Hello Exile!

This guide is mainly for players who want to have a smooth and quick leveling experience without missing any essential quests. If you are a veteran or you are new but only interested in the leveling part, just skip to ACT I and start from there, however if you are curious about what else this guide has to offer please read on as I explain the rest.

Hints section have tips and tricks that I wish I had known when I first started playing Path of Exile. I tried to put together what I learnt from the community and by playing the game, hopefully, whether you are a veteran or a new player, you will find something useful in there.

Act sections are self-explanatory, if you follow them, you should have a smooth leveling journey.

The Labyrinth, Vendor Recipe System, Map Levels, Experience Penalty and Abbreviations sections were created for quick reference to any information I might need while leveling my character. You may notice in the future that new sections may be added or current sections may be updated.

If you do not have some knowledge of the game, before you create your character and follow the guide, you should check the following links:

1. Beginner Guide to Path of Exile

2. Beginner Leveling Guide for Path of Exile

“Wait, isn’t this supposed to be a leveling guide? Why are you giving a link to another one???”

First guide explains the general concepts of Path of Exile like classes, loot filter etc… Second guide explains concepts that players should know before actually starting the leveling experience like links on gear, currency orbs, ascendancy etc… This game has a lot of mechanics, and trying the game before having some sense of them might cause you to be overwhelmed.

This guide assumes you have already chosen yourself a build guide! If you haven’t, visit PoE Vault, Official Forums -> Classes / Builds, or Poebuilds and pick yourself a build. If this is your first character in a league or in general, look for “League Starter” expression in the titles. If you plan to play SSF also look for “SSF” or “Solo Self-Found” expressions. If you prefer video guides, Esoro and Navandis Gaming have detailed and helpful build guides.

Now that you have:

Have a quick look at the hints section, create your character and let’s start!


    1. After you created your character and logged into the game go to Game Menu-> Options -> UI:

  1. Disable “Enable Quest Tracking”, this will clutter your screen and if you are following the guide, it isn’t needed.

  2. Move “Landscape Transparency” all the way to the left. This removes unnecessary details from the map.

  3. Turn on “Always Highlight” so you won’t miss chests.

  4. Turn on “Always Show Sockets”.

  5. If you want to press a key to pick up items, from the “Key Pickup” dropdown box select “Use Bound Key”.

  6. I prefer turning on “Show Life/Mana Levels”, “Show Full Descriptions”, “Show Flask Buffs” and “Show Aura Icons”.

  7. Turn on “Show Mini Life Bars on Enemies”.

  8. Turn on “Advanced Mod Descriptions”.

  9. Turn on “Support Gem Utility Popup”.

  10. Remember downloading your loot filter? Pick it from the “List of Item Filters” dropdown list. If you don’t see your filter in the list click the button next to it to refresh and now you should be able to see it.

  11. Go to Graphics -> Display Settings, set Mode to “Windowed Fullscreen” or “Windowed” if your overlays like “PoE Trade Macro” or others are having issues.

  12. Click Save and Close the Window.

    1. Seriously, follow a build guide! If you want to make your own build, Engineering Eternity has you covered.

    2. There is no reason to completely clear every zone while you are leveling as this will cause you to be over leveled and suffer experience penalty.

  1. If your build guide asks you to get Vaal Skill Gems, you can clear Vaal Side Areas especially if you are playing in Solo Self Found. It is a randomly-generated side area indicated by a glowing, beating heart and swirling ribbons of blood. Every corrupted area contains a boss, guarding a Vaal Vessel that drops Vaal Skill Gems, Vaal Fragments, and corrupted equipment. One Vaal skill gem is guaranteed to drop. The “Hidden Vaal Pathways” prophecy will guarantee a corrupted area be spawned.

    1. Buy all skill gems you need for your main and leveling builds even if you can’t or won’t use them immediately and have them level up in your secondary weapon slots. You might want to buy 1-6 of your main skill gem to level up in your secondary weapon slot as well to corrupt them when they reach level 20. The process:

  1. Level the gems to 20.

  2. Go to a vendor with your level 20 gem and a gemcutter’s prism, sell them to receive %20 quality and level 1 version of same gem.

  3. Level these gems to 20 and when they reach level 20 again, corrupt them with Vaal Orbs for a chance at level 21 / quality 20 or level 20 / quality 23 upgrade.

  4. This might sound overwhelming for a new player but it may save a lot of time and currency in the long run.

    1. Most Useful Unique Items to watch out for when Leveling:

  1. Helmet

    1. Goldrim: 30 – 40 to all elemental resistances

  2. Chest

    1. Tabula Rasa: 6 – link

      • Cleanser of Sins Prophecy: Kill a rare Undying Evangelist in one of the following locations:

        1. Act 3 – The Sceptre of God

        2. Act 3 – The Upper Sceptre of God

        3. Act 8 – The Grand Promenade

      • Humility Divination Card: A set of nine can be exchanged for Tabula Rasa from the vendors Tasuni or Navali. This item can be acquired in the following areas:

        1. Channel

        2. The Aqueduct

        3. The Blood Aqueduct: You will access this zone when you are at ACT IX, according to wiki the area level is 61, from an experience penalty standpoint, farming in this area between levels 55-68 is advisable. Collect as many Humility Cards as you can and try to complete the rest by trading the currencies you collected while farming for the cards. If you are playing in SSF, you might want to move on to maps for the rest of the cards because when your level gets higher than the level of the zone, both the drop rate of divination cards and the experience you gain will suffer penalty.

        4. Waterways

  3. Boots

    1. Wanderlust: Cannot be frozen, mana regeneration, movement speed

    1. Most important stats:

  1. Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistances: Try reaching cap of 75% for all of them!

    1. When you complete Act V you will have permanent -30% to all resistances!

    2. When you complete Act X you will have permanent -60% to all resistances!

  2. Maximum Life (If you aren’t using Chaos Inoculation keystone)

  3. Follow your build guide

    1. Keep upgrading your life and mana flasks. Granite Flask (requires level 27 to use) is very strong in early game. Check the recipe from the link.

    2. Act II Bandits: In Act II, you will be given the quest “Deal with the Bandits” by Eramir in the Forest Encampment after you complete Through Sacred Ground or talk with any of the bandit leaders. There are three different bandit leaders. You can either side with one of them (and kill the other two) to get the respective reward or you can kill all of them to get the reward from Eramir.

  1. Kraityn: Located in Broken Bridge (entrance located in Old Fields → Crossroads). If you help him you get the following stats permanently:

    1. 6% Increased Attack and Cast Speed

    2. 3% Chance to Dodge Attacks

    3. 6% Increased Movement Speed

  2. Alira: Located in The Western Forest (entrance located in The Riverways). If you help her you get the following stats permanently:

    1. 5 Mana Regenerated per second

    2. +20% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier

    3. +15% to all Elemental Resistances

  3. Oak: Located in The Wetlands (entrance located in The Riverways). If you help him you get the following stats permanently:

    1. 1% of Life Regenerated per second

    2. 2% additional Physical Damage Reduction

    3. 20% increased Physical Damage

  4. Kill All Three: If you choose to kill all the bandit leaders, turn-in the 3 Fragments to Eramir in the Forest Encampment who will combine the fragments and reward you with 2 passive skill points.

