Odd Treasure List

Objects for them to find (10’s will result in a potion being found as well):

  1. Wand of Create Wand. (Comes with 1 charge, creates 1 Wand of Create Wand. Disintegrates into gas when out of charges.)

  2. Ring of Bureaucratic Wizardry: I swear this is real. The official description: "When a wizard casts any spell while wearing the ring, a sheaf of papers and a quill pen suddenly appear in his hand. The papers are forms that must be filled out in triplicate explaining the effects of the spell, why the wizard wishes to cast it, whether it is for business or pleasure, and so on. The forms must be filled out before the effects of the spell will occur. The higher the level of the spell cast, the more complicated the forms become. Filling out the forms requires one round per level of spell."

  3. Ring of Detect Fingers (glows in the presence of fingers.) 

  4. A romance chapterbook written in undercommon titled "Just one Layer of Grey".

  5. Elixir of Truth

  6. The Cloak of Visibility: Just a very, very gaudy cloak

  7. Cloak of the Bushy Disguise: Grants the wearer the ability to transform a short bush when crouching.

  8. Bowl of Watery Death

  9. Mirror of Dwarven Beauty- any woman who looks in it instantly grows a beard ( gains +2 Cha when dealing with Dwarves)

  10. Wand of Misplaced Objects

  11. Wand of Detect Fetish (3 charges)

  12. Ring of Miscommunication. At first, it looks like a ring of Tongues, and works like that for an entire day after being worn. After the 24 hours of being constantly worn, it immediately binds itself to the player, unable to be removed except by magical means (i'm thinking an increasing dispel magic or a specialist npc check) Once the main curse starts, the player is forced to only speak 1 random language, which changes each day (he can understand all the languages he normally would + the random one from the ring, but he can only speak the random one, even with telepathy).

  13. Ring/Amulet of Cursing: -5 to all Charisma skill checks since every time you try one you curse. Even Intimidate is affected because you curse at the wrong time making you sound foolish instead of intimidating.

  14. Druid's Yoke

  15. Gloves of Reception: When cupped to the ear, allowed the user to hear whatever sounds were being made at whatever location he was looking at, regardless of distance (as long as he had line of sight).

  16. Brooch of Number Numbing

  17. Fish Dust

  18. Wand of Pointing: casts really minor light spell, useful vs cats.

  19. Amulet of Referring To Oneself In 3rd Person: Early onset narcissism.

  20. Rock of Returning: S'funny, could have sworn I threw that thing away.

  21. Decanter of Endless Milk: Unfortunately, the milk expired centuries ago.

  22. Quill of Rage: An ordinary quill that will only write when you scribble in the corner to make sure it is working.

  23. Tasha's Hideous Bowler: An enchanted hat so utterly unfashionable that it causes anyone within a 20ft radius to point and snigger, but only when the wearer isn't looking.

  24. Ring of Doom: Allows the wearer to discern the location of any enemies hidden behind secret doors or walls. However, the only way to discover hidden foes is by knocking on every surface of the room to the tune of "Shave and a haircut" until the enemy is compelled to finish it.

  25. The Blind Candle: A candle which when lit, gives off no light, and whose flame is invisible. However, anyone looking in the direction of the candle with their eyes closed can see the flame, even if it's on the other side of an obstacle, so long as it's within range (120ft).

  26. Boots of Banana Resistance: You now have advantage on any Dex(acrobatics) rolls when slipping on a banana.

  27. Ring of Mutual Ignorance This ring makes you unnoticeable to people who you are not aware of. This often leads you to bumping into a person your trying to stealth around, where by ruining the magic.

  28. Wand of Persistent Drizzle: Everyone within an 80' radius gets damp and miserable after 1D6 turns.

  29. The Murderstein. A mug that fills with ale after you kill an opponent. The quality depends on the quality of the opponent. Holds 10 charges.

  30. Girdle of Kobold Strength – Makes your strength score 6 (yes this would have been a decent bonus to carry capacity on a few characters over the years)

  31. Belt of many pouches: has storage room for all the magic components, coins, trinkets, and similar small items you will ever own. Requires a DC 25 Int check to remember which pouch a particular item is in.

  32. Vampire's mirror: A beautiful hand mirror made for an accursed bloodsucker. While holding the mirror, a vampire can see their own reflection in it. Anyone else who holds the mirror will not see their own reflection, but will see those of others around them, excluding vampires of course.

  33. Sword of Misplaced Ownership; "Oi! That's my sword!"

  34. Dancing Pole: Often mistaken by the name for a weapon capable of fighting independently of the wielder, upon speaking the command word, this cursed staff instead plants itself into the ground vertically, and forces the wielder to remain in the square, affected as if by a failed save against Otto's Irresistible Dance. In addition, the cursed individual's AC is lowered by 1 every round that he or she remains dancing, as the individual's armor is slowly peeled off piece by piece (this is an exception to normal removal time for armor). Unarmored individuals are not affected in this manner. At the end of each affected round, the cursed individual may attempt a CHA save (DC 15). Success causes the dancing to stop.

  35. Plotable Hole: This tear in the fabric of storyline/continuity-space can be exploited to cause NPCs to suddenly remember that they were killed, like, 8 sessions ago, and suddenly change the time of day as the Powers That Be are reminded that they just said the sun was shining and it couldn't possibly be midnight.

  36. Invisible Sack – A simple burlap sack big enough to fit about a cubic foot of material inside it. Anything inside the bag becomes invisible. If you stick a hand in it, you too become invisible. The bag, however, is visible. It can be turned inside out, which renders it invisible but objects placed inside can clearly be seen.

  37. Breeches of Trust: Once per day, the wearer makes very uncomfortable advances on a random party member

  38. Bag of It's Got To Be In Here Somewhere: Functions as a bag of holding, but is constantly filled with random junk in addition to the contents. It always takes a full hour to find the item(s) one wishes to take out of it, during which the character cannot gain the benefit of a short rest.

  39. The Toupe of Tilting: It just never sits on your head in a natural position.

  40. The Sword of Everstriking. A greatsword+1 that had a very "double edged sword effect". If you need a 13 to hit and rolled a 7 you took 6 damage and the attack hit. If you rolled a 2 and needed a 19 you took 17 damage and you hit etc. You had no choice you always hit…it was a matter of how much damage you took in doing so. We saw more tense last stands from using this than I can count. Many a fighter and barbarian fell victim to their own sword in a blaze of glory.

  41. Keeping your Cool Elven box: A wooden box filled with ice, overall the size of a kleenex box. Mysterious Elven carvings line the border. When placed in a room, after 5 minutes it will change the room temperature to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. (Air conditioning, could be useful in desert terrains or near lava)

  42. The Red Shirt: The wearer is sure to die horribly and forces the opponents to cackle in an evil way while it happens.

  43. Book: Learn How to Make People Think You Speak Bear (+1 Bluff)

  44. Book: Sangrinch's Sandwich Identifier (+1 Gourmet/Chef Profession)

  45. Book: Victor Von Vagnut's Troll Training Handbook (+1 Handle Animal)

  46.  Book: Water to Wine and Other Fun Tricks at Sea (+1 Sleight of Hand)

  47. Book: Is Hair Really Necessary? – a book for the bald/ going bald (+1 Intimidate if bald/balding)

  48. Think Wizard – Mail order magazine (+1 Identify Magical Objects)

  49. Potion of Delusion. Its technically not curse but it's my favorite item ever. I'll tell you why: In a AD&D-esque game (OSERIC I believe is the name of the system) we went to go fight a black dragon. Little did we know that Black Dragons could breath underwater and that there would be no reason for its lair to have any air. Needless to say some of us died but as we were slowly going back on a raft we found a belt of potions, all electric blue, and I said "I'm tired of not using these unmarked potions." And immediately quaffed one and asked "So… What does it do?" To which the DM said: "What do you want it to do?" "Taste Delicious?" I say. "Sure." says the DM. "Turn me into a Black Dragon?" "Sure." says the DM. "I dive into the water and attack the dragon's lair!" I say. "Okay everyone else sees him drink the potion and jump into the water." Says the DM who begins laughing. Note I'm a Paladin in Chain Mail. Needless to say my character dies. No cursed by any means but unlabelled potions are fun. And Potion of Delusion is awesome.

