Monk: Way of the Heart

Monk: Way of the Heart

Way of the Heart Monks use their intuition as a tool, trusting in their most basic emotions to block attacks, even when they cannot see them coming. Way of the Heart monks are told to trust all emotions, and generally act based on what they feel is right. 

Bonus Proficiencies

At 3rd level you are proficient in Insight Checks. If you are already profiicent in insight, you can double your proficiency. You are highly attuned to not only your own emotions, but to the emotions of others.

Intuitive Defence

At 3rd level when a surprise attack is made against you, or an attack made by a hidden enemy, they have disadvantage on the attack.

Intuitive Attack

At 6th level when you make an attack against something you cannot see, you do not have disadvantage on the attack. When you make a flurry of blows attack against a target, you have advantage on the attack, as you see into their soul to see where they may dodge.

Improved Intuitive Defence

At 11th level when you use Patient Defence, you can spend 3 extra key points to force the next 2 attacks made against you to miss.

Insight into the soul

At 17th level, when you make a flurry of blows attack, you can spend 3 key points to double the damage of the attacks, for each successful hit, as you find their weak points

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