Mystic 5e




Proficiency Bonus

Martial Arts

Mystic Energy





Unarmored defense, Hand Blasters





Mystic Energy, Mystic Ability





Mystic Path, Soft Landing





Ability Score Improvement, Elemental Mastery





Extra Attack, Fleet Footed





Mystic Field










Ability Score Improvement (2)





Fleet Footed (2)





Mystic Calm





Mystic Clarity





Ability Score Improvement (3)





Fleet Footed (3)





Mystic Touch





Extra Attack (2)





Ability Score Improvement (4)





Mystic Phoenix





Mystic Transfer





Ability Score Improvement (5)





Mystic Rebirth


Primary Abilities:  Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution


Hit Points:

Hit Die: 1d8 per Mystic level

Hit Points at 1st level: 8 + con mod

Hit Points at higher level: 1d8 (5 + con mod) per mystic level after



Armor Proficiencies: Light armor, shields

Weapon Proficiencies: simple weapons, Hand Blasters

Tools: Alchemist supplies


Saving Throws: Intelligence, Wisdom

Skills: Choose two from:

Acrobatics, Arcana, Athletics, Insight, Medicine, Nature, Perception, Stealth, Survival


Starting Gold: 2d4 x10


Equipment: Padded armor and:

(a)   two daggers, a short bow and 20 arrows or (b) quarterstaff and 10 darts


(a) Alchemist tools or (b) explorers pack



Unarmored Defense:  At 1st level if you are using no armor, your Armor Class = 9 +  your Int Mod + your Wis Mod


Hand Blasters:  At 1st level your unarmed attacks begin following the Martial Arts column.  Also you can use your Wisdom Modifier for damage to unarmed attacks. Your unarmed attacks can also shoot energy blasts out to a max range of 60 ft. Lastly, when you make an unarmed you can treat it like a light weapon, gaining the ability to use a bonus action to do another attack.

        Charged Blast: If you only attack on your turn (giving up your movement) you                   can choose to shoot one large energy blast that hits an area of burst 1 from your                target, that does 1 die level higher damage (1d4 > 1d6 > 1d8 > 1d10 > 1d12)


Mystic Energy:  At 2nd level you gain Mystic Energy which follows the Mystic Energy chart (derived from the following equation:

Mystic Energy = Proficiency Bonus + ? Mystic Level)

                    * The Mystic Energy chart has a second value, which is how much Mystic Energy you would have if you chose the Lore Master path.


Mystic Abilities:  At 2nd level gain access to one of the following abilities:

        Warp Move:  Can instantly warp to a location within ? your movement speed.  This movement does not cause an opportunity attack from moving out of the range of an enemy. (Passive bonus: +5 feet movement speed) [Costs 2 Mystic Energy]

        Warp Sheild:  Can, as a reaction to an enemy attack, attempt to warp the attack to a different dimension, effectively blocking it.  You gain +2 to the defense the attack is targeting (Passive bonus: +1 to ac) [Costs 2 Mystic Energy]

        Warp Attack:  Can, when you use a Charged Blast, teleport to an unoccupied space in the blast radius and make a free unarmed melee attack to a target you land near (+1 to attack rolls and +1 to damage rolls) [Costs 2 Mystic Energy]

        Elemental Blasts:  Add one elemental affect to your Hand Blasters

 [Costs 1 Mystic Energy per attack added to]

                Ice: enemy makes a dc check, if a fail, enemy is slowed (save ends)

                    Air: enemy makes a dc check, if a fail, enemy is knocked prone

                    Fire:  enemy makes a dc check, if a fail, enemy takes 1d4 burning dmg                       (save ends)

                    Earth: enemy makes a dc check, if a fail, enemy is blinded (save ends)

                    Lightning: enemy makes a dc check, if a fail, enemy is paralyzed for turn

                    *Necrotic: enemy is infected, doing 1d6 dmg per turn (save ends)


        * Necrotic element type is only available to the Night Watcher path.


        Mystic DC Save:  The target DC against a Mystics DC checks = 8 + Proficiency Bonus + Your Wisdom Mod


Mystic Path:  At 3rd level choose a Mystic Path (all described at the end of the class).


Soft Landing:  At 3rd level, all damage that would be taken due to a fall, a push, or a knock prone, is reduced by ?.