  50. Gorilla Glass- This elegant looking wineglass does nothing unusual until it is filled with liquid and someone attempts to drink from it. The drinker must make a dc15 dex save or take 8d6 bludgeoning damage when the liquid turns into an enraged adult gorilla mid-sip. The gorilla tries to kill the drinker until one of them is slain, at which point the gorilla evaporates.

  51. Water-Carrier of the Ancients: An enchanted 10ft pole that can be used to carry two buckets (buckets sold separately) of water or other liquid without spilling a drop, regardless of what else is occurring and whether or not it should be physically possible, until set down. This does not prevent the character from falling, being tripped, etc., only prevents the liquid from spilling.

  52. Robe of Infinite Twine

  53. Baritome: A large book bound in fine leather, and adorned with a foreboding bronze face on the cover. Inside are hundreds of blank pages, and not a single word is visible. If someone writes in the book and closes it, the face immediately begins reading the entry aloud, erasing the text as it goes. The book cannot be reopened or stopped until the book is blank again.

  54. Mat of the Insufferably Flexible: this rubberized flexible mat is brightly colored. When the user utters the command phrase and spends half an hour performing the appropriate ritual, they gain a +2 bonus to all dexterity checks for 24 hours. However, they must constantly tell everyone around them how amazing it is and that they just simply have to try it.

  55. Aquatic Cumberbund

  56. Bar of EXTREME CROSS TRAINING: this heavy, knurled steel bar is 3' long. When the user utters the command phrase, the bar will extend and affix itself to two points on opposing walls. The bar can easily support the user's weight, and after spending a half hour performing the appropriate ritual (Pull ups), they gain a +2 bonus to all strength checks for 24 hours. The are compelled to tell everyone they meet about their new awesome training regimen and how it's the only way to properly get fit.

  57. Ring of Cartoon Physics: You are immune to gravity, until someone points it out or draws attention to it.

  58. Corset of Vishkanya

  59. Periapt of Wisdom: Whenever you fail a knowledge check, you are instantly reminded that you failed it. You are, after all, wise enough to know how dumb you are.

  60. Broach of Color Changing – A cheap trinket sold for the novelty of a broach that changes color based on your emotional state, allowing for analysis therein. It actually changes color based on ambient temperature.

  61. Wand of Turning Undead Spins the undead 180 degrees around.

  62. Wand of egg: Summons one egg. This may be boiled and eaten. It may be summoned above somebodys head. Or under your hat. Or something. Slightly useful, but not very.

  63. Boots of horror walking: These boots activate when you are chasing somebody. While your opponents run for their lives, you appear to walk calmly after them, even though you are actually moving at full speed. This has no other effect than making you look scary.

  64. Saddle of Llama taming: When put on a wild llama, it makes the animal completely tame, and it may be ridden like a horse. Only Works on llamas.

  65. Amulet of Demon-Summoning: According to the inscription, the user may summon a specific Glabrezu named Qztxychtwdgb'xxiygh'fljjk'zmvpcdr'kkftpsl to their service if they can correctly pronounce his name. The inscription does not mention that mispronouncing it instantly transports the user to the Abyss without any equipment whatsoever.

  66. Gloves of Expression: The wearer expresses everything they say with flamboyant hand motions.

  67. Rod of Wandering: upon activation, this rod teleports itself and the user's belongings, but not the user, to a random location on the same plane. 

  68. Staff of lesser Dimension door: Teleports user up to 1 foot in any direction.

  69. Ring of the repentant Thief: Adds a +5 bonus to sleight of Hand checks to steal objects of direct monetary value. Objects or coins of equal value belonging to the thief appear in their place if successful. If the thief does not have sufficient funds to "pay" for the item, the check automatically fails.

  70. Gloves of Lock Picking: The wearer receives advantage on Intelligence checks to determine what type of lock would be best suited to install on a particular door, hatch, or chest (e.g., padlock, deadbolt, etc.).

  71. L.M.S.S (Little Man Syndrome Sword) – Weapon (longsword), Uncommon (requires attunement by a dwarf, halfling or gnome.)

Once attuned, the sword magically adjusts in length to become 2x your height, becoming a weapon one size larger than you. In addition, the sword gives you the following properties:

  • You gain advantage on Cha (persuasion) checks against yourself.

  • You gain disadvantage on all Cha (Intimidation) checks.

  • -2 to attacks and damage because of the size difference.

Curse: While wielding this sword, you believe it to be a legendary magic item, and have the need to brag about how awesome it is. If you are not able to get someone to listen to your bragging about the sword within 1 minute of pulling the sword from its sheath, make a Cha (persuasion) check against a DC10. If successful, you convince yourself that everyone around you are losers and shouldn't be allowed to know how awesome the sword is. On a failure, you go into a rage and must attack the largest creature or object within walking speed until you inflict 2x the maximum HP of that creature.

  1. Bag of Bags – When found this bag contains 1d100 bags and it generates 1 bag per day holding a maximum of 100 bags. These bag are of very cheap construction and have no sale value.

  2. Camel of Water Storage: A magical, living camel, that can drink several hundred gallons of water and store them indefinitely, for the owner to retrieve when needed. The method of retrieval is, however, not for the faint-hearted.

  3. Skillet of Flapjacks: Advantage on Dex checks to flip an egg or pancake being cooked in the skillet. Improvised weapon, 1d4 bludgeoning.

  4. Stuffed Alligator of Importance: When a wizard hangs up this stuffed reptile in his laboratory, it will make the laboratory look much more genuine and 'mage-ish'. This may add a +1 to Diplomacy or Intimidation checks on the wizards behalf, when he is in his study.

  5. Music Box of Soul-Crushing Sorrow: this wind-up clockwork device plays an impossibly sad melody while showing Silent Images of mistreated animals. User has an overwhelming urge to complain about someone cutting onions and go hug their dog.

  6. Hat of Truth Detection Has the appearance of a stylish hat with a gemstone adornment which lights up when the wearer is being deceitful. Attuned, cannot be removed until the curse is broken or the wearer is deceased. Once the curse is broken the hat changes appearance.

  7. Tooth of the Fairy This magic tooth is placed in the mouth after the fresh removal of a natural tooth. It then seals itself in place of the old tooth for the next 24 hours. During this time you gain large diaphanous wings which have no capacity to aid the user in any physical manner. At the end of 24 hours the tooth leaves the wielders mouth, and 1d4 gold pieces appear beneath their tongue.

  8. Slippers of Sleepwalking: This pair of enchanted footwear activates when put next to you bed or bedroll. When you sleep, these slippers cause you to sit up, and put them on. You will then go sleepwalking.

  9. Intellectual Pipe: Holding this dapper pipe in your mouth makes you look thoughtful and clever, giving you advantage on Bluff checks to look smart. It does nothing to make you act, sound, or be any smarter. Any creature that has heard you speak is immune to the pipe's effects.

  10. Cup of Last Comfort: This badly-dented tin cup from an ancient legionary chaplain's field kit holds about 8 ounces of liquid. Any drink administered to a dying creature from this cup tastes pleasant, dulls all pain, and makes the imbiber vividly remember their happiest moments until the imbiber either dies or is healed by other means. It has no other effect, and does not affect creatures for whom death is not imminent.