  5. Note: If your character is a league starter or this is your first ever character in Path of Exile, Helping Alira will be a good idea, as just +15% to All Elemental Resistances alone is a huge boost for your defences. You can then buy a Book of Reform from a vendor to change the quest reward. If in doubt, just follow your build guide.

  1. Level 60-74 unidentified set of rares when vendored will give 2 chaos orbs. Pressing “alt” will let you see the item levels. Don’t confuse with “Requires Level”.

  2. If your build guide missed vendor recipes, go to the Vendor Recipe System section of this guide!

  3. You can use your crafting bench to fill in missing resistance on gear.

  4. You might want to check the art of Flask Crafting after you are done with Act III and things start to become tougher.

  5. Logging out to Character Selection is a great way to conserve Portal Scrolls when leveling your first character in a league. Once you re-enter the game, your character will be in the home city, just as if you had used a Portal Scroll. If you are leveling on league launch, it is very important that you do not accidentally hit “Exit to Log In Screen” or “Exit Path of Exile”, as you will have to rejoin the queue to log in to the game. For players unfamiliar with this trick, simply hit “Exit to Character Selection” and immediately hit the ENTER key to log back in without delay. It is also permitted to use an AutoHotkey script to log out to character selection.


    1. Kill Hillock at the end of the Twilight Strand.

    2. Enter Lioneye’s Watch and talk to Tarkleigh to receive the reward.

  1. Check vendors for Boots with Movement Speed. Type “nn” in search bar for Runner’s Boots to be highlighted.

  2. Buy Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence Amulet from Nessa if you need early stat boost for a skill.

    1. Enter The Coast and run to the end of the zone. Ensure you acquire the Waypoint. Enter the Mud Flats.

    2. Find the 3 Rhoa Nests. Once you have the Ammonite Glyph, Haliotis Glyph, and Roseus Glyph, find the glyph wall and open the exit to The Submerged Passage. Enter and grab the Waypoint.

    3. (Optional): Take the Waypoint back to The Coast and enter the Tidal Island to the right. This is recommended for league starters due to the Quicksilver Flask it provides, as well as the gems it unlocks as rewards and for purchase.

    4. Run straight to Hailrake and kill him.

    5. Logout(See Hints Section – Step 13 for details) and turn the quest in with Nessa. Ensure you choose the Quicksilver Flask.

    6. Talk to Tarkleigh for the gem reward.

    7. Take the Waypoint to The Submerged Passage.

    8. Find the exit to the Ledge.

    9. Grab the Waypoint and continue on to the exit to The Climb.

    10. Run all the way through The Climb, grabbing the Waypoint if you come across it.

    11. Enter the Lower Prison and grab the Waypoint.

    12. Take the Waypoint to The Submerged Passage. If you were quick enough, your original instance should be open.

    13. Find the entrance to the Flooded Depths. Generally this is towards the bottom part of the map.

    14. Kill the Deep Dweller, then logout.

    15. Talk to Tarkleigh for the Book of Skill, then take the Waypoint to the Lower Prison.

    16. (Optional): Find the Labyrinth Trial and complete it.

    17. Locate the exit to the Upper Prison.

    18. Find the exit to the Warden’s Quarter’s, and immediately make your way to the Warden’s Chambers.

    19. Kill Brutus, then logout.

    20. Talk to Tarkleigh to receive the gem reward.

  1. Start looking out for 2x Sapphire Rings. (This is for cold damage protection against Merveil – Act I end boss.)

  2. If needed, the recipe for Sapphire Rings is Iron Ring + Blue Skill Gem

    1. Take the Waypoint back to Prisoner’s Gate.

    2. Exit into the Ship Graveyard.

    3. Grab the Waypoint, always located near the entrance of the zone.

    4. Locate the Ship Graveyard Cave and enter it.

    5. Retrieve the Allflame and exit back into the Ship Graveyard.

    6. Find the exit into the Cavern of Wrath and acquire the Waypoint.

    7. Take the Waypoint back to the Ship Graveyard.

    8. Talk to Fairgraves and kill him. He is always located very near to the Waypoint.

    9. Either logout, or take the Waypoint back to Lioneye’s Watch. Talk to Bestel to receive the Book of Skill.

    10. Speak to Nessa for the gem reward.

    11. Take the Waypoint to the Cavern of Wrath(Merveil’s Caverns).

    12. Exit into the Cavern of Anger.

    13. Exit into Merveil’s Lair.

    14. Equip Sapphire Rings, Kill Merveil and enter the Southern Forest.

    15. Run through the zone and enter the Forest Encampment.

  1. Start looking out for 2x Topaz Rings. (This is for lightning damage protection against Vaal Oversoul – Act II end boss.)

  2. If needed, the recipe for Topaz Rings is Iron Ring + Green Skill Gem


    1. Enter the Riverways, taking the left exit.

    2. Locate the Waypoint. It is typically found in the upper left part of the area, along the path.

    3. Find the exit into the Wetlands. It is always found near the Waypoint.

    4. Locate Oak, and kill him.

    5. Find the Waypoint, which is often found along the wall in the upper left part of the area.

    6. Take the Waypoint to the Riverways.

    7. Follow left along the edge of the zone from the Wetlands entrance to find the exit into the Western Forest.

    8. Run down the path in the middle of the area until you encounter the Waypoint.

    9. Follow either the left or right wall downwards. The side with the waypoint should have Alira.

  1. If you find spiderwebbed trees, find the exit into the Weaver’s Chambers. Make your way to the end, enter the Weaver’s Nest, and kill The Weaver and take Maligaro’s Spike. Logout or portal back to town and talk to Silk to receive the gem reward. Take the Waypoint back to the Western Forest. Head in the opposite direction of where you found the Weaver’s Chambers to find Alira.

  2. If you find Alira and are planning on killing her, do that now. Logout or portal back to town, then take the Waypoint back to the Western Forest. Head in the opposite direction of where you found Alira to locate the Weaver’s Chambers.

    1. Follow the wall to the “bottom” part of the Western Forest, until you find the Blackguards.

    2. Kill the Blackguards and pick up the Thaumetic Seal. Open the exit to Act I.

    3. Logout or portal to town, then take the Waypoint to Act I. Talk to Bestel to receive the Book of Skill as a reward.

    4. Take the Waypoint to the Forest Encampment.

    5. Take the right exit this time, into the Old Fields.

  1. By this point, it is very likely that you will have out-leveled most or all of the zones on the right path. It is recommended for you to simply run through these zones to complete them as fast as possible, and only kill monsters to refill your Quicksilver Flask(s).

    1. Follow the road until you find the exit into the Crossroads.

    2. Follow the path until you find the Waypoint.

    3. (Optional): Take the path leading downwards to find the exit to the Felshrine Ruins. Head downwards through the area until you find The Crypt (Level One). Find and complete the Labyrinth Trial within the area, then logout or portal back to town. Take the Waypoint back to the Crossroads.

