Moonshae Bane Player Info


This game is based in the Northern part of the Moonshae Isles, a group of islands in the Forgotten Realms.

Important Basic Info

-Almost all docks and harbors are built within coves dotted around the Beaches of Moonshae to avoid ships getting battered by the winds of storms, which are common.

-Moonshae has an average temperature of just above 0 Celcius.

Need To Know Lore

This game is an alternative history for the Moonshae Isles. Parts of Moonshae have recently started being isolated from the rest of the Isles after the Church of Bane took over multiple kingdoms. The new control in those areas have led to a large part of Moonshae’s people being oppressed, all basic freedoms being taken away. Even having magical items of any kind meant you'd have to pay a fee, and even if you pay this you could be jailed if someone is looking to silence you. This is all because magic is only seen as something for the church, which is an abhorrent idea for every other kingdom, as the people in control believe in the freedom of magic. Seeing how the Church of Bane has now taken over about 20% of the kingdoms on the island, and taking in the Church’s power over-all, you can see how difficult it’s been for other kingdoms to try and stop this hostile takeover.


The players are on a boat to Alaron, all there for different reasons. A good reason why a lot of people might be going is due to conversations about the Isles, about how it used to be. Islands united by trade and common interests. A place for anyone who wants to have to learn to survive on their own, while still wanting a sense of community. A far cry from what the Church of Bane had turned it into, a group of islands constantly paranoid of being besieged, never knowing if their allies might turn into enemies. Towns were left to fend for themselves as their kingdoms put every bit of silver they had into keeping their capitals safe.

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