Overworld PVP and PVM

Overworld PVP and PVM

Overworld PVP


  • Bring an easier medium for learning pvp to the existing game

  • Adjust the learning curve for new pvp players

  • Bring comradery and supportive play outside of the wilderness for clans


  • We will incentivize players to engage in pvp

  • We will teach the community how to handle pvp scenarios on familiar turf

  • We will give more functionality to city guards and fortifications

When Jagex first introduced wilderness warbands as a prelude to the upcoming god wars 2 content I was thrilled to see something that would spice up the current pvp world. Warbands in my mind's eye was something that helped give people a reason to move around the wilderness. The motivating factor was the ability to earn quick and, in some cases, easy experience in hard to train skills. The community responded very well to the release of warbands with their drive for faster experience. This made  it easier to decide the motivating factor for overworld pvp and the drive for players to compete in the system.Within the warbands distraction and diversion system players are allowed to either cooperate or sabotage each other to come out with a bigger gain. This type of model is the framework I will be using to build the overworld pvp.

We also bore witness to two pvp oriented god wars: the battles for lumbridge and the beast and the bird. Both of these events have something to offer for the creation of overworld pvp. Much like in the bird and the beast overworld pvp will have scalable mobs and known pvp zones. Suppose a player within Falador and decided to attack another player. The guards near them would shout an alert to each other. From that moment the guards stats would immediately scale to the aggressors and begin attacking the aggressor until they fled into a safe area or bank.

Being a player of runescape since the near beginning of the game I have witnessed a lot of cool changes come into the pvp game. Many of them I have witnessed myself as a previous pvp clan member and others as a bystander. One such change that was made in the very, very early days of runescape was the removal of the player killer and non-player killer system. The concept of this system in the beginning was very simple in that players declared themselves as either a non-player killer or a player killer. This particular piece of content is at the core of the content framework.

The overworld

Players will find that they can now toggle the ability to go rogue by right clicking their auto retaliate button. Once a player has gone rogue they will notice several changes. 

  • Rogues can only toggle off after 10 minutes have passed

  • Players within the area receive a broadcast announcing the rogue (filterable)

  • Privacy mode for cosmetic overrides will be removed

The Overworld in the Wilderness:

The Wilderness is a wound on the land and like all wounds they will eventually  heal. ‘Scars of the land’ are nodes of interest along the wilderness. Much like the god battle between the late Bandos and Armadyl, each node will have its own reclamation beacon. There is a struggle between the druids of Taverly and the various hordes of outlandish entities of the wilderness. The druids wish to heal, bring growth, and reclaim the land for the good of all kind. There are evils that have lied dormant for centuries within the Wilderness. The druids of Taverly believe that the reclamation will be a happy-go-lucky tree planting spree. Little do the druids know that the evils of the world have many eyes and ears from the birds of the forest to the chaotic druids in the slums of Varrock.

The overworld of the Wilderness will act similarly to the main world, but remains something of a mashup of the Bird And The Beast God Wars and the Wilderness Warbands distraction and diversion. While in the Wilderness all rogues receive an additional increase to experience gained. Additional skilling opportunities may need to be ‘planted’ within the Wilderness. Additional rudimentary outposts for communities should also be considered at such sites such as the boneyard, chaos dwarf ruins, moss giant groves, rogues keep and the ruins west of the bandit camp.

Going Rogue:

Going rogue means you need to watch your back! Who knows who might be looking for you and what might come your way so it's best to always be on guard. Players who go rogue will experience: 

  • Experience gained is initially increased by 5% and a further 5% after a certain time has passed in rogue state

  • Equipment degrades faster by 5%

You may find that the environment and citizens of the area don’t take kindly to your brutish nature. Guards can be seen drinking overloads that scale them to your level to attack and drive you off. They will only enter the fray when you attack other players or greatly disturb the environment. In certain environments peacekeepers or guardians of the land may teleport into the fray using similar tactics where guards aren’t present. Guards will accrue adrenaline and use special abilities like backhand, binds and teleblock to subdue troublemakers.

  • Guard NPC’s in the Wilderness may come in a variety of shapes and sizes such as elite greater demons; stat boosted rogues, chaos dwarves, elder green dragons, etc.

  • Highest dps player receives an additional buff to experience and skilling activities for a duration when they manage to defeat another rogue

  • Defeated players receive a rogue skilling debuff for a duration regardless of their state

Q and A:

Q: When going rogue will players be able to still use teleporting devices or spells?

A: Yes! Players may still be able to use these. Players seeking the perks from going rogue will find that there are some drawbacks. By having to find escape paths from harm they will have diminished gains without help.

Q: What happens when I am defeated by another rogue?

A: You will find that your equipment charge will drain at a fraction of what is typically taken in a pvm death (1-5% per defeat depending on the combat level of who claimed the kill). You will also notice a debuff affecting your activities for a duration as well.

Overworld PVM


  • Pvm opportunities similar to Demon Flash Mobs

  • Mobs interact with settlements to disrupt a main function of the location (i.e. goblin raid parties looting the shops and banks preventing them from being usable)

  • Bring variety to players everyday involvement with cities


  • Create event scenarios players can engage in involving settlement histories

  • Rewards players for competent pvm gameplay with area-relevant rewards (defeating rogue Iowerth for crystal seeds)

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