Naldia – Fall of the Empire

The year is 1199, the second era.

The Naldic Empire, forged as an union between the great three kingdoms has been starting to break down, ever since the last good emperor found himself deposed at the hands of an unsatisfied nobility, the constant lack of good rulers has been gradually weakening the Empire. As new technology and magic is found and new ideas are born, without important reforms being enacted, unrest has been growing and everyone, be man or mer, fear this may be the ending days of the empire.

With the end of treaties and deals imposed as of the Last Emperor's arrest, for the first time in what seemed like forever, elections between the several noble houses in the Senate are coming.

Throughout all of the Empire, rebels seem to ascend, fighting for what they believe is right, either to bring the emperor back, to remove the Senate from its position, or even to gain independence for their city, state or even nation. Despite being disorganized and lacking both supplies and experience to fight back, they are many and even without being able to match the legions, they manage to overstretch the armed forces everywhere.

The once safe and prospering Trinity Road has been falling into lack of maintenance and into lack of protection, bandits wander across the wilds robbing merchant, and many prefer the safety of cities, the few who walk by are always in danger…And as the trinity road decays, rumours of a criminal syndicate ruled by a prince of the shadows seem to finally have truth to it, shadowy organizations of assassins finally become active as they acquire magic and powerful artifacts to execute their plans…

For the seas to the east, the navy struggles to protect their fledgling triton and siren allies, as they are under attack by an ever increasing number of pirates, but no mere pirates- Pirates who seem to be losing artifacts of incredible power, with tales of the clans planning to usurp Poseidon himself, for the first time in millenia, many disparate Clans are rumored to be in negotiations for a alliance, which could cause a new golden age of piracy.

To the west, in the most uninhabited regions of the empire, Barbarians, be it Kobolds, Goblins or even Dragonborns seem to have united under a great conqueror, raiding and pillaging villages, and as the army stands overstretched and unable to react fast enough to threats, they lose valuable resources from their western lands, it seems they have their sights even higher however- into the heavens, to bring their so called dragon gods back.

Within the Empire itself, a threat of absolutism draws closer, as a certain House with highly totalitarian ideals start gaining power, the Senate itself fears their ascension, however, popular support speaks otherwise. With each passing day, the Elvish Emperor and his population finds themselves displeased with their Human cousins, demanding both more rights to themselves and greater self rule, those both viewpoints clash in heated debates, and risk dissolving the Imperial political strength…

However, a threat bigger than any one that ever faced the Empire, and that has been unseen since the Humans arrived at Naldia looms in their own minds, one that will strike once the empire is at its lowest…

Will the Empire stand the upcoming storm? Or will it fall? It is up for you to decide in Naldia – Fall of the Empire

{Naldia – Guidebook}

The empire for the last half decade has been having trouble, normally, a candidate from one of the human houses is elected after each emperor dies, but that doesn’t happens anymore, not since one of the strongest emperors in all of the Empire history of the Greywills was arrested and deposed by the Senate for “Corruption”, a deal was made between the House Greywill and the several nobles in the Senate that the next emperors would be appointed by the House Greywill, seeking to transform the place into a democracy and also increase the power of the Senate whilst the current emperor remained in prison, and the fool thought there wouldn’t be much problem with it.

They were wrong.

The next emperors happened to be the most corrupt and weak willed rulers in all of the empire, incompetence and weakness plaguing their rule, be it taxes being increased skyhigh, or several poor decisions that led to the several crisis in the empire, the underestimation of naval power nearly made the entire navy be destroyed or reduced to a few ships to have more soldiers in the army and create great works, essentially artificially forging a golden age of piracy, the unpopular policies ranging from taxes to human centrism then created rebel guerillas, and the army only became more overstretched, allowing the Barbarians to strike against the Empire.

The several factions in Naldia now vie for power or for supremacy of their ideals

{Important Wars}

Those are important wars which must be known by the several players and alike to understand factions and such

Ramen Conquests

The Ramen Conquests were when a descendant of the first emperor of humans solved to try to claim his throne as the Emperor of Naldia, after several negotiations with Drows, Halflings, Dwarfs, Humans and Tieflings which took years, he launched massive revolts and conquests against the Elvish, Dwarven and Human empires who from the start of the war were Losing, because of that, they allied in a trinity alliance to stop them

Ramen was a stupidly good general and probably the best in all of Naldia, he nearly reached his objective conquering about 70% of today’s Naldic Empire and was only stopped when the Trinity Alliance made a gamble and united both the Elven, Dwarven and Human armies in a single battle to attempt to kill Ramen, a small group of heroes managed to stop them and turn the entire battle around, destroying or capturing all of Ramen’s army in a single battle

The War of Giants

The War of Giants happened when the free nations first arrived in Naldia, and the Humans found the Giants, the main inhabitants them, in the first encounter between the two, the situation quickly derailed into a battle once the Humans confunded Giants with mindless Trolls and a war started from there, it was a slaughter, the Humans fought against the Giants which only had as a advantage their size and powerful magical artifacts, which were negated by mages and archers, by the end of the war, around 94% of the Giants were killed in perhaps the most brutal conflict in all of Naldia, several races of giants have disappeared, plains, forests or caves giants are all but exterminated, and only mountain giants and half giants seem to remain.

