Monster Prom TTRPG Quickstart

Monster Prom ttrpg QuickStart


Monster Prom is a visual novel created by “Beautiful Glitch” and published by “Those Awesome Guys”. As the first sentence says it is a visual novel, but what makes it stand out from the rest is that it is a multiplayer game in which you and your friends try to score dates to the prom, with the gist is that all of you are monsters and other supernatural creatures. 

Rules/Game Mechanics


Monster Prom uses a 1d10 (One ten-sided die) for almost everything you need to do when doing stat checks, to activate certain powers, waking up with a good mood, and to determine comedic outcomes. How Rolls work is dependent on a Hierarchy of Success with 1-4 being a failure, 5-7 being a mediocre outcome, 8-10 being a success and 10+(increased with modifiers) is a super success.


There are 5 stats in monster prom, Bold, Smarts, Creativity, Charm, and Fun each with certain modifiers depending on Your trope.

Bold: Being Brave and Outgoing, it’s your stats based on your courage.

Smarts: Smarts are your intelligence in class, machines, and your general knowledge of things.

Creativity: Like Smarts your this is intelligence but based on your ideas, but it can be used for performance and artistic ability. 

Charm: Your Charisma, Looks, or force of personality, this stat is based on wooing others towards you, Intimidation, and how pretty you look on America’s best Cryptids.

Fun: Fun is how people feel around you being the life of the party, increasing the mood of others, and just being friendly.


Reputation is how people see your character in school maybe its due to you punching a popular student in the face, perhaps your a bad kid who everyone fears or maybe you had a wrong opinion on Snap. There are five levels of Reputation represented by 5 squares brackets.

Outcast: You don’t fit in with your peers, only a very small percentage of people will talk to you either your friends or a subculture you hang out with.

Judged: While not treated too poorly you have somewhat of a reputation, people will be hesitant around you but will eventually open up to you.

Blended In: You are not Popular or UnPopular, you are like everybody else just a normal monster just trying to get by and probably have fun.

Well Known: A lot of people know who you are and are well-liked you tend to have about you.  

Popular: You are the one who either revere you like a god or despises you like a devil, everybody knows your name.


Mood is how you feel and your character characters’ state of mind. When Roleplaying your mood determines your characters’ emotions at the moment. Certain things, actions, events, or people can raise or lower your mood. With negative things happening to you one less mood while positive things happening can give you more mood.

Dark Mood: You do not want to talk to anybody and you don’t want anyone to talk to you, you desire relaxation. 

Bad Mood: You had a bad time, while it could be worse you're not quite in the mood to talk too much. 

Ok: You are alright, not bad nor good. You’re Fine.

Good Mood: You feel good about yourself.

Glowing Mood: You're happy and everyone can see, you feel like you are on top of the world like nothing can happen. 

Character creation

  1. Choose your Monster Type.

  2. Choose your Tropes and add your modifiers.

  3. Choose Two Advantages and One Disadvantage

  4. Choose One Power

  5. Write their backstory and Add one or two relationships.

  6. Write down your Personality, Hopes/Dreams, and Flaws

Monster Types


When creating a character you must choose what kind of cryptid Crawley they are, currently, they are six types of monster your character can be. Each Monster type has its powers, advantages, and disadvantages.

Frankenstein's Monster: Advantages- Rubber and metal: You can only be shocked by your lightning, prank gum, and killer joy buzzers can’t hurt you. Disadvantages: When a Steins get too excited they spew electricity, shocking them, removing one mood of the people around you.

Ghost: Advantages- Curious Casper: Your Character knows a lot about one person. Disadvantages- Held Back: You are directly or indirectly connected to your old life If your past life is brought up add -1 to their fun for the day.

Merfolk: Advantages- Charming Ruler: You add +1 to your charm. Disadvantages- Charming Brat: If you fail a charm check, -1 mood.

Vampire: Advantages- Nocturnal: Vampires do not have to roll for a morning roll and always start with the meh mood. Disadvantages- Sunkissed: Your character cannot use their powers in direct sunlight.