Ability Score Improvement:  At 4th level, 8th level, 12th level, 16th level, and 19th level you can increase one ability score by 2, or two ability scores by one (cannot increase an ability score past 20).


Elemental Mastery:  at 4th level, gain resistance to one attack type.  (Radiant, Fire, Ice, Necrotic, Earth, Thunder, Lightning, Psychic etc).


Extra Attack:  At 5th and 15th level, whenever you take the attack action you can take an extra attack.


Fleet Footed:  At 5th, 9th, and 15th levels gain +5 feet to your movement speed.


Mystic Field:  At 6th level, create a sphere centered on yourself, with a 15 ft diameter (burst 1) that stops up to (Proficiency Bonus Value x your Mystic DC value) damage of ranged attacks or spell attacks made against it; cannot target enemies outside of the bubble with ranged attacks or spells. [Costs 3 Mystic Energy]

        [Can spend 1 Mystic Energy] to maintain the Field on subsequent turns


Evasion:  At 7th level, allows you to dodge any area of effect attacks you are not the main target of.  When you can take a Dexterity saving throw, you take no damage on a success, and ? dmg on a fail.


Mystic Calm:  At 10th level, as long as the Mystic is at ? health or higher, he cannot be feared, paralyzed, charmed, mind controlled, or dazed and can see through any illusion.


Mystic Clarity:  At 11th level, you can understand anything that is said around you, in any language.  You do not gain the ability for everything to understand you though.  You also gain +4 to any Perception or Insight checks.


Mystic Touch:  At 14th level, you can, when touching an ally or an enemy, mark them.  You always know where a marked person or creature is, and gain a +4 to attack rolls made against a marked target.

        [Can spend 2 Mystic Energy] to activate the mark upon an attack, and heal      yourself the damage your Hand Blaster does to the marked target (a life-steal)


Mystic Phoenix:  At 17th level, when you suffer an incapacitating blow, as a reaction you can spend Mystic Energy to stop it.  You gain hp = 2x the Mystic Energy spent at the time of reaction (a minimum of one).  Alternatively, if you are incapacitated and are about to receive a killing blow (or fail a 3rd death saving throw) you can spend all of your remaining Mystic Energy to bring yourself back to life with 1 hp. [Each version can only be used once per encounter]


Mystic Transfer:  At 18th level, you can spend 4 Mystic Energy when you use a Mystic Power or Ability, to give an ally in 30 ft range, the use of that same Power or Ability as a free action on their next turn.  (You can also give it to an ally who is marked by Mystic Touch, no matter the range or if you have Line of Sight on them).


Mystic Rebirth:  At 20th level, if you have no Mystic Energy when you roll initiative, you gain 3 Mystic Energy.



Roamer:  The Roamer gains the following:

        *One more Mystic Ability

        *The reduction of Mystic Energy cost to the Mystic Abilities Warp Move and                Warp Attack by one

        *Any time you gain an increase to your movement speed, double the increase                   increase value (ie: 5 ft would be 10)

        *Mystic Field now can be created anywhere in a range of 60 ft (12 squares)                   of the Mystic instead of centered on him, and enemies cannot leave the Field

        *Are able to instantly swap places with a target that is Marked with your Mystic             Touch ability [Costs 1 Mystic Energy]

        *Mystic Transfer’s range is increased to 60 ft, costs 1 less Mystic Energy, and when it is activated, you can choose to instantly swap places with the ally you                 are granting the power to.


Warrior:  The Warrior gains the following:

*One more Mystic Ability

*The reduction of Mystic Energy cost to the Mystic Abilities Warp Attack and              Warp shield by one

*Unarmored defense now becomes Light Armored defense, (Your Armor Class            is equal to Light Armor Value + Int Mod + Wis Mod)

*Any enemy that is in the Mystic Field or enters it now must make a DC check or    be knocked prone and take 3d10 dmg, taking ? damage on a successful save

*You are now able to attack an enemy that is marked by the Mystic Touch ability          even if you do not have direct line of sight, and can now mark enemies with the           Mystic Touch ability with ranged attacks (not needing to touch them)

*When you activate Mystic Phoenix, it also causes an explosion within 5 ft of you    (burst 1), that does 5d12 damage and knocks enemies back.  If they make a successful save they take ? damage.

