New Player Interview Modified

New Player Interview (Modified for Pathfinder by TSF)

Version 1.01.02: December 4, 2019

Before we can have a game that works, we need to find out what kind of game our players want to play and how they can feel comfortable and entertained while they play it. This form is to guide the process of collaborating with players to help craft a game that everyone can enjoy. If everyone is on the same page from the start and all players have a choice in what kind of game to play, everyone is more satisfied.

Note: Not every party is meant to play together. If there is no game that all players will find enjoyable, it’s not a crime. Choosing not to play or choosing to sit a player out is not a failure in this case: it is the prevention of a lot of frustration and strain later on.

About this document:

The purpose of these questions is so I can get to know the person behind the player before the game, and provide a game experience that is enjoyable to you. I firmly believe that a good rapport between all players at the table goes a long way to having an enjoyable game for everyone, so a big part of our first session or two will be getting to know each other and making our expectations for the game very clear. Tabletop is inherently a very social game, and while the questions here are simply for my information, if you’re uncomfortable answering, you may not be cut out for tabletop. If this is a major issue, please let me know and I will attempt to work with you.

Please make a copy of this document, fill it out to the best of your ability, and share or e-mail it to If I decide to move forward with you, I will provide you with a copy of my own answers so you can get to know me as well.

You can contact me via Reddit at

Completing this document should take less time than completing your character sheet and backstory. Tabletop requires time investment, and this is the first step. There are no right or wrong answers. If you are dishonest, it will only lead to frustration later on. Please give your most thorough and honest answers and opinions.

If you would like to use this document and/or modify it for your own games, please feel free to do so, but provide credit to myself and the other authors (listed on the last page).


How many players are you open to playing with? Do you have a strong preference for a group of a certain size?

Are you able to commit to playing one day, weekly, for the foreseeable future (i.e.: the next year at the very least)?

Which days and times are you most consistently available every week?

Which days and times are most preferable to you? Please explain why.

Are there any foreseeable circumstances in your life that might cause you to miss a session (i.e.: variable work schedule, school obligations, kids, etc.)?

About the person

General information

What is your first name, or what name do you like to go by?

What is your age and gender?

Where do you live, and in which timezone? You don’t need to be super specific here; a country/state and timezone is sufficient.

How would your friends describe you?

Please provide me with the best way to contact you:

Tell me anything else you’d like to share about yourself:

Comfort levels

These questions are informational only. They do not imply that ANY of these situations will arise in my campaign.

How do you feel about explicit language at the table? What type of language, if used by other players, is entirely off limits to you?

Which of the following RP situations would offend you or make you feel uncomfortable? Please highlight or bold those that are applicable, or write them out.

Consider the following scenarios: NPC to NPC, NPC to Other Players, NPC to Your Character, Other Players to NPCs, Other Players to Your Character.

  • Harsh realities and cruelties in the world such as discrimination, child abuse, slavery,  rape, hate crimes, etc.

  • Same as above but being committed by team members instead of villains or NPCs?

  • Romantic interactions or flirtation with other players characters or NPCs (controlled by the game master).

  • Overly gory descriptions of violence or suffering.

  • Overly detailed descriptions of erotic scenes.

  • Homosexual or cross species romance or erotica.

  • Blasphemous parallels to specific religions.

  • Strong political rhetoric or opposing ideologies

  • Oppressive or insulting parallels to different races, ethnic or another specific group.

  • Cross gender role-play.

  • Insulting parodies by players.

Choose the answer that fits you best (highlight, underline, etc.):

  1. Nothing offends me! It’s borderline sociopathic!

  2. I can be offended on rare occasion, but I can also endure the offense and easily forgive it if not abused.

  3. I don’t often get offended, but when I do, it can become an issue until addressed.

  4. There are a number of things that are taboo around me but I can list them out and we should be fine.

  5. Pretty much everything sets me off. Eggshells everywhere or I’m out.

About the player


Tell me about your experience with tabletop. It’s okay if you have none.

Tell me about your experience with Pathfinder.

Do you have experience with DMing?

Have you ever played via Roll20? Or any other online platforms? Have you ever played in person?

Have you played any Pathfinder adventure paths (i.e.: Rise of the Runelords, Curse of the Crimson Throne, Kingmaker, etc.) as either a player or a DM? Please list them.


What do you expect out of a tabletop game?

What do you expect of the DM?

What do you expect of your party members?


How would do you define your tabletop playstyle?

How do you feel about min/maxing?

How do you feel about character role play?

What type of characters do you like to play? What kind of character would you be looking to play in my campaign?

How do you decide what class of character you’ll play in a campaign?

What role do you foresee yourself playing in this campaign? Do you like to lead? Talk things out? Fight everything? Hide in the background while others talk?


These questions are perhaps the most important. Please be honest and thorough!

What are your biggest pet peeves when it comes to tabletop? What can completely ruin a game for you? What drives you absolutely nuts? What is annoying, but not game breaking?

What is your philosophy on handling loot?

Why do you play or want to play tabletop?

What role do you feel that character alignment has on the way you play?

We are playing and you disagree with the DM about how a rule works. How should this situation be handled?

We are playing and another player’s behaviour is beginning to get on your nerves (the way they play, the way they treat the other players). How should this situation be handled?

We have been playing for a few weeks and something is not to your liking. How should this situation be handled?

You find out that you will be unable to make the next game. Please describe the steps you take in this situation.

You or another player has notified the group that you will need to miss the next week’s game. Should the game still be held? What alterations do you think should be made? How should the person’s character be handled?

Is there anything that you feel it would be important for me or the other players to know about your playstyle? Do you foresee any reason that you may not get along with other players?


This document was modified for Pathfinder by TangoSierraFan ( It was adapted from Carl Fowkes (Frieth)’s “New Player Interview,” which was inspired by “Gamemastering” by Brian Jamison of You can find a copy of the original here.

You may reproduce, modify, and copy this document as you see fit, but please provide credit to myself and the other authors.

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