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Hi there! If you are someone who is looking to catch up on new discoveries made recently, check out the New Discoveries section.



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Document Contributors

Gilbert (GG142#1420)

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Data Mining Help and Assistance

Gilbert (GG142#1420)


GRModSave (GRModSave_Username#8777)

In-Game Discoveries

ITR (#7131)

Jace (#4837)

Neurowolf (#0306)

Soda (#8153)

woopy (#7502)

ginseng fox (#4314)

chaosblast (#9494)

Frido (#2165)

Document Info

Best viewed with print layout off! In the toolbar, go to View > Print Layout. Removes the unnecessary gaps between pages.

Anything written in BLACK is considered a discovery or factual information that can be directly derived from the game. 

Theories are presented in RED. A theory is something that has been found through data mining or something that can be inferred from in-game discoveries.

The keys highlighted in yellow are needed to go into Black Space and continue the main story after defeating HUMPHREY. 

Any mention of the Hikikomori Route is underlined and highlighted in light blue. Usually means content related to the route is being discussed.


For now, it looks like we are done with discovering in-game secrets. Gilbert and other data miners have gone through the map and script files and have not found much else to explore.

Cleaning up the formatting and layout of the document as well as updating some of the pictures to have higher resolution.

Finishing and updating the FOE FACTS! Journal.

Probably also work on fleshing out the FAQ.

Capitalize character names and (maybe) locations, just like in the game.

Useful Links + Websites

OMORI Discord

OMORI Website

@OMORI_GAME on Twitter


RPG Maker MV Decrypter

Archive of the original OMORI blog

OMORI – The Cutting Room Floor

Save Files

Legit Pre-Hikikomori 

(The save above starts right before entering the church)

Black Space 1

Post Fear Bosses


All Keys Save

Post-Alli Fight

Save for Testing One-Time Events in Blacker Space

Legit Save with All Keys and All Enemies

Lvl 50 Hikikomori Route


Dev Room A

Dev Room B

Before Cultists Dungeon

All Flowers Save

How To Find and Switch Saves

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is ABBI?

  • Where are the pieces of sheet music?

  • Are Headspace and Dream World the same thing?

    • You are referred to as a DREAMER throughout Deeper Well.

    • Perhaps Dream World is the collective term for Headspace, White Space, Black Space, and wherever the endings take place, to differentiate them from the Real World?

  • What is the difference between Black Space and Blacker Space/Black Space 2?

    • You encounter Black Space while normally playing the game. This means you are playing on the true/normal route.

    • Blacker Space/Black Space 2 is only unlockable while playing the Hikikomori Route. The doors lead to new areas with new storylines and interactions.

      • Note that the names Blacker Space and Black Space 2 are unofficial. They also refer to the same location.

Key Locations + Guide

In order to completely finish the hangman and unlock The Abyss, you must first be on the Hikikomori Route, aka not opening the door on the second day. This is because keys G, Y, and Z are not obtainable before you go into Black Space. Don't get stuck trying to look for them.

The order in which you get keys does not matter.

Story Progression 

It is advised that you get the X key relatively late in the game, even if you get access to the Orange Oasis early (the key is located there). This is because the enemies are tough and you’ll probably need high level characters. The Orange Oasis can be accessed by train, which is located in the Vast Forest.

Don′t hesitate to grab every key that you find!

General Timeline

Here’s a broad overview of when you should be able to obtain each key.

  • A B C D E – You can get them after going to sleep the first night, unlocking the hangman menu and leaving White Space.

  • F H I J K – You can get them after following SHADOW BASIL into the Outerworld.

  • L M N O P Q R S – You can get them after jumping into the hole in SWEETHEART′s stage.

  • T U V – You can get them after entering HUMPHREY.

  • W – You get it after beating HUMPHREY.

  • G Y ZHikikomori Route exclusive. You can get them after the Dream World reset.

Specific Locations

  • A – After you get the hangman menu and leave White Space.

  • B – On the foggy bridge in the Vast Forest.

  • C – Found by climbing the ladder in the Vast Forest.

  • D – Containers in the Otherworld garbage place.

  • E – Space Boyfriend’s House after waking him up, under the glowing pillow.

  • F – Following BASIL through the forest in the Otherworld after you beat Space Boyfriend, in the frame inside the barn.

  • GHikikomori Route exclusive. 

    • Go to the snow area in the Otherworld after the Dream World reset. Give the batteries Space Boyfriend’s dad gives you to the fish on the igloo and go down the hatch. 

  • H – In the Lost Forest, travel down from the Pluto Transport Pad in the Pyrefly forest, until you reach the area with the tracks, and the lake with a ladder and a bear in front of it. To the right of the tracks there is a potted plant spider and past him is a small area with the H.

  • I – In SWEETHEART’s dungeon after you get captured.

  • J – Cage in SWEETHEART’s Castle in the room that’s after the kitchen.

  • K – Art gallery in SWEETHEART’s Castle.

  • L – In the Lost library.

  • M – In the bottom of the long ladder after getting into the Deep Well.

  • N – Last Resort, in the casino area.

  • O – Found in the haunted pool next to the Last Resort.

  • P – Last Resort, in the men's bathroom.

  • Q – Last Resort, in one of the elevators.

  • R – Go to the 4th floor of the Resort and start going up. Just, keep going up until you can't anymore.

  • S – In a shell on the road after the last toll in the Underwater highway.

  • T –  In the area you go when you go up in the first room after entering HUMPHREY (MARINA’s area). Found in a bubbly tank when you get chased by an experiment. You are able to grab it after the chase. 

    • Seems to be dropped alongside the W after defeating HUMPHREY if you didn't manage to grab it before.

  • U –  In the area you go when you go right in the first room after entering HUMPHREY  (Medusa’s area). On the water slide, always left. 

  • V –  In the area you go when you go left in the first room after entering HUMPHREY  (Molly’s area) . In a cage in the conveyor belt bomb puzzle (Green puzzle area).

  • W – Found after defeating HUMPHREY.

  • X – Dino Dig, 3rd floor, bottom right pile, the treasure map helps you find it if lost.

  • YHikikomori Route exclusive.

    • Located in the field outside the igloo before you go into Snowglobe, up and right in the new snow area. 

  • Z Hikikomori Route exclusive.

    • Found in The Abyss after doing a Dream World reset. Interact with the person found at the end of the Endless Highway. 

Finished Endings

(Some ending names are unofficial)

Good Ending 

  • Go to BASIL's room on the final night. During the fight against OMORI, continue after dying.