The Invasion

Once upon a time, there was a old continent which most of the races came from, but then, demonic figures invaded

Everyone seemed to lose the war immediately, in a last desperate attempt, several armies stayed back to try to send as many civilians and soldiers to what is now Naldia in an attempt to preserve humanity.

The state of the Invasion was never clear, whether they won the final struggle or not, it is only up for us to presume.

{Main Factions}

The Naldic Empire

The Naldic Empire is the main economic, military and naval power within the continent of Naldia, being a Union of three countries that mostly is controlled by Humans, they are fighting against almost every other independent faction in the known world with exception of the Sirens and the Northern People

The Western Barbarians

The Western Barbarians or known by themselves as the Als are a recently united confederacy under a great conqueror who are planning raids and attacks on the empire, which luckily have been mostly repulsed by the frontier guard by sheer will alone, but as the Barbarians grow in strength, many can only say that the guard cannot hold forever.

The Northern People

The Northern People are descendants of a legendary hero and her group, both of which were exiled during the Giant-Human war, they mostly remain to themselves fishing and farming whatever they can in the cold northern lands

The Elvish Empire

The Elvish Empire was originally the biggest rival of humanity, a single elf could equal twenty humans in term of combat skill during the wars, they mostly fought against a single stretch of land over the so called “Themerian Wall”, they eventually let their grudges die out when Ramen the Conqueror managed to unify the drows, tieflings, halflings and several disparate human groups in the Trinity War, causing massive rebellions in the three great kingdoms. The War went on for 40 years and when it ended, all the races had formed ties in war and a century later, they would form the Naldic Empire, the elfs still hold a formidable militia even through their proper army has been disbanded and unified into the Empire Legions, they are the only race with access to epic magic

The Dwarvish State

The Dwarfs are very strict with their borders and treaties, they always were acceptable towards humanity even if a few minor struggles have been fought over Hobbit’s Landing, they see the humans as partners who they can count on, especially when they’re talking on gold and business, they have fought several wars with the elves but haven’t acted with humanity until Ramen attacked with his trinity rebellion, they would be the last race to join the Union and their diplomat to humanity response when they joined was “eh, we’ll leave it in a few years or so anyways so might as well enjoy while it lasts”

The Sirens

The Sirens are the main independent allies to the Empire which have made their objective to destroy the pirate clans, they have a underwater kingdom under the seas and not much is known about them to an outsider other than they are pirate hunters

The Pirate Clans

The Pirate Clans were a direct result of the treaty between Ramen and the trinity alliance, which took all tiefling holdings within the continental space but had left several highly populated trading strongholds on islands, seeing no other option, they tried to continue the war against the Empire navally and became pirates, raiding merchants and supply trains, they were never unified until negotiations started recently, supposedly centered around usurping Poseidon’s own power

The Giants

The Giants are a highly isolationist and anti-civilisation faction. They once fought a great war against humanity until a majority of their population was killed and the remaining survivors were forced into the mountains.

The Southern Traders

They live on a land on the south of the empire, mainly composed of traders and tribes, they are the few truly independent cultures towards the Empire


Note: just because you aren’t part of any of those Houses doesn’t means you aren’t a Noble, Houses don’t equal to Noble Families

House Greywill

House Greywill is widely considered the most incompetent house and the reason of all recent problems in the empire, they are allied with House Apollo and are the leaders of the republicanist movement within the Senate

They have several variant branches which went mostly to be adventurers and are famous for their members frequently giving up and leaving the House to forge their own destiny

House Holtioram

They are the leader of the absolutist movement and hold great popularity within the people, frequently holding festivals and are defenders that arts such as necromancy or black magic are worthy practices of magic and openly support it, claiming that they were the reason they defeated Giants in ancient wars, they are allied with House Ivor and are rumored to have descendants of Hades, it is good to note they have several variant branches like House Greywill but kept them in Order for much time, creating a formidable network of Nobles owning several estates and regions all over the Empire, being the most extensive House

House Ivor

House Ivor is a house who simply loves local Cultures, advocates to local self rule, they hold a long warrior-bard and poet tradition, and seem as the most formidable debaters on the Senate, they are composers of songs and wielders of Tales, briefly allying with House Greywill more than once to create a great construction or work, of now, they see that House Greywill is damaging the Empire and as such mutually agreed to help them by joining the Absolutist faction.

