Pathfinder Feats Handbook

Pathfinder Feats Handbook

Notes for reading this guide

  1. This is NOT a handbook that gives opinions on feats.  The feats are NOT rated in any way, they are simply organized to similar builds/classes/types etc. 

  2. Specificity wins over general.  (E.g. a feat that has both improved unarmed strike and monk level restrictions will be found in the monk section rather than the unarmed strike melee build section.)

  3. For the most part, the handbook goes from specific to general as you go down the guide.  This means that the most general feats (i.e. ones that more builds can take) are located closer to the bottom of the guide.

  4. Archetypes are not considered when assigning class-specific feats to the classes.  (E.g. All feats related to sneak attack will be found under the rogue section, all channel feats will be found under the cleric section etc.)

  5. For overlap of class abilities between classes, the most traditional class to gain an ability will contain the feats for that class ability.  (E.g.  cleric contains the channel feats and paladin does not because cleric is the more traditional class to gain those feats).  There are some exceptions to this rule and certain classes may have overlapping feat sections for certain class abilities.  

  6. For the most part, class abilities that are found in both a parent class and a hybrid class will be found in the parent class.  If you are using a hybrid class, please check the parent class sections for relevant feats to your class abilities.   

  7. I am trying to be as complete as possible but there may be mistakes or mischaracterizations of feats.  If you see a feat that doesn’t belong or there is a missing feat or you have a suggestion for categories please just let me know in a comment on this page.  I will try to update feats asap when notified.  Thanks! 

Key to special entries

non-PFS:  This tag means that the feat is banned in official PFS play.  Some sections have this tag on the section headings (E.g. monster feats or story feats) if every feat contained within is banned in PFS play.  Disclaimer:  These may not be 100% accurate.  Check the PFS official list for the complete listing.  


Update Log of Sources Included

RPG Books

Core Rulebook; Advanced Player’s Guide; Bestiary; Ultimate Magic; Ultimate Combat; Advanced Race Guide; Ultimate Campaign; Advanced Class Guide; Monster Codex; Pathfinder Unchained; Occult Adventures; Ultimate Intrigue; Horror Adventures; Adventurer’s Guide; Villain Codex

Player Companions

Cheliax, Empire of Devils; Dwarves of Golarion; Andoran, Spirit of Liberty; Gnomes of Golarion; Adventurer's Armory; Sargava, the Lost Colony; Orcs of Golarion; Halflings of Golarion; Faiths of Balance; Goblins of Golarion; Faiths of Corruption; Dragon Empires Primer; Blood of Fiends; Blood of Angels; Varisia, Birthplace of Legends; People of the North; Blood of the Night; Knights of the Inner Sea; Dungeoneer's Handbook; Animal Archive; Champions of Purity; Quests and Campaigns; Pathfinder Society Primer; Kobolds of Golarion; Dragonslayer's Handbook; Faiths and Philosophies; Demon Hunter's Handbook; Bastards of Golarion; People of the Sands; Magical Marketplace; Blood of the Moon; Champions of Balance; Alchemy Manual; Undead Slayer's Handbook; The Harrow Handbook; Blood of the Elements; People of the River; People of the Stars; Champions of Corruption; Advanced Class Origins; Ranged Tactics Toolbox; Giant Hunter's Handbook; Melee Tactics Toolbox; Familiar Folio; Heroes of the Wild; Cohorts and Companions; Monster Summoner's Handbook; Dirty Tactics Toolbox; Heroes of the Streets; Black Markets; Weapon Master's Handbook; Agents of Evil; Arcane Anthology; Spymaster's Handbook; Legacy of Dragons; Haunted Heroes Handbook; Healer’s Handbook; Paths of the Righteous; Occult Origins; Mythic Adventures; Magic Tactics Toolbox; Blood of the Beast; Psychic Anthology; Heroes of the High Court; Divine Anthology; Armor Master's Handbook; Blood of Shadows; Divine Anthology; Monster Hunter’s Handbook; Heroes of the Darklands; Legacy of the First World; Adventurer’s Armory 2; Blood of the Sea; Elemental Master’s Handbook; 

Campaign Settings

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Sources to be added

Core RPG Books

Book of the Damned

Pathfinder Player Companions

Antihero’s Handbook; Blood of the Coven, People of the Wastes

Campaign Setting

Construct Builder’s Guidebook