  • Bonus Secret Ending

    • Water BASIL's plants to unlock a bonus cutscene after the credits.

    • This might have to be done every time you enter the Dream World or have a chance to water the plants.

Bad Ending 

  • Go to BASIL's room on the final night. During the fight against OMORI, do not continue after dying.

Neutral Ending 

  • Do not go to BASIL's room on the final night. Exit BASIL’s house and sleep at home instead.

  • Stab Variant

  • After entering your house, grab the knife from the kitchen. Stab yourself on the final night at home.

  • Currently, the achievement “There's something behind you…” does not count this variant of the ending! So if you’re after this achievement, don’t grab the knife.

(Thanks to Soda#8153 for the updated version!)

Achievement List + Guide

  • Good Morning! – Wake up in the morning.

  • Oyasumi. – Go to sleep after a long day.

  • Alt+F4 – Defeat DOWNLOAD WINDOW.

  • See you, Space Boyfriend… – Defeat SPACE EX-BOYFRIEND.


  • Buy high, sell low. – Defeat MR. JAWSUM.

  • When I flex, I feel my best! – Defeat PLUTO (EXPANDED).

  • Slime Time is Over! – Defeat SLIME GIRLS.

  • Whale done. – Defeat HUMPHREY.

  • Good Boy – Complete your TO-DO LIST.

    • Hikikomori Route exclusive.

    • Interact with the list each day to be given a chore minigame.

  • One more day… – Reach the good ending.

  • Close your eyes… – Reach the bad ending.

  • There's something behind you… – Reach the other ending.

    • Do not grab the knife from the kitchen. The stab variant does not count.

  • Green Thumb – Water a plant back to life in BASIL's garden.

  • So majestic… so beautiful… – Fly the BUTT CERTIFICATE in CATTAIL FIELD.

    • Get the BUTT CERTIFICATE by finding BERLY’s tetherball and completing her follow-up request.

  • Recycling is a concept. – Get all rewards from the RECYCLING MACHINE.

    • May require farming cans using KEL from random Junkyard encounters.

    • Farm cans from Junkyard using KEL. You should obtain a total of 50 of any trash. An effective strategy to do this is to enter battles in the Junkyard and then run immediately so that KEL can dig from the garbage.

    • The rewards are (in order): Seer Goggles (5 trash), Flashlight (10 trash), Cellphone (25 trash), and Universal Remote (50 trash)

  • WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA!?!? – Make your way and talk to LONE MOLE.

  • xD – Get the LOL SWORD.

  • Read the joke obtained from the construction site in Deep Well to Weeping Willow in Pyrefly Forest.

  • Curiously, the joke from Snowglobe Mountain triggers a generic answer that doesn't give anything 🙁

  • Christmas Crusher – Ruin Christmas.

  • Cut down the Christmas tree in Sprout Mole Colony.

  • Spring Sympathizer – Choose the SPRING MOLE.

  • Summer Sympathizer – Choose the SUMMER MOLE.

  • Fall Sympathizer – Choose the FALL MOLE.

  • Winter Sympathizer – Choose the WINTER MOLE.


  • Bake the cake incorrectly.

  • Everyone's a critic. – Watch all of the movies in SWEETHEART'S Castle.

    • There are about 10 movies total. Takes a while to cycle through them all.

  • As expected from professionals! – Perfectly train the SPROUT MOLE choir.

  • Doesn’t have to be perfect, just good enough. You will know it’s perfect when you hear a harmonious sound.

  • Hope and Vigor! – Complete ORANGE JOE's quest.

  • Orange Joe is in the north of Orange Oasis. Find his brother on the second floor of Dino Dig.

  • The Chosen One – Turn the valve to the right in RAIN TOWN.

  • Rain Town can be found by examining the sparkles at the top of the orange pond with ice cubes in Orange Oasis.

  • Ain't nobody here but us chickens. – Defeat the CHICKEN? at the top of DINO'S DIG.

  • The currency of the future… – Trade CLAMS for CLEMS.

    • Must first complete the quest to find Pessi’s thing in Sprout Mole Colony that becomes available after finishing SWEETHEART’s Castle. The shady mole involved in that quest will then wait on a manhole cover in front of the Last Resort.

    • Save and restart before doing this unless you’re cool with losing all your money… but if you do you can get it back by defeating the shady mole in his lair that's between the first and second toll on the Endless Highway.  

  • Ghost Party! – Have a ghost party.

  • This quest is initiated by visiting the haunted pool next to the Last Resort (which is already mandatory to visit to find the O key).

  • The ghosts can be found at the following locations:

    • In the Junkyard, in the area where HERO first must charm the conveyor belts and LIFE JAM GUY gives his tutorial.

    • In the snowy room in Otherworld that has the igloo/fishing bear/Sno Cone vendor.

    • In the Last Resort, on the fourth floor, in the room connecting the Resort to the construction area.

    • In the gallery of SWEETHEART’s Castle.

    • On the floating Pinwheel Island where KITE KID is fought/C Key is found.

    • In the main overworld area of Orange Oasis.

  • Good Dog? – Pet all the creatures in MARINA's sector in HUMPHREY.

  • One of the pets disappears after being poked or pet, so be sure to pet them all first.

  • Mmm… SWEETHEART, I mean, TOFU. – Hold 99 TOFU.

  • Most efficient way to do this is to purchase them from the vendor in Sprout Mole Colony.

  • Bunny Exterminator – Defeat 100 BUNNIES.

  • Squizzard Exterminator – Defeat 100 SQUIZZARDS.

  • Most efficient way to do this is to farm the underwater Cow Farm on the Endless Highway.


  • Rococo is found in the underground area preceding the stage in SWEETHEART’s Castle. He becomes accessible after beating SWEETHEART.

  • Patron of the Arts – Commission all of ROCOCO's art.

  • Requires 106,000 clams total.

  • A Bit Less Lonely – Commission all of GATOR GUY's statues.

  • Hikikomori Route exclusive.

  • Becomes accessible after HERO becomes the boss of the Last Resort by speaking to MR. JAWSUM on Day 4 in Headspace. GATOR GUY is located near the picnic area on the construction site in Last Resort’s fourth floor.

  • Most efficient way to do this is to commission a statue, go to the Deeper Well through the toilet outside right over the picnic then go to another room on Deeper Well and return and repeat.

  • Requires 18,000 clams total.

  • Take Me to The River! – Let the plastic fish finish its song.

  • Hikikomori Route exclusive.

