Partizan Star Online 2: v1.02

Partizan Star Online 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001

Recent Changes:

-Added Information on Luster sub

– Updated various informations regarding PP management
– Updated SSA section
– Fleshed out the GAMEPLAY section
– Various clean ups

Disclaimer:  This guide is for Partisan, not PSO2. For the most part, this guide assumes you somewhat understand the game. It is not complicated but I’m not covering every aspect of the game itself, only things pertinent into learning how to play the weapon because I’m a lazy cunt. If you have any questions feel free to ask The Raven#6776. Before you ask any questions, read all of the guide. Use the document outline as a contents page. Also, don’t talk to me. If you are completely new to hunter and/or the game, consider watching this video series detailing various stuff about improving with Hunter. Global Players I apologise in advance but due to the transient nature of that server I don’t want to include any specific information until stuff slows down so specific content information is going to be geared to the JP version.


My name is Xxx_The_LAST_Raven_heh_xxX. Partisan is a shit weapon and Sword is a contender for best in the game but you might as well give it a try. If you do decide to give it a try, this is how it works.

Introduction again

Partisan is a Hunter weapon. Due to its moveset it features good range among melee weapons and due to a particular PA (which will get its own 200 word essay) it excels at boss encounters of all varieties (except those that die within 5 seconds and/or have a buttload of breakable parts). Among Hunter weapons specifically, Partisan features good all-round stats while edging towards raw power more at the cost of PP efficiency, therefore making it able to handle any situation well enough. Since Hunter weapons all function ‘similarly’ in the sense that they are all basically all rounder melee weapons with decent range, Hunter mains typically pick a weapon and main it while possibly picking up another weapon on the side for specific scenarios.

Discord for hunters                                                                                                      JP/NA terminology changes

Getting Started:

Before reading this guide, please do the Basic training: Hunter quest to get an idea of how the very basics of the class/weapon works if you are relatively new. While this guide is primarily designed for people who understand the game, I myself understand that due to PSO2 NA, the amount of new players is much higher than when I first wrote this guide (sometime in 2018). With that in mind I will try to keep it relatively straightforward but I need YOU to do something for me. Please read the ingame tutorials as everything from this point will assume you have done that. This is a guide for the weapon partizan so it will not reference too much to do with general gameplay or overall skill tree unless it applies to the weapons usage.

Hunter skill tree

                                                            This is a reference image for JP, for actual skill trees scroll down

Hunter has 4 builds that are considered viable and as such I will be covering all of them and their purpose briefly. For more detailed descriptions, give them a try yourself!



Hu/Fi – [The Regular]

*Sips out of monster can*

For most new players, this is the build that they will be starting with. Since the beginning, Hunter has only really had 1 viable build. It took until mid 2019 for an alternative to appear and until the end of the year for a new main build. Hu/Fi doesn’t offer much utility as the main class covers most of that and is really used just for the high amount of damage it gives, as well as the extra striking power as Fighter is also a melee based class. To keep it brief, this build simply requires you to alternate PAs to get the max amount of damage (which you will be doing by virtue of your rotation). When alternating PAs in Brave stance (when attacking a target from the front), your damage multiplier is 1.771x damage. With Wise stance (hitting from the ass), your damage multiplier is 2.018x damage. Fighter doesn’t provide much in the way of critical hit but it is possible to get to 65% (80% with S6 wise skill) in fury stance and 40% (55% with S6 wise skill) in guard stance which means it’s not recommended to use critical damage augment skills.

TL;DR: Use this build for run-of-the-mill damage optimization (until you get ET sub) or more practically for enemies where hitting from behind is very easy due to wise stance being very strong.

Hu/Ph – [The Practical]

Mitigating Paritzan’s weaknesses, but at what cost?

On paper (and in execution) phantom sub has more benefits than Fighter and Etoile sub gameplay wise. This includes PP regen and higher maximum PP, Gear maintenance, access to techs (that are super useful due to short charge), completely unconditional multipliers and maximised crit rate (higher average damage and ability to use superior SSAs). It also only requires 42 levels to max the tree (47 SP total once you get to level 80). The very drastic downside is unfortunately the damage. While the damage is completely unconditional in gameplay(aside from getting a crit), it only maxes out at 1.674x damage. To achieve this multiplier though, you need 200 PP (Ph tree gives 20). Phantom gives 40% crit rate at 200 PP and a further 1% every 5 PP. Because your sub is no longer Fighter, you can also use C strike S to get an additional 20% crit and 3% crit damage which puts you at 80% (95% with S6 wise skill) crit in fury stance and 65% (80% with S6 wise skill) in guard stance @ 200PP. As you will be building PP for Partizan anyway, going higher has no downsides so keep in mind that you can get +10% crit at 250 PP if you manage to reach that point. Using critical damage augment skills is recommended because of their superior power to regular damage augment skills.

TL;DR: Specifically for Partizan, this offers; movement options, significantly better gear regen and better PP management which basically makes the quality of life for the weapon much better. However, because the meta of this game is damage, unless playing this build helps you control the weapon better, your raw numbers will be lower.


What if you wanted to go to heaven, but you were a cheating haxor fa-

No I’m not taking the piss. Mid December, Etoile class was released and much like Phantom, offers you the ability to use it as a sub-class. Cutting to the chase, Etoile sub offers defensive ability of which PSO2 has never witnessed, having a skill that simply reduces damage taken by 70%!!!. The demerit to this skill is being unable to recover whatsoever outside of items. However not only does hunter have natural bulk in massive hunter and flash guard, but also automate works as an item heal and as a result still works with damage balancer! Automate was super strong anyway, pretty much saving you as long as you had mates left and didn’t get OHKO’d . Well, now you have 2.5 healthbars AND automate still auto heals you, meaning that dying requires damage that would 1 shot anybody else or a severe healing restriction (basically the later laps of endless). Also you still have IRON WILL to give yourself a 75% chance to cheat death even more. Seriously, the raw defense of Etoile with Hunter’s safety nets is practically an overpowered build.
So, you would expect some bullshit about the damage being worse right? Et sub offers damage which is very barely higher than Fi sub @ 1.785x. Et sub also requires you to Alternate PAs but with a twist: The bonus lasts for 3 PAs. So unlike Fighter sub which grants a damage bonus to the specific PA, Etoile sub basically gives you a grace period of 3 PAs before it runs out.
Fighter TAJA: PA1 > PA2 > PA1 > PA3 > PA2 > PA2
Etoile TACB: PA1 > PA2 > PA2 > PA3 > PA1 > PA1
As a result, it is very free form as it resets every time you alternate a PA. The only way to lose the bonus would be to miss a Just Attack or to do a PA 4 times in a row. Obviously, if you break the rotation you lose the bonus too since it only applies during a ‘string’. Also Etoile has a skill that reduces the PP every time you use the same PA, which caps at 16 uses (you will never do this). Etoile gives 50% crit from its tree for hitting a JA. This means your max crit during fury stance is 100% (115% with S6 wise skill) and in guard stance it’s 75% (90% with S6 wise skill). Critical damage augment skills are recommended.

TL;DR: Despite it not giving much Partizan specific utility like Ph sub, the raw power of its attack and defense is so overwhelming that you are probably going to be aiming to use this sub, even if it feels like it’s invalidating the game a bit. The better TAJA system and Same arts PP reduction is quite beneficial also.

Hu/Lu – [The Unlimited]

The closest thing to the ideal partizan experience

The devs first announced that luster sub was going to be specifically designed for making regular gunslash somewhat usable again along with some buffs. Most players were ready to write it off on that account but it turns out that the Luster sub had some tricks up its sleeve. It has a nice stable damage multiplier of 1.7x at 0 voltage which puts it above phantom sub but around 5% lower than Fi/Et sub. 50 Voltage is 1% damage and it caps at 500 voltage which is x1.1 This means that luster sub caps at 1.87x making it the strongest sub damage wise. Unfortunately Partizan is the worst weapon in the game at building voltage but that doesn’t matter when factoring in the next thing. The main focus is the skill Tech Arts PP High Save. What this skill essentially does is reduce PP consumption when the PA used is different than the previous two PAs. If 4 PAs are done in a row and this rule applies to the 4th PA, there is an additional 50% PP cost reduction. Here is a little example:

PA1 > PA2 > PA3 > PA4 > PA1
PA1 > PA1 > PA2 > PA3 > PA2
PA1 > PA2 > PA1 > PA3 > PA4

The first example is a rotation doing 4 different PAs in sequence. The 3rd PA will get a 40% PP cost reduction and the 4th PA will get an additional 50% PP cost reduction (basically a 70% cost reduction). The other examples show slight variations that may occur if you repeat PAs. As long as you follow the rule of the previous two PAs being different, all PAs will have a 70% PP cost reduction which is ridiculously large. If you factor in PP reduction from shifta drink EX and premium (10%), S abilities and weapons with potentials that reduce PP cost like liberate and ayer/cras, the PP cost becomes absolutely miniscule. For Partizan, probably the only weapon in the game that naturally does this anyway, this is just free PP reduction. As with all TAJA type skills it stops working if you break the chain so you will start from maximum PP cost if you have to do that for any reason. In short after the first volg raptor combo as long as you don’t break the JA chain, Volg > Slide > Assault > Bander will only cost 33 PP not factoring in any additional PP reduction. One more thing to mention is that when it comes to PP reduction, multiplication/division is done before addition/subtraction. Meaning crafted PAs will get reduced by 70% before their + or – craft is applied. What this means for rising flag type 0 is that a -8 craft costs 1 PP!

