My Favorite Apple Pie Recipe

My Favorite Apple Pie Recipe

Items Needed

1                Gallon of Apple Cider

1                Gallon of Apple Juice

?               Cup of Regular White Sugar

?               Cup of Brown Sugar

5                Cinnamon Sticks

750ml        190 Proof Everclear

1                Large Cooking Pot

You will need some Cheese Cloth to use for a filter


First you need to pour the Apple Cider and Apple Juice into a large cooking pot. Stir in the White Sugar and the Brown Sugar until fully dissolved. Throw in the Cinnamon Sticks and place them on the stove. Keep covered and turn heat on high bringing to a boil. Let boil for 45 minutes stirring occasionally.

When time is up let the mixture cool down to around 120 degrees then pull the cinnamon sticks out and poor the mixture through your cheesecloth to filter out any of the particles left by the Cinnamon Sticks.

After Filtering you can add the Everclear. DO NOT add the Everclear before cooling or your alcohol will evaporate.

Poor the Apple Pie into Quart size jars. You should get 8 jars worth to share with your friends and family (Especially for the Holidays) and have a little left for yourself after all of your hard work! 

*Note: You can add more sugar or take some away from this recipe to fit your taste. You can do the same with the Cinnamon Sticks.


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