  • On the fourth day in Headspace, return to CAPTAIN SPACEBOY’s house in Otherworld and speak to PINKBEARD. He will drop batteries that can be placed in the plastic fish in the igloo on the snowy area in Otherworld – then just listen to its song.

  • Welcome Home – Take the KEEPER OF THE CASTLE's power.

  • Hikikomori Route exclusive.

  • On the fourth day in Headspace, go to the bottom-left hallway in SWEETHEART’s Castle and interact with the curtain in the lower-right section of the next room to find a hallway that leads to the KEEPER.

  • Note that accepting his offer will permanently lock you out of SWEETHEART’s Castle, including all its associated sidequests/collectibles/achievements. It’s probably best to save before and restart after achieving this.

  • I'll cherish you all forever. – Get the FLOWER CROWN from BASIL.

  • Hikikomori Route exclusive.

  • Talk with BASIL at a picnic spot on the fourth day in Headspace.

  • Anytime is a good time for a picnic! – Recover at all of MARI's picnics.

    • Hikikomori Route exclusive.

    • Keep in mind that the picnics that have only a basket and refreshment without MARI still count.

  • Could refer to either healing, saving, experiencing unique picnic events, or any combination of the three

  • We'll always be there for you, OMORI. – Visit all mirrors.

  • Mirror locations:

    • Playground

    • Otherworld Plaza


    • Last Resort

    • Deep Well

    • Sprout Mole Village (Pyrefly Forest)

    • Pyrefly Forest

    • SWEETHEART’s Castle (after you take off the mole masks)

    • Snowglobe Mountain

    • Orange Oasis

    • Pinwheel Island

  • The view is pretty nice… – Look through all telescopes.

  • Hikikomori Route exclusive.

  • They are located at Otherworld, Orange Oasis, Deep Well, and Snowglobe Mountain.

  • Power of Friendship! – RELEASE ENERGY on your foes.

  • One for the Road – Gain BREAD using BREAD SLICE.

  • Perfect Weather Conditions – Defeat KITE KID.

  • GWAHAHAHA!! – Defeat ???.

    • ??? can be found poorly hiding behind a bush in Otherworld. Must be fought before triggering the chase sequence with ROSA in the Junkyard.

  • Goodbye, World! – Defeat THE EARTH.

  • Can be optionally fought on the path between Capt. Spaceboy’s house and the Junkyard.

  • Ohoooooooooo… – Defeat UNBREAD TWINS.

  • Can be optionally fought in Breaven, accessed in the toast graveyard to the east of Orange Oasis.

  • See you, Space Husband… – Defeat SPACE EX-HUSBAND.

  • Hikikomori Route exclusive.

  • Gimmicky fight. He starts out frozen and therefore takes only single-digit damage from everything save for the ultimate attack. In order for him to temporarily break out from his ice, one should pay close attention to the dialogue and inflict him with the right emotion whenever he recalls some memories.

  • Start by buffing your team a bit and wait for the turn where he starts recalling a memory. Once you have understood which one he recalls (should be fairly easy to decipher), inflict the corresponding emotion and attack once he breaks out. Rinse and repeat.

  • The Brightest Stars – Defeat PLUTO and THE EARTH.

  • Hikikomori Route exclusive.

  • Can be found on the path between Capt. Spaceboy’s house and the Junkyard.

  • The First Law – Defeat ROBOHEART.

  • Found in HUMPHREY after seeing ROBOHEART fly away, specifically in the final room of the “difficult” puzzle for the bomb in the robotic quadrant.

  • Kind of a joke fight compared to the other two, not hard at all.

  • Inhuman – Defeat MUTANTHEART.

  • Hikikomori Route exclusive.

  • Found in HUMPHREY on day 4 in Headspace, specifically in the same room as MARINA (the northern room).

  • Kind of a puzzle battle. MUTANTHEART will name an emotion and will instantly kill any teammates who aren’t that emotion at the end of the turn. It is useful to have a party member that moves slower than her because she will sometimes alter a mood on her turn and will only instakill after everyone else has moved. Otherwise she doesn’t have a huge health pool and can be beaten pretty quickly.

  • Minor Imperfection – Defeat PERFECTHEART.

  • Hikikomori Route exclusive.

  • Found in HUMPHREY on day 4 in Headspace, specifically in the main lobby of the lower area.

  • The game’s superboss. One should be prepared for an onslaught. See the section in this guide dedicated to her for more specific tips.

  • Seriously, you're the coolest! – Beat the BOSS RUSH.

  • Hikikomori Route exclusive.

  • Found in HUMPHREY on day 4 in Headspace, specifically up the left pipe at the top of the bomb room in the robotic quadrant.

  • Repressed – Defeat every SOMETHING at the bottom of the LOST LIBRARY.

  • Before accessing the SOMETHINGs at the Lost Library, you need to collect three pieces of Sheet Music in Deeper Well, in the area before Humphrey with the teleporters. Then, go to the Lost Library through the crack on SWEETHEART’s stage and to the piano room.

  • These bosses will give OMORI the skills CRIPPLE, SUFFOCATE, and VERTIGO.

  • Up high… – High-five KEL.

  • Down low… – High-five KEL three times.

  • Too slow! – Don't high-five KEL.

  • Minty Fresh – Brush your teeth every day.

  • I'll just take that… – Take $20.00 from KEL's wardrobe.

  • It's honest work. – Complete all part-time jobs once.

  • Against all odds… – Get a perfect score delivering PIZZA.

  • That can't be good for business. – Quit in the middle of a part-time job.

  • Good Company – Go to SEAN and KAREN's housewarming party.

  • Math Whiz – Complete the math worksheet correctly.

  • Grammar Whiz – Complete the grammar worksheet correctly.

  • Good Dog – Pet a dog.

  • Tummy Full of Fish – Feed the STRAY CAT every day and sunset.

    • You need to feed the orange stray cat fish every day and sunset. Fish can be bought from the fish vendor in Othermart for $10, and you will need a total of 6 fish. The stray cat changes locations, so be careful!

    • Locations:

      • Day 1, Morning: Monkey bars in Faraway Park

      • Day 1, Evening: Top of BASIL’s house, interact with the house from the right

      • Day 2, Morning: Top of SUNNY’s house, interact with the house from the left

      • Day 2, Evening: In a tree in front of Othermart

      • Day 3, Morning: In the secret hideout spot in Faraway Park

      • Day 3, Evening: By MARI’s grave in the graveyard behind the church

  • NEEERRRDDDDD!!! – Lose to KIM and VANCE.

  • The Art of Self-defense – Defeat the HOOLIGANS with PEPPER SPRAY.