  11. Defoliant Polish

  12. Dust of Dryness

  13. Amulet of Delay: sounds made by the wearer delayed 1d4 rounds

  14. Daredevil Softpaw Boots

  15. Earmuffs of Songs: A special theme song plays for your character (out of nowhere) every time he does something interesting, but he can't hear it himself.

  16. Bottled Yeti Fur

  17. Presto's Hat: When they cast a spell using the magic hat, pick a word at random. The player must immediately create a rhyme using that word which also described what the spell should do. If they quickly and correctly do so, then apply a random beneficial effect (metamagic, secondary healing or protection effect, auto-hit, etc). If they delay, stumble in their words, or can't think of anything, they lose the spell and something weird happen.

  18. Snapleaf

  19. The Infinite Book of Magic Reading: This book is indecipherable without the use of the Read Magic spell. The front and back cover of the book are covered in runes which, when deciphered, promise to teach the reader of every page of the book how to cast spells more efficiently. The first page of the book contains a modified version of the spell Read Magic, which can only be used to read the second page, which contains a modified version of Read Magic which can only be used to read the third page, etc. The book has an infinite number of pages.

  20. Assisting Gloves

  21. Scroll of Literacy: Caster becomes Literate

  22. Coin of Indecision: A gold coin with the word "YES" on one side and the word "NO" on the other. If it is flipped while asking a question, the coin always lands on edge.

  23. Ring of Giant's Strength: Designed to be like a Belt of Giant's Strength but only smaller, this ring gives tremendous strength, but only to the finger it's put on do to being poorly made. It also re-sizes itself to fit any person, but only on the pinky, again due to being poorly made. 

  24. Solar Powered Lamp- This magical lamp functions perfectly when in sunlight. When in dim/dark areas, the light ceases to function.

  25. Carpet of Instant Orchestra: When this carpet is unfurled and put on the ground, an orchestra will instantly appear on it and start playing. They will do this until the carpet is rolled up again.

There are several types of Carpets of Instant Orchestras:

Carpet of Instant Harp Trio

Carpet of Instant Banjo Band

Carpet of Instant Peruvian Pipe Players

Carpet of Instant Military Brass Band

Carpet of Instant Tuba Quintet

Carpet of Instant Bagpipe Deluxe Band

  1. Wand of Bellybuttons: This wand has 4 charges (recharges 1d4 each dawn). You can expend 1 charge to create an additional bellybutton upon somebody within 15 feet, or alternatively, rob someone within 15 feet of his bellybutton. One person can have up to three bellybuttons, even with this wand's effects.

  2.  Hydra's teeth. comes in bags with 2d4 teeth. Upon being thrown into soil, they immediately develop into the skeletons of warriors…which don't; do anything, as they're just skeletons. After 5+1d6 rounds, all skeletons decay into ash, or immediately upon casting a necromancy spell

  3. Arrow of Sleighing "When this powerful item is drawn in a bow, in a combat situation, it immediately expands and unfolds into a full-size, four-place toboggan."

  4. Potion of Potions:When this potion is mixed with another potion, both become a Potion of Potions. 

Pour a potion of potions in the alchemist's/Artificer's lab's main water source. They can now no longer brew any potions but Potions of Potions.

  1. Thingy of Random Weaponry: (also known as the Swiss Army Thingy) This unshapely thing (made of metal and wood Things – about the size of a Wand) can change shape and turn into a random weapon on the push of a button. 

When the button is pushed, roll a D20. The Thingy turns into one of the following weapons:

1 – A normal Longsword  2 – A Longsword +1  3 – A normal Shortsword 4 – A Shortsword +1

5 – A normal Rapier 6 – A Rapier +1 7 – A normal Longbow 8 – A normal Sling

9 – A normal Spear 10 – A normal Dagger 11 – A Dagger +1 12 – A normal Quarterstaff

13 – A normal Catapult 14 – A normal Trebuchet 15 – A normal Whip 16 – A Whip +1

17 – A normal Greataxe 18 – A Greataxe +1 19 – A normal Greatsword 20 – Greatsword +1

The Thingy changes shape and functions as the weapon type for 2D6 rounds. It then reverts to it's Thingy shape Again, and is inert for 2D6 rounds. The button can then be pushed again.

  1. Thingy of Assorted Polearms: (also known as the Polearm Emporium Thingy) This unshapely thing (made of metal and wood Things – about the size of a Wand) can change shape and turn into a random polearm on the push of a button. 

When the button is pushed, roll a D20. The Thingy turns into one of the following polearms:

1 – Glaive or Glaive-guisarme (roll 1D2 for type) 2 – Voulge 3 – Guisarme-voulge

4 – Spetum 5 – Bill or Bill-guisarme (roll 1D2 for type) 6 – Partisan 7 – Ranseur

8 – Military fork 9 – Morning Star 10 – Fauchard, Hook fauchard or Fauchard-fork (roll 1D3 for type)

11 – Lucern hammer 12 – Halberd 13 – Bec de corbin 14 – Bardiche 15 – Awl pike 

16 – Trident 17 – Mancatcher 18 – Spear or Long spear (roll 1D2 for type)

19 – Lance (roll 1D4 for a Light/Jousting/Medium/Heavy Lance) 20 – Greatclub

The Thingy changes shape and functions as the polearm type for 2D6 rounds. It then reverts to it's Thingy shape Again, and is inert for 2D6 rounds. The button can then be pushed again. 

  1. Dagger of Antivenom: When somebody afflicted with the Poisoned Condition take a Critical Hit from the Dagger of Antivenom, the Poisoned Condition is automatically removed.

  2. Stone of Sinking: When put into liquid, this magical Stone will always, always sink to the bottom. Bonus: If put into the air, the stone will fall towards the greatest force of gravity near to it.

  3. Staff of Compensation: An oversized staff that heavily insinuates the wielder may be compensating for something. This staff will be associated with the wielder until either they, or the staff are completely annihilated. If the wielder was not compensating before acquiring the staff, they are now.

  4. Morningstar Cactus Seeds: When sown in sandy soil, these seeds will grow cactusses (cacti?) that, when harvested, can be used in combat as Morningstars. It takes about 6 months for the seeds to grow to an appropriate size, and they only need to be watered now and then.

  5. Relics of Saint Bobrick: Holy nail clippings of the (very) obscure Saint Bobrick. These are stored in a small and unremarkable ivory box. The Relics do posses some powers, and members of his (even more obscure, and slightly deranged) cult will do almost anything to acquire them. The person carrying the holy nail clippings will receive visions of the obese and loudly crying and lamenting Saint on a daily basis. These visions tend to come at inopportune moments, and they are impossible to 'turn off'. The Saint never tell anything useful, he just cries and laments. Undead find it slightly unpleasant (and annoying) to come too close to the Relics, and must pass a DC8 Wis Save to move within 30 feet of them.If you can find a way to glue the nail clippings to your own fingernails (there are 5 nail clippings), the weapon in this hand will do +1 damage to undead.

  6. Chopsticks of Speed-Eating: A set of elegant bamboo chopsticks, that allows the user to eat at half the time it would usually take to consume one meal. The Chopsticks are hollow, and allows the user to ingest soup or beverages in half the normal time as well.Some use this ability to get drunk in half the time.

  7. Cigar of the Grand Smoker It never ends. Can come as a pipe or cigarette as well. Saves you a lot of money, but for every 1 year you don't quit smoking, you have a cumulative 2% chance of dying. Tieflings and dwarves are immune to dying from smoking. 

