Multiclass Remix


All characters start with d6 hd, half bab, 6 class skills to be individually chosen, 2 skill ranks per hit dice, simple weapon proficiency, no armour proficiency humanoid(choice) type, 30 base speed, medium size and three poor saves. Additionally you pick two ability scores to be increased by +2 after point buy/roll
































































Bab Skills HD

Improved attack bonus(1): For this level, your bab progresses at full progression, rather than the normal ?. This ability may be taken multiple times.

Improved class skills(1): gain two more class skills. Additionally gain 2 more skill ranks per level. This ability may be taken more than once. 

Tough(1): your hit dice increases to d8s

Tougher(1): (requires tough) your hit dice increases to d10s

Toughest(1): (requires tougher) your hit dice increases to d12s

Improved save(1): pick one save, it progresses at “fast" progression

Greater save(1): (requires improved save) pick another save, it also progresses at fast progression.

Greatest save(2): (requires greater save) gain your third save at fast progression.


Small(0): you are small and gain all associated bonuses and penalties. These size changes are exclusive.

Large(5): you are large and gain all associated bonuses and penalties. Additionally you gain a +2 bonus to str and a -2 penalty to dex. These size changes are exclusive.

Tiny(3): you are tiny and gain all associated bonuses and penalties. Additionally you take a -2 penalty to strength and gain a +2 to dex. These size changes are exclusive.

Slow(-1) your base speed is 20 instead of 30

Slower(-1) your base speed is 15 instead of 20

Steady(1) your base speed is not reduced by armour or equip load.

Fast(1):(can’t be taken with slow) choose one movement type you possess, increase it by 10

Varied movement: choose one(2); flight 60 average|flight 30 good, burrow 20, swim 40. You gain the listed speed. You may take this ability multiple times, each time you must take a separate type of movement.

Human Determination(3):(you can not take this ability with different heritage) Pick one ability for which you do not qualify for. You now qualify for that ability, and anything it upgrades into. If the ability requires the usage of a different, separate ability (spellcasting progression requiring a spellcasting ability) you can not take it.

Natural attack(1): choose one type of natural attack. 2 claws, 2 slams, bite, gore, wing slap(requires flight), tail slap. You gain that type of attack. This may be taken multiple times, each time it grants a different type of attack.

Different Heritage: Choose one of the following types, your base type changes to that. Must be selected at first level. Outsider(Native)(1), Fey(1), Half-Undead(1), Half-Construct(1), Aberration(1), Dragon(2), Plant(2), Undead(3), Construct(3)

Thick skin(1): gain a +1 natural armour bonus.

Improved thick skin(1): (requires thick skin) gain a further +1 natural armour bonus, for a total of two.

Greater thick skin(1): (requires improved thick skin) gain an additional +1 natural armour bonus, for a total of three.

Low light Vision(1): you gain low-light vision.

Dark Vision(2): You gain darkvision 60 to a range of 60 feet. If you already possess dark vision from your heritage, it increases to 90 feet

See in Darkness(2): you gain the ability to see in darkness, even magical darkness, to a range equal to that of your darkvision ability

Black Cat(1): Once per day as an immediate action, when you are hit by a melee attack, you can force the opponent who made the attack to reroll it with a –4 penalty. The opponent must take the result of the second attack roll. 

Luck bringer(1):(requires black cat) once per day as an immediate action you may force a target within 30 feet you that has just made a d20 to reroll. This reroll is either at a +4 or a -4 your choice. This ability does not consume the usage from black cat.

Blood Drinker(1):you can drink blood from an opponent who is helpless, grappled, paralyzed, pinned, unconscious, or similarly disabled. Whenever you drink fresh blood from such a creature, you gain 5 temporary hit points and you gain a +1 morale bonus on attack and damage rolls with your bite attack. These effects last 1 hour.

Vulnerable to Sunlight(-1): you take 1 point of constitution damage for every hour you are exposed to sunlight. If you have no constitution score, this damage changes to 1 strength and 1 charisma damage.

Latching jaw(2):(requires bite) you gain the grab special quality

Vivijestion(1):(requires latching jaws) you gain the swallow whole ability. Creatures that start your turn grappled in your jaw are automatically swallowed whole and begin taking crushing and acid damage.

Distend(1):(requires vivijestion) you can swallow whole creatures your size category or smaller, if you swallow a creature your size, you count as one size category larger for effects.

Family Heirloom(1): you start play with a masterwork item. It may be any article of clothing, a shield, a sword, or a set of armour. If you choose an article of clothing, it counts as a masterwork tool for one skill of your choosing.