    • The PEPPER SPRAY is located in KEL’s house. Check the purse on the kitchen table to acquire it.

  • Bees? – Battle the "bees".

  • Music Connoisseur Of Sorts – Insert every song into GINO'S JUKEBOX.

    • 5 bought from Hobbeez

    • 1 from the Hobbeez owner after becoming the pet rock champion

    • 1 from Vance’s dad after fixing his leaky pipe

    • 1 from the recycling woman in the park after picking up trash every day

    • 1 from feeding the orange cat fish every day and afternoon

    • 1 from delivering pizza job

    • 1 from using the arcade piece from the orange cat to repair the arcade machine in Gino’s

    • 1 from the monster fight triggered by interacting with the poster at the top right of Hobbeez

    • 1 from donating $30 to guitar guy and completing his quest on the third day

  • The Very Best – Defeat the PET ROCK champion.

  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle! – Defeat the RECYCLEPATH.

  • Littering is bad, recycling is better. – Throw away something.

  • Universally Loved – Receive all FLOWERS in the hospital.

  • R.I.P. – Read all the tombstones in the… dev room…

    • The graveyard is found in Black Space, in the room that has a dreary looking village. By interacting with one of the tombstones behind the houses, you will access an area where you can read some peculiar tombstones.

  • You think you're clever, huh… – Name SUNNY “OMOCAT”.

  • It's all a dream… – Unlock all achievements. Thank you for playing OMORI.

  • When she was here… – Give FLOWERS to MARI.

    • Buy FLOWERS from the Fix-It Shop and leave them by her grave on Day 3 of the Real World.

  • Foes Filed! – Complete the FOE FACTS! Journal.

    • Refer to the FOE FACTS! Guide section.

  • They call me SCARETHROW. – Listen to MR. SCARETHROW's rant.

    • MR. SCARETHROW is located in the Junkyard in the door guarded by the GATOR GUYs.

FOE FACTS! List + Guide

This is a work-in-progress of all the foes that need to be encountered to complete the FOE FACTS! and obtain the “Foes Filed!” achievement. They are in the order in which they are listed in the actual FOE FACTS! journal in-game. A placeholder is put when it is uncertain which foe belongs in that spot. (represented by the game with a series of dashes)

Note that you must be playing in the Hikikomori Route as a decent amount of enemies are only available in that route.

Enemies highlighted in green are ones that are partially hidden or obscured and are commonly missed.

Enemies ***labeled like this*** are ones that if you miss them, they will disappear and you will have to start a new run. Be careful!

  • FOREST BUNNY – Vast Forest

  • FOREST BUNNY? – Vast Forest, one single isolated bunny east of the Train Station

  • LOST SPROUT MOLE – Road to BASIL’s House / Vast Forest

  • BIG STRONG TREE – Vast Forest (Train Station side). It is a tree standing by itself and looks like any other tree. Don’t fight it until you have a defense-ignoring skill, such as AUBREY’s POWER HIT or HERO’s TENDERIZE, or else you will do absolutely no damage.

  • DUST BUNNY – Vast Forest, inside BASIL’s house. Inspect the bookcase. (This encounter is activated after the first real world sequence during night one) Otherworld town, inside the centaur’s house. Inspect the bookcase.

  • SPACE BUNNY – Otherworld

  • U.F.O. – Otherworld, woodsy section west of the ladder floating amongst the trees

  • VENUS FLYTRAP – East of Otherworld Town by the red lake that is near Frozen Lake

  • WORMHOLE – Otherworld; south of Junkyard

  • MIXTAPE – Junkyard

  • DIAL-UP – Junkyard

  • DOOMBOX – Junkyard

  • SHARK PLANE – Junkyard / West of the ladder down from Otherworld

  • BUG BUNNY – Pyrefly Forest

  • RARE BEAR – Pyrefly Forest by lake / SWEETHEART’s Castle in a cage with many other RARE BEARs (trapdoor in courtyard towards bottom-right) – difficult enemy at this point in the game but beatable with good skills! 

    • Do not face the cage of RARE BEARs right away as you will be stuck there unless you can beat them all.

  • POTTED PLANT – Pyrefly Forest

  • SPROUT MOLE? – Third area of Pyrefly Forest (may need to fight a few times; spawns inconsistently)

  • GHOST BUNNY – In the area of Pyrefly Forest on the way to where the “H” key is located. It is the maze area to the right of the waterfall.





  • HORSE HEAD – In the courtyard of SWEETHEART’s Castle in front of the big SWEETHEART statue in the center; appears with HORSE BUTT

  • HORSE BUTT – In the courtyard of SWEETHEART’s Castle in front of the big SWEETHEART statue in the center; appears with HORSE HEAD

  • BUN BUNNY – Orange Oasis, Dino’s Dig 1st level

  • CUPCAKE BUNNY – Orange Oasis overworld

  • MILKSHAKE BUNNY – Orange Oasis overworld

  • PANCAKE BUNNY – Orange Oasis overworld

  • S.S. SNAKE – Orange Oasis, Dino’s Dig 1st level

  • PORCUPIE – Orange Oasis, Dino’s Dig 1st level
    SPROUT BUNNY – Orange Oasis, Dino’s Dig 2nd level

  • CILANTRO – Orange Oasis, Dino’s Dig 2nd level

  • GINGER – Orange Oasis, Dino’s Dig 2nd level

  • CELERY – Orange Oasis, Dino’s Dig 2nd level

  • RABBIT – Orange Oasis, Dino’s Dig 3rd level

  • CHICKEN – Orange Oasis, Dino’s Dig 3rd level

  • FISH BUNNY – Deep Well, found in the route that goes around the tolls

  • MUSSEL – Deep Well, found in the route that goes around the tolls

  • REVERSE MERMAID – Deep Well, found in the route that goes around the tolls; also appears alongside SQUIZZARDs

  • SHARK FIN – Deep Well, found in the route that goes around the tolls

  • SQUIZZARD – Deep Well’s Sea Cow farm, which is located southwest from the entrance area of the Abyss/Deeper Well; there is an achievement to defeat 100 of them, you can also grind for money using the repeatable quest that is in the barn

  • SLIME BUNNY – Humphrey

  • WATERMIMIC – Humphrey; looks like normal watermelon item objects but are actually enemies

  • SNOT BUBBLE – Humphrey

  • WORM-BOT – Humphrey

  • LAB RAT– Humphrey

  • SPROUT MOLE?? – Humphrey

  • (this foe is potentially in the wrong order of FOE FACTS!) ***SLICE, SESAME, AND SOURDOUGH*** – Sacrifice bread at the altar before the Unbread Twins

