Nordemark Starter shared

Nordemark Campaign Starter

A campaign starter for Dungeon World by Asbj?rn H. Fl?, (2017 CC BY SA). Inspired by Dirk Detweiler Leichty, Brian Holland and Jeremy Strandberg. Images by Theodor Kittelsen are public domain.

Before creating characters, roll 8d6 and take turns assigning them to the questions below. Set the remaining 2 dice aside. 

What happened here recently?

  1. A long and bloody war

  2. A comet appeared on the sky, growing larger

  3. A village was burnt to the ground

  4. A ship drifted ashore, all aboard dead or gone

  5. Fallow fields and hunger have turned the people desperate

  6. The rivers turned red like blood

What here is not what it appears to be?

  1.  The wild clans of the north

  2.  A beast in human form

  3.  The new gods, brought by the King

  4.  A powerful resource found beneath the Nidhogg mountains

  5.  Tjalve Jarl, the earl of Vigamund

  6.  The one eyed wanderer

Who or what is really in control here?

  1.  A secret society of seier-women

  2.  Eir, the Black Jotun

  3.  A vily advisor to royalty

  4.  Margul, mother of Dragons, from her unearthly prison, working through her spawn and twisted supplicants

  5.  The huldr-people, the Folk beneath the hills

  6.  The Archbishop and his army

What (else) should we be on the lookout for?

  1.  Spies in every village and mead hall

  2.  The soldiers of the Crown

  3.  Linnorms, terrorizing sea and forest alike

  4.  Plague carriers

  5.  A rival, presumed dead, returned 

  6.  Greedy merchants collecting debts

What here is useful or valuable to us?

  1. The nearby ruins of Herse Eidslager’s castle

  2. A cunning v?lva with the gift of foresight

  3. An outlaw prince with a price on his head

  4. The burial mounds of the Jotun 

  5. The spirits of your ancestors

  6. A repressed proletariat, yearning for leadership

What is about to happen?

  1. An armada of longships spotted on the horizon

  2. A despised or beloved leader lies on their deathbed

  3. Civil war: Axe-time, sword-time, / shields are sundered

  4. The draug howls in the night. One of your shipmates will not live through the night

  5. The jotun is loosed

  6. From below the dragon/ dark comes forth

Starting Disposition

Now, take those 2 remaining dice and total them up:

10+ You start play with the initiative—there’s an opportunity for you to seize, time to make a plan, and/or an opening to exploit.

7-9 You start play facing down danger, but things haven’t gone south just yet—it’s tense!

6- You start pinned down, imprisoned, or on the run

The GM will set the scene. What do you do?

When Things Calm Down

Follow the procedure in The Perilous Wilds (“Draw the Map”) to create the Nordemark together.

Nordemark Names
last ned.jpg
last ned.jpg

Men: Nieungr, Nori, Ormarr, Sviekell, Malmuri, Meinolf, Nattfari, Lavrand, Jormunrekr, Trufasti, Halli, Tarand

Women: Katla, Randísa, Eirunn, Jarnsaxa, Kalda, Utne, Mevitna, Kuva, Riva, 

Steadings: Margulseid, Alstadfell, Katibekkr, Saltibyr, Thaveklif, Svartstadir, Miklabu, Svivelheim, Ranv?r, 

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