Ancestral treasure(3):(requires family heirloom) your family heirloom is also a magical item of 4000 gp or less.

Inheritance(2):(requires ancestral treasure) your family heirloom is an intelligent item housing the spirit of one of your ancestors. It can cast a 2nd-level spell 3/day, chosen when item is created, in addition to the base magical item.

Magical Knack(1): You no longer require material components less than 5 gold pieces. Additionally, pick one spell that you know, and is at least 1 level lower than the highest level spell you can cast. You may cast this spell once per day, without preparation, or it counting against your spells per day.

Overdrawn potential(-1): you take a permanent -2 on one ability score.

Ferocity(2): If you fall below 0 but are not yet dead, you can continue to fight. Below 0 hp, you become staggered and lose 1 hp per turn you make an action. You still die as normal when you hit your constitution score in negative health.

Berserker(2):(requires Ferocity) you are no longer staggered when below 0 hp. The point you die is now double your constitution modifier in negative health.

Spell-Like Ability(spell level chosen, minimum 1 cost): choose 1 spell that is fourth level or lower that does not cause direct damage. You can cast this spell once per day without preparation, cost or it impacting your spells per day. You may take this ability multiple times, each time you do you can add another usage to a spell you have already selected from this ability, or add a second spell.

Extra use(1):(requires spell like ability) choose one spell you have selected with spell like ability. You may cast that spell an additional two times per day, without preparation, cost or it impacting your spells per day.

Constant spell-like ability(double spell level selected):(requires spell-like ability) choose one spell you have selected with spell-like ability. You may cast this spell unlimited times per day, with no cost, preparation or it impacting your spells per day.

Magehunter(2): you gain a +2 on spellcraft checks to identify a spell being cast. Additionally, you gain a +2 on attack rolls against creatures you have seen cast spells.

Prehensile tail(1):you have a long, flexible tail that can be used to hold objects. Additionally you can retrieve stowed objects on your person as a swift action. 

Monstrous body(0): pick one animal. Your lower half is that animal(eg. Centaur, drider, merfolk). 

No legs(-2):(requires monstrous body with a relevant type) your base land speed is 5 feet. Additionally, you can’t be tripped.

Armless(-2):(requires monstrous body) your animal body lacks arms(eg. harpy). You cannot use human weapons

Undersized Weapons(-2):(requires large size. Can not be taken with armless) though you are large, your torso is medium sized, As a result, they wield weapons as if they were one size category smaller than their actual size.

Quadruped(1): you gain all the penalties and bonuses of having four legs


All around vision(2): you have some way of seeing all around you, granting you a +4 racial bonus on Perception checks and making you immune to flanking.

Aberrant anatomy(3): you are immune to critical hits and all precision damage.

Aberrant body (-2):(requires different heritage(aberration) you do not possess a human body shape, and as such, cannot wield human weapons or armour.


Combatomaton(3):(requires different heritage(construct) your weapons are built into your being, weapons you find may be used to replace your current equipment, but this takes 48 hours of modifications. You gain a +6 to your cmd against disarm combat maneuvers, additionally, these weapons are treated as natural attacks.

Sentry bot(2):(requires different heritage(construct)) you gain all around vision, granting you immunity to flanking and a +4 racial bonus on perception, and see in darkness, allowing you to see in magical darkness.

Self repair(1):(requires different heritage(construct)) you may spend one hour to heal yourself for 25 hit points. There is no restriction on times per day.

Heavy duty(1):(requires different heritage(construct)) you gain defensive plating granting you a +2 armour bonus, but you also gain a -2 armour check penalty and your max dex is set to 5. This ability may be taken four times. Each time you gain +2 armour, -2 armour check and your max dex is reduced by 1. This ability counts as being unarmoured for effects.

Disruptive resonance(2):(requires different heritage(construct) your attacks with unarmed attacks and natural weapons deal a bonus 1d6 electricity damage. Once per hour you may unleash your built up electricity in a 15 foot radius. This attack deals 3d6 damage, and any creature attempting to cast a spell before the beginning of your next turn must make a concentration check or lose the spell. Until this ability is available again your attacks do not deal the bonus electricity damage.

Electrical leakage(1):(requires different heritage(construct) and disruptive resonance) your unarmed attacks deal an additional 2 electricity damage this damage is not lost during the cooldown period, and the active portion of disruptive resonance deals an additional 1d6 damage. This ability may be taken multiple times.

Rocket grab(2):(requires different heritage(construct)) You may make grapple check against one target within 20 feet of you that you have line of sight and line of effect to. If you succeed, the target is placed in an adjacent square to you.