  • (this foe is potentially in the wrong order of FOE FACTS!) ***CREEPYPASTA*** – Sacrifice pasta at the altar before the Unbread Twins

  • (this foe is potentially in the wrong order of FOE FACTS!) ***COPYPASTA*** – Sacrifice pasta at the altar before the Unbread Twins

  • (this foe is potentially in the wrong order of FOE FACTS!) ***HUSH PUPPY*** – Sacrifice cat at the altar before the Unbread Twins

  • GINGERDEAD MAN – Orange Oasis, down the quicksand hole that is near the housing area; go the opposite way of the arrows in the maze

  • TOAST GHOST – Orange Oasis, down the quicksand hole that is near the housing area; go the opposite way of the arrows in the maze

  • (this foe is potentially in the wrong order of FOE FACTS!) ***LIVING BREAD*** – Sacrifice bread at the altar before the Unbread Twins

  • SNOW BUNNY – Frozen Lake / Snowglobe Mountain

  • SNOW PILE – Snowglobe Mountain

  • SNOW ANGEL – Snowglobe Mountain, at the end before Space Ex-Husband; they appear in a group to ambush you

  • BOSS – Playground; required bossfight

  • YE OLD SPROUT – BASIL’s house entrance; required bossfight

  • KITE KID – Pinwheel Forest (go up ladder in upper-right of Vast Forest to get to the island)

    • Recommended you beat Otherworld before attempting this optional boss, as he deals some pretty heavy damage

  • KID’S KITE – Same as KITE KID.

  • ***PLUTO*** – Hiding behind a bush in Otherworld town; recommended to grind to level 10 before fighting

    • Do not complete Junkyard or he will disappear!

  • EARTH – In the tunnel between Capt. Spaceboy’s house and the Junkyard after defeating the Junkyard; optional boss

  • DOWNLOAD WINDOW – At the end of Junkyard; required bossfight

  • SPACE EX-BOYFRIEND – Capt. Spaceboy’s house after beating Junkyard; required bossfight

  • KING CRAWLER – Pyrefly Forest; required bossfight

  • ***KING CARNIVORE*** – In the room where the sprout moles are working out. It is a tough bossfight that you may want to come back to after defeating SWEETHEART’s Castle. Make sure to defeat the roots first because the roots heal the main boss.

    • Do not interact with the screw device in the Mayor’s room of Sprout Colony or the boss will disappear!

  • (this foe is potentially in the wrong order of FOE FACTS!) SHADY MOLE – Optional bossfight that requires a series of side quests.

  • SIR MAXIMUS – SWEETHEART’s Castle; required bossfight

  • SIR MAXIMUS II – SWEETHEART’s Castle; required bossfight

  • SIR MAXIMUS III – SWEETHEART’s Castle; required bossfight

  • SWEETHEART – SWEETHEART’s stage; required bossfight

  • ***NEFARIOUS CHIP*** – Sacrifice oatmeal cookies

    • (this foe is potentially in the wrong order of FOE FACTS!)

  • UNBREAD TWINS – Optional bossfight in Orange Oasis that can be accessed after OMORI overcomes his fear of drowning; examine the bread graves to the east of the Oasis and you will find a hidden area. Swim across and you will find a strange sacrificial monument. This boss will be located in Breaven, and isn’t a very easy bossfight.

    • Make sure to sacrifice the objects hiding the safe’s code before opening the safe and sacrificing the mole, or else you will miss a good handful of one-time foes.

  • SPACE EX-HUSBAND – At the end of Snowglobe Mountain. Refer to the achievement regarding this boss for tips to beat him.

  • MR. JAWSUM – Last Resort; required bossfight

  • GATOR GUY – Last Resort

  • PLUTO (EXPANDED) – Last Resort; required bossfight

  • ROBOHEARTHikikomori Route exclusive. 

    • Found in the final room of the “difficult” puzzle of Humphrey after MR. JAWSUM is spoken with (to get the Big Check). 4th day

  • MUTANTHEARTHikikomori Route exclusive. 

    • Found in the northern room of the lower section of Humphrey after MR. JAWSUM is spoken with (to get the Big Check). 4th day

  • PERFECTHEARTHikikomori Route exclusive. 

    • Found in the lower section of Humphrey after MR. JAWSUM is spoken with (to get the Big Check). 4th day

    • Arguably the hardest boss in the game. Refer to the PERFECTHEART Bossfight section for tips.

  • MARINA – One of the squid girls at the end of Humphrey; required bossfight

  • MOLLY – One of the squid girls at the end of Humphrey; required bossfight

  • MEDUSA – One of the squid girls at the end of Humphrey; required bossfight

  • HUMPHREY – Last boss of Humphrey (of course); required bossfight

New Discoveries

Hikikomori Route

Accessed by never answering the door and napping in bed each real world day. Chores become doable after the naps for each day. You can still answer MARI's knock on night one, that doesn’t count.

Notable Changes

  • SUNNY’s House

    • To-Do List becomes interactable, chores replace daily actions

  • Black Space

    • Church

      • BASIL becomes savable

      • Chase ensues with SHADOW BASIL

      • Bossfight with SHADOW BASIL at the end

      • OMORI saves SUNNY, and SUNNY vanishes in OMORI’s arms in a cutscene.

      • Staircase to neighbor’s bedroom becomes accessible from Church, going to sleep causes Dream World to reset

  • Door Area

    • Following Headspace reset, and completion of Fear Bosses, full overhaul, all areas replaced. (See further down in the document).

    • Replaced with new door area commonly referred to as Black Space 2 or Blacker Space

    • BS2 can also be accessed through the normal route. See: BS1/BS2 in Normal Route

  • Headspace / Dream World

  • New areas have been found

    • The Abyss

    • Snow Area

      • Located under igloo in Outerworld, interact with the plastic fish on the wall using the batteries.

      • New enemies

      • Bossfight with SPACE EX-HUSBAND.

  • The Lost Library is accessible by going down the hole on the stage in SWEETHEART’s Castle

    • Upon entering the library after getting the Sheet Music, new enemies, “???” are present. Fighting these enemies is not necessary to progress, and they are not terribly difficult.

    • There is a new room located on the south west side of the library, it opens after reading every book.

      • New Room

        • MARI's piano can be found in this room 

        • Bring sheet music to the piano to access the 3 fear bosses (previously not attackable).