    4. Take the right path to find the exit to the Broken Bridge.

    5. Follow the right wall until you encounter Kraityn.

    6. Kill or help Kraityn, depending on what your build recommends. If you are helping Alira, return to town and take the Waypoint to the Western Forest to do that now.

    7. Logout or portal to town. Speak with Eramir and take The Apex if you killed all of the bandits.

    8. Take the Waypoint to the Crossroads.

    9. Follow the upwards path until you find the entrance to the Chamber of Sins (Level One).

    10. Acquire the Waypoint if you come across it, and exit into the Chamber of Sins (Level Two).

    11. (Optional): Find the Labyrinth Trial in this area, and complete it.

    12. Locate Fidelitas and kill him. He is typically found in the upper left part of the area.

    13. Take the Baleful Gem and speak with Helena. Logout or portal back to town.

    14. Speak with Greust to acquire the gem reward

    15. Take the Waypoint to the Wetlands and poison the tree roots next to the waypoint.

    16. Enter the Vaal Ruins and break the seal when you encounter it.

    17. Exit into the Northern Forest.

    18. Head upwards through the Northern Forest until you find the exit into the Caverns. Do not enter the Dread Thicket.

    19. Grab the Waypoint when you encounter it.

    20. Locate the entrance to the Ancient Pyramid.

    21. Ascend the levels of the pyramid until you find the Pyramid Apex.

  1. Equip the Topaz Rings.

    1. Slay the Vaal Oversoul, then logout. Take the Act III waypoint to City of Sarn.

    2. Find the Blackguards and kill them to rescue Clarissa. Make sure that you speak with Clarissa before running off.

    3. Enter the Sarn Encampment. This is always found in the upper left part of the area.

  1. Focus on having 75% Cold, Fire and Lightning Resistance from now on


  1. Exit into the Slums.

  2. Find the Crematorium and grab the Waypoint. Take note of the location of the Sewer Grating, if you encountered it along the way.

  3. (Optional): Find the Labyrinth Trial in the Crematorium and complete it.

  4. Find Piety and defeat her. Interact with Tolman and take Tolman’s Bracelet.

  5. Logout or portal back to town. Speak with Clarissa to receive the Sewer Keys.

  6. Enter the Slums and find the Sewer Grating. Open it, and enter the Sewers.

  7. Locate the three Platinum Busts. There is always one before the Waypoint, and two after it.

  8. Find the exit into the Marketplace.

  9. Grab the Waypoint.

  10. (Optional): Just to the upper right of the Waypoint is the entrance to the Catacombs. Enter and complete the Labyrinth Trial, then logout or portal out and return to the Marketplace via the Waypoint.

  11. Locate the exit to the Battlefront.

  12. Find the Waypoint, which is generally in the center of the zone.

  13. Head downwards from the Waypoint until you find the Blackguard Chest, which looks like a cart.

  14. Take the Ribbon Spool from the cart.

  15. Head upwards from the Waypoint until you locate the entrance to the Solaris Temple (Level One).

  16. Proceed through the temple until you find the entrance to the Solaris Temple (Level Two).

  17. Continue through the temple until you find the Waypoint.

  18. Take the Waypoint to the Battlefront. Head left until you find the entrance to the Docks.

  19. Locate the Supply Container and take the Thaumetic Sulphite.

  20. Logout or portal to town, then talk to Hargan to receive the Book of Skill.

  21. Take the Waypoint to the Solaris Temple (Level Two).

  22. Talk to Lady Dialla to receive the Infernal Talc.

  23. Take the Waypoint to the Sewers.

  24. Go down/left from the Waypoint and burn away the Undying Blockage. This is always extremely close to the Waypoint.

  25. Enter the Ebony Barracks and acquire the Waypoint.

  26. Head upwards through the Ebony Barracks until you find General Gravicius.

  27. Kill General Gravicius, and continue heading upwards.

  28. Enter the Lunaris Temple (Level One).

  29. Grab the Waypoint and enter the Lunaris Temple (Level Two).

  30. Look for ascending staircases to quickly find the correct path. Continue following the staircases until you reach the carts. The side with two carts is always a dead end, while the single-cart side is the correct path.

Lunaris Carts
Lunaris Carts

  1. Kill Piety and take the Tower Key.

  2. Return to town and talk to Grigor to receive the Book of Skill. Speak with Maramoa to receive the gem reward.

  3. Take the Waypoint to the Ebony Barracks.

  4. Head to the right of the Waypoint until you find the entrance to the Imperial Gardens.

  5. Follow the tiled path until you find the Waypoint.

Three Way Fork
Three Way Fork

  1. (Optional): If you need specific gems from the Library quest, take the upper left path at the three way fork, up the stairs. Enter the Library and grab the Waypoint halfway through the area. Continue until you find the Loose Candle.

Loose Candle
Loose Candle

    Click on it and enter The Archives. Collect the Four Golden Pages before returning to town via portal or logout. Take the Waypoint back to the Library and speak to Siosa for your reward. Take the Waypoint back to the Imperial Gardens.

  1. (Optional): Complete the final Labyrinth Trial for the Normal Lab. From three way fork just above the Waypoint, head upwards and slowly snake your way to the left. The Labyrinth Trial is almost always found in the uppermost left corner of the area.

  2. From the three way fork above the Waypoint, head to the lower right and up the stairs. Start heading to the upper right, following the tiled path until you find the entrance to the Sceptre of God.

  3. Enter the Sceptre of God and ascend the levels until you find the Upper Sceptre of God.

  4. Enter the Upper Sceptre of God and ascend the levels.

  5. Kill Dominus.

  6. Enter the Aqueduct and make your way through the area.

  7. Enter Highgate.


    1. Enter The Dried Lake.

    2. Locate Voll, defeat him, and take Deshret’s Banner. Return to town via logout or Portal.

    3. Open the mines using Deshret’s Banner and enter The Mines (Level One).

    4. Proceed through the area and enter The Mines (Level Two).

    5. Locate Deshret’s Spirit and release it.

    6. Enter the Crystal Veins.

    7. Locate the Waypoint, at the end of the area, and return to Highgate.

    8. Speak to Tasuni to receive the Book of Skill reward. Speak to Oyun to receive the Golem gem reward.

    9. At this point you should be able to do the Labyrinth. (1000+ Life with capped resistances). If you need help go to or check the Labyrinth section of this guide.

    10. Return to the Crystal Veins via the Waypoint.

    11. The next steps may be completed in either order, based on preference. We prefer to do Kaom’s Dream first, however, as the boss is generally a little less dangerous at lower levels.

  1. Enter Kaom’s Dream and proceed through the area until you reach Kaom’s Stronghold. Acquire the Waypoint and continue onwards, until you reach the Caldera of the King. Defeat Kaom and pick up the Eye of Fury. Return to town via logout or Portal, then take the Waypoint to the Crystal Veins.