War titan(3):(requires different heritage(construct)) you are one size category larger, additionally you have +20 max hit points.

Emotionless(-1):(requires different heritage(construct)) you take a -4 on sense motive and bluff checks

Empathy chip(2):(requires different heritage(construct) and emotionless) your penalties from emotionless are reduced to -2, and you can gain morale bonuses.


Draconic form(-2):(requires different heritage(Dragon) you do not possess a human body shape, and as such, cannot wield human weapons or armour.

Draconic lineage(0): Pick one type of dragon from the following, this will influence your later draconic abilities; Impure, Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, Brass, Copper, Gold, Silver, Astral, Dream, Etheric, Nightmare, Occult, Forest, Sea, Sky, Sovereign, Underworld, Lunar, Solar, Time, Void, Vortex, Brine, Cloud, Crystal, Magma, Umbral

Draconic venom(2): pick one natural attack possess. It now deals con damage on failed saves.

Breath weapon(2):(requires draconic lineage) gain a breath weapon based on your draconic type. This attack deals 1d6 damage per hit dice amd is usable 3 times per day.

Dragon type

Energy type

Breath type



60 foot line



60 foot line



30 foot cone



30 foot cone



30 foot cone



60 foot line



60 foot line



60 foot line



30 foot cone



30 foot cone



60 foot line



30 foot cone



60 foot line



30 foot cone


Cold or Fire 

30 foot cone



30 foot cone



30 foot cone



30 foot cone



30 foot cone



60 foot line


Planar Origins(1):(requires different heritage: outsider(native)) Choose one element type, you gain resistance 5 to the chosen element. This ability can be taken more than once.

Planar weakness(-1) choose element type, it cannot be one you have resistance to. You gain vulnerability to damage of this element. This ability can be taken more than once, each time it must apply to a different element.

Elemental breath(1): breath attack based on element, 1d6 per rank 3x per day

Elemental body(1):(requires planar origins) choose one element that you have selected with planar origins. All of your attacks deal 1d6 points of damage based on the selected element.

True form(1):(requires elemental body) for a number of rounds per day equal to 3 + your constitution modifier, you can assume the form of an elemental that matches the type of your elemental body as the spell elemental body. You can take this ability multiple times. The second time you take it, the duration changes to minutes. The second time, it acts as elemental body 2. The third time, the duration changes to hours. The fourth and final time it acts as elemental body 3.


Glimpse of the Moon(1): Pick one type of animal(wolf, tiger, rat, eagle, etc…) you can speak with animals of that type and have a +3 on diplomacy, intimidate and sense motive checks against them.

Mooncursed(1):(requires glimpse of the moon) Gain dr 5/Silver 

Shifting rage(1):(requires furious fighting and mooncursed) in addition to gaining the benefits of rage, you also transform into your chosen animal type (as beast shape 1).

Blessing of the moon(1):(requires shifting rage) while using shifting rage, you can assume a hybrid form, keeping the use of your hands and armour.

Moon blood(3):(requires glimpse of the moon, can’t be taken with Shifting rage) You can assume the form of your chosen animal for a number of hours per day equal to ? your hit dice.


Plantspeech(1):(requires different heritage(plant)) you have the ability to converse with plants as if subject to a continual speak with plants spell.

Photosynthesis(1): you do not require food, but if you spend more than 24 hours out of direct sunlight, you begin taking con damage at a rate of 1 per day. This damage does not heal until you resume sunlight exposure. 

Flammable(-1): you gain vulnerability to fire

Thorns(1): you are covered in razor sharp thorns. Creatures that hit you with unarmed or natural attacks take 1d4 points of damage. You may also deal this damage whenever you grapple.

Root(1): you may root yourself to the ground. This increases your cmd against trip, bull rush and reposition combat maneuvers by +4

Massive(3): you increase your size category by 1


Living dead:(requires different heritage(undead) choose one type. Skeletal(0) gain dr5/bludgeoning, fleshy(0) gain dr5/slashing, incorporeal(2) gain incorporeal traits

Sunlight Powerlessness(-2):(Vulnerable to Sunlight) you are powerless in natural sunlight (this does not include light created by effects such as a daylight spell). If you are caught in natural sunlight you cannot attack and are staggered.

Insatiable hunger(-2):(requires different heritage(undead)) you are endlessly and painfully hungry. The only time you are not hungry is when you are currently eating. You take a -4 on diplomacy, bluff and sense motive checks with the living. Additionally you must make a dc 14 will save to avoid gorging yourself after a kill.