  8. Egoist's minute dungeon Did you ever dream of crossing to the dark side? How about becoming the main villain of an arc? Or perhaps you just need some training. Well, this little orb, when shattered creates a real dungeon with 4d20 monsters (DM's choice). Now it's up to you to either rule this dungeon (the player becomes an NPC controlLed by the DM in this choice, apparently under a "dominate person" spell) or defeat the monsters in it. There is really no reward for defeating the monsters, except for the exp, and if the player is the boss, the players can loot his gear after they defeat him. It's a nice plot device for players tired of their character, who want to reroll

  9. Quarterstaff of Never-breaking: When used as a weapon, this stout oaken staff turns into a bolt of raw silk.

  10. Deck of One Thing – Looks like an ordinary deck of cards, but when the cards are dealt every card is the two of clubs.

  11. Orbs of Dragon Kin – A dragon's "jewels".

  12. The Hat of Disguises: This hat magically cycles through various (poor) disguises, all of which are extremely overt and attention-grabbing, and none of which effectively mask the features or identity of the wearer.

  13. Ring of Gaseous Form: This ring transforms the wearer into a gaseous form for an unlimited time, just like the spell. To end the spell the wearer has to take off the ring. However, since he and the ring are gaseous, he can't do that. Let's hope the party has a "Dispel magic" spell in hand.

  14. The King's New Robe: This majestic robe fills you with the might and charisma of long lost kings. It's power is so grand that no other clothing, jewelry or any other object may be worn alongside it. Upon wearing the robe, it turns invisible but you still perceive it as normal. You are immune to fear related to embarrassment as long as nobody states the obvious upon which you are immediately panicked. Immunity to fear or mind affecting effects do not prevent the effects of this item.

  15. Splitting Bow: Upon pulling the string of this bow, and releasing it, it splits into two bows that fall at your knees. The arrow is shot as normal. Only one of these bows is real and can be used again. If the wrong bow is picked up it will disappear upon pulling the string. (The DM actually pulled this as a joke on a party member that was late for a session. Though the timing could have been better as this was done against an undead dragon which was the last monster of an entire campaign arc… )

  16. Breastplate of Calm- Wearer loses all will to fight upon being hit

  17. Compass Compass – This device appears to be a regular compass, but the arrow always points towards the nearest other compass instead of due north.

  18. Lesser Pearl of Speech – While this item is active, the user can speak another language, but can only say one phrase. The crafter determines the language and phrase. The pearl does not confer the ability to understand the given language, not even the phrase it enables the user to speak.

  19. Gloves of Applauding. These magical gauntlets provide a +1 bonus to all skill checks, attack rolls, or saving throws within a 60 ft radius of the wearer. After every successful roll, the wearer must spend an action congratulating whomever just succeeded, regardless of their attitude towards the wearer. ie, the wearer applauds hostiles and friendlies alike.

  20. Lens of storytime: How about a Narrative Device? Can't read? No problem! Tis a magical lens that speaks aloud any words it sees at a steady pace and in a clear voice. Sadly cannot translate languages. Speaking the command word "Huh?" will cause the lens to repeat everything it has seen in the last minute, both louder and slower. Speaking the command word again will continue to amplify this effect. Take care around explosive runes or ancient scrolls of forbidden magic.

  21. Pointy Shoes of Usefulness: This footwear seems to be nothing more than a pair of gaudy and colourful – and very pointy – pointy shoes. However, when the command word is spoken, the points of the shoes elongate and stretch and can grasp small objects (no larger than a Dagger) and hand them up to the wearer of the Shoes, thus removing the unpleasant necessity of personally bending down and picking it up. Stylish and brilliant

  22. Loathsome Mirror

  23. Bracers of Manly Might will give the wearer a +5 competency bonus on Arm Wrestling checks and enchant the winner's voice to boom louder than their opponents for up to 10 minutes. This time can be extended by 1 minute for each high-five received before the effect expires.

  24.  Random Feather Token

  25. Carpet of Household Cleaning: This is actually no carpet at all, but a living creature, that looks exactly like a slightly weathered carpet. Most of the time (about 20 hours a day), the Carpet lies dormant, sleeping so heavily, that it doesn't even feel if somebody stands on it. When awake, mostly at night when all is dark, the Carpet will slowly shuffle around, feeding on dust, grease stains and all small organic Waste, that it can find on the floor. If somebody turns on the lights, it will lie completely still, and thus some people may actually own a Carpet of Household Cleaning and not even realise it (though they may wonder at the generally clean state of their floors). The inoffensive Carpet can only move across relatively flat surfaces, but may, if hungry, be able to climb a set of stairs, though this would take it several hours, as it moves very slowly. The Carpet is no threat to most living fcreatures, as it is extremely easy to move out of its way. It will not take on creatures larger than itself, or creatures that push it away. Dead people may be consumed by a Carpet. This will take a couple of days, and the Carpet will then regurgitate all non-digestible matter that the dead person wore. This may explain some mysterious disappearances. Carpets come in the size from 1 foot across (Very Young) to about 10×20 feet (for Very Old specimens).  Carpets of Household Cleaning can become quite old, up to about 600 years of age.

  26. Belt of Opening It can cast knock three times a day, but only on itself. The command word is, "Behold!"

  27. Ear Trumpet of Listening: A very large and ornate hearing aid, fashioned directly from the horn of a great wooly Rhinoceros. The Ear Trumpet is quite heavy, weighing in at about 30 pounds, and the user needs both hands to be able to hold it up to the ear for any length of time. When the Ear Trumpet is put to the ear, it gives a +1 bonus on Listening attempts. It may also be used as an Improvised Weapon, though you still need both hands to be able to apply it effectively.

  28. Cap of Light

  29. Shield of Holeyness: This mighty looking defensive implement is a +2 Shield. Unfortunately, it has quite a few holes in it. These holes has been hidden with Illusions, so that the shield appears whole and, indeed, unholed. When somebody attacks the person using the Shield, roll a D6. On a roll of 1-3 the Shield works normally, providing its AC bonus. On a roll of 4-6, however, an Invisible hole has been hit, and the user of the Shield gets none of it’s defensive bonuses, and instead suffers a total of -2 on AC.

  30. Cap of Human Guise

  31. Hatpin of Piercing Bravado: you gain +1 vs Sonic DR while raging, but your voice is pitched an octave higher while not raging

  32. Boar's Boorish Belt Clasp: a stylized boar's head belt buckle that can be affixed to any magic belt. detect magic reveals it grants a +1 to Aid Another. Upon being worn it has a faint illusion whenever someone of the opposite sex sees you from the corner of their eye you appear to be leering at them.

  33. Breeches of Confidentiality –This finely made pair of trousers gives advantage on saving throws against spells and effects that would allow the wearer’s mind to be read, such as Detect Thoughts. However, the wearer is overcome by an almost uncontrollable urge (Charisma DC 25 save to avoid) to relate potentially embarrassing secrets, about themselves or their companions, or the details of any secret mission they might be undertaking, whenever in a social situation, i.e. talking to anyone not in their adventuring party.

  34. Amulet of the Plain – The wearer of this rather cheap looking necklace gains a Charisma score of 8.

  35. Belt of Apparent Invulnerability This unassuming thin belt made of braided black leather allows it's wearer to apparently ignore the effects of an attack; which appears to miss, bounce off, or otherwise fail to damage the wearer regardless of the severity of the attack. Likewise, secondary effects like knockback, disarming, and so on take the appearance as intentional actions (throwing the weapon and missing, rolling on the floor with laughter) rather than as the effects of the attack. The wearer takes damage as normal, only the appearance of damage is negated.The belt must be worn for 24 hours to work, and only appears to negate the first blow damaging attack after each short rest. The effects of the wound reveal themselves after twenty-four hours, and True Sight will reveal the true extent of the damage done.