    • Fighting the Three Fear Bosses

      • Killing the “falling” fear gives OMORI the skill “Vertigo”

      • Killing the “spider” fear gives OMORI the skill “Cripple”

      • Killing the “drowning” fear gives OMORI the skill “Suffocate”

    • Upon completion of the fear bosses, the player can enter Blacker Space through interaction with the laptop in White Space.

  • Talking to the Keeper of the Castle allows you to reset/destroy SWEETHEART’s Castle. 

    • If you do reset it, the entrance to SWEETHEART’s stage turns into the room from the end of good/bad ending, with the pictures on the wall, the door to the outside, and a chair.

    • Standing in the room outside of the keeper of the castle’s room teleports you to a long red room with black tiles to walk on. Walking across the room causes a cutscene to play where you see another Omori, who looks at you then walks away. Going to the end of the hallway leads you back to the keeper of the castle room.

    • Starsmiley’s video on the room

  • Going back to the real world on the Hikikomori Route after a Dream World reset results in SOMETHING following you.

  • Completion of the game at this point results in the neutral endings

Blacker Space / Black Space 2

(Headspace Reset)

After doing a Dream World reset, going back into Black Space results in all the black doors leading to new areas. Many of the doors lead to hubs of other doors as well.

Here’s a graphic to keep track of the doors in Blacker Space:

There’s a room that has SUNNY’s kitchen. HERO says to you that he’s making some food. Finding ingredients scattered through Blacker Space allows him to give you ???, a food.

We seem to have just found a door in the ocean maze that leads to SUNNY’s house. AUBREY, HERO, and KEL are there. Going down the ladder brings you to a hallway with a door. MARI's on the other side. It brings up a dialogue asking if you want to open the door. Answering with no and walking back to the ladder results in a version of MARI chasing you. Going back up stops the chase and puts you back out in the black water docks. After this, MARI just stands in your room. Not able to be interacted with. Opening the door for MARI seems to do the same thing as well. This is probably a one-time event, and you need to restart your save to be able to do it again.

Opening the door to the area with the bloody tree stumps and walking up brings you here: 

Walking farther to the right makes some black overlay go over the screen.

This shows up in Blacker Space earlier:

While blurry in this screenshot, when walking in front of the letters, it is clear that it says “I’m sorry”.

The barn in Otherworld has this:

There was a SOMETHING in the painting/mirror, but interacting with it causes it to disappear.

The black door that has spider webs over it in The Docks is able to be interacted with by trying to clear the webs a couple times. Now the door says that “you are afraid”.  

We found out through data mining that the door leads to nothing.

Limited Forest Puzzle + Oddities

There seems to be a puzzle to solve in one of the Black Space doors that looks like a Limited Forest. This forest is different from The Endless Forest.

In the forest, after attempting to go through an opening between trees, dialogue boxes show up saying that “you are afraid”. We have since been able to get through this passage, although it is unknown what triggered it to open.

The area past the passage holds this monstrosity. At first the door pictured below is closed, the player can knock on the door. No response is gotten until the player exits the area to the left, at which point the door can be heard opening. Upon return this is what greets the player. Leaving causes the player to be slowed considerably, but no further findings in this area have been determined.

We found a school in the Endless Forest by walking around:

Staring at the blackboard from the bottom middle desk results in this:

Walking behind the blackboard shows a love letter, which warps you to a school.

Multiple AUBREYs spawn, causing a fight between each other. Sequence ends after choosing one of the two remaining to go out with.

Going up the ladder in the forest and into the clouds brings you to an area with a phone. Interacting with the phone causes a speech bubble to follow around. So far the speech bubble has said:

  • “Congratulations, you won!!”

  • “Bills Bills Bills”

    • Could be a reference to the $20 we took from KEL’s wardrobe, also could be a reference to the $20 bill pool seen earlier in blackspace)

  • “I know what you did”

  • “Insurance??”

  • “I’m a loser.”

  • “Hi Omori”

  • “We have come to collect”

Once up the ladder in the forest, if you hug the wall upwards, you have a chance of being teleported to a dev room with graves.

Going to the waterfall in one of the forest rooms, walking behind it, and interacting with it results in you being teleported to a new area.

There is an island you can access in this room by going through one of the black doors. Staying in the room for around 30 seconds leads to the island burning, and getting teleported back to the sky docks.

Video of the island and it burning

Playing hide and seek in the forest three times causes the screen to get darker and causes BASIL to appear. When you interact with BASIL, this happens:

To the left of the hide and seek forest there is a room with vines and Sprout Moles. Interacting with the vines multiple times leads to ???

This is what appears to be the view from the other side of the vines in the courtyard of SWEETHEART’s Castle.


Well, HUMPHREY’s back where he was. He asks for the big check that you get from Jawsum’s office in the Last Resort. The SWEETHEART robots are also where the bossfights with the SLIME GIRLS are.


A quick guide on killing PERFECTHEART from the first person to kill her, Judeo:

  • Have all 4 characters at Level 50

  • For the first phase I used megaphone (from KEL) and made everyone angry to make as much damage as I could

    • Red hands on OMORI

    • Skills that reduce defense on AUBREY and HERO

  • For the second phase, since HERO is the last person to go everyone round, make him use a whole pizza every single turn.

Boss Rush has been found!

You get here by talking to the HUMPHREY in the middle and taking one of the elevators. Boss order:









  • PLUTO (gives you the cooler trophy?)



These battles are back to back, with no healing or saves in between. Beating Boss Rush grants trophies and MARI's Cookie, which gives +1 to all stats of the user.

Collecting All Keys / The Abyss

When you collect all of the keys for the hangman, MARI shows up, causing a game glitch/crash. At first this was thought to be a result of save editing, but it turns out that it was intentional. Opening the game again puts you back into the Deep Well. Going to The Abyss results in it extending. Whole new area just found.

Couple new enemies here. Some are Black Space enemies! 

You do not gain EXP for “killing” the Black Space enemies. Could just be stunning them. We just found AUBREY’s skeleton? There’s a save point down this long ladder.

New fight: Abbi and 4 tentacles. This could be a reference to one of OMORI’s imaginary friends in the original blog.

For not forgiving Abbi, you are given Abbi’s eye. You can stab yourself again after killing Abbi. Brings you to the weathervane room. Going behind Abbi and interacting with the wall right after fighting her also brings you to the weathervane room. This is a one-time event, and if you exit the room and re-enter it you will not be able to enter.

Choosing to accept the Keeper’s offer of SWEETHEART’s Castle before interacting with Abbi results in her losing one tentacle (as seen in the screenshot above).