Aside from that, the gear gain is higher when under shifta and you get 5 PP back per enemy that dies near you as well as the multipliers being unconditional so you have instant access to AoE damage and your JG counter is much stronger due to no JA multipliers being involved. I could write 12 more paragraphs but honestly I think it’s better for you to give it a try. I will say that this sub doesn’t necessarily gimp the other weapons but they still prefer Et so in content where you think you will be using them a lot it’s probably still worth running Hu/Et. Crit rate is somewhat unfortunate as you get 25% for alternating PAs and 25% from getting high voltage so critical damage SSAs are not recommended unless you are using S5 mysterious purpose which I don’t recommend.

TL;DR Quasi-unlimited PP as long as you follow the rules and PP is one of Partizans big 3 weaknesses so it’s a huge buff in bossing especially with high uptime. 

It’s hard to see but the actual numbers don’t matter as much, just pay attention to how slowly the bar actually decreases. A direct comparison video here.

HuLu Guard

HuEt Guard

HuPh Guard

HuFi Guard

Fury Stance (simply substitute the main tree in the relevant sub)

NOTE: Take multipliers first and stat ups LAST. Fighter sub with fury stance doesn’t need the crit.

I have included both Guard stance and Fury stance trees. However in 90% of cases you should be using guard stance and this is because…

Guard Stance vs Fury Stance

This is the stance! – Some guy

One of the biggest questions for Hunter in general is whether you should be using guard stance or fury stance. Due to the nature of Hunters tree, taking both stances requires you to gimp the tree everywhere else and honestly isn’t even worth it.

To be frank, guard stance is better than fury stance pretty much entirely (even with crit builds). Better damage, MUCH cheaper and better defense. The caveat to this is that guard stance requires at least 1 point in guard stance advance to get any damage benefit as well as getting a JG off. Guard stance advance brings you +50% damage after a JG for up to 60 seconds at level 5. Any form of ‘JG’ counts, including Weapon Action, PA guard frames, Charge Parry, Ignition Parry, and C Tech Parry. Fury stance maxes out at about 45% extra damage all said and done. Fury stance costs 25-35 points while guard stance costs 15 points in most cases. The difference between the stances is about 3.1% damage. Fury stance can still be used, but unless you are using 1 tree as a main and sub tree (please try not to do this), you want to go Guard as much as possible. It’s just a much nicer tree.

Palette setups

These Palette Setups are done using 3 button type and with WA universally bound to a button (on controller)

General Bossing: Normal, Bandersnatch, Slide End, Rising Flag 0, Assault Buster, Volg Raptor

Personally I advocate for people using what they are used to. Regardless of what weapon, all of my palette setups have a universal ‘pattern’. The layout is unimportant but this is a good core to have as it has all of the main culprit for Volg Raptor combos on it.

General AoE (close range): Normal, Speed Rain, Slide End, Tear Grid, Assault Buster, Slide Shaker

This covers nearly all bases when it comes to mobbing with Partisan. Quick mobbing, heavy duty mobbing etc.

These are just starting points. As you get more used to the weapon and encounters you might wanna change it up to have a specific PA for a specific boss (e.g Sacred Skewer 0 for dragon, might replace slide end on the general bossing one.

HuFi/Et/Lu Subpalette: Massive Hunter, Guard Stance, War Cry, PP convert, Photon Blast, Solution PA, Jumping Dodge, Sacred Skewer, Safoie, Dark Blast.

HuPh Subpalette: Massive Hunter, Zondeel/Megiverse, War Cry, Zanverse, Photon Blast, Solution PA, Jumping Dodge, Sacred Skewer, Safoie, Shifta.

Pretty self explanatory. To activate Guard Stance on the Hu/Ph subpalette, simply change sub-palettes to activate it and then switch back. It helps to save space by keeping in on 1 sub-palette per book. Same with Wise stance. Only things that need to be activated are put on multiple Subs.

The entirety of this section will make more sense the further you progress into the guide.

The good:

+ High potential single target DPS*
+ Swag
+ Top tier defensive abilities (more of a class thing but w/e still counts)
+ Good PA synergy
+ HUGE range
+ Above average AoE DPS*

* Dps is possibly limited by circumstances referenced in the next section

The shit:

– Terrible PP efficiency (get ready to have 180+ PP minimum)
– The weapon functions around 1 very vulnerable PA
– Gear management is anti aggression/dps (only gear that requires you to stop attacking in the game)
– PAs without gear have ridiculously short range.
– Movement is bad. Rising flag is terrible for movement (low speed, distance, long startup and high PP cost.)
– Requires good foresight and fight knowledge to use at greatest potential (ep1 class syndrome)
– Suffers from 6 slot syndrome (too many useful PAs, only 6 slots per palette)

Photon Arts:

Weapon Action: Twirls the Partizan in front of you to build gear and simultaneously block attacks. Guarded attacks inflict heavily reduced damage and knockback but costs 20 PP. When Weapon action is timed to the enemy’s attack, a Just Guard is performed which completely removes damage and knockback and heals with healing guard on the skill tree. Just Guards also restore PP (with the skill on the skill tree) and can also activate a PA (Rising flag) with the correct skill ring. Unique to Partizans guard weapon action, PP regen isn’t stopped while guarding.

Weapon Action


Just Guard

Just Guard Rising Flag (Skill Ring)

Slide Shaker: Decent DPP aoe that covers 360 degrees and has decent range. Great mobbing tool and works with Volg raptor. Gear increases range and damage by 10%.



Rising Flag (Type-0): Fast executing attack (with a dash when crafted) that has relatively low PP consumption. Can launch enemies. Has a Guard Point when advancing. Works very well with Volg Raptor. Never use uncrafted. Gear increases attack size and damage by 10%




Speed Rain: Decent DPP aoe that has good forward range, great for hitting out of range or high movement enemies. It has an effective minimum range and priorities hitboxes outside that range. More on that later. Works decently well with Volg Raptor (You’re seeing a pattern here, aren’t you?). Gear increases range and damage by 10%



Zenith Throw: Good DPP PA but has poor range and fairly long animation. Doesn’t see a lot of use nowadays but can still be used occasionally. It is more powerful than max damage Rising flag type-0 and Bandersnatch combined while only costing the same PP as Bandersnatch. Can be used for cheap Volg Raptor combos. Gear increases damage by 10%



Trick Rave: Great DPP PA with a good vertical hitbox. Hits up to 5 times but has fairly lengthy animation and no super armor. Good for cheaper Volg Raptor combos. Gear increases attack size and damage by 10%



Slide ENDO: One of the definitive Partisan PAs, good DPS with huge range and quick execution. Charge PA. Great with Volg Raptor. Gear increases attack size and damage by 10%



Assault BUSTAH: One of the definitive Partisan PAs, highest DPS in the tool kit with deceptively large range with a lunge. Charge PA. Arguably the main PA included in Volg Raptor combos. Gear increases attack size and damage by 10%



Bandersnatch: PA with high DPP and DPS. Very good for some cheap damage. It functions better in the air due to the lack of a backstep. Backstep has a small amount of Iframes. Great with Volg Raptor. Gear increases attack size and damage by 10%



Sacred Skewer: Ranged PA that has a delay between activation and hit. Not entirely useful in itself but deserves special mention because of unique synergy with Volg Raptor. Allows for extremely powerful Volg Raptor combos (4 PAs) due to delay but serves very little purpose beyond this nowadays. Gear increases damage by 10%

Sacred Skewer Type-0: More useful Ranged PA that chucks a spear like alex. Has enormous horizontal width and goes a long distance. Charge PA. Great for mobbing, hitting long distance/hard to reach enemies and long range Volg Raptor combos. Gear increases range, attack size and damage by 10%




Crafted Demo

Vol(g?) (G?)raptor: Marks enemy with a spear that explodes after a set amount of time. The explosion is initiated by damage done by the user. Charge PA. Gear increases projectile speed.