Blood thirsty(2):(requires insatiable hunger) your hunger is more tempered, but more debilitating. You do not take the penalties from insatiable hunger unless you have gone a week without feeding. You can drink the blood of any living creature who is helpless, grappled, paralyzed, pinned, unconscious, or similarly disabled. Doing so gives you a burst of energy, granting you 5 temporary hit points, a +1 bonus on will saves, and a +1 on all attack and damage rolls. These effects last for 1 hour. Each 24 hour period you go without drinking blood causes you to take 1 point of wisdom drain, that can only be regained by drinking blood.

Create spawn(3):(requires insatiable hunger) creatures killed by your natural attacks arise as undead under your control 1d3 rounds later. Fleshy undead create zombie, skeletal create skeletons and incorporeal create lesser shadows. These new undead follow your orders unconditionally. You may have a max of three undead spawn at any one time.

Improved create spawn(1):(requires create spawn) your created undead are more potent. Instead of the usual undead listed, you may create fast zombies, bloody skeletons, or shadows. Created shadows do not have their own create spawn ability.

Vampiric spawn(3):(requires improved create spawn and bloodthirsty. You add vampire spawn to the list of undead you may create.

Paralytic bite(2): your bite paralyzes foe. Anytime you successfully bite a target they must make a fort save or become paralyzed.

Undead reconstitution(2):(requires living dead(skeletal or fleshy) gain fast healing 5.

Almost Human(1):(Requires Living dead: Fleshy) you can pass for your base type at a passing glance. You gain a +10 on disguise checks to pass as your base creature.

Pure Rotten(1):(Requires Living dead: Fleshy) your insides are fetid and disgusting. You take a -5 penalty on disguise checks to appear alive. Anyone who succeeds on a bite attack against you is nauseated, save sickened. Additionally after consuming a large amount of flesh you may, as a standard action, vomit up your last meal in a 10 foot cone nauseating all hit, save sickened.

Boomer(1):(requires living dead:fleshy, can’t have almost human) As a standard action you can sacrifice 25% of your max hp to deal double that damage to everyone within 10 feet, reflex save for half. If you have pure rotten, all targets hit by the blast are nauseated, save sickened.

Bone thief(2):(requires Living dead:skeletal) You may steal bones from creatures you slay or find. Choose one; gain an additional natural attack(limited to 1 additional per type you must have a base of at least one of the same type), grow 1 size category(stacks with large), increase your dr/slashing by 2 points, gain 10 base speed, increase the critical range of one type of your natural attacks by 1. You may select this ability multiple times, only increased natural attacks may be taken more than once.

Ghost Blade(1): (requires living dead:incorporeal, can't be taken with soul bound) you can manifest your essence into a weapon. This weapon has the properties of a weapon you decide on, but it is always the same weapon. Attacks with this weapon deal half damage to corporeal foes. You may take this ability a second time. The second allows the weapon to deal do full damage. This ability counts as a natural attack for other abilities and effects.

Corrupting Touch(1): (requires living dead:incorporeal) your touch burns the living. Deal 1d4 negative energy damage with a touch. This ability can be taken multiple times, each time increase damage by 1d4.

Soul bound(-2):(requires living dead: incorporeal) your soul is bound to an object. You lose your incorporeal traits, but gain hardness based on your size. 

Blood mark(-1):(requires soul bound) your soul is held to this object by a small rune or mark. If this mark is destroyed you are separated from your body. You become unable to interact with objects or creatures (you can still cast spells that don’t require material components). You can be reunited with your body if the mark is restored. (costs gold + check)


Self Taught Fighter(1): You have proficiency with Light and medium armour, proficiency with one martial weapon of your choice, and the following weapons; hand crossbow, rapier, sap, shortbow, and short sword, in addition to simple weapons.

Schooled combatant(1): (requires self taught fighter) You have proficiency with heavy armour and all martial weapons, and one exotic weapon of your choice. 

Powerful attack(1): you may take a penalty on melee attack rolls and gain a bonus to damage rolls equal to double to the penalty taken. Max -6

Furious fighting(1): (requires powerful attack) gain the unchained version of rage, usable for a number of rounds equal to y times your ranks + your con mod.

Uncanny dodge(1): supernatural premonition allows you to defend yourself when normal reactions would forbid. You cannot be caught flat footed nor do you lose your dex bonus to ac when your attacker is invisible. Additionally you always get a perception check when you pass within 10 feet of an unseen trap.

Shot on the run(1): you may perform any standard action at any point during a move action. 

