their second attack. 

Air Attack

  • Curls up slightly and slashes, starting from behind their left hip and ending in a crescent shape above their head. If an enemy is hit, they bounce up slightly and gain a second jump. 

Upward Attack

  • Squats slightly and thrusts the blade upward, before quickly withdrawing the blade

The Augury Blade is also capable of having inscriptions scrawled upon its surface, which can grant Harbinger unique skills that they may have been unable to access without. Some of these act as buffs, others are direct attacks, and some have defensive properties. These skills are more numerous than the Magiks, and run on a cooldown without needing to use the Harbinger’s Fury. 

Bal-cain can also upgrade the Augury Blade after enough Shadescrap and Onyx (the currency) is given to him. It can be upgraded five times, each upgrade increasing the damage output and, after the third upgrade, gives it a slight range increase. 


Harbinger can press L1 to bring up their guard, putting their gauntlet perpendicular with their body and holding it there for a second. If an enemy hits them during this time, Harbinger retaliates with a quick slash that damages and knocks back enemies. This also has different effects dependent on how much of the Fury meter has been filled

  • At a half meter, Harbinger’s parry slash is replaced with a devastating thrust that deals more damage and knocks away enemies further

  • At full meter, Harbinger doesn’t even use the blade: They simple rear back and release an explosion of Fury that heavily damages everything around them.

While parries do a large amount of damage to enemies, the window for the parry is somewhat small, Harbinger is left defenseless if they missed the parry, and not every attack can be parried (ranged attacks will simply bat the projectile away, and massive attacks simply bypass it).

Augury Skills and Magik

Harbinger can use all manner of skills and Magik across their journey of Shadekeep. Their Magik is learnt naturally, and can be used in order to solve certain puzzles or reach areas that may be difficult to achieve. These Magiks are:

  • Rejuvenation: A base Magik that Harbinger knows from the beginning, Rejuvenation allows Harbinger to use some of their Fury in order to heal a Broken Shard. Can be upgraded to be faster, heal more, use less Fury, create a damaging AOE upon use, buff Harbinger shortly, and other boons.

  • Release: A powerful Magik that breaks Harbinger’s mask open, forcing some of the locked Gloom within to fire a powerful, concentrated beam. This Magik can power Shade Arches, and deal massive damage to a large variety of enemies. Can be upgraded to deal more damage, fire a slow moving orb, fire several homing shots, add damage over time to enemies, stun hit enemies, and more. 

  • Divulge: Another Magik unlocked by Harbinger, this sees Harbinger temporarily shift form into a shadowy Drakon, before descending to the floor in a powerful explosion. If Harbinger is on the floor when Demise is used, they merely rears back, and the skeleton of a Drakon is temporarily seen, roaring and damaging nearby enemies. While not as powerful as Misery, it grants Harbinger I-frames, counts towards AOE damage, and can hit enemies above them. Can be upgraded to increase I-frames, increase damage, increase range, increase the number of hits dealt, cause the Drakon to spew flames, among others. 

  • Torment: A Magik that sees Harbinger extend a claw made of Gloom upward, hand opened before closing it in a fist, damageign opponents above Harbinger and dragging nearby grounded enemies upward. Can have its damage increased, speed which the hand grabs enemies, size of the hand, buff Harbinger dependent on affected enemies, grant a shield to Harbinger, or other boons.

Harbinger’s Augury Blade can be etched with specialized Skills found across Shadekeep, specifically from the Master Tablets found within the Kingdom. Each Skill requires no Fury use, but does have a small cooldown attached with it, and cannot be upgraded. The following acquired skills are:

Leica’s Advance: A powerful leap that powers through enemies, granting Harbinger I-frames and damaging enemies that Harbinger passes through. The first skill found, and one of two that are given to Harbinger directly.

Pilgrim’s Folly: After a short charge up, Harbinger thrusts his arm forward, sending a spear of Gloom rocketing forward, which damages all in front of him.

Drakon’s Breath: Harbinger readies himself, causing a gout of black flames to erupt from his blade and increase his range and damage for a short time.

Maestro’s Plunge: Harbinger jumps into the air, if not already in it, and descends with blade extended to create a powerful shockwave. 

Aelinn’s Blessing: Harbinger readies his blade, causing his attack speed to increase and have a chance to deal lifesteal.