  2. Enter Daresso’s Dream and proceed through the area until you encounter Barkhul. Defeat him and his bodyguards, then enter The Grand Arena and acquire the Waypoint. Proceed through the arenas until you encounter “The Trio”, a group of three unique enemies. This means that Daresso is in the next area, and signals you are on the correct path. Defeat The Trio and enter The Ring of Blades. Defeat Daresso and take the Eye of Desire. Return to town via logout or Portal, then take the Waypoint to the Crystal Veins.

The Trio
The Trio

  1. Talk to Dialla.

  2. Enter the Belly of the Beast (Level One), and proceed through the area.

  3. Enter the Belly of the Beast (Level Two), and proceed through the area.

  4. Enter the Bowels of the Beast.

  5. Defeat Piety.

  6. Enter The Harvest, and acquire the Waypoint. Return to Highgate.

  7. Speak to Dialla at the uppermost part of the city to receive the gem reward.

  8. Return to The Harvest.

  9. Slay Malachai’s 3 guardians; Doedre, Maligaro, and Shavronne. Pick up the various organs they drop.

  10. Enter The Black Core, found next to the Waypoint.

  11. For Malachai fight you might need 75% Fire/%50+ Cold/%50+ Lightning Resistances and 1200+ Life. Kill Malachai.

  12. Return to Highgate via Portal or logout.

  13. Exit into The Ascent, found in the upper right part of Highgate.

  14. Interact with the resonator and take the Oriath Portal.


  1. Grab the Waypoint and make your way through the Slave Pens.

  2. Kill Overseer Crow, and ascend the ladder that drops down to enter the Overseer’s Tower.

  3. Talk to Lani to receive the ring reward.

  4. Enter the Control Blocks.

  5. Find the Miasmeter. Typically this item is found about halfway through the zone, on the left-most part of the area.

  6. Kill Justicar Casticus at the end of the area and pick up the Eyes of Zeal.

  7. Enter Oriath Square and grab the Waypoint.

  8. Find and enter the Templar Courts.

  9. Make your way through the zone and enter The Chamber of Innocence, grabbing the immediate Waypoint.

  10. Find The Sanctum of Innocence and kill High Templar Avarius and Innocence.

  11. Enter The Chamber of Innocence through the newly opened exit.

  12. Enter the Torched Courts and make your way through the area.

  13. Enter the Ruined Square. The entrances to other areas in the Ruined Square are always in the same general area of the zone. Diagram below should help you quickly locate what you are looking for.

Ruined Square
Ruined Square

    1. Enter the Ossuary.

    2. Find the Sign of Purity and return to the Ruined Square via the exit.

    3. Locate The Reliquary.

    4. Find each of Kitava’s Torments and return to town via logout or Portal.

    5. Speak to Lani for the Book of Skill and jewel rewards.

    6. Return to the Ruined Square via Waypoint.

    7. Enter the Cathedral Rooftop and make your way through the area.

  1. Before entering Cathedral Apex to fight Kitava make sure you have 75% all resistances and 1500+ EHP (Effective hit points: life + energy shield).

  2. Watch the fight for mechanics!

  1. Enter the Cathedral Apex and defeat Kitava.

  2. Speak with Lily Roth and sail to Wraeclast.



  1. (Optional): This quest is usually worth doing on new league characters as it unlocks Lilly Roth as a gem vendor, and she carries virtually every gem in the game. Enter the Twilight Strand, accessed from the bottom side of Lioneye’s Watch. Clear the area of all monsters and return to Lioneye’s Watch, then speak with Lilly Roth.

  2. Enter The Coast and proceed through the zone. Grab the Waypoint at the end.

  3. Enter the Mud Flats. Find and kill The Dishonored Queen and take the Eye of Conquest.

  4. Find the exit to the Karui Fortress. Generally, this is in the upper middle part of the area.

  5. Enter Tukohama’s Keep.

  6. Defeat Tukohama. Talk to Sin and select Soul of Tukohama as your Pantheon Minor God.

  7. Find and enter The Ridge.

  8. Grab the Waypoint and return to Lioneye’s Watch. Talk to Tarkleigh to receive the Book of Skill.

  9. Return to the Ridge via the Waypoint.

  10. Find and enter the Lower Prison and grab the Waypoint, just inside the entrance.

  11. (Optional): Find the Labyrinth Trial and complete it.

  12. Find and enter Shavronne’s Tower.

  13. Ascend the tower until you reach the Prison Rooftop.

  14. Kill Brutus and Shavronne.

  15. Go through the Warden’s Chambers and enter the Prisoner’s Gate. Grab the Waypoint.

  16. (Optional): Find the Valley of the Fire Drinker and defeat Abberath. Portal to Lioneye’s Watch and talk to Bestel for the Book of Skill reward. Take the Waypoint back to the Prisoner’s Gate. Head in the other direction of where you found the Valley of the Fire Drinker (e.g. if Abberath is bottom right, head to top right and vice versa).

  17. Enter the Western Forest. Follow the main road to find the Waypoint.

  18. Find and enter The Riverways. Follow the main road to find the Waypoint.

  19. (Optional): Find and enter The Wetlands, usually located in the upper part of the area. Find the Spawning Ground and kill the Puppet Mistress. Portal or logout to return to Lioneye’s Watch and speak to Tarkleigh for the Book of Skill reward. Return to The Riverways via Waypoint.

  20. Find and enter the Southern Forest. The entrance is usually located in middle/lower right of the area.

  21. Grab the Waypoint before exiting into the Cavern of Anger.

  22. Open the Flag Chest and take the Black Flag.

  23. Enter the passage and make your way through the cavern until you reach The Beacon. Enter and immediately acquire the Waypoint.

  24. Locate the pyramid-esque structure and ascend it. Escort the two pillars to their berths by standing within the glowing circle.

  25. Click on the Ignition Switch and then again on the Beacon.

  26. Talk to Weylam Roth and sail to the Brine King’s Reef. Grab the Waypoint.

  27. Locate and enter the Brine King’s Throne. This is usually easiest done by following the left wall.

  28. Kill the Brine King (1800+ EHP). Speak to Sin and grab your Pantheon.

  29. Talk to Weylam Roth and sail to Act VII.


    1. Enter the Broken Bridge. Travel towards the bottom left part of the area.

    2. Enter The Crossroads. Grab the Waypoint in the center of the zone.

    3. Take the bottom fork from the Waypoint and enter the Fellshrine Ruins.

    4. Enter The Crypt and acquire the Waypoint.

    5. (Optional): Find the Labyrinth Trial and complete it.

    6. Find the Sarcophagus and descend to The Crypt (Level Two).

    7. Locate the Container of Sins and take Maligaro’s Map.

    8. Return to the Bridge Encampment via Portal or logout.

    9. Return to The Crossroads via Waypoint.

    10. Take the upper path from the Waypoint and enter the Chamber of Sins (Level 1).

    11. Grab the Waypoint at the central cross and insert Maligaro’s Map into the Map Device.

    12. Enter Maligaro’s Sanctum and proceed until you find Maligaro’s Workshop.

    13. Kill Maligaro and take the Black Venom. Leave the map via Portal Scroll.

    14. Speak with Silk and take the Obsidian Key.

    15. Find and enter the Chamber of Sins (Level Two).

    16. (Optional): Find the Labyrinth Trial and complete it.