  36. Belt of Apparent Vulnerability This unassuming thin belt made of braided black leather allows it's wearer to suffer grievously from an attack; which appears pierce through, sever, or mangle the wearer within an inch of his life regardless of how minor the attack; or even if the attack misses or the wearer is actually invulnerable to it. The wearer takes damage as normal, only the appearance of damage is amplified. The belt must be worn for 24 hours to work, and only appears to amplify the first blow potentially damaging attack after each short rest. The effects of the wound reveal themselves after twenty-four hours, and True Sight will reveal the true extent of the damage done. Rumors persist that some small number of cursed Belts of Apparent Vulnerability that actually do cause the wearer to be reduced to 1 HP or less with any attack; but the owners of such items would have long ago died to skinned knees and vicious mosquito feedings and thus are unable to verify the truth of these rumors. 

  37. Weapon of the not sealed fate: Weapon counts as magical for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction, but it can under no circumstances score a critical hit.

  38. Hand of the Mage

  39. Dwarven Rum of Vision – when this potion is drunk (all 26 oz of it as an action) you gain the benefits of True Sight for 1 hour. You also become stunned and poisoned for the next 3 hours, you count as "charmed" by all creatures interacting with you for 6 hours and following your next long rest (or sleeping) you gain a level of exhaustion.

  40. Scroll of Nose: When the magical words on this scroll is spoken, a large and sensitive nose will appear in the middle of the scroll. Anyone within 10 feet of the Nose can ask it to identify smells around it. The Nose can identify exactly what kind of creatures have passed within the immediate vicinity within the last 24 hours. The name of the type of creature will appear in writing on the scroll. The Nose is able to track individual creatures with 100% certainty, only creatures teleporting or leaving the plane of existence on which the Nose is, will cause the Nose to lose the scent. The Nose will be active for 10 minutes, after which it will let out a mighty Sneeze (like the Gust of Wind spell cast by a 10.th level caster), the Nose will diassappear and the Scroll torn apart.

  41. Steadfast Gut

  42. Anti-Vermin Bedroll. It repels all bugs, insects, and other vermin of 2 hp or less.

  43. Golembane Scarab

  44. The Broach of Pedantry:This cursed broach confers a +2 to perception checks… but only for minor details, such as this item. It is clearly an amulet but it's named The Broach of Pedantry. The wearer of this amulet is compelled to explain to everyone they talk to about the details of this amulet. This cursed item may not be removed by anyone unwilling to wear it. Inscribed on the back is "Pedantry, it's a curse. Sorry!" – Whibla

  45. Amulet of Participation – This Faux Bronze medallion has a stylized sunburst design and an image of a runner on the sun. Engraved on the back is the Phrase "Thank you for Participating!" This amulet ensure your non-proficient skill checks generate a roll of 5 (modified by your stats). Every time. Additionally the character cannot place in the top 3 in any skill or stat contests (or automatically come last in contests with 2 or 3 participants) regardless of final skill results. Any class features or abilities that grant a bonus to these non-proficient rolls are negated while it is worn. Wearing the amulet also ensure you will be ignored my most foes so long as more 'dangerous' and 'skilled' opposition is available regardless of your actual lethality/vulnerability.The amulet is of course – cursed – and cannot be removed without remove curse being cast on you.

  46. Meat Shield: A flat, round living being, looking a bit like a non-flying Flumph, but without spikes, eyestalks and tentacles. Meat Shields live in rainforests, where they slowly wriggle about on the forest floor, hunting for slugs and other slow lifeforms.Meat Shields are found in sizes between about Buckler-size and up to Greatshield-size. They vary a lot in appearance; some look armored, almost like tortoises, whilst others appear like naked flesh. Some even resemble pizzas. If you catch a Meat Shield (which is really easy, as they are quite slow) and press your arm against its stomach, it will instinctively grasp unto the arm with it’s little legs, making it possible to wield it like a Shield. It will hold onto the arm until it is tickled under it’s chin, on the ‘inside’ of the Meat Shield. If fed well, mostly with slugs and a cup full of brackish water, the Meat Shield may become quite attached to it’s owner and can be trained to come crawling when called for. A Meat Shield, when worn, functions precisely like an ordinary Shield, adding an AC bonus. It will, however, take damage when used in combat. Every time an opponent roll to hit you, and miss you by a single point, the Meat Shield is hit instead, and takes damage. When the Meat Shield reach 0 HP, it dies and loosen its grip, falling to the ground. A Meat Shield regenerates spectacularly fast, about 1 HP per hour, but if it is reduced to 0 HP, it stays dead.

Young Meat Shield (Buckler size): 10 HP. Adult Meat Shield (Normal Shield size): 15 HP. Old Meat Shield (Great Shield size): 20 HP.

A Meat Shield may be roasted and eaten. It is quite tasty (a bit like chicken), but you need strong jaws.

  1. Belt of the Mouse: A fine belt, made of gray and furry mouse skin. When you put on the belt, you are immediately transformed into a small grey mouse. The belt, however, stays the same size, and the only way to return to your original shape is to get somebody to fasten the belt around you again, something that you cannot possibly do yourself, while in mouse shape. Note that the belt only transforms you into a mouse if you willingly put the belt on yourself. Whether you are aware of the belt’s effects or not, doesn’t matter. Any number of people can be Mousyfied at the same time. You retain your intelligence, wisdom and HP, but all your other stats are reduced to mouse-stats, while you are a mouse.Spells like Polymorph and Wish are needed, if you want to re-shape a Mousyfied person without using the belt on them

  2. Sword of Sizing: This sword is always 1/2 an inch shorter than the distance to its target. It cannot strike objects or creatures in any way. The wielder has advantage on Dexterity Checks to conceal the blade.

  3. Catching Cape

  4. Ioun Torch

  5. Atlas of the Forlorn Wanderer: A thin volume with heavily engraved bronze covers. Each time the book is opened it displays a different collection of hand drawn maps and charts, always of terrain just over a day's journey from the bearer's present location.

  6. War Paint of Terrible Visage 

  7. Amulet of Hope: A crude artifact of goblinoid or orcish make. When placed upon a newborn of a normally-evil-aligned species within an hour of birth, and worn continuously for a year and a day (after which it may be removed), the alignment of the wearer will be set to True Neutral (and can be changed by the wearer's own choices and actions afterward), and the wearer will not pass on a hereditary predilection for evil to the wearer's offspring.

  8. Elixir of Love

  9. Dragon Figurine: A figurine made from some material that looks like a dragon of one of the Chromatic dragons. If held by the owner in hand, or in the owner's pack, the figurine provides a +1 to all dice rolls. During combat, the Figurine transform into a full sized dragon of the designated color who selects one of the party members at random and goes to extreme efforts to retrieve party member who then is carried off in a random cardinal direction. After the combat ends, the Dragon returns with the party member and transforms back into the Figurine.

  10. Demon Figurine: A figurine made to look like a Pit Fiend/Balor (big winged demon/devil) that gives the owner a +1 to all dice rolls as long as it is with the owner. During combat, the figurine transforms into an actual demon/devil and it attempts to make a bargain with who/what-ever is the closest target with enough intelligence (Minimum 10). After combat, the figurine changes back.

  11. Soul Soap

  12. Book of Dragon Seduction: A book about how to seduce a dragon, slightly burned and previously owned.

  13. Nightdrops

  14. Bottle of Messages

  15. Dust of Tracelessness

  16. Book of Bard Scams: A book continuing useful information about all possible scams carried out by Bards. The book has only one page, the title page, and asks for 5 gold coins for the rest of the ink for the pages in the book. The money can be placed into the book after which the rest of the book is filled with pages saying repeatedly, "You numbskull, this book is a Bard Scam."