Demon’s Genocide: Harbinger performs an uppercut, before spinning three times, inflicting great damage with each hit. The last hit knocks back enemies. 

Penumbrum’s Fortress: Harbinger readies themselves with a stance, allowing them to deflect a single attack. If they successfully deflect an attack, Harbinger slams their blade into the earth, creating a forward moving shockwave. 

Warden’s Sentence: Harbinger throws out a shadowy chain and pull enemies forward before slicing them upward with a brutal uppercut

Master’s Farewell: Harbinger steps back, reading their blade before quickly advancing, performing a blinding flurry of thrusts and finishing off with a quick slash. 

Momento: Harbinger rears back, unleashing the Herald’s Blade. Their attack speed and combos are massively increased for a short while, and the spectre of Augur can be seen fighting alongside them. ( Must have all Sword Shards found in order to use). 


Harbinger can also find Wards scattered throughout Shadekeep, with each one granting a unique property that assists in Harbinger’s journey. At any time, Harbinger can equip three Wards (although some can only be equipped by itself). Some Wards are also necessary to get to certain areas, or to talk to characters that may have difficulty understanding the Harbinger. They follow as:

Gloom’s Idol:

An idol shaped like the Tree of Shade, symbol of the Gloom. Offers an increase in Magik damage while also increasing how much Fury it uses.

Pilgrim Charm:

A lucky charm, found attached to the neck of the deceased Pilgrim’s Spear. Increases the amount of Cobalt found and makes it easier for Harbinger to see. Also unlocks new dialogue for Geninn and her brother, Labe. 

Knight Heart:

Ward meant to symbolize the bravery and valor of the Drakon Knights. Increases Harbinger’s damage towards enemies that face towards him, but decreases the damage dealt to an enemy’s backside. Unlocks new dialogue for Freiseg and Leica. 

Drakon Scale

Scale taken from the mad Drakon lord Shav. If the Harbinger is damaged with this Ward equipped, then enemies that strike them are damaged by a gout of flame. Also unlocks new dialogue for both Freiseg and Habah, as well as allowing Harbinger to access deeper levels of Drakon’s Harrow. 

Maestro’s Eye

Eye from the Rooted Maestro, seemingly capable of searing its gaze into one’s flesh. Makes a damaging AOE when Harbinger uses Fury ( for Divulge, it increases the base damage of it). Grants new dialogue with the Dukun. 


Unique bottled Ward given to Harbinger by the Dukun. Prevents Fury from draining as quickly, and reduces the amount of Fury necessary to cast Magik.


Ward given to Harbinger by Aelinn, after they successfully defeated the Mote Demon terrorizing the Rooted Chasm. Decreases damage dealt by Motes and the infected.

Hollowed Nest

Ward found within a small tunnel, made of an intricate spiral shell. Increases the size of the Fury meter.

Penumbrum Glory

Ward found buried under heaps of rubble, with the Penumbrum symbol etched upon it. Causes a shadowy explosion to occur upon an enemy’s death. 

Prisoner Etchstone

Hurriedly marked etchstone written by one of the many prisoners found within the Grove before perishing. Prevents knockback while using Rejuvenation, but increases the time needed to use it.

Augur’s Mask

Mask worn at Harbinger’s hip, recently awoken from the use of Augur shards. Turns Harbinger’s Magiks from Gloom into Corrupted Gleam, increasing their damage, range, and dealing extra damage against Motes. Needed for extra endings. 

Puppeteer String

Used string dropped from the pallid corpse of the Gleam’s marionette. Creates a small chance to turn Mote enemies against themselves. 

Gloomfounts and Death

Across Shadekeep, there are numerous Gloomfounts, where the purest essence of the Gloom seeps through into Shadekeep. Since these are somewhat rare, many build fountains into them and adorn them with religious symbols. Harbinger can choose to link a Gloomfont to themselves, allowing them to rest and save a portion of their will into the inky liquid, which can reforge their body should it become too damaged. If Harbinger does die, his will shatters, leaving behind Augur’s mask which needs to be picked up. Picking it up will refill Harbinger’s lost Fury but they will lose some of their Cobalt. Without Augur’s mask, Harbinger cannot use Fury, so gaining it back is a top priority. Upon contact with the mask, they will release a blast of rage that knocks back nearby enemies, and Harbinger’s Fury will be restored to whatever amount it was before death.

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