    17. Enter The Den.

    18. Proceed and exit into the Ashen Fields.

    19. Enter the Fortress Encampment.

    20. Slay Greust.

    21. Enter the Northern Forest.

    22. Grab the Waypoint.

    23. (Optional): Return to town and speak with Helena to receive Greust’s Necklace. This quest only rewards an amulet but usually does not take more than a minute or so in total time, so it is your choice on a league starter whether to complete it. If you encounter the Azmeri Shrine in the Northern Forest, place the necklace there and speak with Helena when you are next in town turning in other quests.

    24. Enter the Dread Thicket.

  1. Enter the Den of Despair and kill Gruthkul, then return to the Dread Thicket.

  2. Collect 7 Fireflies from around the Dread Thicket.

    1. Return to the Bridge Encampment and speak with Eramir to receive the two Books of Skill as a reward.

    2. Return to the Northern Forest via the Waypoint.

    3. Find the exit to The Causeway.

    4. Grab the Waypoint when you encounter it.

    5. Acquire Kishara’s Star before leaving the area, usually find right next to the exit of the zone.

    6. Enter the Vaal City.

    7. Locate Yeena. The Vaal City is a massive, sprawling, and confusing zone for some players. There is always a part of the zone that is surrounded by dead ends, and is difficult to penetrate into (the “center” of the city, but not of the area itself). Yeena and the Waypoint are always found here.

  1. This may be a good time for the second Labyrinth. (3000+ EHP is recommended but if you think you are good with the mechanics and your dps is good, feel free to try it.)

  1. Speak with Yeena and enter the Temple of Decay (Level One).

  2. Enter the Temple of Decay (Level Two).

  3. Enter Arakaali’s Web.

  4. Kill Arakaali. (2000+ EHP)

  5. Enter the Sarn Ramparts.

  6. Enter the Sarn Encampment.


  1. Enter the Toxic Conduits.

  2. Locate and enter Doedre’s Cesspool.

  3. Open the grate and enter The Cauldron.

  4. Kill Doedre the Vile.

  5. Exit into the Sewer Outlet and grab the Waypoint.

  6. Take the right path and enter The Quay.

  7. Open the Sealed Casket and take the Ankh of Eternity. The Ankh is typically found near the entrance of the zone; look for a long bridge.


    1. Locate and enter the Resurrection Site and kill Tolman.

    2. Talk to Clarissa.

    3. Return to The Quay.

    4. Enter the Grain Gate and grab the Waypoint. Head “upwards” through the zone, roughly following the right-upper wall of the area.

    5. Kill the Gemling Legionnaires.

    6. Enter the Imperial Fields and follow the main road to find the Waypoint.

    7. Return to the Sarn Encampment. Speak to Clarissa and Maramoa for the Book of Skill rewards. Speak to Hargan for the ring reward.

    8. Return to the Imperial Fields.

    9. Enter the Solaris Temple (Level One).

    10. Acquire the Waypoint if you come across it.

    11. Enter the Solaris Temple (Level Two).

    12. Kill Dawn and take the Sun Orb. Return to town via logout or Portal.

    13. Return to the Toxic Conduits via Waypoint.

    14. Take the left path and enter the Grand Promenade.

    15. Enter the Bath House.

    16. Acquire the Waypoint.

    17. (Optional): These next steps are both optional, and can be done in either order if you choose to do both, based on what you encounter first.

  1. Find the Labyrinth Trial and complete it. Portal out and return to the Bath House via Waypoint.

  2. Enter the High Gardens and proceed until you encounter the Pools of Terror. Enter and slay Yugul. Portal out and speak to Hargan for the Book of Skill reward. Return to the Bath House via Waypoint.

  1. Enter the Lunaris Concourse.

  2. Acquire the Waypoint.

  3. Enter the Lunaris Temple (Level 1). The path to the Lunaris Temple is the same as in Act III, always heading upwards until you encounter it.

  4. Acquire the Waypoint, then enter the Lunaris Temple (Level 2).

  5. Kill Dusk and take the Moon Orb, then return to town via logout or Portal.

  6. Return to the Lunaris Concourse via Waypoint.

  7. Enter the Harbour Bridge, which is always below the Waypoint.

  8. Enter the Sky Shrine.

  9. Kill Solaris and Lunaris. (2700+ EHP)

  10. Enter the Blood Aqueducts.

  11. Enter Highgate.


    1. Enter The Descent and head to the right.

    2. Descend via the Supply Hoists until you locate the exit to the Vastiri Desert.

    3. Locate and acquire the Waypoint.

    4. (Optional): Locate the Storm Weathered Chest. Defeat the waves of mummies that ambush you, then take the Storm Blade. Return to town via Portal Scroll and speak with Petarus and Vanja. Talk to Sin, then speak again with Petarus and Vanja. Use your portal to return to the Vastiri Desert. Find the entrance to The Oasis, which will now be accessible using the Bottled Storm. Traverse the area and enter the Sand Pit. Kill Shakari and return to Highgate. Speak to Irasha for the Book of Skill reward. Return to the Vastiri Desert via Waypoint.

    5. Enter The Foothills.

    6. Find the Waypoint, usually located in the upper right part of the area.

    7. Enter the Boiling Lake.

    8. Kill the Basilisk and take the Basilisk Acid. You know you are in the area where the Basilisk is located once you begin to see groups of petrified enemies.

    9. Return to Highgate and take the Waypoint back to The Foothills.

    10. Enter The Tunnel, usually found in the upper or upper left part of the area.

    11. Acquire the Waypoint.

    12. (Optional): Find the Labyrinth Trial and complete it.

    13. Enter The Quarry. Run straight to the middle of the zone and acquire the Waypoint.

    14. These steps can be completed in either order based on what you encounter first. Follow the right wall if you do not wish to do the optional quest for the Passive Skill Point.

  1. Enter The Refinery and explore the area until you find General Adus, then kill him. He is found in his own little arena, generally in the upper or upper left part of the area. Usually he is found faster if you take the left path from the start of the area. Interact with the Theurgic Precipitate Machine and take the Trarthan Powder. Portal or logout, then return to The Quarry via Waypoint.

General Adus
General Adus

  1. (Optional): Enter the Shrine of the Winds and slay Garukhan. Return to town via Portal or logout, then speak with Irasha to receive the Book of Skill reward. Return to The Quarry via Waypoint.

  1. Talk to Sin and enter the Belly of the Beast.

  2. Enter the Rotting Core and make your way through the area.

  3. Enter the Black Core and talk to Sin.

  4. Enter each of the portals in your order of choosing and defeat Malachai’s guardians (Shavronne, Maligaro, and Doedre).