  17. Joke Book of Self-Writeousness: This one just writes itself, really.

  18. Wand of Catnip: Makes you irresistible to cats! Warning: Not tested on the Panthera genus or displacer beasts… our crack team sent out to test upon them has yet to return. Worry not. They should be back in the next day. Probably. Side effects may include everyone you know being unsure whether you are alive or dead every time you are nowhere to be found, especially when hiding in a box…

  19. Ring of Joy: The wearer of this ring will feel constantly happy, no matter what happens around him. In this way, the wearer is immune to effects or magic that cause Fear and the like. Charm effects will still work, and the wearer will be very happy about it. In strained situations (as dictated by the GM) the wearer will have to make a DC 15 Will Save to resist giggling or laughing out loud. When a character is using this ring, the player is recommended to roleplay the character as annoyingly happy, constantly making overly positive comments, jokes and songs. The Ring of Joy is slightly addictive to wear. When taken off, the former wearer has to resist a DC 15 Will Save. If failed, he will immediately attempt to put the ring back on again. He will have to be restrained for an hour before this compulsion wears off. If the save resisted, he is fine, but feels rather depressed until he has spent a long rest.

  20. A chipped earthen bowl: Once per day, this nameless artifact may be filled with water, which will be transformed into an exact copy of a soup or stew which the user fondly remembers from their childhood. It might be a grandmother's secret recipe, or the stew from the temple refectory a kind acolyte gave them on a cold night, or the venison stew cooked on the campfire during their first hunting trip, or any such fond memory the user might have. If used by a being of evil alignment, the water will instead turn to brine.

  21. Belt of Portliness – This cursed belt, once donned, cannot be removed unless the wearer eats enough for it to become very tight, at which point the buckle can be undone normally.

  22. Dremik's Fish Stick – Another of the Archmage's creations, this magic wand allows the user to use the spell "Command" when a command word is spoken first… but it only works on fish. Essentially, one points the stick at a fish, and says "Fish, I command thee _____" and an indicated command will be followed to the best of the ability of that fish.

  23. Rain Bow – This longbow, when fired into the air, causes a rainbow to appear for 1d10 minutes. That's pretty much it though.

  24. Robe of the Retired Archmage – This comfy magical robe, when worn, causes the wearer to give up adventuring immediately. Instead, they spend their time reading, clipping coupons, complaining about "kids these days," and so on.

  25. Breech cloth of Goblinkind – This filthy rag worn about the nethers allows the wearer to speak fluent Goblin, but smells so badly that all Charisma checks are made with disadvantage.

  26. Ring of Greater Dragon Mastery: A ring that makes one Elder (Oldest) dragon of a random color a close personal friend of the wearer alone. Also makes the wearer the automatic enemy of any who are an enemy to the new friendly dragon.

  27. Book: What Secrets Does Lightning Keep From Thunder? (+1 Knowledge Nature)

  28. Book: The Excretory System of Goblins: With Illustration (+1 Crit range against Goblins)

  29. Book: A Necromancer's Encyclopedia of Glamour – Why raise zombies when you can raise -sexy- zombies?!

  30. Book: The Well-Known Followers of the Omnipresent Thief God. The god of thieves is everywhere. That explains the random little stuff that always goes missing.Fortunately, his followers have all been arrested, probably because they are well known to be thieves.

  31. Amulet of the Faithful: Requires attunement. This amulet shelters a devout believer in the deity whose holy symbol it depicts from X/day fear effects, where X is equal to 1/4 character level, rounded down, minimum 1. There is a 1-in-1000 (0.1%) chance, rolled by the DM in secret, that a character facing insurmountable odds and fervently praying with the utmost sincerity will receive the full effects of Divine Intervention

  32. Dwarven Salt-Pork: A brief foray into other preserved foods besides the legendary dwarven bread within the borders of a Wild Magic Zone resulted in this peculiar (in)edible, which is so indestructible it is reputed to have chipped the tooth of a dwarven god. It can be boiled for 24 hours in 5 gallons of water to produce a weak but nourishing broth, but the meat itself will remain as rock-hard, inedible, dry, and completely preserved as it was before boiling. Unfortunately, no method of duplicating it has been discovered, since if the technique could be applied to the leathery shell of a Meat Shield, the resulting plate would be superior to adamantite.

  33. Blade of Dragon's Bane– Dragons are now the bane of your existence while wielding this sword. You are now vulnerable to any dragon's attacks, and all damages for any dragons' attacks are now calculated with twice as many damage dice for you, AND critically damage you on a roll of 14 or higher, and you automatically fail any saving throw against dragons' attacks… on the plus side, it is a +1 sword… against everything BUT dragons and kobolds.

  34. Battlefield Map: Requires attunement. A 3' by 3' leather sheet covered in a grid of 1" squares. Once combat has begun, it instantly and automatically displays a constantly-updating rough sketch of the terrain the user could currently see, complete with the positions of enemies and allies the user could currently see, if they weren't looking at the Battlefield Map instead of the battlefield.

  35. Ring of Spotting Using this ring, you can create a small dark spot, a half inch in diameter, on any surface, mundane or magical. This spot cannot be washed or cleansed away.

  36. Stone Scope Seems to be a slightly overlarge spyglass, but made of solid granite. When the wide end is placed against a natural stone wall, the user can look through the scope to see through 20' of stone. All other materials, including air and water, appear opaque through the scope.

  37. Crawling Tattoo: A masterful magical tattoo, looking like a nasty insect (like a centipede) or a spider. This tattoo will move about on the wearer's body from time to time. Roll on this table to see where the tattoo is when it is needed: 1: Right arm 2: Left arm 3: Chest 4: Back 5: Backside (ahem) 6: Left leg 7: Right leg 8: Head

 Once per day the wearer is able to make an attack, using the appropriate body part whereupon the tattoo happens to be, and, if the target it hit, he, she or it will have to make a DC 18 CON save or be Poisoned. Attacks with arms or legs suffers no penalties on attacks, but attacks with other body parts may have to be rolled with Disadvantage, and possibly some other penalties as well. You may have to discard some armor and clothing as well to be able to attack properly with the tattoo.

  1. Queen's Royal Pardon: A piece of paper pardoning the holder from having exposed the Queen (closest one in area) to massive humiliations where the punishment results in death.

  2. The Wizzard's Hat: This hat with the word, Wizzard, on it imbues the wearer with immense luck at surviving whatever bad events continue to happen to the wearer. As long as the wearer is suffering in some fashion, they will live through whatever event occurs and get to have tea & biscuits with Death (or an avatar of a Death domain deity) who will make bets on the wearer's survivability. Should the PC ever state that they know the hat will make them live no matter what, the hat disappears taking it's magic with it. The hat can only be passed on through a lover's kiss or by failing to properly protect a weird little tourist man/woman who dies, shaming the wearer for not being a proper wizard.

  3. Book of Most Powerful Spells: This spell book claims to hold the most powerful spells in the world. In reality it holds the most likely depictions to completely distract the caster from remembering anything about spells or magic.

  4. Gauntlets of Plant Strangling: A set of heavy, studded and powerfully-looking steel gauntlets, hated by druids everywhere. When fighting plant opponents, the wearer of the Gauntlets can chose to drop anything else he was carrying in his hands, and use the Gauntlets to punch the plant. In this case the Gauntlets works as a pair of +3 Clubs. If a Critical Hit is scored (even if the plant is normally immune to critical hits), the wearer of the Gauntlets has grabbed hold of the plant with both hands, and are strangling it (keeping it’s life-giving sap from going to it’s vital parts or something) and has in effect Grappled it as well. Every round that the plant is being strangled, it takes an automatic 2D10 (+ attackers STR bonus) points of damage.The only way for the plant to get out of the stranglehold, is to make a DC 15 STR Save.Against all other (non-plant) opponents, the gauntlets work as ordinary gauntlets, following the use for these. Please note that Myconids and other fungus creatures are not plants, and are thus unaffected by the special abilities of the Gauntlets of Plant Strangling.