Tears Grid: Great DPP aoe PA that does a lot of damage per use. Long duration and roots you in place, but very powerful when used correctly. Cannot be cancelled by weapon action during any part of the PA because sega is stupid. Not suitable for use with Volg Raptor under normal circumstances. Gear changes attack size, increases damage by 10% and rearranges the damage done by hits slightly.



All Charge PAs have a charge time of 0.5 seconds and work with Charge Parry.


If you are having trouble charging efficiently (either charging for too long slowing down DPS or charging for too short and well… slowing down DPS) then try doing one quick turn with your character and release when facing the enemy again, this is a good way of ensuring sufficient charge while not charging too long. This is especially important for fitting 3 PAs into a Volg Raptor. Once you get the hang of it, you can probably get the correct charge time based on feel, or based on visuals (when your character faintly glows blue before the black ring appears for absolute minimum charge time).

Most PAs execute faster in the air but you lose your ability to twirl. This works well with the Gilde Girola. More on that later.

Assault Buster has a strange gimmick where the movement is so fast, if you cross up the enemies hitbox before the end of the PA, it counts as behind when the damage is applied. This means you are able to activate wise stance and/or kill enemies from behind with an Assault Buster used from the front.

Technique used in endless to complete stage order. Notice the stage condition and the time increasing, relative to where I am.

As mentioned before, Speed Rain has a minimum effective distance. Best demonstrated on a large hitbox, the PA prioritises hitboxes that are outside a certain range. While this can often be a hindrance, this can also be used to your advantage to dead angle enemies that have weak points that are behind them.

Those who live by the Volg Raptor, die by the Volg Raptor

Partisan has been blessed and cursed by a single PA that is a part of its repertoire. This PA is responsible for making Partisan an above average weapon but it also shackles it because of its dependency on the PA. Volg Raptor is a PA that shoots a spear/orb that marks the enemy which will explode for the damage that is done during it. As you can imagine, this allows for some incredible burst damage capabilities if you can get in a lot of damage when it is up.

The PA will brand an enemy for 10 seconds. It explodes after 3 seconds from the first hit on the enemy while it is active. The PA can be charged: it will explode for 0.5x the damage uncharged, and explodes for 0.8x the damage done during it when fully charged. This attack can also be just attacked. The maximum multiplier for a Volg Raptor is 1.04x the damage done during it. You will be aiming for this multiplier 99/100 times as it is easy to achieve since the charge time is relatively short. Sounds good init? Unfortunately despite the benefit this PA adds to the weapon sega have balanced the weapon heavily with the ability to use Volg Raptor in mind. Though they have adjusted this recently, the weapon still suffers from mediocre output without the usage of Volg Raptor (for bossing at least, AoE can still keep up somewhat). This means without constant usage of this PA your damage will be shit and also garbage. Now, even if this sounds fair enough, when you delve into how awkward this PA can be to use at times it becomes clear why this weapon requires a bit of experience to use well.

First of all, this PA costs 40 pp! Remember: this PA does not do anything by itself. This means that the 40 PP you spend is basically an investment for the future. If for some reason the Volg Raptor does not manage to activate or misses the target or feels you haven’t particularly appreciated it enough…

… have literally wasted PP. Even more unfortunately, it is VERY easy for this to happen compared to more straightforward PAs in the game which is like 98% of them. Now considering Volg Raptor hits, what next? You need a combination of PAs to make the most of it. The PP cost and duration will always be the same, so the only determining factor of your return for the investment is how much damage you can do.

Next of all, Volg Raptor is counted as a mark, not dissimilar to chain trigger or weak bullet which means if the part that it is attached to expires or becomes invincible, you lose the Volg Raptor. However unlike WB, if there is an enemy that teleports (fucking loser) you lose the Volg Raptor. This is ANY teleport, not limited to: loser, angel, dio hunar, anga, a lot of the darkers and shit. This also goes for breakable parts which is probably the more common way to lose it.  ANY boss or enemy with a part that can break, Volg Raptor will expire without doing damage if it breaks before the explosion is set to happen. This goes for downed bosses that get up, you WILL lose your Volg Raptor. Be very mindful when putting it on breakable parts.

Finally of all, the PA is slow, has terrible tracking and can get attached to wherever it feels like sometimes. It also suffers from some dodgy glitches where it can just evaporate for no apparent reason (shown here. Twice). It has been theorised that it is based on how quickly you fired a Volg Raptor after the last one since chain has a similar issue. While this seems to be true, there is no consistent timing that guarantees this to happen. You can almost do rolling Volg Raptors sometimes and other times you have to wait 2 seconds before using the next one. Luckily, using a twirl after the last PA in your combo is a good way to avoid this. Remain vigilant, so you don’t commit to combo when there is no Volg Raptor to activate.

Now that all of that is out of the way, let me cover some sample Volg Raptor combos you might wanna use.

NB: Because I’m lazy, there are no damage calculations (yet) but I’ll give you an idea of how strong they are. None of these take into consideration ANY PP reduction so this would be the max amount of PP cost (on Hu/Ph with a lightstream partizan for example)

1 PA

Volg> Zenith (40+15 = 55 PP cost)
Good if you have low PP and the enemy doesn’t move a lot. Not amazing damage but not bad either.

Volg> Trick (40+20 = 60 PP cost)
Same as the last combo but with slightly better range and damage, at the cost of higher PP consumption.

2 PA

Volg> Slide/ Assault > Zenith (40+28+15 = 83 PP cost)
Very powerful combo for PP cost, but tight timing means you can lose a huge chunk of damage if done incorrectly. Comparable power to 3 PA combos.

Volg> Slide/Assault > Trick (40+28+20 = 88 PP cost)
Relatively powerful combo for PP cost, unlikely to get full trick rave (better in air).

Volg> Slide/Assault > Bander (40+28+15 = 83 PP cost)
Slightly cheaper combo but less damage

Volg> Bander > Trick (40+15+20 = 75 PP cost)
Even cheaper Volg Raptor combo at the expense of a bit of power, unlikely to get full trick rave.

3 PA

Volg> Slide > Assault > Bander (40+28+28+15 = 111 PP cost)
Bread & butter Volg Raptor combo, use whenever possible for big damage

Volg> Assault > Bander > Assault (40+28+15+28 = 111 PP cost)
Executes slightly faster than the previous and also has the benefit of position change earlier in the combo incase you need to gap close

Volg > Slide > Assault > Slide (40+28+28+28 = 124 PP cost)
This combo has the highest potency, and by far the most difficult to land in normal play. It’s not technically used very often as frame data is important in volg raptor combos and this one slightly slower than the others but it has the highest damage regardless. 

Volg> Assault > Rising Flag 0 > Assault (40+28+20+28 = 116 PP cost)
Combo that is good tracking moving opponents


Volg> Assault x3 (40+28+28+28=124 PP Cost)
This combo gives you a high amount of control to hit whatever you need to at the cost of having a really high PP cost.


Any damage that comes from you counts, including Helix Proi and Mag Excite but if it is not initiated by you it will NOT initiate the Volg Raptor (so no accidental mag uppercuts messing up your combo)

It can be used for mobbing, but the explosion radius isn’t amazing. If you can organise it in a zondeel or something it might be worth using but usually AoE damage from Volg Raptor is a happy accident.

If you want to simultaneously AoE and hit a specific boss hard, you can use Volg > Slide End > Slide Shaker/Speed Rain. This will hit the Volg raptor's target hard while damaging mobs with its large radius. (More on this in the rotation section.)

I have only very briefly covered what possibilities exist, but as for a general rule of thumb: Try to put all of the big hits at the beginning of the combo so that any unforeseen circumstances will not impact you super negatively. Single hit PAs (Slide End, Assault Buster and Sacred Skewer) should always be cast first, since the countdown starts after the first hit. But realistically, any damage counts. There are a lot of super specialist combos that are used in specific circumstances.

On the flipside, if you want the Volg Raptor to activate quickly, you can start with a multi hit PA like bandersnatch or normal attack to get it going, though you are likely to lose damage if you do so.

Assault Buster is really your best friend. This should be used as filler if you ever need to improvise as it executes in less than half a second after the charge. Slide end should not really be used mid combo unless you are settling for a subpar Volg Raptor due to it’s relatively long execution time.