  5. Enter the Black Heart and kill the Depraved Trinity. (3200+ EHP)

  6. Talk to Lilly Roth and sail to Oriath.


  1. Enter the Cathedral Rooftop.

  2. Enter the Cathedral Apex, on the immediate left of entering the rooftop area.

  3. Kill the Cultists and Gargoyles to free Bannon.

  4. Return to the Cathedral Rooftop and make your way to the right.

  5. Enter the Ravaged Square.

Ruined Square
Ruined Square

    1. Head upwards until you encounter the Waypoint, and acquire it.

    2. These steps are both optional, and are both found in the Ossuary next to the Waypoint.

  1. Find the Labyrinth Trial and complete it.

  2. Find the Elixir of Allure (rewards Respec Points).

    1. Enter the Torched Courts and proceed through the area.

    2. Enter the Desecrated Chambers, which has a similar layout to the Chambers of Innocence from Act V. Grab the immediate Waypoint.

    3. Find and kill Avarius, Reassembled.

    4. Return to the Oriath Docks using the Waypoint.

    5. Talk to Bannon, then talk to Lani to receive the Flask and Armor rewards.

    6. (Optional): Return to the Ravaged Square and head downwards to the bottom middle of the area. Enter the Control Blocks and find Vilenta, located roughly where the Miasmeter was in Act V. Kill Vilenta and return to town via logout or Portal. Talk to Lani to receive the Book of Skill reward.

    7. Talk to Innocence.

  1. This may be a good time for the third Labyrinth. I recommend doing this now because at this point in the storyline you will be asked to kill Kitava and finish the campaign, which will lower your resistances by another -30%. (4000+ EHP is recommended)

    1. Return to the Ravaged Square and head upwards until you find Innocence. Speak with him.

    2. Enter the Canals and proceed through the area.

    3. Enter The Feeding Trough and proceed through the area.

    4. Speak with Sin and enter the Altar of Hunger.

  1. Before engaging Kitava watch the fight for mechanics! (Different than Act V).

  2. 3700+ EHP

  1. Kill Kitava.

  2. Speak with Lani in Oriath to receive the Book of Skill reward.



1.       Speak with Officer Kirac in Oriath. He will task you to find Zana.

2.       Go to Templar Laboratory to the north east. Take the stairs.

3.       Look around the room a little. Officer Kirac will appear, speak with him.

4.       Logout or portal back to Oriath, go to Fallen Courts to the south east.

5.       Find Dominus’ office, click the desk and take the Vault Key.

6.       Logout or portal back to Oriath, go to Haunted Reliquary to the south.

7.       Enter Haunted Reliquary and click Vault Key on both sides of the door to open it and proceed.

8.       Take the stairs, speak with Officer Kirac then go to your hideout.

9.       Speak with Officer Kirac, select any one of the maps offered.

10.   Click on the map device, put the map into the device, click activate.

11.   Enter the map and clear it. Return to your hideout.

12.   Speak with Officer Kirac. Your Atlas will pop up where you can track map progression.

13.   Keep running maps for Atlas progression.(You can buy some from Officer Kirac for now).

14.   At some point Zana will contact you. Speak with her. You now have access to Zana in your hideout. You can buy maps from her.

15.   From now on, after you kill map bosses a portal called Abandoned Citadel may appear. Enter it and you will meet Zana and unlock Watchstone Altars. You will naturally unlock all of them for all of your map regions.

16.   Focus on progressing to four corner/outer regions of the atlas (Haewark Hamlet, Lex Ejoris, Lira Arthain, New Vastir) to find the Conquerors.

17.   When you are running a map of one of the corner regions of the Atlas, Conqueror will appear and taunt you. Finish the map and check your Atlas. That corner of the Atlas will be highlighted with color, signifying that a Conqueror is in that region and you are chasing him/her down.

18.   You need to be taunted three times by a Conqueror to locate them. You need to run different maps in that region.

19.   After the third taunt speak with Officer Kirac and he will show you the location of the Conqueror in that region.

20.   Speak with Zana, she will open portal to where Conqueror is hiding in.

21.   Run the map, and kill the Conqueror. Your first Watchstone will be dropped. (Steps 22-27 may take longer than the Atlas Progression Flowchart in the next section)

22.   You can and should socket Watchstone Altars with these watchstones as soon as you get them to increase the level of the maps. For now socket your watchstone to an inner region (Lex Proxima, Tirn’s End, Glennach Cairns, Valdo’s Rest).

23.   Continue steps 16-22 for the remaining corners of the Atlas and grab your first four Watchstones.

24.   Socket these first four watchstones into each one of the inner region maps and then start running inner region Tier 4-5 maps to taunt Conquerors.

25.   Basically, we are repeating steps 16-22 with a little difference, we are running inner region maps and after we kill the Conquerors and get new watchstones, we are socketing them into each one of the outer/corner regions.

26.   After socketing 8th watchstone to an outer region, we can repeat steps 16 through 25 until we collect 20 watchstones.

27.   After earning 20 watchstones, the quest to defeat Sirus the Awakener should be offered by Zana. She will open portal to Eye of the Storm.

28.   Follow Sirus. Enter the Templar Laboratory portal, go through the stairs and then go to Oriath where the fight takes place. Here is a guide:

29.   If you want to fight Sirius again, you will need to taunt each of the Conquerors in a fully socketed region and kill them.


Atlas Progression Flowchart

Flowchart below should present faster Atlas progression.




    1. Traps should be mitigated or coped with. Things that can help:

  1. Life regeneration items or skills such as:

    1. Devouring Totem

    2. Rejuvenation Totem

    3. Stone Golem

    4. Vitality

    5. Enduring Cry

    6. Springleaf Plank Kite Shield

    7. Shaper’s Seed Agate Amulet

    8. Bloodgrip Marble Amulet

    9. Soul Strike

  2. Physical Damage Mitigation

    1. Basalt Flask

    2. Granite Flask

    3. Stibnite Flask

  3. Miscellaneous

    1. “of Staunching” Flask Mod to Stop Bleeding

    2. More than one life flask may be helpful.

  4. Movement Skills

    1. Blink Arrow

    2. Leap Slam

    3. Lighting Warp

    4. Flame Dash

    1. Final boss (Izaro) deals large amounts of physical damage. Things that can help:

  1. Basalt Flask

  2. Granite Flask

  3. Stibnite Flask

  4. Soul of Solaris Pantheon

  5. Decoy Totem

  1. If you are having trouble with Izaro make sure you are visiting all darkshrines for the buffs.

  2. More information can be found at


Vendor Recipe System

The vendor recipe system allows the player to sell items to any town vendor in exchange for a multitude of currency items and equipment. Each recipe requires semi-specific items or combinations of items be put into the sell window at the same time, and the outcome will change based on any recipes that have been matched. Unless noted otherwise, each item may only be involved in a single recipe at a time.