  5. Book of Ancient Secrets – Written in a lost tongue, this book contains the many now-useless secrets once held by peasants of a dead society. Although, if you look hard enough, you might find a plot hook useful one.

  6. Alluring Golden Apple

  1. Book of Wise Wisdom – Despite the title, and the fact that the book is enchanted, the book doesn't contain many useful points of wisdom… however, having it on your person allows you to acquire the common sense (and WIS 10) of a common man. (Hey, could be a plus for certain people. Looking at you, WIS-dumped barbarians.)

  1. Fork of Feeding – This mystic silver fork is used by aristocrats for consumption. There was an accident making this one, though, so while it's original purpose, to turn colors in the presence of curses as well as poisons, is intact, it cannot keep itself from commenting on how "bloody ****ing good this food is."

  2. Book of Sage Advice – Reading this mystic manual grants the reader a permanent increase in their knowledge about sage and its use in cooking.

  3. Feather of Leaping – Unfortunately offers no protection against the inevitable fall.

  4. Mirror of Vanity: A user may invoke this mirror to see themselves from a third-person perspective. The user may freely move their perspective to see themselves from any angle. This view disregards all mundane and magical effects that might impede the user's view (including darkness, natural or magical blindness, illusion, etc.) and works irrespective of whether the user normally casts a reflection. However, the user cannot see anything but themselves while under this effect. The user can stop the effect at any time.

  1. Mirror of Ultimate Vanity: As mirror of vanity, but the user cannot freely end the effect.

  1. Mirror of Broken Things: Legend says the original mirror of broken things was made as a gift to appease a warlord's insatiable taste for destruction. (Legend also says its maker died horribly after presenting the gift.) The mirror reflects a world where all things have been destroyed to the fullest extent. Buildings char and crumble, creatures are maimed and broken, works of art are defiled. Nothing that is not reflected in the mirror may be perceived through it–a shattered wall reveals nothing but an indistinct, reflective glimmer.

  2. "Bees? Bees. BEES!" – A wooden plank with a small hook in the back to allow it to be hung, engraved with 3 words (Bees? Bees. BEES!) and several small images of bees around the border. Activates when someone looking at the sign says "Bees?" as a question. At this points the sign will summon 6d6 swarms of angry bees in the nearby area and causes the sign to say "Bees." in a level bored tone. The summon effects ends when someone exclaims "BEES!" within 100' of the sign or once every one near the sign leaves or dies or all the bees are destroyed. At this point the sign can be activated again, summoning more bees. Summoned bees do not grant EXP and vanish when slain.

  3. Wand of Redemption / Wand of Second Chances: Usable only on a deceased, Evil-aligned creature whose spirit has departed from their mortal form but has spent no longer than one day in their afterlife destination. When this wand is used on such a creature, the creature, if willing, reincarnates as an adult of a small harmless animal species, typically a bird, losing all experience points and class levels but retaining its memories and mental statistics (prior to the effects of magical items, spells, and/or level progression thereon) and gaining the ability to communicate with members of its new species in the typical manner of such species. The creature thus reincarnated is immune to any magic that would alter its physical form, such as Polymorph, and cannot gain experience points or class levels as an Awakened creature. The reincarnated creature will live no more than seven years before dying of old age. Its alignment may change during this time period without penalty.

  4. Book: The Territories' Early Bards – 'The Early Bard Gets the…song about the Wyrm

  5. Dagger of Rage Reduction: This ornate magical dagger was made specifically for a Barbarian who wanted to look more civilised and suave. As such a thing is hard when you are frothing at the mouth and berserking, this dagger helps with that. When wielded, the Dagger of Rage Reduction allows a Barbarian to Rage as usual, but instead of being a screaming madman, the Barbarian will speak gently and politely, never raising his voice and never getting his clothes, beard and hair ruffled.He may still be knee-deep in gore and shredded limbs, but you can't get it all.A winner's item for the Barbarian who aspires for a more genteel look.

  6. Hatstand of Brilliance: The Hatstand of Brilliance is a surprisingly useful device. When Attuned to its location, the hatstand allows up to 4 hats or helmets to be hung upon it.

The individual hat (or helmet), will, after being hung on the Hatstand for a full 24 hours, give its wearer a random ability boost. Roll a D4 and consult the table below:

1: +1 Intelligence

2: +1 Wisdom

3: +1 Charisma

4: The ability to telepathically send messages to friendly intelligent creatures within 20 feet.

This ability lasts for 1 hour after the hat (or, indeed, helmet) is put on.

The Hatstand of Brilliance will Attune to its location after being left hat-(or helmet-)less for 48 hours.

  1. Apprentice's Spellbook The book was written by a perpetual apprentice, whose name has long since been obscured from the nameplate on the book due to the various mishaps that have happened to the spellbook. Inside is knowledge of every single cantrip and 1st level spell….if only you can both decipher it or even find it. Due to the various incidents the spells themselves seem to move from page to page, blotting and unblotting diagrams and sentences or even outright being false, as if someone copied it down wrong. After completing a long rest name as many cantrips as you are allowed due to class(es) and as many first level spells you are allowed due to spell slots. Make an arcana check for each spell and cantrip chosen .DC 10 for class spells and DC 15 for non-class spells. A class chosen by magic initiate counts as class spells. If you succeed the check then you may cast that spell as if it was a class spell for you. Failing the check means you cannot cast that spell, it is as if the notes were almost but not quite right or included extra information that was not necessary usually but affects the weave (feel free to make up some magic babble like the spell for some reason requires the dew of an oak tree for reagents rather than what is normally needed, the spell doesn't seem to work otherwise).

  2. Key to the City: When the command word is spoken, the Key will, in a dead language from ancient times, recount expressions of praise and gratitude for the exploits of the great hero to whom it was bestowed in antiquity. (DC 15 History check: The city, and the kingdom it was part of, were destroyed a thousand years ago by dragons.)

  3. Didgeridoo of drowsiness: A 10 foot long hollow log that is inscribed with ancient, mysterious and beautiful markings. It weighs about 25 pounds.When played correctly, the Didgeridoo causes immediate drowsiness and gives everybody within 60 feet Disadvantage on all rolls unless they make a DC 18 CON Save. This includes the player of the instrument.Note that this also affects creatures that cannot hear and/or otherwise is immune to being tired, such as undead. This is due to the deep vibrations that the Didgeridoo sends out when played upon.Even Silence Spells have no effect on the Didgeridoo.Due to the difficulty of playing the Didgeridoo correctly (it takes a lot of breathing and mumbling), the player must make a DC 15 CON Save at the start of every round. If failed, the player will be unable to play the Didgeridoo again until after a Long Rest.

  4. Amulet of Recursion: A pendent with an Ouroboros design. Remains in the wearers possession until a chest or storage device is opened, when the pendent appears in the chest or storage device, often covered in dust. Happens every time a chest or storage device is opened.

  5. Wand of Recursion: When a charge is expended, the wand recharges by one charge. 50 charges.

  6. Ring of the Rum: A wooden ring with a tiny barrel of rum set on it. A wonder of magical miniaturization, the barrel is actually an magical Barrel of Rum, just really, really small (about one fifth of an inch long). When a command word is spoken the Ring of the Rum will produce a tiny amount (one drop) of the finest and tastiest rum. This ability can be used once every Short Rest. The tiny Barrel of Rum was originally created by a tribe of exceptionally small Pixies that lives on the island of Sm?folk. It was stolen and fastened onto a wooden ring by a pirate wizard Halfling chef, who thought it was a marvelous little thing (which indeed it is)

  7. Squeaking Oil Found in a battered brass flask, this oil will perfectly lubricate the joints or hinges of any door, chest, shutters, armor, pulleys, metallic golems, etc. Said joints will move smoothly and easily (and will grant Advantage to opening stuck doors), but will also squeak quite loudly when moved or opened. Adding more oil will only make the squeaking louder. Using the oil on bladed weapons will cause them to make a loud "Shing!" when readied – even if they weren't actually in a scabbard of any kind.