Improved maneuver(1): choose one maneuver, you no longer provoke attacks of opportunity when using this maneuver. Additionally gain a +2 bonus on this maneuver. This ability may be taken multiple times, each time it applies to another maneuver.

Greater maneuver(1): (requires improved maneuver) choose a maneuver you have improved, gain a further +2 bonus on that maneuver. Additionally, you may perform this maneuver as a move action. 

Maneuver master(1): (requires greater maneuver) choose a maneuver you have greater. Gain an additional +2 on that maneuver. Additionally, when you perform this maneuver the victim provokes an attack of opportunity.

Unexpected maneuver(1):(requires improved maneuver) your chosen maneuver causes the target to provoke aoos

Favored weapon(1): pick one fighter weapon group. gain a +1 on attack rolls with weapons from that group.

Specialized weapon(1): (requires favored weapon) gain a further +1 on attack rolls with weapons from that group. Additionally, gain a +2 on damage rolls with weapons from that group.

Weapon master(1): (requires specialized weapon) weapons from your specialized group have their critical threat ranges increased by 1

Unarmed fighter(1): your unarmed attacks no longer provoke attacks of opportunity, and you may choose for them to do lethal damage. Additionally, your unarmed strike does 1d6 damage. You may take this ability multiple times, each time you do, your unarmed strike damage dice increases by one step.

Improved unarmed fighter(1): (requires unarmed fighter) your unarmed attacks have their critical range increases by 1

Unarmed master(1): (requires improved unarmed fighter, improved combat maneuver) when you threaten a critical strike, you may perform a combat maneuver you have improved before confirming the critical. 

Eldritch claws(1):(requires a natural attack or unarmed fighter) your unarmed attacks and natural weapons count as magic weapons for the purpose of overcoming dr, and also count as cold iron and silver.

Unorthodox combatant(2) You no longer take penalties when attacking with improvised weapons. Additionally you may choose to deal slashing, piercing or bludgeoning damage with any melee weapon you wield. 

Fire starter(1):(requires unorthodox combatant)  Your attacks with weapons that deal fire damage have +1 to hit and +1 damage 

Improved Initiative(1): gain a +4 bonus on initiative checks.

Initiative master(1): (requires improved initiative) roll your initiative twice whenever called, you may pick which number you choose.

Acrobatic combatant(1): add a +1 dodge bonus to your ac, this bonus increases to +4 on movement based attacks of opportunity

Cleave(1): if you hit an opponent with an attack, you may take a -2 penalty to your ac until the start of your next turn to make a second attack a different target within your reach.

Armour mastery(1): choose one specific armour. You gain an additional +1 ac and reduce the armour check by 1 while wearing it. This ability may be taken up to three times.

Combat reflexes(1): you may make additional attacks of opportunity each round equal to your dexterity mod. You may make attacks of opportunity while flat footed.

Two weapon fighting(2): When using the attack action, you may take a -2 penalty on your attack roll, in order to make an attack with a second weapon. Use normal twf rules for second weapon

Improved two weapon fighting(2):(requires two weapon fighting) you gain an additional attack with your secondary weapon while using two weapon fighting. This attack is at a -5 that stacks with the -2 from two weapon fighting.

Greater two weapon fighting(2): You get a third attack with your off-hand weapon, albeit at a –10 penalty.  

Blind fight(1): In melee, every time you miss because of concealment reroll your miss chance percentile roll one time to see if you hit. Additionally, you don’t lose your Dexterity bonus to Armor Class, and attackers against you don’t gain the usual +2 bonus on attacks for being invisible 

Quick draw(1): you may draw or stow your weapons as a free action

Deadly aim(1): You can shoot or throw ranged weapons at an opponent engaged in melee without taking the standard –4 penalty on your attack roll. You may also take a penalty on ranged attack rolls and gain a bonus to damage rolls equal to double to the penalty taken. Max -6

Lunge(1) You can increase the reach of your melee attacks by 5 feet until the end of your turn by taking a –2 penalty to your AC until your next turn.

Arcane strike(1):(requires arcane spellcasting) as a swift action your weapons deal 1 bonus damage and count as magic for the purposes of dr for this turn. This damage is increased by 1 for every 5 caster levels.

Dazzling display(1): as a full-round action, you may make an intimidate check against all creatures within 30 feet.

Homelands(1): choose one type of ranger favoured terrain. You gain a +2 bonus on initiative checks and Knowledge (geography), Perception, Stealth, and Survival skill checks while in this terrain. This ability may be selected multiple times. Each time you add another terrain, or increase the bonus by an additional 2 on one previously selected terrain.