Werewolf: Advantage- Nocturnal: Werewolf does not have to roll for a morning roll and always start with the meh mood. Disadvantages- Pack Mentality: Although they are capable of making their thoughts, they tend to agree with their friends more than themselves.

Zombie: Advantage- Chilling: The Zom can raise their moods +1 of their friends by being around them as long as their mood is above meh. Disadvantages- Hungry Dead: If you don’t eat something your movement speed slows to a shamble making you miss classes.


Your character at surface level will have a Trope, this is a basic outline of who your character is, their hobbies, personality, and modifiers. Each Trope has two customizable sections to it, the first being the Description the word that implies their personality and their Concepts, the kind of character you might play, Concepts will have starting Reputation.

(Note: If one of your character's stat modifiers contradicts their Description and Concept, For example, Quiet Cheerleader. Put your negative modifier in another stat.)


  • Quiet: -1 Charm, +2 Creativity             

  • Brave: +2 Bold, -1 Smart

  • Friendly: +2 Charm

  • Cold: -1 Fun, +1 Smart

  • Nerdy: +2 Smart, -1 Charm

  • Moody: -2 Fun, +1 Bold

  • Kind: +1 Bold, +1 Charm

  • Lazy: +1 Fun, -2 Charm

  • Creative: +1 Creativity, +1 Smart

  • Popular: +2 Charm, +1 Fun


  • Nerd: +2 Smart, -1 Charm – Starting Reputation: Blended In

  • Jock: +2 Bold, -1 Smart – Starting Reputation: Well Known or Popular

  • Musician: +1Charm, +2 Creativity – Starting Reputation: Well Known

  • Cheerleader: +2 Bold, +1 Charm – Starting Reputation: Well Known or Popular

  • Loner: -2 Charm, +1 Smart – Starting Reputation: Blended In

  • Model: +1 Fun, +1 Charm – Starting Reputation: Well Known or Popular

  • Goth: -1 Charm, +1Creativity – Starting Reputation: Judged

  • Otaku: +1 Fun, -1 Charm – Starting Reputation: Judged

  • Clown: +1 Fun, +1 Creativity – Starting Reputation: Well Known or Judged

  • Artist: +2 Creativity, +1 Smart – Starting Reputation: Blended In

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages are the things that give your character both an edge and a flaw in the game. When Choosing a Monster Type your character will start with one advantage and one disadvantage depending on which you choose, When starting a game you choose two advantages and one disadvantage.


  • Good in a fight: When fighting your character can use both your Bold and Creativity Modifiers in a fight scene.

  • Coffee Machine: When making a Morning Roll your character will sip coffee, Adding +1 to your Bold Modifiers, and raising your mood by one.

  • Cool Relative: If your character has any, your Character will have one Well Known relative, If brought up add +1 to your Charm to your roll.

  • Pet Friend: Your Character has access to an otherwise exclusive clique you're technically not a member of but is on good terms with, When around them you get a +1 in Charm.

  • Backup: You have someone with more powerful advantages, considers you a close friend, and backs you up, When you are around them you get a +1 in Bold.

  • Personal Bank: You start off with 5000 dollars.

  • Rumor Mill: You are one of the first people in your class to learn about rumors/gossip.

  • Bustin the Whip: You have a cool car. When in conversation around or driving you get a +1 Charm and +1 Fun.


  • Crappy Ride: Your Car is a hunk of junk when in conversation around or driving you get a -2 Charm on your roll.

  • Wrong Bedside: You tend to wake up on the wrong side of the bed a lot, on your Morning Rolls, roll 1d10 again.

  • Public Enemy #1: You tend to be hated by the staff at your school.

  • Influencer Enemy: You Pissed off a super Influential clique, and they don’t like you.

  • Influencer BlackMail: The Influential clique has dirt on you, whether or not they use it depends on how you treat them.

  • Stacy's Mom: Your Parent/Guardian(if you have one.) is hot.


Every Monster has got its fangs, and sometimes we let them show. The powers are your monster’s abilities and they are the culmination of your Monsters character development.

Each Monster will have certain powers, which can be used to spy, harm, intimidate, and gain the upper hand. Some powers are natural and so do not need the effort to use them, meaning they don't have to roll a 1d10. Some powers however take effort to use and are not always reliable to your intentions but can sometimes not activate, meaning your character will have to roll a 1d10 to successfully use your ability.

