Opaque Sleeve Reference Guide


This reference guide is simply that, just a guide for what sleeves I believe are safe to claim as completely opaque. While I may have tested these and found no issues, it is your responsibility for the sleeves that you choose to use for an event. Always double-check with the Head Judge of an event if you are unsure if your sleeves are completely opaque or not. They will be the final arbiter in whether or not your sleeve choice is opaque or non-opaque. If you ever have doubts, ALWAYS USE CHECKLIST CARDS to be 100% safe.
Note: Using Perfect Fit Smoke or Perfect Size Sleeves – Black may or may not make a sleeve fully opaque. If you use these type of inner sleeves, you’ll want to ensure all your sleeved cards in your deck use the same inner sleeve; don’t mix and match smoke with clear.


Fully Opaque ✅ Not Fully Opaque ⛔ Untested ❔
Art Matte Gaial
Classic Black
Matte Black
Matte Jet
Matte Purple
Art Draxis
Art Mear
Art Nidhogg
Art Poppy Field
Art Tanur
Art Whistler’s Mother
Art Matte Easter Dragon
Classic Blue
Classic Brown
Classic Copper
Classic Crimson
Classic Fusion
Classic Gold
Classic Green
Classic Mint
Classic Red
Classic Orange
Classic Pink
Classic Silver
Classic Turquoise
Classic White
Classic Yellow
Matte Apple Green
Matte Baby Blue
Matte Blue
Matte Copper
Matte Crimson
Matte Gold
Matte Green
Matte Ivory
Matte Lilac
Matte Magenta
Matte Mint
Matte Mist
Matte Orange
Matte Petrol
Matte Pink
Matte Red
Matte Sapphire
Matte Sky Blue
Matte Slate
Matte Silver
Matte Umber
Matte White
Matte Yellow
Art Carnax
Art Hunters in the Snow
Art Qoll
Art The Oxbow
Art The Astronomer
Art Vater
Art Matte Summer Dragon
Classic Purple



Fully Opaque ✅ Not Fully Opaque ⛔ Untested ❔
Hyper Matte Black
Hyper Matte Blue
Hyper Matte Green
Hyper Matte Purple
Hyper Matte Red
Neo Hyper Black
Premium Hyper Matte Black
Silky Matte Black
Super Black
Hyper Matte White Hyper Matte Silver
Silky Matte Blue
Super Blue
Super Gold
Super Green
Super Metallic Blue
Super Metallic Red
Super Pearl White
Super Silver



Fully Opaque ✅ Not Fully Opaque ⛔ Untested ❔
Glossy Black
Glossy Blue
Glossy Green
Glossy Red
Glossy White
Matte Black
Matte Blue
Matte Brown
Matte Gray
Matte Green
Matte Orange
Matte Pink
Matte Purple
Matte Red
Matte Teal
Matte White
Matte Yellow



Fully Opaque ✅ Not Fully Opaque ⛔ Untested ❔
Art Bad Beets
Art Cassette
Art Raven
Art Sword in the Darkness
Brick Flat Black
Double Matte Black
Super Iconic Fire
Super Iconic Gear
Super Iconic Life
Super Iconic Sun
Super Iconic Tri-Force
Super Iconic Water
Absolute Iconic Bio
Absolute Iconic Fire
Absolute Iconic Legion
Absolute Iconic Life
Absolute Iconic Radiation
Absolute Iconic Skull
Absolute Iconic Sun
Absolute Iconic Triforce
Absolute Iconic Water
Art 3 Wolf Moon
Art Alchemy
Art Cauldron
Art Dilly Dilly
Art Flamingo
Art Hero Realms
Art Hey Girl
Art Keep Calm Hodor
Art Kraken
Art Legion Logo 2015
Art Lotus
Art Otter
Art Pumpkin Spice
Art Puppy Luvin
Art Rainbow Star
Art Sad Panda
Art Salty
Art Serenity
Art Serve Me
Art Shame
Art Stand By
Art The Night is Dark
Art Tuxedo
Art Veiled Kingdoms Oasis
Art Veiled Kingdoms St Levin
Art Veiled Kingdoms Vast
Art Warboys
Art Zombie Hugs
Brick Atomic Orange
Brick Eldritch Purple
Brick Electric Blue
Brick Goblin Red
Brick Pretty in Pink
Brick Vile Green
Double Matte Blue
Double Matte Green
Double Matte Red
Double Matte Silver
Double Matte Teal
Double Matte White
Dragonhide Black
Dragonhide Blue
Dragonhide Gold
Dragonhide Green
Dragonhide Red
Dragonhide Silver
Epic Angel of Mercy
Epic Knight of Shadows
Epic Dark Knight
Epic Drake, Dragon Tyrant



Fully Opaque ✅ Not Fully Opaque ⛔ Untested ❔
Chroma Fusion (Guilds)
Deck Protector Black
Eclipse Black
Eclipse Blue
Eclipse Grey
Eclipse Green
Eclipse Light Blue
Eclipse Orange
Eclipse Pink
Eclipse Purple
Eclipse Red
Eclipse White
Eclipse Yellow
Pro-Matte Black
Pro-Matte Aqua
Pro-Matte Bright Pink
Pro-Matte Bright Yellow
Pro-Matte Brown
Pro-Matte Green
Pro-Matte Blue
Pro-Matte Fuchsia
Pro-Matte Light Blue
Pro-Matte Lilac
Pro-Matte Lime Green
Pro-Matte Peach
Pro-Matte Pink
Pro-Matte Orange
Pro-Matte Purple
Pro-Matte Red
Pro-Matte Yellow
Pro-Matte White
Deck Protector Blue
Deck Protector Brown
Deck Protector Green
Deck Protector Light Blue
Deck Protector Lime Green
Deck Protector Orange
Deck Protector Pink
Deck Protector Purple
Deck Protector Red
Deck Protector Yellow
Deck Protector White



Fully Opaque ✅ Not Fully Opaque ⛔ Untested ❔
Matte Black
Katana Black
Katana Blue
Katana Green
Katana Orange
Katana Purple
Katana Red
Katana Turquoise
Katana White
Katana Yellow
Matte Pink
Supreme UX Matte Petrol
Matte Aquamarine
Matte Blue
Matte Brown
Matte Burgundy
Matte Dark Grey
Matte Frosted
Matte Green
Matte Light Blue
Matte Light Green
Matte Orange
Matte Petrol Blue
Matte Purple
Matte Red
Matte Royal Blue
Matte Sand
Matte Turquoise
Matte Yellow
Matte White



Fully Opaque ✅ Not Fully Opaque ⛔ Untested ❔
Original Red Original Tan *



Fully Opaque ✅ Not Fully Opaque ⛔ Untested ❔
Dex Sleeves Black
Dex Sleeves Blue
Dex Sleeves Green
Dex Sleeves Red
Dex Sleeves White *



Not Fully Opaque ⛔
SCG Creature Collection – String Theory

* Some print runs of these type of sleeves are fully opaque while others are not. I recommend checking with the Head Judge at each event to confirm these sleeves are okay to use.

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