Hunter(1): Choose one enemy type from the ranger favoured enemy chart. You gain a +2 bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks and a +2 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against creatures of his selected type. This ability may be selected multiple times. Each time you add another creature type, and gain a stacking +2 on one creature type you possess.


Raging clarity(1): (requires furious fighting)  choose one spell list you possess. You may cast spells from this list while raging. You may take this ability multiple times, each time it applies to another spell list.

Lesser spell casting(2): choose one fourth level casting class (paladin, ranger, etc..) you may cast spells as if you were that class. You may take this ability more than once, each time after the first, you may add a second list at caster level 1.

Improved spell casting(3): choose one sixth level casting class (bard, magus, etc…) you may cast spells as if you were that class. You may take this ability more than once, each time after the first, you may add a second list at caster level 1.

Greater spell casting(4): choose one ninth level casting class (wizard, cleric, etc…) you may cast spells as if you were that class. You may take this ability more than once, each time after the first, you may add a second list at caster level 1.

Casting Progression(1) choose one casting progression you posses. You progress it by one level. This ability may be taken more than one time, each time you do, it advances one casting ability of your choice. Your caster level can not exceed your hit dice.

Eldritch Origins(1): Choose a sorcerer bloodline, you gain the first level power and the arcana. Your hit dice count as your “sorcerer level” for determining effects that depend on level.

Eldritch awakening(1): (requires Eldritch Origins) You gain the third level power from your chosen bloodline

Augment Summons(1): Each creature you conjure with any summon spell gains a +4 enhancement bonus to Strength and Constitution for the duration of the spell that summoned it.

Master Summoner(2):(requires augment summons) Reduce the cast time of all Summon spells to a standard action.

Familiar(2): You gain a familiar. You are treated as a first level wizard for effects and abilities.

Companion(3): You gain an animal companion. You are treated as a first level druid for effects and abilities. This ability may be taken multiple times, each time you gain an additional animal companion at first level.

Eidolon(4): You gain an eidolon. You are treated as a first level summoner for effects and abilities.

Pet progression(1): pick one pet you have(familiar, animal companion, or eidolon) your effective relevant class level progresses by 1. Your effective level can not exceed your hit dice.

Divine justice(1): choose an alignment that opposes yours on one axis (good/evil, law/chaos). Once per day you may declare a target of that alignment to be smote. This functions as paladins smite evil. You may take this ability more than once. Each time after the first, the cost to take it increases by 1 and you add an additional usage.

Healing touch(1): x times per day, your touch can heal for 1d6. You may sacrifice two uses of this ability to heal everyone within 30 feet.  You may take this ability multiple times, each time you do it increases the amount healed by 1d6. 

Divine Mercy(1): (requires healing touch) pick a condition, when you use your healing touch ability you also remove that condition. If healing touch is used as a burst you may pick one target to benefit from this ability.

Healing will(2): your healing touch can be used as the burst for the cost of 1 usage instead of two. If you also possess Divine Mercy, you may pick two additional targets to benefit from it.

Nature friend(1): wild empathy + woodland stride

Naturalist(-2): druid armour restrictions

Trackless step(1): leave no tracks

Wild shape:

Comfortable shapeshifter(1) you may still cast spells and talk in any languages you know while polymorphed.


Aura(-1): you emit an aura as a cleric. See detect magic

Inspiration(2): bardic performance

Shared knowledge(2):(requires inspiration) when using inspiration all allies benefit from one ability you possess. This ability can not have different heritage as a prereq and can't be from “magic". This ability may be taken multiple times, each time you add a second ability to grant while using inspiration.

Raging inspiration(0):(requires inspiration and rage)


Sneak attack(1): on attacks against opponents denied their dexterity bonus or flanked, you deal an additional 1d6 points of damage. This ability may be taken more than once, each time you take it, it increases the number of dice by 1. You cannot have more sneak attack dice than hit dice.

Vitals strike(2): (requires sneak attack) when you deal damage with a sneak attack, you may sacrifice a number of dice to apply a condition. The condition lasts a number of rounds equal to the number of dice sacrificed, plus your strength or dexterity modifier, whichever is higher.

Knife Master(1): (requires sneak attack) your sneak attacks with knives and other similar weapons deal 1d8 damage, instead of the usual 1d6.

Hide in plain sight(3) You can use the Stealth skill even while being observed. As long as you are within 10 feet of an area of dim light, you can hide herself from view in the open. She cannot, however, hide in her own shadow.

