Changing shape:

At lvl 3 take 1 minute and you can change your clothes, skin color, hair and height up to 1 foot to make your form different thanks to your symbiote.

Absorb weapon:

At lvl 3 your symbiote makes your weapon attacks/physical attacks, Such as unarmed attacks magical while raging. Outside of rage attacks are normal. 

Full suit protection:

At lvl 6 as a bonus action your symbiote covers your entire body and once per rage you can use absorb elements as a reaction on elemental based attack. You can also (while raging and in suit form) use your reaction at the end of your turn to consume a dead enemy of medium size or less and regain 1d12 hp per size categories at the beginning of your next turn (small equals 1d12 medium equals 2d12). at 11th lvl u can consume large equaling 3d12 

Homunculus helper:

At lvl 10 When you enter a rage the symbiote has grown so much that it can release a homunculus like helper to fight. You can choose any beast of cr 1/2 or less to fight with,look at artificers for how to calculate homunculus health. 

Versatile body:

At lvl 10 You are now able to out of rage climb, jump and leap your walking speed now that the symbiote has been a part of your body long enough. 

Dominating symbiote:

At Lvl 14 ur symbiote is able to leave your body and dominate any creator, target of domination must overcome a Constitution basic dc (8 + proficiency + con.) To prevent being dominated. Target can't save again for 1 minute after being dominated pc can end domination at any time. Also at this time of dominating another target the player is unable to rage, But can force the dominated target to rage and fight for them.

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