Nikki Magic : White Backgrounds for Corridor Entries & Free-Dressi

Nikki Magic: White Backgrounds for Corridor Entries & Free-Dressing


#Iri 2053, as taught by CN Gods + Truly Ruby, iOS hero of LN!

2.23.2018: Updated – iOS PHONES instructions via Nox  (DISCOVERER: Truly Ruby!)

1.13.2018: Updated – iPad instructions


The basic idea is to move a moveable background entirely out of sight so that your screen is left with a white background only.


Step 1: Go to the Starry Corridor or Free Dressing => View Mode in Game, and choose a moveable background (indicated by a “cross” icon)

Step 2: On your phone, hold down the background with one finger, and start dragging the background. While you are dragging, with another finger of the same hand, tap on the text of the “Figure” tab on the bottom menu. Note that this means the text “Figure”, not the actual icon of mini Nikki. Do NOT let go of the first finger that is dragging the background.

Step 3: Your background should now be able to move to much greater distance. Move it out of the screen entirely for a pure white background.

*You can also move the background only partially off the screen for interesting effects:

[iOS Phones Instructions (Nox required)]

Discovered & Explained by Juliwen #7290 / Truly Ruby

So here's a way for us poor iphone users to get the white background.

  1. The idea here is to use your keyboard and mouse to move the background off the screen.

  2. Using the nox player you want to click the keyboard icon on the sidebar that's the second from the top.

  3. Then you select the A button in the the middle of the small menu with 9 buttons that pop up. 

  4. A small bubble will appear in the middle of the screen, you drag that button over the “figure” tab in starry corridors and give it a key on your keyboard. 

  1.  You'll need another bubble that'll hold the background so really anywhere on the screen. You can also bind a third button to backgrounds for convenience sake if you mess up.

  2. Okay so now:

    1. Hold down the background using the newly bond key

    2. Next hold down the figure button

    3. Use your mouse to click the corner of the background

    4. Now let go of the other buttons except your mouse and drag that background 

"Please visit my page if you see me in Starry Corridor, my ign is Truly Ruby, would appreciate if you leave a like 🙂 "  – Truly Ruby / Juliwen

Again, praise to Truly Ruby / Juliwen for figuring out how to make white bgs a reality for iPhone users!

Last but not least,


CN found a way to have them working on iPads now too!

The steps are

1) Go to the background tab in corridor / free dressing view mode

2) Pick an unmovable background (rather than a movable one like for android)

3) Tap Confirm, but do not confirm again to submit the entry

4) Tap the back arrow

5) Now there should be a "lever" / zooming bar on your screen and you can minimize your background with that so the actual background that comes out look white

Example of the zooming bar that now appears on an originally unmovable bg (the bg is black here bc when this is done on CN, they get black bg instead of white). The photo belongs to its original owner on CN. 

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