The tentacles in the Headspace can now be interacted with. Below are their locations as well as the items given:

  • Inside the Neighbor’s Room (next to White Space): Baseball Bat (AUBREY’s ultimate weapon)

  • To the right of the docks area in Vast Forest: Basketball (KEL’s ultimate weapon)

  • In the lower-right portion of Cattail Field: Headband

  • To the left of Dino Dig in Orange Oasis: Chef’s Hat

  • To the left of Weeping Willow in Pyrefly Forest: Cough Mask

  • In a dungeon in SWEETHEART’s Castle: Red Knife (OMORI's ultimate weapon, equipped automatically once you enter the next room) 

    • Accepting SWEETHEART’s Castle from the Keeper will permanently prevent you from accessing this

  • Near the clam with the S Key at the end of Endless Highway (Deep Well): Ol’ Reliable (HERO’s ultimate weapon)

  • Near the icy pond on Snowglobe Mountain: Pretty Bow

Shallow Sea

Talking to the thing below in the weathervane area while the weathervane is facing north brings you here.

Going to the right over and over again brings you to a ladder. Climbing up the ladder brings you here:

Climbing upward from there will return you to the weathervane maze.

Red Maze

The red maze can be accessed by walking off the blackspace docks onto a hidden pathway, finding a log with a door. The path to find this door is below:

The red maze contains a ladder, a pop-up dialogue, and various deformed MARI sprites will start chasing you. 

This is an absolutely terrifying sequence, by the way!

The ladder leads to a continuously descending set of rooms, one of them containing Daddy Long Legs.

 At one point, the ladders lead to a dark room which contains a face (called horror_mari in game files) that tracks OMORI’s location.

 Exiting this area will keep the face on screen. 

So far, the only method we have to remove the face from gameplay is to go back to the ladder room and descend again.

The above screenshot depicts an area found by climbing down a ladder, not dissimilar to the one linked with the descending set of rooms. This leads to what seems to be the many faces of OMORI, and perhaps the “heart” of Black Space.

Real World Dungeon

In the lake of the last day in the real world, there is a “dungeon” that can be accessed. This is where the tagging in real world graphics we found earlier come into play. Beating the cult leader in the dungeon gives you the achievement “Reduce Reuse and Recycle”.

A guide from Mikkan in the Discord on how to beat it: 

“It is a dungeon, you need everyone's skills to make it through. Fights give no EXP. The cult leader is the boss. He is hard!! I used Persist every turn with SUNNY after losing a couple of times. Once you enter the dungeon, you cannot exit. If you are defeated, you cannot go back. Be careful with saving. The items you use do not disappear from your inventory afterwards.”

Map 288 Fix 

(Hideous Creature Room)

While looking through the game files, we found that map288.json had invalid JSON, causing the map to be unreadable. Trying to go to this room without a fix resulted in a softlock at the loading screen. We were able to fix the JSON and the game files to access the room.

This room was fixed in v1.0.3.

The room is accessible by going to the infinite room in the weathervane area in Blacker Space. Follow this path in the weathervane area to get there:

Once in the infinite room, walk up to the door 20 times and you will be teleported to the hideous creature room.

Speaking to the “hideous monster” is the only thing that you can do in this room. 

Something interesting though: the creature in the room is referred to as MARI in the game files.

99 Letter Sequence / Treehouse in the Lake

Through datamining, it was discovered that there is a sequence of 7 rooms that are impossible to get into during normal gameplay. The “entrance” to the sequence is in the animation of falling down a hole, but there is a requirement that 99 keys must be collected. 

A graphic of all the rooms can be seen here:

With edited map files, you are able to be teleported into these new rooms. Putting these four files in OMORI/www/data will allow you to go down in the Dream World playground to access the new areas.

These files no longer work as of v1.0.1 being released.

Check out this video if you would like to see in-game footage of the rooms.


(Please keep the original map092.KEL somewhere safe for after you are done with the new areas! If you don’t replace it, you won’t be able to go below the playground.)




Friends Stump (Map 305)

In this room, a cutscene plays as you walk up. Here is the dialogue from the cutscene:

BASIL: Hey, OMORI… There's been something I've been meaning to tell you… I keep seeing something in my head…

BASIL: It's me and you… and… we're… We're standing next to each other…

BASIL: And MARI… MARI is there, too… but…

#HERO walks in the screen

BASIL: HERO! It's you! What are you doing here?

BASIL: Look, OMORI! HERO is here! Let's follow him!

BASIL: KEL! AUBREY! It's so good to see you, guys!!

BASIL: How have you been? Did you miss me? Hehe…

#AUBREY and KEL do their tag poses.

BASIL: W-Wait.., What… What are you guys doing?

#AUBREY and KEL attack BASIL.


After this line, the screen goes black and you are teleported to BASIL’s Respite (Map 269).

BASIL’s Respite (Map 269)

BASIL’s Respite is a room with a black floor and white egret orchids scattered across the ground. If you interact with the tree stump at the top of the room, you will go to the Stump Room (Map 300). If you go into the shining beam of light at the bottom of the room, you will be teleported to the Treehouse in the Lake (Map 268).

Stump Room (Map 300)

There are 6 tree stumps throughout this room. Interacting with the top center one will bring you to Red Space Unused (Map 373). Interacting with the bottom center will bring you to an empty map. (?) Interacting with the rest of the tree stumps will give you empty dialogue with portraits of the different characters with no face. When going through the dialogue files, these unused strings with the same ID as the empty dialogue can be found:

“It's just not good enough.”

“She just needs some rest.”

“You shouldn't have looked.”

“She just needs some rest.”

“This isn't real.”

“Can you tell us the truth?”
“This is the only way.”

Red Space Unused (Map 373)

Nothing of note here, except for four fingers laying on the ground. The only thing you can do is walk to the top, where red hands catch you.

Treehouse in the Lake (Map 268)

The treehouse, surrounded in white egret orchids and puddles. Going into the treehouse will bring you to BASIL’s Respite (Map 269). Going to the tree stump in the bottom left will reveal a red hand that will bring you back to Blacker Space. Going to the doors in the top left (where the red circle is in the image below) will bring you to the Dark Path (Map 293). Note that walking to the borders of the map will loop you around.

Dark Path (Map 293)

A long road, reminiscent of the Memory Road. After walking north and looping around twice, you will be teleported to BASIL’s “Something” (Map 294). Walking south will bring you back to the Treehouse in the Lake (Map 268).