  8. Scroll of Sleep Inducement: This Scroll was created to help an insomniac King. When you read the Scroll, you must make a DC 18 Con Save or fall fast asleep. This effect works once every Long Rest.

  9. Deck of Kindling: A magical deck of Playing Cards that is extremely flammable. If a Card is thrown on the ground, or hit with a very light blow, or indeed accidentally dropped more than 3 inches onto a hard surface, it will burst into a small flame that will burn for a single round. If somebody wish to use the Cards as a weapon, they will work as a thrown weapon with a range of 10 feet, doing 1 point of Fire Damage. If the Whole Deck is thrown (or accidentally dropped), it will act as a small grenade, doing 3D6 points of Fire Damage. There is 52 Cards in this finely crafted Deck.

  10. Seemingly Useless Potion This potion is totally useless. It doesn't seem to do anything, it's worth 0gp. a DC 25 arcana check reveals that it is a potion of weightlessness, however it's only strong enough to make the liquid itself not weigh anything. It doesn't make the drinker weightless.

  11. Tobacco of Non-Inhalation: This magically treated tobacco will, when smoked either in a pipe, cigar or cigarette, never let it's fumes pass by the smoker's throat, thus ensuring that the smoker can enjoy the taste, and suffer none of any ill effects that the tobacco may have, such as poisoning, hallucinations, coughs and the like. This Druids of Rygestop are very keen on clean livin', and has been known to make Tobacco of Non-Inhalation for anyone who cares to ask.

  12. Random Feather Token

  13. Horn of Horns: A great, golden, 8 feet long horn of eldritch power, made for the Minotaurs of Oksesteg. When you point the Horn at somebody that you can see and blow as hard as you can, great Horns will grow on the target's head. This will have varying effects, depending on the race of the target.
    If the target has no horns: 1? foot long horns grows on the head. It is now impossible to wear normal headgear, such as helmets. The target can use the horns as a weapon, doing 1D6 points of damage.
    If the target already has horns: The horns grow 1? feet longer. The target now does an additional 1D6 points of damage, when using the horns for attack. The effect will last for 1 hour. After that, the horns will shrink back into the target's skull. It is possible to use the Horn of Horns 3 times per Long Rest.

  14. Sword of Sun Days: This longsword, polished to a reflective shine, can be used to reflect the sun's rays into the eyes of an enemy. As an action, a character in direct, non-magical sunlight can roll a Dexterity check (proficiency with longswords applies) against a Dexterity (Athletics) check made by an opponent within 5'. If the opponent loses, they are Blinded until the end of the player's next turn. The range of this ability increases by 5' for every hour since the last sunrise.

  15. Belt of Adequacy: Increases all of the wearer's ability scores to 9. For scores which are already 9 or higher, has no effect. (Requires Attunement)

  16. Jug of Urgency This magical jug always seems to be half full of clear liquid. As a full round action, you may shake the jug, making a loud sloshing sound; all creatures within 10' (including yourself) must make a con save DC 10 or be overcome with the need to urinate. Those affected suffer disadvantage to all saving throws and their movement is cut in half due to "dancing" until the pressure is relieved.

  17. Ring of Bureaucratic Wizardry: This ring grants 1 extra spell slot of the highest level spell slot available to the caster. When that spell slot is used a stack of forms and quill appear and require to be filled out completely and in triplicate multiplying the casting time by 2d4. (a single action spell could now take multiple rounds, etc)  

  18. Helmet of Quantum Lock: A helmet of expertly chiseled stone large to fit on any humanoid medium or smaller. Immediately upon being worn the wearer turns to stone whenever the wearer is being seen by another humanoid. NOTE: this item does not require attunement. The wearer is considered Petrified during this time. A DC20 Intelligence check is required to understand what has happened.

  19. Flatware of Paranoia: [Common] A standard fork, knife and spoon (often, but not necessarily, crafted from silver with elaborate artistry) which glow blue if the food they are in contact with is poisoned.

  20. Assassin's Vial: [Uncommon] Any poison stored in this vial for over 24 hours will be immune to magical detection for one hour after leaving the vial.

  21. The Sleeping Cap of Mildly Bad Dreams: If placed on the head of a sleeping humanoid, the humanoid will have bad dreams (but not scary ones), such as a climbing a hill but never being able to reach the top, or getting into an argument with a friend/loved one.

  22. Leather Manacles of Safety: once put on, these strangely soft manacles impart knowledge of a keyword onto the wearer. Once spoken the manacles unlock, immediately freeing the subject.

  23. Earwig Statuettes: These tiny statuettes (the size of actual earwigs) always come in pairs. When one is placed in your ear, and the other is placed in someone else's ear, they allows both users to hear what the other person is hearing. This can be confusing if there is a lot of noise in both ends. The Earwig Statuettes will softly bite into the skin of the outer ear and hang on. They can be seen if somebody looks closely at you from a distance of 10 feet or less. The Statuettes will only work when stuck in someone's ear, and only when within 300 feet of one another. It is impossible to place an Earwig Statuette within somebody's ear without them noticing.

  24. Noisy Boots of Speed: These well-made and stylish boots gives the wearer an extra +10 feet to his or her Movement Rate. The problem, however, is that the boots are very squeaky. Very, very squeaky. In fact they are so squeaky that the wearer gets a whopping -10 on rolls to attempt to move silently. You actually has to raise your voice to be heard, when you are walking about in the damn things. But they sure are fast.

  25. Toffee of Chewing This bag contains 1d10 + 10 portions of the Toffee, each individually wrapped in an clear, inedible wrapper. When a Small or Medium creature unwraps and eats a portion of this, they are rendered incapable of speech or other vocalisations. In this state they suffer disadvantage on any Charisma checks they make and automatically fails any checks that require speech; they are also unable to cast spell with Verbal components. This condition lasts for one minute, at which point the creature regains one hit point and realises they want another piece.

  26. Glasses of Non-Invisibility: The lens on these glasses stay visible even when the frame and owner are invisible.

  27. Cloak of Protection Racket: This cloak confers a +1 bonus to AC as long as you pay it 500gp a day, done by inserting money into a pocket inside the cloak, where-upon it disappears to fund the production of more Cloaks of Protection Racket. If left unpaid for an entire 24 hours the cloak will flail about erratically, the wearer must make a DC:30 Dexterity Saving Throw to throw the cloak off, or both their legs will be broken.

  28. Ring of Smell Storage Captures one odor for later release.

  29. Die of Blame: When this die is rolled by an adventuring party, the person that rolls the lowest on the die gets blamed for the last mistake made by the group.

  30.  Bracers of Fetchery: The wearer has an insatiable urge to retrieve thrown objects.

  31. Helm Of Brilliance – While worn, you know everything. Literally, everything. By knowing everything, nothing is exciting. There's no point to adventuring because there's no thrill in experiencing that which you already know. You don't answer questions people ask you about your knowledge because their ignorance disgusts you. With a humdrum personality, you seek solitude and waste away. While you never willingly take off the helm, if somehow it is taken off you remember nothing of what you learned.

  32. Boots of the Slug: the player no longer walks as normal, instead skating along on a slick coating of mucus at 5 ft per round (no running). On the plus side, the wearer can move up walls or even upside down as the spider climb spell (albeit at 5 ft/rd), and receives a +5 bonus to resist trip attempts. Removable by remove curse or a liberal sprinkling of salt (at which point they shrivel up and fall off, useless until re-hydrated).

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