 Frankenstein's Monster

Supercharged- When supercharged the Stein will be able to shock anyone they touch(Roll 1-4 you shock yourself)(Roll 5-7 you shock yourself and the person)(Roll 8-10+ you shock your victim) These knocks your or person out for 1 scene. Roll 1d10  XP Cost:5

Electric Machine- Once per day you can +2 to your Smarts Modifier lasting 1 scene. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:7

Visage- The Stein’s appearance changes to something uncanny. Those who look at you -2 Bold for 1 scene. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:4

Paradise Found- When someone is emotionally close to you their mood increases by 2. No Roll XP Cost:6

Unstitched- The Stein can unstitch their limbs from their bodies & move them around. No Roll XP Cost:3

It's Alive- The Stein is capable of boosting their Bold +1 after a nap. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:6

Electric Awareness- Something inside the Stein’s head makes you understand the intention of one person per day. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:3


Incorporeality- The Ghost can is able to go through walls. No Roll XP Cost:3

Cloud 9- The ghost can fly. No Roll XP Cost:5

Geist- For one scene the ghost can lift 1 person or object. Roll 1d10 XP Cost: 7

The Haunting- Using their power terrify, the ghost can lower the Bold & Fun modifier by -1. This lingers till the end of a session. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:6

Warp- Once per session the ghost can teleport to a place they’ve been to. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:4

Fade Away- The ghost can turn invisible for one scene. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:5

This Body’s Occupied- The ghost can go into the body of a person without controlling them. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:7


Song of Sirens- The player can draw others towards you. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:4

Flowing Feelings- The siren can connect to the feelings of others adding +1 charm to you. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:4

Triton Stare- The Siren can intimidate their enemy with a supernatural glare & incapacitating them for one scene. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:6

Ocean Floor- You can increase your bold +2, when in a place personal to you. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:5

Selkies Waters- The Merfolf able to breathe in water. No Roll XP Cost:3

Water Pressure- You can bear the brunt of those who hurt your friends but add +2 charm to you for the rest of the session. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:7

Beacon of Sirens- You can make a signal to attract one person. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:5


Intimate Majesty- Your vampire uses their abilities to increase their charm modifier +2. However, they must be alone with one person to do so, lasting 1 scene. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:7

Spider Crawl- Your Character is able to crawl on the walls or ceiling. No Roll XP Cost:3

Cold Shoulder- When turning someone down they lower their Fun modifier by -2 lasting one scene. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:5

Verspetilos- For one night you can transform into a bat and fly for 1 scene. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:4

Dramatic Entrance- Once per day when a vampire enters a room, they can add +1 to any Modifiers lasting for one scene. No Roll XP Cost:4

Cats Hiss- When a vampire hisses the person your hissing at must subtract bold -2 modifiers, lasting the rest of the day. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:6

Face of Death- When you use this, the vampire's face becomes more Orloc-ish, when this happens the person looking at you drops one mood. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:4


Pack Howling- When near your friends, you can boost your Bold +1, once per day. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:4

Going Feral- When your Character can snarl, the character Bold will lower by -2, when they’re around you. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:4

Guard Dog- When your character is defending another person the player can take the brunt of anything against them increasing their Bold +2, lasting the entire session. No Roll XP Cost:6

Good Dogo- The Werewolf can raise their people by mood +1 by lowering their guard. No Roll XP Cost:5

Hunting Instincts- The Werewolf can track one NPC per session. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:3

Leap- Your Character can jump to any location nearby and can be done twice per day. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:7

Lyacantrope- When the full moon comes out the player can add +2 to Bold or Fun or add +1 to both. This lasts until the night is over. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:6


Thriller- Your Zombie, At the moment can add a +1 to both Fun & Charm, lasting one scene. Roll 1d10 XP Cost:4

Deadman walking- When walking your Zombie emits an aura of death that can lower other people's mood -1. No Roll XP Cost:5

Visceral Satisfaction- After eating, the zombie’s mood increases +1. No Roll XP Cost:7

Mortua Ill- Your Zombie is capable of making someone sick once per session. 1d10 XP Cost:7

Shambling Limbs- The Zombie is capable of taking off their limbs and moving them. No Roll XP Cost:6

Running Dead- When running day the Zombie can add +2 to bold & happens once per session. 1d10 XP Cost:5

Clawing Graves- When backed against a corner, the Zombie will nite the attacker, leaving them incapacitated for 1 scene. 1d10 XP Cost:5

Character Backstory and Relationships

Your character is not much of a character without a backstory, while you are able to write down your backstory however you want to. Who are your characters' relationships with if they are an NPC or a player?