Frequently Used Recipes:



Magic Boots with 10% MS

1x White Boots

1x Any rarity Quicksilver Flask

1x Orb of Augmentation

2x Scroll of Wisdom

1x Armourer’s Scrap

4x Scroll of Wisdom

1x Blacksmith’s Whetstone

1x Ruby Ring (normal)(Fire Res)

1x Iron Ring

1x red skill gem

1x Topaz Ring (normal)(Lightning Res)

1x Iron Ring

1x green skill gem

1x Sapphire Ring (normal)(Cold Res)

1x Iron Ring

1x blue skill gem

1x Prismatic Ring(All Res)

1x Two-Stone Ring

1x Two-Stone Ring

1x Two-Stone Ring

1x Onyx Amulet (normal)(Str+Dex+Int)

1x amulet

1x red skill gem

1x green skill gem

1x blue skill gem

1x Agate Amulet(Str+Int)

1x Amber Amulet

1x Lapis Amulet

1x Orb of Transmutation

1x Turquoise Amulet(Dex+Int)

1x Jade Amulet

1x Lapis Amulet

1x Orb of Transmutation

1x Citrine Amulet(Str+Dex)

1x Amber Amulet

1x Jade Amulet

1x Orb of Transmutation


Other crafts that can help while leveling can be found at the Wiki. (40-69)% Increased Physical Damage, Added X to X Elemental Damage to Spells and Minion Helmet Recipes are especially useful.

If you are using a Bow build, you must consider crafting the Unique item Hyyri’s Bite. It is an Exceptional quiver in early game. If you get lucky and obtain “A Dishonourable Death” prophecy, Kill The Dishonoured Queen in The Mud Flats (Act 6) while holding a Hyrri’s Bite and you will get Hyrri’s Demise.

Map Levels

Map tier

Tier range

Map level range

Low tier maps

1 – 5

68 – 72

Mid tier maps

6 – 10

73 – 77

Top tier maps

11 – 17

78 – 84


Experience Penalty

Level Range

Safe Zone

















Passive skill tree

  • RT – Resolute Technique (keystone passive found near the Marauder starting area which gives you 100% hit chance but you are unable to critically strike)

  • CI – Chaos Inoculation (passive in between Witch and Shadow tree, your health is 1 but you are immune to Chaos damage)

  • IR – Iron Reflexes (bottom right side of the Duelist tree, converts all of your Evasion into Armor)

  • BM – Blood Magic (bottom left part of the passive skill tree, you have no mana and your abilities use health instead as resource); also used for support gem that has the same effect

  • EE – Elemental Equilibrium (enemies you hit with a certain elemental damage gain resistances to it but lose resistances to other elemental damage types)

  • US – Unwavering Stance (you can’t be stunned)

  • PA – Pain Attunement (30% more spell damage when on low life)

  • VP – Vaal Pact (grants doubled life leech speed and maximum life leech rate, but causes life regeneration to have no effect)

  • EB – Eldritch Battery (converts all of your energy shield into mana)

  • GR – Ghost Reaver (life leech applies to energy shield)

  • MoM – Mind Over Matter (30% of damage is taken from mana before life)

Skills and gems

  • CS – Culling Strike

  • LMP/GMP – Lesser and Greater Multiple Projectiles, two support gems that add additional projectiles to a particular ranged ability

  • EK – Ethereal Knives

  • FP – Freezing Pulse

  • 20/20 – signifies a level 20 gem with 20% +quality

  • EA – Explosive Arrow

  • LA – Lightning Arrow

  • RoA – Rain of Arrows


  • Ex – Exalted Orb

  • CH – Chaos Orb

  • GCP – Gemcutter’s Prism

  • Alt – Orb of Alteration

  • Fus – Orb of Fusing


  • GG (items) – frequently used term to describe “godly gear” items, high-end valuable equipment with often maxed attribute rolls

  • Spork – name for a very popular dual Spark totem build (Spark + Fork)

  • C/O & B/O – “Current offer” and “Buyout“, often used by players selling items

  • PST/PM – “please send tell” and “private message“, usually used by players who want you to message them for whatever reason

  • AoE – “area of effect“, used to describe skills and abilities that can affect multiple targets at once (examples being Cleave, Firestorm, various curses etc.)

  • WTB/WTS/WTT – “Want to buy“, “Want to sell” and “Want to trade“

  • RNG – literally “Random Number Generator“, stands for the randomness of something in the game

  • 6S/6L – referring to an item with “six sockets” or “six linked sockets”; can also be 6S/5L, 5L, 4L, etc.

  • iLvl – item level: every item in the game has a specific iLvl depending on the level of the area you are in (for example if monsters in the area are level 30 items will be iLvl 30 as well). You can check iLvl by picking up and holding an item from your inventory and typing /itemlevel in chat. In essence iLvl determines how high the stats on an item can be.

  • MTX – Microtransaction

  • Legacy – legacy items are pre-nerfed versions of items which retained their old, typically higher values. Example includes Kaom’s Heart: only +500 health version can drop now, but +1000 health Kaom’s Hearts are legacy and extremely expensive due to limited supply.


  • STR, DEX, INT – Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence

  • IIQ/IIR – Increased Item Quantity and Increased Item Rarity (see: How IIQ & IIR works)

  • MF – Diablo term which stands for “Magic Find“, combined stats that increase your chances to get more rare equipment

  • IAS/AS – Increased Attack Speed

  • ES/AR/EV – Energy Shield, Armor, Evasion

  • Res – Resistance

Visit Path of Exile Wiki for more…


Mechanics – Useful Links


Challenge Leagues:

Some of the challenge leagues mechanics make their way into the core game. Links below will help you get familiar with them.

***Expedition League***

The Expedition League is the newest challenge league. It launched on July 23, 2021, alongside the version 3.15.0 patch.

This league introduces four NPC characters from the Kalguuran expedition, who came to Wraeclast to excavate their ancestor’s lost settlements. Using explosives, the player sets them around the expedition site to unearth the monsters or treasure hiding underneath. After recovering artifact pieces from the expedition, you can barter or gamble with them for items. Kalguuran equipment have a special defense stat called Ward, which shields the user from damage on the next hit they take and replenishes after a delay.

One of the four NPCs from the Kalguuran expedition will spawn in the area, surrounded by various markers. Approaching them will allow you to start placing explosives to excavate the area. Any marker within the explosives range will unearth monsters or chests. The explosives detonate in the order you’ve placed them, and there is a maximum range between explosives. There are also Remnants which add mods to monsters and chests spawned from the explosion and all subsequent explosions.


Any artifacts you find from the expedition will match the NPC that spawned. NPCs do not refresh their stock unless it is manually restocked, using specific currency items to do so.

  • Gwennen – Sells unidentified equipment which reveals its rarity and mods when purchased. Takes Black Scythe Artifacts and Astragali for restocks.

  • Tujen – Sells non-equipment items at the listed price, but they can be haggled down for lower. Tujen may make a counteroffer or even remove the item from sale. Takes Broken Circle Artifacts and Exotic Coinage for restocks.

  • Rog – Sells identified rare equipment. Before taking the item, he will make an offer to modify it for more Artifacts at different prices. You cannot skip an offer twice in a row. Takes Order Artifacts and Scrap Metal for restocks.