The only PA I would say not to use with Volg Raptor is Tears Grid (RAW) and here's why:

Tears Grid and Volg Raptor

A common beginner trap is to use Volg Raptor into tear grid, but don’t do this. Tear grid has a full duration of about 3.5 seconds after the first hit, which means the entire PA will NOT fit into a Volg Raptor. Tear grid looks like a nice PA because it does big damage by just holding one button and granted it’s actually a decent PA with correct usage, that usage is not with Volg Raptor. 80% of the PAs notation is in that final hit and therefore it's pointless to use Volg Raptor if that final hit isn’t apart of the final explosion as illustrated here:

Shown here: The Volg Raptor explodes at 226k while not being able to include the big hit from tears grid which was more than double that amount

Here’s the caveat: You can turn (albeit slowly) during Tears grid. This means there IS a way to do tear grid inside a Volg Raptor without fucking it completely and that is to miss the first couple hits of tear grid (minimum, like this:)


or miss the entirety of the rapid-fire part (quite difficult, like this:)

This way the biggest hit will be inside the Volg Raptor.
The utility of this is limited as DPS wise you are losing uptime as you are delaying the Volg Raptors explosion compared to if you used a traditional combo. That being said you can get some really high damage if you are just going for swag or whatever by doing Volg > (final hit) Tears grid > Assault > Bandersnatch. It's tight, but it should still work. Anyway the general rule of thumb is to not do it. However, there are very specific circumstances where it is actually optimal. Here are some of these now:


Demoire Dominus

Persona (Elder mask)

And while we are on advanced PA shenanigans and non-sequiturs….

Trick rave cancel

A party(zan) Trick to wow your friend(s)

Alright so this is a classic one. Trick rave is a fairly long PA, with the damage to compensate. It’s faster when done in the air but there is a way to entirely remove the ‘long’ part of the PA while retaining most of the damage.

If you do a trick rave while airborne but extremely low to the ground (literally clipping in it) you can cancel the air chase part of trick rave and dive straight into the ground. It looks like so:


This makes trick rave a high DPS and DPP PA however it is tricky to pull off not to mention inconsistent as hell. The most consistent way to pull is while using a charge PA, tap the jump button *slightly* at the same time you release it.

Alternatively you can either go straight into the trick rave from a short hop (pointless) or use a PA like rising flag/Bandersnatch to buffer it. While in theory this seems optimal, and it did see quite a lot of use during ep4 (Volg > Sacred Skewer > Uncharged Sacred Skewer > Trick cancel) in actual practicality it's not amazing anymore due to every PA apart from Sacred Skewer getting buffed. If not done perfectly, Trick Rave also loses one of its hits making it 100% of the notation instead of 120%. Also it’s really fucking hard to do…

That 4 PA Volg Raptor combo I mentioned earlier (or Sacred Skewer vs Sacred Skewer 0)

Swiggity Swag

The last thing to do with PAs that needs to be mentioned is whether you should craft Sacred Skewer or not. The answer is yes.

….However if you just wanna have a bit of fun and don’t like having all of that bothersome convenience shit, you can keep it vanilla since it’s a unique PA in its own right. As mentioned before, it allows for some wacky Volg Raptor setups due to its delay but the main one to highlight is being able to use 4 PAs during one Volg Raptor. It looks like this:

Similar to the Tears Grid Volg Raptor combo, it somewhat defeats the purpose of having high DPS as it delays the Volg Raptors explosion however it allows you to squeeze in an extra ounce of power (it did 48,000 x 3 which is 144,000 which is just under half of the 300k that slide end did) making the Volg Raptor roughly 10% stronger. However, it also costs more PP which is bad. There are arguments to be had, as adding that PA might make the Volg Raptor combo take longer to payoff, but remember that a JA fully charged Volg Raptor (which most of them should be) is 1.04x the damage of every PA inserted into it so technically you are getting 288k or double the notation of the sacred skewer that was added in, at the cost of maybe 1 second and 30 extra PP. This technically outweighs just adding on another assault buster after the Volg Raptor if you have time for one of two extra hits. Sacred skewer type 0 is, unfortunately for vanilla Sacred Skewer, far too useful to not have. It’s a shame, they fulfil entirely different functions, they ought to be separate. It also has infinite range so it’s good for potentially maintaining voltage. Oh well.

Shown here: Every hunter player after ep1 (but before imperial cleave)

PP Management

Get used to seeing this. A LOT.

By far the biggest weakness on Partisan is the PP management. With the advent of Genon Wired lance as well as Phantom and Luster sub and various weapons that now seem to focus on PP maintenance, it is a lot better than what it was when I first wrote this guide. However, if we were to ignore gear, this would still be very true, so I am keeping it here with this text as a disclaimer. 

It’s what fundamentally stops the weapon from being able to shit out the damage (luster sub aside) it’s capable of with impunity. Arguably the most important thing to learn while using this weapon is the PP management and unfortunately a guide may not do it proper justice.

Partisan has fairly non-standard PP management seeing as its normals may be fast but return pitiful amounts of PP and most of your attacks start with either a 40 PP PA or a 28 PP PA. As such, sega made it that the twirl that Partisan does after every normal and every PA which was originally for gear recovery also recovers PP too. 10 PP for normal twirls, 30 PP for PA twirls. This is counted as natural PP regen, and as such any skill that effects that will also affect the twirl regen. For example, increasing natural PP regen by 20% will make normal twirls 12 PP and PA twirls 36 PP. R/PP convert ring is a very good tool since it increases PP regen by 300% for 20 seconds. This also means things that STOP natural PP regen will stop twirls from Regening PP. Every twirl was not made equal however, and some are much shorter than others. The difference between the frame data of each twirl is splitting hairs almost, but it becomes noticeable the more you play the weapon. Also trick rave has a ‘twirl’ that is technically a part of the actual attack. It regens gear while spinning on the ground IF executed on the ground (despite having the same animation if used in the air) but it doesn’t regen PP under any circumstance.

The idea is to use twirls at the beginning and at the end of Volg Raptor combos and how aggressive you twirl has to do with PP remaining. I am aiming to do a Volg Raptor combo that costs 103 PP (Volg > Slide > Rising > Bander). I currently have 180 PP and a rising flag type 0 craft that is -6 PP.

Volg> Slide > Rising > Bander/Twirl = 107 PP
Volg/Twirl > Slide > Rising > Bander/Twirl = 74 PP
Volg/Twirl > Slide > Rising > Bander = 1 PP

Seems pretty simple right? Without the twirls it wouldn’t be possible. At the same time the twirls are never placed in the middle of a Volg Raptor combo. The key is when possible, try not to interrupt the consecutive PAs used within a combo as when doing 3 PA combos you will not have enough time. 
So now I’m gonna start to throw a wrench into the works to show how a practical situation may play out

The Wrench:

Each time you twirl, you add 0.5 to 1 second to your ‘combo’. A lot can change in a second and it is important to keep in mind that Partizans damage is completely back ended meaning if time ‘runs out’, you lose a lot of damage. Considering most bosses are down for about 8-10 seconds, you typically won’t get a third Volg Raptor combo anyway, but you are at risk of losing your second if the boss immediately makes the target changes state or disappears completely (Like ESCA Mother) which means that twirling can waste too much time. A weaker combo is better than no combo at all, even if you have to not use Volg Raptor and just rely on regular PAs to do damage.

However the situation changes somewhat when you have a really aggressive boss. On Hunter’s skill tree, there is a skill that regens 20 PP every time you JG, whether that is Charge Parry, WA or Guard Point. This gives you a lot of opportunities to regen PP on the fly. This also shows the strength of Hunter’s offensive defense (Sword via counters, Partizan via counters and facetanking, WL via facetanking). Essentially this is the identity of Hunter that is created by its skill tree and weapon attributes. Having high defense and various guard options allows it to keep momentum easily. This means you can basically keep momentum at all times which is very necessary for soloing. Keep in mind that in the case of Partizan, once a Volg Raptor is out, you are on a time limit and it may be a better idea to take the hit rather than lose a PA in the explosion due to hitstop or a parry. With experience, you will know which attacks you can afford to get hit by and which attacks are worth parrying, as well as if parrying will even work with the combo depending on what stage of it you are in.

Between JG and Charge Parry (and automate/iron will), Hunter has a lot of defensive skills that allow you to somewhat ignore having to think hard about defending. The main ones regarding PP management are parries, which are achieved through JG and Charge Parry. And since Charge Parry can parry unlimited hits while its duration is active (1.5 seconds, very effective.) you can get large chunks back from multihit attacks.

A quick tangent: when should I Charge Parry and when should I JG?

To keep it concise, use JG if/when you wanna save PP or if Charge Parry will not last the entirety of the attack (deus hunas triple slash comes to mind). You can also cancel out of the majority of your PAs with JG which can save you.  Use Charge Parry if you have PP to spare,have to apply Volg Raptor,aren’t confident in the timing for the JG or can get a large amount of PP/HP back from multihits.

As with all weapons, PP management comes with experiences, but these are some observations that might help you learn faster.



Basically working off of the section that contains all the Volg Raptor combos, this section will help with the actual application of all of those examples.