When creating a character you need to answer these questions, Who are you, what do you want, and what are your flaws.

The Three Last Questions

Personality: A character is more than just their description, when writing down your personality your character description will most likely come up. Your character may be Perky but blunt in conversation or Quiet but destructive when wanting to get loud.

Hopes/Dream: While the words the hopes and dreams are similar they are different in the purpose of the game. Hopes are the goals that your character wants session to session. Dreams are goals your character wants through the campaign. Hopes and Dreams can change over time.

Flaws: Your character isn't perfect, they’re anything but. Every character you make will have one or four flaws that you can roleplay. Perhaps you are clumsy, maybe you’ve fallen, drop things, or accidentally spill your milk on the bully.

Playing the Game

Character Progression 

Character Progression uses experience points (XP) to increase your stat modifiers, unlock new powers, and gain new advantages.

If you are wondering how you gain experience when the game is not focused on combat. To gain XP is to gain Accomplishments.


Accomplishments are the personal victories or goals that come after your action or certain circumstances involved with you. Every time you do an Accomplishment you get one point of XP. If the Narrator is wondering what is how you can tell something is an accomplishment these things are something you could keep this in mind, If your character either took effort in the actions they commit, the circumstances were in their favor or they do something for the first time. that's an accomplishment.

Accomplishment examples include:

  • Going on a date.

  • Drinking for the first time.

  • Finishing a project. (School/Personal)

  • Getting asked out.

  • Punching a bully.

  • Impressing your crush.

  • Buying/Getting a car.

  • Getting into a fight.

  • Read something eye-opening.

  • Trying new sports.

  • Rallying people up.

  • Doing new things.

Spending XP

Spending on Modifiers

When increasing your character modifiers, certain modifiers will increase depending on what number of the modifier it is. To Give you an example this shows your modifiers XP Cost.

  • -5  to -4 – XP Cost: 11

  • -4 to -3 – XP Cost: 9

  • -3 to -2 – XP Cost: 7

  • -2 to -1 – XP Cost: 5

  • 0 to 1 – XP Cost: 3

  • 1 to 2 – XP Cost: 5

  • 2 to 3 – XP Cost: 7

  • 3 to 4 – XP Cost: 9

  • 4 to 5 – XP Cost: 11

Spending on Powers

At the start of the game, you will start with one power, but you will be able to unlock more as time goes on. You will be able to spend your XP on them (see powers section to learn about the cost.)


Morning Rolls

Because you’ll be playing as teenagers, you will have to roll how good of a mood you are in after you wake up. You wake up in a bad mood if you roll 1-4, If you roll a 5-7 you’ll wake up in a meh mood but if you roll an 8-10 you will wake up in a good mood.

Challenge Checks

Your character will have to struggle in order to get anywhere and the only way to do so is to beat a challenge check, these are obstacles the player must do in order to advance. The Challenge Checks typically works like this.

  1. The Narrator states that you must roll for one of the 5 stats.

  2. You roll your outcomes.

  3. The Narrator will describe your outcomes.


The Narrator's Guide

When you are playing this game you need the Narrator, they narrate the game how it runs and how scenes will start and play out.

Scenes: Scenes are the points where the character will do their actions and have their dialogue. A scene ends when you switch to another point of view.

Before the Campaign 

  • Decide on the themes of your game.

Setting up campaigns themes and tone will make the game set in a specific view. Depending on how you play things out, you’ll need to ask questions about your game. How dramatic will it be? How funny could the situation be? And How many accomplishments will my players do in one session? 

During the Campaign

  • Hook your players in.