House Iye

House Iye is a House that barely appears in the Senate and seems to be the most mysterious one, they are supposedly a magical house, and are instead represented in the Senate by powerful mages from the Academy or philosophers that wields certain compatible beliefs, they are the weakest house and less extensive one of them all, if they even have members, that is

House Taja

House Taja is known for being a house of merchants for merchants, it is one of the Houses who weren’t originally given a place in the Senate once the reform happened, but they instead became the 7th House after buying their way into nobledom and due to marrying and cunning. Eventually, they acquired as coup when the last House known as House Kin was exiled to the north, and from there onwards, they became formidable merchants and wielded a strong power base within the Empire, only comparable to House Holtioram

House Apollo

House Apollo is a house made mostly of highly traditionalistic religious men, they are neutral in this conflict and represent the faction that wants things to stay as they were before the last good emperor was imprisoned, most of their members have went at least for ten years to one of the several religious orders in the Empire, they claim themselves to be descendants of Apollo himself

House Everest

House Everest is made of both Half-Elves and Humans who don’t have a proper belief on anything, they are the most divided house and wield several varied positions on the Senate, being composed of several subhouses and branches, they were never elected as a emperor never, ever, because the House couldn’t decide who would wield the title, what Everest truly is about is simple: Freedom, they have hard times coming to agreements on what that usually means, but they are usually against openly anti-Authoritarian policies.

{Imperial Factions}

The Legions

The Legions are the main military force of the Empire as of now, through overstretched, their soldiers are experienced but are also slowly getting into decay having slow generals that can’t adapt new tactics, much of the high command has been reduced to incompetent officers in the last few years and reforms in the military need to be done to bring it ack to its status

The legionaries were once seen as legends, being specifically made to win both in quantity and quality, through they never really had definitive victories against the evenly matched elvish armies who “cheated” with magic according to them, they still held legendary victories and were good part of the reason the Empire won against Ramen in first place

The Classis

The Classis have suffered a lot, while not over stretched as the army, they’re outmatched and outmanned in the naval theater, holding few to no people that wish to fight, they are the main naval power in the empire and divided into several fleets, suffering a lot in vision of the Pirate Clans

The Dwarvish Army

The Dwarvish Army is still highly connected with the Legions but is mostly made of a few Warforgeds or very strong dwarfs, they are absolute beasts in battlefield being composed each part of it about a hundred and managed in groups of 50 totalling 50,000 soldiers who could beat the human armies several times

The Reformists

The Reformists are mainly composed of House Greywill…They seem to have low popular support, being blamed for almost everything of bad that happened to the empire in the last decades, however, they make up for it in their support from the nobility and independent races, and are the only faction to have acquired support from Elves.

The Absolutists

The absolutists are mainly composed of House Holtioram and House Ivor with objectives to unite the state and nations under a single, strong Emperor who can be competent and not destroy the entire empire legitimacy and power within half a decade, they idolize the last good emperor a little.

Drows often support the Absolutists, but everyone knows it’s mostly out of pragmatism, as the reformists and traditionalists look at them with bad eyes, and they would betray Holtioram at the first opportunity they find

The Traditionalists

The Traditionalists are mainly composed of like minded people and of House Apollo who want to remain with the Imperial System that has been working for decades, ever since the Union was created, Dwarfs also are a part of this faction

{Minor Factions}

The Sangerrat

The Sangerrat is a council of highly famous bards which banded together originally to preserve culture from several different empires at the time, ranging from the tiefling merchant empire to the halfling brief attempt at becoming a nation, a secondary objective is to solve humanitarian crisis through peaceful means, they now are frequently found in museums and the alike.

The Academy

The Academy is the main magical and educational institution in the heartland of the Empire, it is also the main dealer and investigator of magical issues throughout it, even though it competes with elvish mages frequently

The Primis

The Primis are highly experient assassins that generally work in teams of three, each with their different specialization, their objective is to safeguard the Empire’s interests as skillfully as they can.

The Vetus

The Vetus are the main rivals of the Primis based on a split group that decided to use their training and skills only for money and profit, the Vetus became essentially freelance spies, allowing them to actually become an even richer organization, with ties to both the nobility and the underground.

The Order of Austin

The Order of Austin is one of the most well respected and oldest orders of the empire with origins as far as the Invasion, it has dealt with the event known as the “Black Crisis” half a century ago which put it into popularity, it is mostly a paladin order of several gods based on killing monsters and cleansing the land

The Orcs

The Orcs were originally native people to Naldia, often highly traditional and strong people, they habitated the lands that are now known as Daria and the Dwarven Kingdom, they still have several clans within the Imperial Borders and are often involved in several treaties to turn them against the Empire enemies or just coexist

The Gravalax

The Gravalax are an orc tribe sitting by the coast of Naldia, being often blue skinned orcs, they are skilled fishermen, sailors and swimmers.

The Jhorash’tar

Though vilified by the dwarves as uncouth and unintelligent barbarians, the Jhorash’tar are a highly social folk with a strong warrior tradition. The orcs make full use of their knowledge of the unforgiving terrain of their homeland as they hunt their foes.

Despite the ever climbing birth rate of the Jhorash'tar, their lifestyles are harsh and hold high levels of fatalities. Every generation the Jhorash'tar see their people falling further behind the dwarven civilizations, so their way of life focuses on combat training effectively turning all their members into warriors capable of defending themselves.



Calis is the capital of Humanity, it is where the Senate and most of the empire industrial and economic power is located, it is the biggest city in the world holding over 10 Million people on it

{Notable Figures}

{The Party}

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