There are a fairly large amount of examples shown there (and that’s not even exhaustive, Volg Raptor can be used with literally anything even if it’s not practical to do so). Therefore in this section I will go over what you should be using when.

First of all, it is worth establishing the maximum amount of PAs you can do in a combo without an uncrafted sacred skewer is 3. As this is the case, the majority of the time this is what you will be aiming to do for the most damage. 1 & 2 PA combos are much more situational nowadays and are only used to save PP or if you are feeling lazy. Admittedly they are good for starting out as well and getting to grips with the ‘feel’ of the weapon.

With that out of the way, let's get right into it.
The combo you should be aiming to do is: Volg > Slide End > Assault Buster > Bandersnatch. This is essentially your bread & butter and should be what you are aiming to do in every situation you put a Volg Raptor on the enemy. Especially when you are just starting out, you want to avoid an overload of information so sticking to 1 ‘go to’ is always the best idea.

When you start to get the feel for the weapon, the use of adaptations will come naturally. For instance, if you want to move closer to the enemy, it would be better to start with Assault Buster in a combo like this: Volg > Assault Buster > Rising Flag > Bandersnatch.

Assault Buster has piercing properties; meaning there are some boss hitboxes that it will take you straight through and mess up the positioning for the rest of your combo. As a result, there are combos that take advantage of the lack of movement. For example: Volg > Slide End > Rising Flag > Bandersnatch. For increased potency, you can substitute that Rising Flag with a Bandersnatch (Only worth it on Hu/Ph or Hu/Et).

Another scenario that is fairly common is the enemy or boss moving mid combo. Bandersnatch does not advance to the enemy whatsoever therefore using it when an enemy has moved is a waste of effort. In that case, you might want to go for another Assault Buster in place of the Bandersnatch. For example: Volg > Slide End > Assault Buster (enemy moves) > Assault Buster. In this scenario, it's worth the PP cost since it has huge range and tracks really well.

Finally, if you find that during a combo the enemy is doing an attack that you don’t want to just tank through, you can use JG rising flag or Charge Parry to your advantage. Volg > Slide End (incoming attack) > Assault Buster (Charge Parry) > Bandersnatch.

Be aware that due to some weird shit in this game’s engine, the hitstop that occurs during a Charge Parry (basically the impact that stops your character) also freezes the timer for the PAs charge time. This means you can inadvertently release a PA without fully charging. I would personally recommend using JG rising flag mid combo instead which looks like this: Volg > Slide End (incoming attack) > JG > Rising flag > Bandersnatch. This is even better as you can cancel PAs with WA at most times

AoE however, is a bit simpler. Every Partisan PA has quite a big cleave especially with gear (save for zenith throw) even the Volg Raptor explosion can AoE. However, the main AoE PAs are: Slide Shaker, Slide End, Speed Rain. These 3 PAs are the core of Partisan AoE and are supplemented by Assault Buster, Tears Grid and Sacred Skewer 0.

Slide End and Assault Buster for DPS and for mobbing where the mobs are paper (like pre EQ boss), Sacred Skewer and Speed Rain when the enemies are further away (more specifically Sacred Skewer, Speed Rain is more general use) And Slide Shaker with Tears Grid when the mobs are a bit bulkier and DPP is preferred. That is to keep it simple, but more often than not it will just be the PAs that start with ‘S’ that are most often used. Assault Buster and Tears Grid work wonders with zondeel, especially Tears Grid. Despite not being the most useful PA, high HP mobbing is where it shines (if you don’t want to use WL which is superior in mobbing) since it has great damage, surprisingly large range for a relatively cheap PP cost.


You won't be.

Movement is fairly straightforward. It is garbage. If we are talking Partisan, then just step attack spam is your best option, since Partisan was blessed with a decent step attack (lock on for the extra oomph). PAs should not be used for movement unless you are in combat (Yes this means you Rising flag 0) because PP is crucial to the weapon, and they are also really fucking slow compared to what you can be doing otherwise. It should be noted the Rising flag 0 is good if you wanna move while maintaining altitude.  Just switch to WL and spam the 5PP adapt spin (at level 17) or if you really gotta go fast get an asagiri katana. Just don’t forget that you lose Volg Raptor if it is out when you switch weapons, so keep that in mind.

This is where Hu/Ph comes into play. Ph has a skill that reduces the PP cost of techs (as well as charge time, but you don’t really charge movement techs). Having access to techs means having access to Safoie Type-0 and Ilzonde. These are very good movement techniques that also allow you to stay on the same weapon. Safoie has superior distance, is more PP efficient and has absolutely insane tracking, at the cost of moving slightly slower. On the other hand, Ilzonde has 0 aerial tracking and short range with a relatively high PP cost but incredible burst movement that can also pierce enemies. This allows you to feel like spider-man when you are actually able to move about using Partizan and don’t have to contend with 300 ping weapon switches among fiddling with your palette and picking the wrong weapon which gives a dela-

Boss Compatibility (Tips & Tricks)

Just hit the boss lmao

To preface this, this section is pretty much optional and subjective but I thought it would be nice to include since this weapon (the class in general) requires a lot of boss knowledge due to being a setup weapon. Also, most of these examples are talking about MPA as you can’t necessarily control the rate at which the boss is damaged and parts get broken. Solo is different since you have large control over that and therefore a lot of Partisan’s main problems are moot. This is also considering that the boss doesn’t die in less than 5 minutes and somewhat fights back. This is also me trying really hard to make it seem like any boss phases me, for obvious reasons.

Elder: Great, can abuse the fuck out of arms like most classes and has the added benefit of being able to use wise stance. Just be careful of how easy his arms break, you can put Volg Raptor on his head/closed hands while attacking the arms as insurance. 9/10, Guard Stance OK.

Loser: Losers teleports make Volg Raptor disappear (which means if he goes fast you only have like 3 chances to actually land combos) and even then, he has a lot of breakable parts, his main weak spot is hard to access even with double jump since charging PAs drops you to the floor leaving you to attack the arms if clock doesn’t get opened. Also, he is very unthreatening and not a lot of attacks come your way so PP maintenance can suffer. 6/10, Guard Stance can work but don’t be surprised if you drop it.

Double: Not bad, can get away with planting Volg Raptor on a separate leg to avoid losing it but ultimately the same problem as very little part of the boss is vulnerable and it's all breakable. On a positive note, Partizan can effectively skip his flight on the solo Trigger (either difficulty) and sacred skewer goes through legs to hit the actual nub. PP management isn’t horrible since Arks Boost can be a thing but otherwise it’s not great since there isn’t a lot to parry. 7/10, Watch your Guard Stance.

Profound Darkness: Great, boss has breakable parts but they are nice and easy to hit and the boss is constantly attacking so PP maintenance is great ignoring arks boost. Also, you can attack parts that aren’t in focus/put Volg Raptor on a part that you aren’t attacking so you don’t break the part and lose it. After the parts break, it’s just watching when the boss is going to change position (which is pretty much after 2 attacks of the bits.) On the humanoid phase, you can Volg Raptor his hands while breaking his bits and it still contributes. You can also focus on the hands completely since they are basically a weak point, but the bits are going to get in your way regardless. Overall just a nice boss even if you can’t abuse it like tech classes can (fucking Phantom etc etc). 9/10, Guard stance OK.

Mother: While the boss is straightforward: fighting the hands is NOT PP friendly, as usual breakable parts that disappear (hands) and when she gets up it’s cya Raptor. The difference between her and PD is that she does it like 3-4 times compared to PD doing it maybe twice and when PDs parts break you can still hit them. Also, not enough attacks to parry so PP management is hard and you might find yourself with no PP when she is down. You can get a tear grid and assault buster when she is just about to spawn cubes. This fight is saved by its second phase where all of the prior problems disappear and she becomes actually decent to fight. Just be careful of over committing as this might get you hit (she is really active). Overall 7/10. Watch your Guard Stance during the hands as you may get be limp when attacking her while down.

Deuszzzzzzz….: Ironically, this weapon thrives here because this fight has relatively short uptime meaning each time you have time to get max PP back between attacking phases. During snakes a decent amount of attacks to parry so nice PP management. Breakable parts as usual, performance suffers the stronger the MPA is (a common trend for this back ended DPS weapon) but compared to other weapons and due to its enormous burst potential, it actually does well here. You can also throw spears at his chest while he is up. Finally, the Volg Raptor stays on his chest even if he gets up, but not when he flings you off. 7/10, Guard stance OK.