Your players need a reason to do what they do, every story has a start and some characters' hooks may be different from others. For example, You and your group of friends are trying to knock down the popular kid, the reason? The popular kid secretly bullies you and you will do anything to make it stop. Another example: You're trying to steal a dog from the kennel, the reason?. It's because your crushes dog is missing and the dog catcher took him.

  • Don’t expect your players to do whatever you want.

While you narrate the game, you have to be aware that the players in your campaign are the player and you are not the only one playing out this story. A tabletop RPG is a game based on the decision of your players and while you are able to narrate the story, the obstacles, the outcomes, and its NPC’s, you can’t make decisions of your players.

  • Don’t always follow the rules/mechanics for the game.

This game is a Tabletop RPG, while the rules do matter they are not the end all be all. The Narrator can make an exception to the rules, but before you do, you need to ask yourself why do I need to bend the rules in this scene?  Maybe you want to fudge a roll to close out a player’s character arc. Perhaps your players are backed against a corner and you want them out. My recommendation is to fudge at least three times per session.

  • Don’t be afraid to make the players feel.

While the game is about the comically funny and interesting lives of monsters, your players are playing characters, who feel and have lives, and sometimes you should make your players care about their character or certain NPCs. 

  • Your player’s reputation should flux and flow throughout the game.

The world of the game will react to your players and the thoughts of the NPC’s should change throughout your play-time.

Sample NPC’s

You're not able to come up with characters on the spot, you are able to use these seven characters.

Gossip peddler

Trope: Popular Loner


Monster: Ghost


Bold: 0

Smarts: +1

Creativity: -2

Charm: +2

Fun: +1

Reputation: Blended in

Mood: Ok

Personality: Sassy and cocky.

Hopes/Dreams: He hopes to find someone who could be his partner in crime. To be a private investigator.

Flaws: Too nosy and tends to forget about boundaries.

Arrogant jock 

Trope: Popular Jock

Monster: Frankenstein's Monster

Bold: +1

Smarts: -1

Creativity: 0

Charm: +2

Fun: +1

Reputation: Popular

Mood: Good Mood

Personality: Bold, brash and kind of a dick.

Hopes/Dreams: To sabotage the team captain. To join college basketball.

Flaws: Arrogance

Vogue model

Trope: Kind Model

Monster: Vampire

Bold: +1

Smarts: 0

Creativity: +1

Charm: +1

Fun: -1

Reputation: Well Known

Mood: Good Mood

Personality: Bubbly but also charitable.

Hopes/Dreams: To find a loving friend group. To write a novel.

Flaws: Tends to hold grudges

Extroverted Nerd

Trope: Friendly Nerd

Monster: Ghost

Bold: -1

Smarts: +2

Creativity: 0

Charm: +2

Fun: 0

Reputation: Blended In

Mood: Meh

Personality: Very talkative and helpful.

Hopes/Dreams: To gain more money. To find a way to kill a god.

Flaws: Kind of boring to talk to.

Lovable Loser

Trope: Kind Clown

Monster: Werewolf

Bold: +1

Smarts: 0

Creativity: +1

Charm: +1

Fun: +1

Reputation: Judged

 Mood: Good Mood

Personality: Nice but also kind of insecure.

Hopes/Dreams: To prank every substitute teacher. To start a band called “Buttsex Overdrive”. 

Flaws: Doesn't know how to take a victory.

Shy Delinquent

Trope: Quiet Loner

Monster: Zombie

Bold: +1

Smarts: 0

Creativity: +2

Charm: -3

Fun: 0

Reputation: Judged

Mood: Bad Mood 

Personality: Bad kid with a soft side.

Hopes/Dreams: To find a friend. To travel the world.

Flaws: Emotionally distant.

Strict Hall Monitor

Trope: Moody Nerd

Monster: Merfolk

Bold: +1

Smarts: +2

Creativity: 0

Charm: -1

Fun: -2

Reputation: Meh

Mood: Bad Mood

Personality: Hardass, and kind of cowardly.

Hopes/Dreams: To get a (non-existent) promotion. To buy out a technology company.

Flaws: Takes any job way too seriously.


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