Pathfinder 2e- Mythic Rules

Pathfinder 2e- Mythic Rules

Disclaimer: I have taken some inspiration from u/Tiberiu_Cailean post from about a year ago about the same thing


Mythic Tier

Mythic Feats

Mythic Abilities



Hard to kill; Surge (6)


Amazing Initiative: Rush of Speed



Second Wind; Mythic Endeavor


Ability Score Increase



Surge (12)


Heroic Intent



Mythical Power





Ability Score Increase


Undying Valor

Mythical Builds: Instead of making mythical paths, I’ve seen the idea  of just using the free archetype system, I think that gives you that cool badass power, without having to homebrew mythical paths…. I  also think that just going straight up dual class would be functional, but do not really know, haven’t really tested dual classes at all, so do   not know how they function

Mythic Abilities:

Mythic Feats: You can take a class, skill, or general feat.

Hard to Kill: you gain 3 additional hit points for each mythic tier you possess. You decrease the DC of recovery checks by 1, this becomes by 2 at 5th tier. At last you increase the

maximum dying condition you can take before dying by 1 (normally from 4 to 5).

Surge: You have a reserve of 6 energy points , you can expend these as a free action to give yourself a mythical bonus (its own type of bonus, different form status and circumstance) equal to the number of points you expend (with a maximum of +3). This pool increases to 12 at 5th tier. You get these back during your daily preparations.

Amazing Initiative: You can add a mythic bonus to your initiative equal to half your mythic tier. 

Rush of Speed: As a free action at the start of your turn, you feel a rush of energy rush over you, and you gain the quickened 1 condition until the end of your turn. This extra action can only be used to take a single action with the attack, move, or concentrate traits. You may use this Once per minute

Second Wind: 3 times per day as a single action, you can heal yourself for an amount of hit points equal to your constitution modifier (minimum 1) times your mythic tier.

Mythic Endeavor: Pick from one of the following abilities

  • Magi’s Adept: Once per day, when you can cast any spell you know, you can treat it as if it was heightened to one level higher than the highest level spell you can cast.

  • Combatant’s Onslaught: Once per minute, when your MAP would increase, you can instead chose for it to not increase.

  • Guardian’s Wall: Once per minute, as a free action before you would take damage, you become resistant 5 to all damage (except evil) until the start of your next turn. When you reach mythic tier 7, this becomes resistance 10.

  • Deific Center: Both the number of focus points in your focus pool and the maximum size of your focus pool increases by 1, beyond the normal maximum of 3.

  • Commanding Strike: Once per minute, after you Cast a Spell or make an attack, your prowess allows a designated ally within sight to take any one action as a reaction.

  • Scoundrel’s Sabotage: Once per minute when you critically succeed with an attack on your turn, you can apply any one of the following conditions to the person you hit: Frightened, flat-footed, sickened, blinded, or slowed. These conditions last until the start of your next turn, although they can be reduced or removed earlier as normal (such as by retching to reduce a sickened value). (For Frightened and sickened, the value is equal to 1/3rd of your mythic tier.)

Ability Score Boosts: I still wanted characters to be able to boost stats, getting up to that +7 overall if my math is right, so not a massive change, but still allows you to feel like a powerhouse. Upon reaching the 4th mythic tier, you get 2 ability boosts. You get another two at the 9th mythic tier

Heroic Intent: You start each session with an extra hero point. This hero point functions the same as any other

Mythical Power: You pick from one of the the following abilities

  • Archmagi: Once per minute as a reaction to an enemy within 60 feet casting a spell, you can make a counteract check using tradition skill of your choice (arcana, nature, occultism, or religion) against a very hard dc (+5 to the DC) against a DC determined by the spells level ( 

  • Battlemaster: Once per hour, As one action, you do one of the following; Demoralize, Trip, Grab, Shove, Disarm, or Feint, and immediately follow up with a Strike against the same target. If the maneuver succeeds, you get a mythic bonus to the damage equal to your mythic tier.

  • Warden’s Presence: Once a minute, you can spend an action to make an Athletics or Intimidation check against the Will DC against all creatures of your choice within 30 feet, if you succeed, then they are drawn to your presence and suffer a -2 circumstance penalty on any attack rolls not against you until the end of your next turn. (This becomes -4 on a critical success)

  • Hierophant's Rebuke: Once per minute, you can spend 2 actions if an ally within 30 feet was attacked since you last act, and harness your power to daze your enemies. All enemies within 30 feet of you must make a will save against your Spell/Class DC (Whichever is relevant) or become stunned 2. On a critical failure, they become stunned 3.

  • Commander’s Prowess: You can spend a reaction to allow an ally within sight to reroll a failed attack roll. This effect has the fortune trait.

  • Trickster Luck: Once per minute, a consumable of a level equal to half your level appears out of thin air and you can use it immediately as a free action.

Unstoppable: Once per hour, As a reaction, when you start a turn suffering from stage 1 or higher of an affliction, you may immediately attempt a saving throw against the affliction. Your condition can’t worsen when you reroll in this way.

Unyielding Valor: 1/day, when you are about to roll a check: you do not roll, and you critically succeed at the check instead.

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