Dragon: Partisan is actually good here. PP management this boss is pretty good because he does so much shit. The weapon has ‘enough’ mobility with step attack and rising flag JGs to stay on the boss and even with breakable parts, they have enough HP that you will lose a small amount if you do cock up. Can abuse wise stance on back legs and tail. Parries work on everything on this boss (unlike the next motherfucker) and it’s very easy to stay alive. Loses points for being a vertically challenged weapon and you can lose Volg Raptor on the wings if you have a good MPA (again, goes for any boss with breakable parts which is all of them) but even without the ability to fight on the Y axis can still hold its own with spear throwing. 8/10, Guard stance OK (for 100% uptime jump off the turret and use the mini meteors to refresh for wing.)

Omega Loser: Still a motherfucker, but worse because you now can no longer parry the ground saucers or the fire because no reason I guess. 4/10, Guard stance not recommended, Make sure to watch it carefully.

Persona: The final boss of EP5. Hunter is one of the best classes here solo for either Partizan or Sword. This boss also has arks boost similar to PD which enables you almost entirely ignore PP management. He is essentially entirely grounded and the only ‘issue’ is hitting the bits on apprentice or double forms at times. You can Volg Raptor the mask and attack the bits fairly effectively. This boss gets worse for Partizan the stronger you get due to the damn damage cap which is a BIG issue in EP6. In my opinion the best forms for Partizan go Luther >>>> Double > Elder >>>>>> Apprentice. If you have agro on Luther, you can pretty much turret him by marking the mask and attacking the bits when they are thrust towards you. In the Persona phase, you have to maintain awareness but hitting the chest should pose no issues. His arms are wont to get in the way but overall hitting the chest is no problem. With practice you can hit him with a Tears grid just as he becomes vulnerable again. 

During the DPS check, you can either hit the ball by charging the Volg Raptor just before it makes contact with the platform as it can be parried. You can quite easily hit his check on the first ball with volg raptor and attack the ball to put some extra damage on his final phase making it a bit faster. Exercise discretion though: If you are in a premade run where everyone is hitting chest then putting volg on chest and using PAs on the ball (can be done twice). Otherwise just put the volg raptor on the ball and attack as normal. Keep in mind that the ball doesn’t become tangible for a second after landing. 8/10. Guard stance 100% uptime is quite easy here but be careful of parties that stun lock him. He might not get to attack a single time for 90% of the fight.  

Demiore Dominus: This boss is fairly straightforward for Partizan. All guard and Volg Raptor makes you a happy boy. Uptime is incredibly high so PP issues may occur, but use your PP convert or anything else you might have. Oh but his parts break like a mother fucker so it points for that, they also move a LOT. Unfortunately you are probably going to hit the damage cap a lot here. 8/10 Guard Stance OK.

Alright now that raid bosses are cleared up, let's focus on some ‘dangerous’ bosses.

Other Bosses

These bosses become a lot easier to manage solo or having agro, which is super easy to achieve. Guard stance works for every one of these bosses but you don’t often face them standalone so it is dependent on where you encounter them.

Phaleg: She’s a paper tiger. Be careful with JGing her phase 2 dash and kicks because they might count as a multihit and damage you despite the JG. Charge parry to be safe. Make sure to learn her voice lines as they are imperative to knowing what’s coming next. 9/10

(Omega) Hunar: His core can be annoying to hit (omega) with most single target PAs and he is a parry fiesta. Just Charge Parry the ground pound to get a free slide end or Volg Raptor and he should have little chance killing you. Bonus points because his sword takes a nonsense amount of damage, so you can Volg Raptor him while hitting the sword. This is a overall loss of time if you are trying to kill him and can hit the core but it's for the +1mil Volg Raptors. 9/10

(Omega) Angel: Great, but loses a bit of points due to all the fucking teleporting and breakable parts (wings). Otherwise, same as any other boss. Good PP management, easy to block. You can Iframe through the suction, but you CANNOT guard it. Don’t get caught because you need your PP. 8/10

Omega Apprenzina: Very similar to Angel but doesn’t teleport. Bugs are nice and tanky and despite being technically ‘breakable parts’ they aren’t apart of her body so there is a low chance you will accidentally hit it with Volg Raptor. 9/10

(Omega) Double: Not much to say here, same with any boss. Well I’m obviously pretty dumb. It turns out, double actually sucks! Yeah when I originally wrote this I hadn’t actually spent any amount of protracted time fighting him. Anyway, he likes to charge around a lot. Luckily, even if it's a slow projectile Volg Raptor is still ranged. Therefore, you can stick it on him while he runs around. Using Assault Buster, Rising Flag, Speed Rain or even Sacred Skewer here might be worth it if it’s really giving you trouble. Thankfully, JGing him isn’t too difficult. 7/10

Dio Hunar: Maybe the most annoying to deal with here (for most classes mind you) due to the annoying to hit tumours. You can get away with volg’ing one and hitting the other similar to double but it’s super easy to stick it on her resistant body and waste 40 PP. The best way to deal with them though is to use Speed Rain’s dead angle effect to hit them from in front of her. Otherwise, no real issues with her attacks, just parry them all (juicy HP and PP recovery from the needle rain). 7/10

Deus Hunas/Anges: Similarly straightforward, Charge Parry and JG everything. Out of all the bosses he might take the most getting used to because of his attack timings and range (that 300 degrees sword angle) require practice. Otherwise Charge Parry to victory, can easily avoid lightning + spikes due to all guard + Charge Parry. One thing to note: when he is stronger and does the triple slash, be careful when using Charge Parry because if the Charge Parry is started too early, the last slash WILL hit you. If you time the start of the Charge Parry just as the first slash is about to hit you, you can parry the whole thing (1.5 seconds). Same with the tornadoes, but those have a smaller interval and you can change from Charge Parry to JG or vice versa during it if necessary. 8/10

Chrome Dragon: He likes to jump around but for the most part try to avoid putting a Volg Raptor on a part you are about to break. Otherwise parry everything and get fucked by the hit stop when you block. His feet have damage resistance on them so your Raptors will be weaker. 8/10

Apostolo dragon: As a melee class, this boss fucking sucks. Even with the infinite defensive abilities of Hunter, he is still a huge pain in the ass. All you can do is try to break his arms, wings and face to temporarily stop its momentum. Better safe than sorry here since he has a lot of hitboxes he can throw out. Compared to chrome, he can spawn spikes alongside most of his attacks. Luckily everything can be parried.. 6/10

Anga (either form): Partisan is definitely a weapon that benefits from breaking the bits to get the exposed core. You can also use Volg Raptor on the body while you break the parts for maximum efficiency but be careful of unintentionally causing resist due to over damage. You can Volg Raptor a bit and go ham on the other bits to avoid this. 8/10

Dark Falz Masquerade: One of SEGAs love children, Masq is the focus of daily content that allows you to fight him 5 times with increasing difficulty, changes in moveset etc. Like other ‘Hunar’ type bosses you are playing an offensive defense, which essentially means you are converting off charge parries and JG rising flags. One nice tip for Partizan (especially regarding higher depths) is that each PA (with the exception of volg raptor) has a different ID between geared and ungeared. This means if you are at 0 gear and get the weaker version of a PA, it counts as a different attack regarding his resistance. Volg Raptor on the other hand is recognised as a different ID between charged and uncharged. This means at most you have 22 different PAs to deal with him! Now of course forcing 0 gear at all times isn’t easy but if you are at 0 gear, keep the assault up anyway. He gives you back plenty of PP so if you are challenging higher depths, whack him a dozen times with ungeared PAs. 8/10

Gearing Up

So chances are if you have made it this far you are probably considering giving the weapon a try so I’m here to put a stop to that. In this final section I will be going over what type of gear you wanna aim for while using this weapon. Unfortunately I won't be covering specific affix recipes (apart from maybe my own just to give a bit of context, though it’s not optimal anyway) and will more be focusing on stat priorities and spreads. With that out of the way……


While I can make a shit joke along the lines of “Weapon? Partisan, obviously!” like some prick, I’m not going to do that. When considering what weapon to use with any class, the answer usually ends up as the one with the biggest DAMAGE. In this regard, Partisan is fairly standard.

14 Stars 

(Basically obsolete, but I didn’t want to move the guide around so you can just skip this section to be honest)

Gilde Girola: The first drop 14* for Partisan, the Gilde Girola was the first of the Girola series and was seemingly made with making Partisan more friendly to play. The potential gives the weapon a new way of recovering PP that surpasses the other options (natural regen and twirls) with orbit-like speed and infinite gear while in the air when gear is maxed. It’s power isn’t anything to write home about since Atra was able to overpower it when the double edged sword was released (like a week after the series came out) however the utility from its potential made it Best in Slot. It also looks amazing but unfortunately that is the only thing that makes it worth using nowadays. The infinite gear in the air is still useful as hell for mobbing but power creep has gotten to the level where it can no longer be ignored when shien was released (10% more power). Half of it’s pot is now available as an S4 for Atra and the other half is now a S5 for 15*s. It has a plus potential that now makes it as strong as a weak 15* so it can work until you get a BiS weapon.

