OotA custom rules


Fatigue is a new mechanic to divide exhaustion into slightly less dramatic levels. Gaining 3 Fatigue gives the effect of one level of Exhaustion. A night of rest restores 1 Fatigue. Fatigue may occur through various methods, including a PC lacking sufficient food, water, or shelter. Fatigue can only be restored during a night’s rest if all three of these needs are met.

Breather – Take 5 minutes to catch your breath, drink some water, and bandage your wounds. You may spend 1 hit die. Can be used after any strenuous encounter. (DM’s discretion)

Short Rest – Only two short rests may be taken per 24 hours. You may spend up to half your hit dice, rounded up. Spellcasters may restore one spell slot for any level they have at least two slots in.

Long Rest – Now takes 3 days in a safe environment. Restores all hit dice, hit points, and spell slots. Since a night’s rest restores 1 Fatigue, three nights of rest ends up restoring 1 level of Exhaustion.

In addition to the benefits of a short rest, a night’s rest restores 1 hit die if you have adequate food, water, and shelter. This can only be gained once per 24 hours.


Darkvision is now low-light vision. You may treat dim light as bright light if it is within your low-light vision.

In addition to providing low-light vision, Devil’s Sight allows you to see through magical darkness that you create.

The Light cantrip can only light up one object at a time. Casting it with a lit object removes the spell from the original.

A character who is reduced to 0 hit points gains one level of Exhaustion unless they recover of their own accord. (A natural 20 on a death saving throw, or 1d4 hours rest after stabilising.)


The Lucky feat has been reduced to one reroll per day from three.

Counterspell now requires a check to be made for all spells, not just spells of a higher level than the slot used to cast Counterspell. Alternatively, Counterspell may be cast as a readied action using the original rules.

Variant Humans now get +1 to one ability score, not two. Sharpshooter and Great Weapon Master cannot be taken at Level 1. (They are not banned from the game entirely.)

Regular Humans now gain +2 to any one ability score, and +1 to any other two ability scores. They can still choose to take +1 to all ability scores if they prefer.

Regular Humans now gain one skill proficiency of their choice.

Due to the nature of this campaign, PC’s may not play as Drow.

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