Arcane trickster(1): (must be able to cast Mage Hand) Allows the manipulation of objects from distance. You may use Sleight of hand and Disable device checks from a range of 30 feet at a -5 penalty.

Eldritch assassin(2): (requires arcane trickster) for x rounds per day as a free action you may benefit from greater invisibility. These rounds need not be consecutive.

Ghost killer(1): (requires eldritch assassin) when you kill a creature, you may decide to hide the body as if it were under the effects of invisibility. You may do this y times per day. 

Poisoner(1): You are trained in poison use and can never accidentally poison yourself. Additionally add two to the dc of any poison you use.

Finesse training(1): pick one fighter weapon group. When using weapons from that group you may use your dexterity modifier for attack and damage rolls. This ability may be selected multiple times. Each time it applies to a different weapon group.

Skill focus(1): choose one skill you gain a +3 bonus. This ability may be taken multiple times, each time it must be applied to a different skill.

Skilled(1): Choose two skills, gain a +2 bonus on these two skills. You may take this ability multiple times, each time must apply to different skills.

Skill specialty(1):choose one skill that you possess as a class skill. You gain a bonus on that skill equal to ? your hit dice. This ability may be selected multiple times, each time it applies to a different skill.


Improved evasion(1):

Sniper(1):(requires sneak attack) increase range of sneak attacks by 30


Focus(): ki, grit, panache

Dodge roll: when you are the target of an attack, as an immediate action, make dc 15 acrobatics check. If you succeed add 4 to your ac against that attack and 5 foot step

Quick slash: By spending 1 point from your ki pool as a swift action, you may make one additional attack with a light weapon, unarmed strike or natural attack at your highest attack bonus when making a full attack.

Abundant Step: A monk with this ki power can slip magically between spaces, as if using the spell dimension door. This is a move action that consumes 2 points from your focus pool. The caster level for this effect is equal your hit dice. You cannot take other creatures with you when you use this ability.


Elemental Fury: Select one type of energy: acid, cold, electricity, or fire. Once this choice is made, it cannot be changed. You can expend 1 point from your focus pool as a swift action to imbue your attacks with light weapons unarmed strike or natural attack with this energy, causing them to deal 1d6 points of damage of the chosen type for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your hit dice

Elemental Burst:(requires elemental fury) You can spend 4 focus points to unleash a gout of energy in a 30-foot cone. Creatures within the cone take 1d6 points of damage per hit dice of the same type as your chosen element r. A Reflex save (DC = 10 + 1/2 the hit dice + your  Wisdom modifier) halves the damage.

Focused Metabolism: you use your focus to control your metabolism. As long as you have at least 1 point remaining in your focus pool, you need to eat and drink only 1/4 as often as normal, need only 2 hours of sleep each night (including to replenish your focusi pool), and can hold your breath for up to 1 hour per point of Constitution. As a move action, you can spend 1 ki point to enter a state of suspended animation, falling unconscious and appearing dead to all senses. At the time you enters this state, you indicates a preset period of time or a triggering condition, after which you awaken.

     Feather fall: spend 1 focus to gain feather fall as an immediate action.

     Vanish: spend 1 focus to vanish for a number of rounds equal to your hit dice.

Sudden disguise: spend 1 focus to gain the effects of disguise self for a number of minutes equal to your hit dice.

   Derring-Do (Ex): you can spend 1 focus  when you make an Acrobatics, Climb, Escape Artist, Fly, Ride, or Swim check to roll 1d6 and add the result to the check. You can do this after you make the check but before the result is revealed. If the result of the d6 roll is a natural 6, you roll another 1d6 and add it to the check. You can continue to do this as long as you roll natural 6s

    Opportune parry and repost:

Kip-Up (Ex): while you have at least 1 focus, you can kip-up from prone as a move action without provoking an attack of opportunity. You can kip-up as a swift action instead by spending 1 focus.

Run Like Hell (Ex): you can spend 1 focus to gain a +20-foot bonus to your speed for 1 minute. Furthermore, while under the effect of this bonus, if you move more than your normal speed in a round, you gain a +4 bonus to AC until the start of your next turn.

Super-human abilities

Strength of personality(2): add your charisma modifier to all saves, in addition to their normal modifiers. 

Presence of mind(2): When not wearing armour, you may add your wisdom modifier to your armour class as a dodge bonus in addition to the normal modifiers  

Calculated defender(2): you may add your int modifier to ac instead of your dex

Spider climb(1):(requires climb speed) you can climb on walls and ceilings with no difficulty. 

Stunning fist

Light steps(1): as a full round action, you may move up to double your speed. You do not trigger pressure based traps, and you can walk across water or lava with penalties.