RA Stinger: A seasonal unique 14* Partizan based on the rideroids, this weapon was made available for all classes. It has a unique potential which gives you a low damage hitbox once at sprint and upon stopping, shoots out a shockwave that pierces enemies and travels a fair distance. This shockwave is actually fairly powerful and while it usually cannot be applied to regular gameplay in a fluid fashion, with some big brained gymnastics, you can incorporate it as some free AoE or extra damage in a volg raptor. Since step jump instantly accelerates you to max speed and using a PA counts as stopping, you can use a step jump just before a PA to get a free shockwave. It has a short cooldown of about 2 seconds so it cannot be spammed but it still isn’t bad for what it is. S2-S3

15 Stars

The current big boys of the game, 15*s provide a significant damage boost over most 14*s but require a lot of resources to get (luckily, they aren't lottery odds like the original 14*s but they also aren’t super unique). 

Austere-NT: Sega decided to subvert expectations when they were hyping the hell out of austere the entire year and surprisingly, made it a 15*! Then they went and made 2 more 15*s that are more powerful. Oh well, it's still a 15* that can't be category changed  but it can drop straight up from a boss. It has 3 potentials, one that mimics Ares-NT and the other 2 mimic Slave-NTand Nemesis-NT respectively. The damage for all these pots have been reduced but the effects they give have been buffed. Ares type potential has much stronger PB bonuses further encouraging Multiple PBs. The other two have useful effects like damage reduction and PP cost reduction while active or knockback negation with active and PP regen bonuses. It’s not amazing, but it’s still a 15*. Good for endless I guess. S1-S3

Atra-EX: Old reliable as a 15*, this weapon is basically the same as the previous atra but now it has a nice iron will that was borrowed from lumiere and it also heals you basically to full before you are vulnerable again.  Pretty strong in the raw power department too. S1-S4

Lightstream Adoraxion (get it, xion?): This is the new kid on the block with a fairly unique potential. The PP regen effect can be identified by the glow around you and also when your PP is full again for no reason. There are some caveats to the PP regen though. It can only be activated every 2 mins (there is an effect when it is up again). Only via use of a PA that puts you under 10% will this activate (so no angel PP drain or changing from another weapon at 0 PP) and you must have enough PP to even do the PA in the first place. Other than that though it’s a great weapon for Partizan in particular. S1-S3

Corrupted Spear Epitemia: A unique 15* Partizan, that isn’t very good (d’oh, maybe next time). While I was originally interested in its pot, it’s purely a gimmick that tries to give Partizan a way to regen PP but instead of keeping it relevant to what Partizan can and can’t do, it gives PP back via normal attacks. It sends out sonic waves while doing normal attacks and the amount of PP you get and the type of wave you get changes depending on your HP. Disclaimer: I managed to get one via the collect file trade in but I haven’t done any significant testing. It has some decent raw power to it so you could theoretically use it reasonably well as a stop gap.

Liberate Partizan: Made from a Novel, blood, 1300 titles and tears (or just 200 weapon badges), Liberate Partizan will Liberate your soul from your body in pursuit of one. Once you have one though, you have a really good weapon for Partizan. Yes, it’s basically a stat stick but it’s nice getting an extra 20% crit rate and 15% PP cost reduction as part of the package. It’s raw power is quite high but due to its unique choice of SSA slots, Liberate gives you access to more than raw damage multipliers if you so choose (will cover that momentarily). S4-S5


Weapon Damage ranking:

This does not factor in utility, just the raw power so keep that in mind. Full list of Ares buffs here. Actual damage calculator here.

Skill Rings

I totally didn’t forget about this and this isn’t being added retroactively. The only truly mandatory skill ring for Partisan is L/Hunter Gear Save. Actually scratch that. If you want any chance of PP management not being absolute cancer, then R/PP Convert is also quite good. Grind these to max. The reason I didn’t say L/JG Rising Flag was absolutely mandatory was because Hunter is one of the unfortunate classes that need 2 skill rings to be active at the same time and if it were a choice between gear save and rising flag, then I would take gear save. That being said, you really do want to have a JG combo ring. Jumping dodge is also usable in a fairly generic way. 

One more thing: do not be confused about L/JG Rising Flag stats. The % multiplier calculated by the ring level is completely true and scales off of the actual PA’s stats (including craft) however it is NOT a just attack and therefore all JA based multipliers are ignored. A rising flag at 220% power sounds extremely high but a TAJA JA’d rising flag from HuEt for example is about 208% power. This ring is weakest with HuEt and at its best with HuLu and HuPh due to those subs lacking JA multipliers.

HuFi Fury JA multipliers: 1.3/1.1/1.1/1.1/1.15 = 1.99x with tech arts (JG = 10.5% stronger)

HuFi Guard JA multipliers: 1.3/1.1/1.1/1.15 = 1.81x with tech arts (JG = 21.5% stronger)

HuPh/Lu Guard JA multipliers: 1.3/1.1/1.1 = 1.57x (JG = 40.1% stronger)

HuEt Guard JA multipliers: 1.3/1.1/1.1/1.15/1.15 = 2.08x with tech arts (JG = 5.7% stronger)

Keep in mind that these are the relative damages to the strongest rising flag with that sub. 

Full list of ring stats and stuff here.

For R rings, if you are using HuFi or HuLu you should be using PKeeper S. 3% damage for being above 75% HP. Alternatively for more consistency you can use Effort rings. When you need PP, you can equip PP convert on the fly using shortcut words or just keep it on at all times.

With HuPh and HuEt, you can use the best R ring in the game CStrike S. 20% extra critical and 3% extra critical damage. You should be using this as much as possible, only using PP convert when absolutely necessary.


Alright the final section. So you have your units and your weapon and want to waste half a billion meseta, what kinda affixes should you go for? Generally, Partisan wants PP and a lot of it so going for affixes that give high amounts of PP and S ATK is the way to go. That being said usually people focus on the S ATK side and just take the PP that is added alongside. When presented with the choice of flict arma (20ATK 3PP) and alter arma (20ATK 30HP) then go with the former. However, Hunter has an affix that is pretty much uniquely used by itself, phantom and certain luster builds.

Phrase Decay

With the advent of level 85, Hunter got access to War Attract. This increases the potency of war cry and afflicts enemies with jellen for 60 seconds. Phrase decay does 5% more damage against enemies afflicted with jellen which works on every enemy in the game.  While technically any class or anyone that is using a basilis weapon can take advantage of this, Basilis weapons are crap and Hunter, Phantom and Luster are the only classes that can reliably use this affix. You should affix this when possible as it is more powerful than most SSAs and you can jellen enemies every 30 seconds minimum. This is a lot more consistent when bossing as opposed to weak mobbing but it is still a huge boost for a single slot. Basilis are now almost as common as 10*s, so you should be good to go.


Speaking of SSAs, most weapons nowadays are being granted at least one slot for a SSA so it is important to know what they are and how they work (list here). I will give you a list of all of the good ones to use for Partisan:

