Monastic Tradition: bladed monk 5e

Monk Monastic Tradition:

Bladed Monk:

Blade Weilder: Starting when you choose this tradition at 3rd level, the Monk gains a 2-in-1 Hook blade.  He is bound to the weapon, and it to him, it is an extension of him.  When he makes an attack with the weapon, he adds his Martial Arts die damage to the blades damage. He can draw it as someone would draw a regular weapon, and separate it into two blades.  It is considered a Light Weapon with the Finesse property, and does 1d6 damage.


Bladed Grapple:  At 6th level, while duel wielding the hook blades (or using it in 1 hand and has your offhand free), whenever you make a successful weapon attack with the blades or an unarmed attack, you can make a free grapple check following it.  Can grapple people with the hook end of the blade as well.  Whenever you are disarmed in battle you can spend 1 Ki to teleport the blade back to you.


Energized Blades:  At 11th level your Hook blade is now considered a magical weapon.  Whenever you make an attack with the blade you can spend Ki to increase the weapons damage, equal to +1 damage die roll per 1 Ki spent.  Alternatively you can spend 3 Ki to make a blade attack that shoots energy from the blade to the target (hitting anyone inbetween) for 3x weapon damage.  Lastly you can make a throw attack with the weapon, and if the attack is successful, spend 1 Ki to tether yourself to it with energy, pulling yourself to the weapon and following it with a kick (unarmed melee attack); if it is a fail the energy tether will return the blade to you.


Blade Master:  At 17th level you are now a master of bladed combat as well as unarmed combat.  You land critical hits on an 18-20 attack roll.  Also you can spend 5 Ki to shield yourself with your blades in an impenetrable defense, energizing the blades to stop hostile spells, and rotating them around you so quickly in a pattern that it stops all incoming attacks until your next turn.


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