BASIL’s “Something” (Map 294)

Nothing of note in this room. Walking to the borders will bring you back to the Treehouse in the Lake (Map 268).

Black Space Photo Album

During normal gameplay, you will be able to collect all the photos and complete the album. However, the descriptions of the photos are not able to be accessed, and have instead been found through data mining.

Transcriptions of the text can be found below these photos.

(Thanks to Soda#8153 for adding the text to the photos!)


  • Photo Of A Wall – You heard some scoffing from behind the wall, but paid it no notice. You were in no mood to focus. You were overcame. You were sick of everything. You know it wasn't a big deal, but you couldn't control yourself.

  • Photo of a Broken Violin – Your precious violin lay shattered at the bottom of the staircase. You threw it in a rage. Your fingers were shaking in pain… practicing over and over… but you still make mistakes after mistakes. This was all a bad idea.

  • Photo of an Argument – MARI was yelling at you. You couldn't understand what she was saying. She didn't understand  you at all… She didn't understand that you just weren't good enough. The only thing you hold onto was your anger. This pain… was it her fault?

  • Photo of a Fight – MARI blocked your path. She says that she isn't finished talking. She tells you not to run away… but why not? You did this all for her! Why was she yelling at you? You didn't understand…

  • Photo of a Murder – You lose all sense and push her down the staircase.

  • Photo of Silence – You watched MARI crush on top of your broken violin. The sound wakes you up to nothing but silence. You called out to her, but she doesn't answer. Your heart sinks into your stomach.

  • Photo of Panic – It happened in an instant. You didn't mean to do that. Well, you did mean to push her, didn't you? It was an accident, right? You're not sure. You tremble your way down the staircase.

  • Photo of Desperation – You call her name, but she doesn't answer. You sweep the bits of wood from her body. Nothing but scratches. You turn her around and see her face. She looks asleep… but then, why isn't she answering?

  • Photo of an Accomplice – You pick up MARI and drag her up the stairs. She feels lighter than you think. She just needs to lie down in a bed… She just needs some rest…

  • Photo of Disbelief – Your heart beats out of your chest. Your head feels fuzzy. You lose vision. You push the door to the bedroom open, and make your way to her bed. She's going to be okay, right? This is just a dream, right?

  • Photo of Anguish – You call her name over and over, but she doesn't answer. You watch the light from the window cast a shadow over her face. She's expressionless. You sink your fingers into her arm, and break down into tears.

  • Photo of Guilt – You want to scream for help, but you're afraid… you mumble to yourself… what if they ask what happened? There's no way you can tell them the truth. Who would be able to forgive him? Who would believe… that it was… an accident?

  • Photo of an Idea – A whisper comes from behind you, but you ignore it. A cry comes from behind you, but you ignore it. You cover your face with your arms. This isn't real. None of this real. Why won't you wake up?

  • Photo of Hopelessness – Everything appears dark. The shadows slither around you. You don't understand what is happening… Your head starts to feel fuzzy… You sink into a crevice in your mind… an empty white room.

  • Photo of Support – Your shoulders feel heavy. A familiar voice whispers something unspeakable. Your eyes widen. It tells you to follow its lead. It says… it's the only way out… It says… that everything will be okay.

  • Photo of Betrayal – You pick up MARI's body and lift it down the staircase. She feels lighter than you think. You feel multiple eyes shift their gaze to you. You keep your eyes toward the ground.

  • Photo of Hope – You hear the sliding of a familiar door. A voice tells you to walk. A gust of wind enters the room as the light outside engulfs you. You keep your eyes toward the ground.

  • Photo of a Tree – As you face forward, you listen to the crushing of the grass and feel the coolness of the wind. You hear the leaves in the trees ruffle as the sun begins to set… but you try to ignore it. It's all just a dream…

  • Photo of a Branch – You lay down MARI's body and look up for the first time. Small rays of light shine through the cracks in the leaves. You relish in its beauty and savor the moment. You think… even if this is all real, if you keep looking at the leaves, that… everything will be okay. 

  • Photo of a Rope – You hear pacing, the crunching of the grass sifting back and forth. You think you see a figure pick something off the ground, but you’re not sure. You keep staring at the leaves overhead. Everything will be okay… You think… Everything will be okay. 

  • Photo of Hands – You hear shuffling. You hear dragging… and creaking… and pulling. Something is happening, but you refuse to look away from the leaves. Your head feels fuzzy again. You bite your tongue and attempt to wake up one last time, but it’s no use… You’re still here. 

  • Photo of a Lie – As you and BASIL step into the house, you look back towards the trees and see it. The light engulfs it as it sways in the wind… For a moment, you feel at peace. You hate yourself for feeling this way. Is that all, then? Is everything going to be okay now? 

  • Photo of Legs – You feel a cold hand clutch yours. You try to jerk away, but it squeezes back; unwilling to let you go. The hand drags you backward. You look up and see your best friend for the first time… BASIL. You see the tears falling from his tired eyes as he looks ahead. You suddenly realize that none of this is a dream. All of this is real. 

  • Photo of Something – Suddenly, BASIL stops. You look up at his eyes… but this time, they’re wide awake, staring at Something. You turn your eyes toward it as well, though you wish you didn’t. An eye meets yours. Your heart sinks into your stomach. You shouldn’t have looked back… You just… shouldn’t… have looked…

Black Space Entrances

Using the Universal Remote on televisions allows you to enter some areas in Black Space. 

Interacting with the TV here brings you to the school with the Aubrey Fight in Black Space 2.

Interacting with the TV here brings you to an early Black Space room.

Interacting with this TV in Sproute Mole Cave puts you in the glitchy sprite room in Black Space 2.

All of these can be seen in video format here.

There are some entrances within Deep Well that don’t require the Universal Remote.

Here, you have to go down the ladder, come back up, go down, come back up, then interact with the seashell four times. Doing so leads you to the beach area in Black Space.

A video demonstrating this can be shown here.

There is one more in Deep Well. On the Endless Highway, there’s a 1 in 10 chance every time you open the game for a black cab to appear, shown below.

Entering the cab brings you to the town area in Black Space.

A video demonstration can be shown here

Interacting with the telescope in Sweetheart’s Castle has a small chance (1/99 chance) of teleporting you to the sky docks in BS2. 

In the ‘forest with dad’ area, you’re able to find a black door that leads to a ‘BS’ version of the playground. Going inside one of the OMORI heads, you’ll enter an infinite hallway where you can see Dream Aubrey, Kel and Hero looking at you. You can’t approach them however.

A video demonstration can be shown here.

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