S1 Radiating Grace: Automatic PP recovery 20%? Yes, please (already said why this is good).
S1:Double-Edged Sword: Damage SSAs are the meta and this is a good one (4%).
S1:Immediate Intent: Not as ballbustingly expensive as D-Edge or annoying as red petal.
S1:Powering Intent: 4% power but only on bosses, not bad.
S1:Photon Reduction 2: Same as the S2 but for S1.
S1:Flowing Intent: Only takes 30 seconds for 4%, not bad but don’t change weapons.
S1:Lethal Intent: 5% HP every 20 seconds for 4%? Better not pair that with P keeper.
S1:Augment Intent: Probably the best S1 since it doesn’t have any shitty drawbacks. 0.5% per affix.
S1:Strike boost: Not worth it on a weapon with S1-3 since you would need to drop P decay to get 5%.
S2:Photon Reduction: PP reduction cost is always nice, and 10% is quite good.
S2:Flowing Grace: More PP is good. Considering it regens while you are attacking it really helps.
S2:Immediate Profusion: 3% damage for TAJA which you should be doing anyway.
S2:Radiating Grace: Same as S1 but slightly weaker. It stacks though.
S2:Nature's Intent: I personally wouldn’t use this, but 3% extra with red petal isn’t bad.
S2:Nature's Reduction: Along the same lines, 12% PP reduction but with a condition.
S2:Double-Edged Sword: Weaker than S1. Be careful when stacking with S1.
S2:Powering Intent: Same as S1 but weaker. Good for boss killing.
S2:Critical Strike (2): With Hu/Ph and Hu/Et, you can achieve the crit to make this your best option.
S2:Cursed Radiance: The most PP regen as it scales on your max PP. Incentivizes taking hits.
S3:Vital Intent: With Automate hopefully you can maximize the advantage of this.
S3:Immediate Profusion: If you have O-Apprentice daggers you ain't using, nice to have.
S3:Radiating Grace 2: Same as the S1.
S3:Cursed Radiance: Same as S2. Good to note that it is great with S1: Lethal Intent.
S3:Skilled Strike (2): Largest damage you can get requiring a high critical rate which is easy to achieve.
S4:Marvelous Aegis: Extra JG pp,  meh.
S4:Radiant Response: Partisan’s own S4, pretty nice but requires high amounts of PP.
S4:Heavenly Protection: Identical to the Gilde Girola regen, not bad.
S4:Mysterious Strike: If you can achieve at least 125% crit rate, this is a very strong SSA. This can be done with Hu/Ph and Hu/Et with S6: Wise Skill on a liberate weapon. 6% damage critical damage but -50% critical rate. Assuming 250 PP on Hu/Ph, both builds can reach 155% critical on Fury and 130% on Guard. This requires a specific S5 though so keep that in mind.
S4:Raising Pursuit: This SSA has a bit more mechanics to it so I will explain that later.
S4:Pursuing Eclipse: Not really a big recommendation personally, but it can give you a huge crit boost since it gives a 50% boost when using jellen, which you will be putting on every enemy regardless.
S4:Colossal Radiance: Gives a large PP regen when near a boss. This can help maintain PP while in boss encounters, which is always helpful when getting used to the weapon. After all, uptime > raw power.
S5:Rushing Bolt: this should not be used.
S5:Mysterious Intent: Unfortunately, because Partizan is a low no. of hit weapon, healing potentials aren’t great but you don’t have much else. 2% extra critical damage as well as the extra 20% critical rate is pretty nice and goes well with S4: Mysterious Strike and the healing you do get (outside of Hu/Et) is more than nothing.
S5:Anthesis Cultivation: This is actually quite good if you manage to get it. Here is a more indepth look at calculations but it technically provides more damage than the 2% potentials. It locks you out of using S4: Mysterious Strike but if you can get about 250 S-Atk, along with your PP and HP, you can get some tasty bonuses.
S5: Angelic Respite: Infinite gear when using PAs in the air at max gear. Same as the Gilde Girola potential and pretty much an absolute must. This being on the S5 slot means that Partizan is restricted to these weapons once they are released.

Personally regarding SSAs I would just stack as much damage as possible. My Atlas might look something like:
S1:Augment Intent, S2:Skilled Strike 2, S3:Skilled Strike 2, S4:Raising Pursuit.

Raising Pursuit

Better than I thought, worse than it could be

This SSA has actual mechanics to it and a relatively unique interaction with Partizan in particular which is why it gets its own section. This SSA activates once you hit the enemy with a technique or PA. Once it activates (indicated by lines converging on your character), it will record damage done to the enemy including the attack that activated it for 4 seconds. It actually functions remarkably similar to Volg Raptor, but instead the damage is contained within you. After 4 seconds, you are surrounded by an orange swirl which will activate additional damage on the next PA/technique that is used. This damage is 30% of the damage recorded, capping at 250k (meaning to cap, you need to do 830k damage in 4 seconds). 

What distinguishes its interaction with Partizan as opposed to normal weapons is twofold: Volg Raptor does NOT contribute to the recorded damage because as we all know, SEGA has brain damage. The second interaction is that (luckily) the additional damage is added into the Volg Raptor. Because of this, you can increase your burst damage by a substantial amount. Due to the Volg raptor not factoring into the explosion, you are unlikely to cap on non weak points but this is not as bad as it seems. If we are speaking mathematically, the further over 830k in 4 seconds you go, the less raising pursuit is actually contributing compared to S4: Mysterious Strike for example. And because the extra damage factors back into the Volg Raptor, you are effectively doubling its contribution which makes it quite strong.

Unit SSAs

Good luck getting these fuckhead LOOOOOOOOOOOOL – SEGA, probably 

With the Advent of 13* units, SEGA actually put SSAs on units. Most of it seems to be utility, but there are stat up SSAs that actually add onto your base attack. However, most of these are VERY hard to get, as they tend to only drop on 13* units (which are super rare in themselves; like 15* weapon tier) and also untradeable. Meaning that you have to get it yourself. There are also capsules that tend to go for big bucks.

S6:S-Atk Up: It is +30 attack (which is the same as a solid affix) but because it is actually added to your base attack, this amount is affected by shifta, shifta drink and team tree attack up. If you were to have all buffs active , this amount would go to about 65 attack. Nothing spectacular but damage is damage.
S6:Wise Skill: In the current state of PSO2, critical hit rate is lucrative so +15% on a unit is basically getting it for free (no need to waste an SSA slot on a weapon that can be up to 5% damage). This gives Hu/Ph and Hu/Et the extra boost it needs to fully take advantage of critical damage augment skills and is the gateway to being able to use S4: Mysterious strike effectively.
S6:Brilliant Ruin: It’s cool for endless. If you have it you can use it, but it’s practically useless in bossing.
S6:Guardian’s Essence: With one of Partizan's most extreme weaknesses being gear maintenance during aggressive gameplay, anything to help manage that is good. In this case, the extra gear boost while guarding is quite helpful. It can allow you to tap the WA button for minor gear regens that may get you an extra gear boosted PA in a pinch.
S7:S-Atk Up 2: Same as the S6, but +50 attack. Same rules apply too, meaning this is probably your best choice for now.
S8:S-Atk Up: Identical to S6
S8:Sky Dance’s Boon: Perhaps one of the best skills in the game, getting a tick of shifta/deband for being in the air for 2 seconds pretty much ensures it will never run out. Absolutely godlike for solo play.



Me for writing this shit
Me for getting the Gifs needed to write this shit
Visiphone for the icons
Me for playing Partisan

No-one gives a shit about me though, thanks for reading the guide. It’s not perfect by any means at all or even close.


Wanna see what I actually play like? Good thing global gave me an excuse to fight old bosses.

Solo Dark Falz Luther

Solo Esca Falz Mother

Solo Deus Esca

Solo Endless Lap Partizan only

3 Lap endless 1 clear

Dragon Solo


Solo Madness and Phantasms

Dark Falz Persona solo

UH Elder solo

The Final Battle – Primordial Darkness Partizan Only Solo (that means no imperial cleave)

My twitch incase you catch me streaming

Wanna see some MPA content? Too bad fucko, The Raven is a solo player.
….That being said I’m also a shill so if you want some MPA content (enchanted forest, forest triggers, various EQ bosses) feel free to ask.


Gear on JP via Oct 2020 (70 attack timed abilities)

Global Server Gear as of October 2020

Wanna see the Partisan Hunters I learned from? Here are their channels:


[email protected]

A lot of learning can be done purely from observation. Unfortunately, The class is probably the least played main class in the game and it’s not very high up on the tier list. Speaking of which…..

Off meta Viability

This is covered so late in this guide because up until episode 6 the TL;DR was: don’t. Now, with the advent of NT crafting (craft NT weapons to 15* power) that you can make all class equippable, you now have access to new possibilities. 

Fi/Hu Partizan: Due to the insanely high multies associated with fighter main, you technically have a higher maximum damage that Hu/Fi with its best weapon (Stil). However, upon testing it I have come to the conclusion that due to the gear mechanics associated with Partizan overall you will lose damage as gear maintenance is far worse; not only do you spend double the gear, but you recover ? of it. It’s not complete garbage, and if you need it for specific utility or just for fun, go for it!


This will be done as a sort of list, perhaps with visual aids to show what I am talking about. Probably better to just ask me but I’ll add as I remember:

->The maximum DPS you can get with Partizan actually ignores gear and just does back to back Volg Raptors as your PP allows. Due to the disappearing Volg nonsense, this isn’t always practical but theoretically this is higher DPS.
->For a typical Volg Raptor combo, you need 2 units of gear (granted you are using hunter gear save +20). Sometimes, it is actually better to cancel a twirl of the PA preceding a Volg with the WA if there is a specific amount of gear that you need that is relatively small.
->Uptime will typically trump raw damage. It may be advantageous to continue with your rotations even at 0 gear as long as you will still hit the enemy. If it is a downed boss then it’s probably a better idea to get the gear regen.

PA DPS/Frame Data table

Please Please Please only use this for informational purposes and take it with a grain of salt. This is being included for the sake of being complete and you should focus more on the content in the rest of the guide to give you ideas on what PAs to use at what time. This is just for those nerds who really want to contextualise what is going on.  DPS chart HERE

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