Healer:  The Healer gains the following:

*The reduction of all Mystic Class Abilities Mystic Energy cost by one, not just            the Mystic Abilities, but the other moves as well (Mystic Field, Mystic Touch,         Mystic Phoenix, etc)

*Hand Blasters can now be used to heal an ally for the damage done [Costs 1                   Mystic Energy]

*Mystic Calm now affects all allies within line of sight of the Mystic (or the Ally             who is marked by the Mystics’ Mystic Touch ability if out of line of sight)

*Mystic Field now heals the Mystic and his allies who end their turn within it for 2d10 + any damage done to the Field.  If the Field is destroyed through damage, it         heals allies within a burst 1 of the Field (burst 2 of the Mystic) for another 2d10.

*An ally marked by the Mystic Touch ability gains a bonus 4 AC while in line of                   sight of the mystic, and when the Hand Blaster is used to heal any ally, it also       heals the marked target as well.  Alternatively, if you heal the marked target directly the heals’ value is doubled.

*The Mystic can now use the Mystic Phoenix ability on an ally within 60 ft of                     him that he has line of sight on, or on the ally who is marked by the Mystic Touch          ability.


Lore Master:  The Lore Master gains the following:

        *Learns all of the basic Mystic Abilities (Warp Move, Warp Attack, Warp Shield,   Elemental Attack)

        *Gets 2 elements to add to his Hand Blaster attacks from the Elemental Attack list          and gets a second elemental resistance from Elemental Mastery

        *Gains the second value of Mystic Energy from the Mystic Energy Column, the            number is now derived from the equation (Mystic Energy = Proficiency Bonus +                   Mystic level)

        *Mystic Rebirth now gives 6 Mystic Energy instead of 3

        *Mystic Clarity gains an activate-able ability, which gives the Mystic perfect         vision within 100 ft, and gaining the ability to see through walls and other      objects.  This perfect vision also allows the Mystic to see hidden, stealthed, or invisible enemies.


Night Watcher:  The Night Watcher gains the following:

NOTE:  An enemy who is infected takes damage, like they would if they were infected with the Necrotic Elemental Attack type for the Hand Blasters


        *>Warping through enemies (either with Warp Move or Warp Attack) causes        (Proficiency Bonus)d4 necrotic damage, infects the enemy, and heals the Mystic ?  the damage done

 >Successfully blocking an attack with Warp Shield heals the Mystic for ? the     potential damage done and infects the attacker.

 >Can choose the Elemental Attack type Necrotic

*Mystic Calm gains an activate-able ability, called Mystic Rage which fears             enemies within a range of burst 3 from the Mystic, on a failed DC save.

*Any enemy that is in the Mystic Field when it is made or enters it now must    makes a DC save, if they fail the DC, they take 3d10 damage and are infected.

*Mystic Touch now also infects the target if they are an enemy

*Mystic Phoenix can now be activated even if not dying/incapacitated. When    activated, it does (Mystic Energy spent x2)d12 damage to creatures within a burst    2 of the Mystic on a failed DC save, a successful save will reduce the damage by    ?.   This also infects anyone it hits that fails the DC save. 

*Mystic Rebirth can also be used to trade health for Mystic Energy, every 10 hit             points spent, regains the Mystic 1 Mystic Energy.


NOTE:  When an infected creature dies within line of sight of the Mystic, the              Mystic can spend 1 Mystic Energy to spawn a minion ghoul.  There can be no                  more than the Mystic’s Proficiency Bonus worth of ghouls at any given time.


The Minion Ghouls Statistics are as follows:


Hp = Mystic’s level

AC = 8 + Your Proficiency Bonus + ? Mystic’s level


Actions:  Claw Attack: + (? the Mystics’ attack bonus) to hit, (Mystics Proficiency bonus)d4 damage + (Mystics Int Mod)

        Bite Attack: + (? the Mystics’ attack bonus) to hit, (? Mystics proficiency bonus)d10 damage + (Mystics Int Mod)


All Minion Ghouls go after the Mystic on the Initiative Chart.


All the Minion Ghouls attacks infect its target.


The Minion Ghoul can, on its turn, sacrifice itself to heal the Mystic (? the Mystics’ level) worth of hp, if in burst 1 of the Mystic.


The Mystic can also sacrifice a Minion Ghoul in burst 1 range, to heal itself worth (the Mystics’ level) of hp.

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