Revolt: Forgotten Realms

What is it?

  • Revolution, Rebellion and War. (American Rev, French Rev, Irishmen Reb, Serbian Rev.)

  • D&D (Magic, Monsters, Gods, Quests, Epic Stories, Heroes)

  • Quintessentially Forgotten Realms (Waterdeep, Cormyr, Thay, Elminster, Drizzt, Bhaal)

  • Romanticized view of War (Stories of Heros, Epic tales of great struggle met with great victory. Skips over the daker more realistic depictions)

  • Coming of Age Story (Young characters thrown into the deep-end against insurmountable odds, ending with enormous growth and eventual success)

What is it not?

  • Classic D&D (Dungeon Delving, Treasure Hunting, Monster Slaying)

  • Technological Revolution (Advanced Tech, Firearms, Electricity, Steam Power)

  • Focused on Setting (The Setting is just a tool to facilitate the characters/story, bend it if necessary)

  • Horrors of War (Depictions of mass death, rape, murder. Can we displayed, but distantly and vaguely)

Facing the iron fist of tyranny, a group of young mavericks join together to protect their town, and land from the choking grasp of their colonial government.

Overall, the goal of this campaign is to build an emotional investment between the players, NPCs, the story, and their actions upon the world.

Revolt takes place in an isolated region of the Forgotten Realms, near The Dragon Coast.  An ancient area named, Twin’s Vale, is the site of many long past battles. Miles of fields and valuable farmland stretch in either direction, scarred by the teeth of war. Towns and Cities have crept in over time, seeking protection by the mountain ranges on either side. Several rivers run through Twin’s Vale, splintering like webs, depositing in many lakes and shallow ponds.


Serving as a safe haven from many of the terrible things the gods have created, it is no surprise that people of all races and cultures have flocked to the Twin’s Vale. Though mainly Humans, Elves, Halflings, Dwarves all make the land their home.

Inhabitants from all corners are the Forgotten Realms have fled to Twin’s Vale as refugees. Cultures have blended fairly heterogeneously here, traditions melding together to form a society entirely unique to the Realms.


For hundreds of years Twin’s Vale knew no territorial government. Cities ruled themselves, often through mayorships or councils. Within the last couple of years, the valley was unified under the name Colonial Magocracy of Twin’s Vale, a declared protectorate of Thay.

In the beginning very little changed in the daily lives of the people of Twin’s Vale, continuing on as they had for hundreds of years. The new colonial government ruled passively, making few demands of the common folk. Eventually a new Viceroy was appointed in charge of the valley, bringing with him many soldiers, and even more changes.

A strict, oppressive regime now rules over Twin’s Vale. The Colonial government limits people's access in and out of the nation. Additionally, a standing army wreaks havoc throughout the towns and villages raping and pillaging as they see fit. Text and speech against Officials is criminal. Mass executions leave families fatherless, killed for the smallest of offences. Life has deteriorated for the people of Twin’s Vale under this Viceroy.

The new government seeks to harness a hidden secret within Twin’s Vale. The Wellspring offers immense power to those who can control it and use it to their advantage.

Many parties maintain vested interests in Twin’s Vale. Religion, commerce and regional politics have consequential influence on the status quo of the mountain valley. These factions all have stakes within Twin’s Vale

Colonial Magocracy of Twin’s Vale – (LE) Oppressive government of the valley
nation. Functioning as a vassal state under the pressing thumb of Thay. Twin’s
Vale was conquered to take control of a resource never before seen in Faerun. 

Harper's (Equality through subterfuge) – (CG) Underground Railroad, freeing the
enslaved. Bent on toppling the Colonial government, mainly through propaganda 

and subterfuge. 

Zhentarim (Capitalizing on opportunity) – (NE) Staking its claim within the tense political situation in Twin’s Vale. Wealth, selling armies, weapons, and other illicit goods. Allied with the highest bidder.

Order of the Gauntlet (Equality through righteousness) – (LG) Individual agents

working to bring about the end of the oppressive regime. Rooting out and
destroying evils clearly practiced throughout the Colonial government.

Emerald Enclave (Protect the Wilds) – (NE) Defend the natural order. Protect the
Wilds and Civilization from destroying each other. Fighting back against the
Colonial’s devastation of nature.

Lords’ Alliance (Civilization against Chaos) – (LN) Protect the last bastions of
civilization. Protect the economic interests of City states. Limit the oppressive
hand of the Colonial government. Ensure Thay does not reach any further west 

towards the Sword Coast.

White Dragon Mercantile (Turning a Profit) – (N) Maintain commerce throughout
the region, functioning as a state approved monopoly. Willing to shift loyalties in 

search of a larger coin purse.

Cult? of the Blue (Power through Law) – (LE) – A seperate power led by a Blue
Dragon set on ending Thay’s control of the region. It looks longingly at the
possibility of ruling for millenia to come.

Order of the Hourglass (Time ends all) – (?) – The open enemy of the state. A 

group of diverse renegades and common folk who know that time ends all, and
soon the final grain will fall with the defeat of the regime.

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