  • Dannig – Opens portals using Expedition Logbooks in the hideout. Sells Artifacts for the other three NPCs in exchange for Sun Artifacts. Restocking with Buried Medallion adds better artifact exchange rates and/or reroll items.

Please use the links below for additional information on the Expedition League.

Useful Links:

!!!Patch Notes!!!

League Starter Builds:

Navandis Gaming

Ultimatum League

The Ultimatum League launched on April 16, 2021, alongside the version 3.14.0 patch and ended on July 19, 2021.

In this league, in every area, you’ll encounter The Trialmaster who will present you with a reward, objective and choice of three modifiers that add extra challenge to the encounter. If you’re successful, you must then choose between accepting the reward you’ve earned or attempting additional trials with increased difficulty in the hopes of earning additional rewards. If you fail, you’ll lose all the rewards you’ve earned so far. Each encounter with the Trialmaster provides a series of trials with increasing difficulty.

In maps, you’ll occasionally find Inscribed Ultimatums which can be placed in the map device to transport you to the Trialmaster’s domain. Each Inscribed Ultimatum specifies an offering that you must bring with you, a reward you can earn and an assortment of Ultimatum difficulty modifiers. If you’re able to complete the Trial, you’ll earn the specified reward. However, if you fail, you’ll forfeit the offering you brought with you.

Ritual League

The Ritual league launched on January 15, 2021, alongside the version 3.13.0 patch and the Echoes of the Atlas expansion.

In this league, a Ritual Altar can be found in each zone. Interacting with the altar encloses the player into a ritual circle, and they must fight a wave of enemies. Rituals award Tribute which can be exchanged for items, including exclusive item bases.

Heist League

The Heist league launched on September 18, 2020 (UTC), alongside the Version 3.12.0 patch.

The Heist league has the player organizing Heists to infiltrate and steal from fortified caches of valuables. Using hired help from the Rogue Harbour, the player can take on Contracts found in zones to sneak into the vault and make their way out with the loot through the guards alive before the area is locked down. Smaller contracts can lead into Blueprints used to plan more elaborate Grand Heists for an even bigger payout. Players can equip Trinkets and train and gear up their Rogues to improve the heisting experience and rewards. Exclusive rewards in the Heist league include experimented base items with new implicit mods, skill gems with alternate quality modifiers, weapon and body armour enchantments, and replica unique items with similar but different properties to its original.

Harvest League

The Harvest league ended on January 11, 2021 at 21:00(CET). In this league you used to seek out a seed cache which dropped seeds for you to take into the Sacred Grove. In this area you could plant those seeds and grow them into monsters which would reward you with loot and powerful crafting options. However the current core mechanics differ drastically from the league mechanics. See Harvest for the current mechanics.

Delirium League

Delirium League ended on 15.06.2020 and was integrated into the core game. From the Torched Courts onwards, you’ll have approximately a 5% chance to encounter a Mirror of Delirium in each area. Once you reach the Atlas, that chance will increase by a small amount for each other league, atlas or master mechanic that appears in that area. When you pass through the mirror, it creates a fog of Delirium that spawns new enemies and makes existing enemies tougher, including unique enemies and bosses. The fog grows bigger and gets darker the further it spreads out; the deeper you venture out, the stronger enemies get. Enemies within the Delirium can drop Orbs of Delirium, which add a layer of Delirium to the entire map while adding rewards, and splinters that combine into a gateway to the Simulacrum, the heart of Delirium. Enemies in the Delirium can also drop Cluster Jewels, which are socketed in the outermost sockets in the passive skill tree to create an entire cluster of passive skills and can be modified to grant different passive skills. You’ll now have a greater chance of finding Cluster Jewels through Delirium encounters, proportional to the number of rewards you earn during that encounter.

Metamorph League

Metamorph League ended on 10.03.2020 and was integrated into the core game. There is a small chance a map will include Tane Octavius, the related NPC, and our first encounter with him will unlock his laboratory. We will be able to access the laboratory with waypoint. Tane will task the player with gathering parts from various monsters, which he uses to create a Metamorph. Metamorphs are enemies that constantly change forms, using the moves of enemies it acquired the parts of, even unique bosses. Metamorphs drop loot based on the parts used, which can include Catalysts that give a quality stat to jewelry, increasing the magnitude of specified modifier types and the likeliness of rolling those mods.

Blight League

There will be a small chance a map will include Sister Cassia, the related NPC, and our first encounter with her will enable us to have her in our Hideout. Sister Cassia tasks the player to defend her Purification Pump from waves of monsters. These monsters slowly follow a path and only stop to attack whatever is in its path. To assist with defending the pump, the player can summon Towers. The Blight drops loot when the monsters are defeated, including special Oils which are used to Anoint items. When your build guide mentions anointments remember Sister Cassia!

Legion League

You will encounter Monoliths while playing the game. When approached, it will reveal a battle between Legions, frozen in time. Damaging the enemies while they are in stasis will free them when time resumes, where they can be fought and killed for loot. For additional details see the links.

Betrayal League

You will encounter the NPC, Jun Ortoi at some point in the game whose mission is to uncover and take down a group called Immortal Syndicate. After your first encounter with her, you can have her in your hideout. Veiled modifiers in crafting bench can be found on items dropped by Immortal Syndicate members.

Delve League

This league added an infinitely scaling dungeon called Azurite Mine. Niko the Mad is the related NPC. You will encounter him during the campaign. Then you can have him in your hideout. Delving can be profitable and if you get tired of mapping it is a good change of pace.

Incursion League

You will run across Alva Valai, the related NPC, who creates an incursion that takes the player to the Temple of Atzoatl. While in an incursion, the player can open passages and kill architects to change or upgrade the room, which affects the Temple’s layout in the future. After 11 incursions, the Temple in present time can be raided for loot and special altars which modify items. You can have Alva in your hideout.

Bestiary League

This league introduced Einhar Frey, the related NPC, who taught the player how to capture beasts with nets. Captured beasts were marked in the Bestiary and placed in the Menagerie for display, but more importantly, used for beastcrafting to create or modify items of various kinds or to challenge the First Ones in battle. You can have Einhar in your hideout.

Harbinger League

This league introduced Harbingers who drop shards of currency items making them profitable. If you are doing high tier red maps and Zana Mod Harbinger is available, you might want to select it.

Breach League

In this league, there were breaches that appeared in zones. Approaching a breach opened a parallel realm containing otherworldly monsters. The breach continued to expand as more breach monsters were killed until it eventually collapsed. Splinters dropped from enemies within the breach, which can be combined into a Breachstone to challenge the Breachlord in their realm.

Prophecy League

The related NPC is Navali. She gives players a prophecy for a cost of one Silver Coin. Navali must first be rescued at The Climb, who will then return to town. She can also be invited to the player’s hideout. She will also trade Divination Cards there. It is possible for Navali to seal prophecies into items for an additional cost of silver. These can then be stored for later or traded with other players.


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