Nonlethal strikes(1): you can choose to do non lethal damage with any weapon you wield with penalties

Natural sprinter(1): when taking the run action you run at 5 times your normal speed.

Aquatic adaptation(2):you gain the aquatic subtype, with the amphibious special quality.


Add:  more feats,  specializations, racials,wild shape,  bloodlines, schools, domains, hexes,  reorganize into logical order, swarm character, 


Whip master

Snap shot, over watch

Dragon disciples arcane/divine

Commandant, standard action, ally makes attack

Wolf pack, as move action, ally can move 5 ft.

Wolf den, as move ally can move 10 ft

Pack leader, as move, up to 3 allies move 10 ft

Pack flank, swift action mark target. If target is flanked, target cannot 5 ft step

Hold the line, allies within 10 ft of you gain +4 cmd

Blitzkrieg, immediate on ally charge, if ally hits, knock back target 10 ft, add your int to their damage. Ally may move with target.

Spot weakness, swift action, mark target, attacks against this target have crit range increased by 3 before modifiers until the end of your next turn.

Aggressive retreat, make a single attack, it hit, ally adjacent to target may move 10 ft as immediate.

Cleave. Standard action, hit target, you may 5ft step and make attack against different target within reach. + great Cleave

Foot slicer, standard action, target half movement and can't 5ft step

Crippling blow,standard deal str/ dex damage in addition to regular.

Dismember, on a crit crippling blow, remove one limb; arm, leg, wing

Turn undead

Warlock eldritch blast, 1d6 per rank, other abilities to change damage type, add effects /conditions

Steal more warlock stuff 4e

No sleep elf stuff

Brave, +saves vs fear

Shield bash

Distracting shield, -2 on attacks next round

Stunning shield, daze /stun

Two handed thrower

Lob shot

Thrown momentum, extra range and damage when moving

Ricochet toss

Beast frenzy, free bite attack when target bloodied

Dazzling maneuver, provoke aoo on maneuver

Open and push,
Open, apply debuff
Push, capitalize on open


Blaster caster

Spell thief / blue mage

Outslug, larger 5 ft steps

Larger than life, pick two adjacent squares, count as if in those squares

Titan, Wield larger weapons

Weapon channel, channel spell through weapon

Critical conduit, cast standard action spell as swift on a critical

Spell combat, – 2 penalty to cast spell while making attack

Arcane armour, stacking arcane failure reduction.

Bodyguards, spend aoo to take damage for adjacent ally.

Divine light, critical hit marks target, causing it to shed light for 24 hours. This gives it a -2 ac and a -10 on stealth checks.

Reckless strength, bonus damage, costs health.

Aegis of protection, once per day, when you take damage from an attack, you can negate the damage and secondary effects.

Guerilla, bonuses when more than 15 ft from an ally

Self Summon, summoning monsters grants you abilities and attacks.


Martyr abilities

Stationary invisibility

Meta magic

Master thief, steal and hide small object on person as swift

Chronomage, slow / haste, age penalties, send people/objects forward in time

Make weakness, standard action, provoke aoo, if the enemy decides to attack you, you get a free attack against target, if it hits, it automatically threatens a critical. This attack resolves before the targets attack.

Blistering boast, intimidate / bluff, if successful force enemies to attack you

Ground breaker, attack ground to cause difficult terrain and knock prone


Weapon specialization + greater

Two handed thrower

Two weapon defense

Out flank

Hammer the gap

Deflect arrows

Beastmaster style, while adjacent to animal companion, if it is attacked, make handle animal as immediate, if you exceed attack roll, negate it

Step up

Confounding tumble deed

Passive saves Fear, illusion, enchantment, heat/cold, poison, sleep, death effects, negative levels, energy drain, necromancy, disease, nausea, sickened, mind-affecting, paralysis, phantasms, alignment, creature type, traps

Bond to the land, +2 ac in one ranger terrain.

Extradimensional pocket, 5 cu feet, or 25 pounds

Elemental blasts:
Light, low damage, high range, can be twf
Melee, high damage, melee weapon, can twf
Medium, high damage, low range, can be charged
Blast, moderate damage, low range, splash

Elemental wall, create a square of element adjacent to you. Create a 15 ft line of element must start adjacent. Create a 15 ft line of element.

Mobile wall. You can move your elemental wall up to 30 feet per round

Elemental effects. Your element applies conditions to hit targets. water/cold staggered, electricity/acid/fire blinded, air/earth prone.

Elemental armour, gain armour bonus based on damage of blast, attacking creatures take damage

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