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PactDice Halloween   Party Extravaganza!

In downtown Romulus, the annual Williams Family Halloween Party is famous for wild times, amazing costumes and generally good vibes. No matter how many rumours of spooky weirdness circulate, everyone knows that nothing weird ever actually goes down. This year is sure to be no exception.

For the Others of Romulus, the Williams Family Halloween Party is an opportunity to let down their hair and enjoy hanging out with each other and with Innocents, without having to worry about pesky things like karma, intangibility or insatiable bloodlust. The pattern has become so well-enough established that, for just one night, the Williams Family become Skeptics: so ready to believe that anything weird is just awesome Halloween special effects, they make it partly true. As a result, the undead can live it up and the elementals can chill out without worrying about what mortals do or don’t see. They can leave all their baggage at the door and just have a good time.

There are rules: the Lordship of Romulus guarantees the Williams home is a Practitioner no-go zone for the night only as long as the status quo is maintained. Nobody wants to be the one to push things too far, break the spell, and bring the collective wrath of every Other and Practitioner in Michigan down on their heads, not to mention the karmic backlash of years of Innocents not believing their eyes.

Of course, if it’s the Innocents themselves who end up getting up to trouble, it may just be the Others who need to get them out of it…

This is a non-canonical, fan-run event coordinated by The White Duke, Bonky Donk Artiste and GM of PactQuest: Pendragon Academy. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to message him on Discord or Reddit.

Be Our Guest!

Welcome, and Happy Halloween! As a Guests of the Williams House, you can think of yourselves as walking through a digital version of a Haunted House attraction, but this time you’re the monsters and the actors are playing the humans! Those users tagged as “Innocent” in the house are our actors – they’ll know more about what’s going on than your average guest, and can help point you in the right direction if you’re feeling lost. Those users tagged as “Host” are the ones helping run the event – like a Games Master in a traditional PactDice game, they’ll help you interact with the environment and make sure everyone’s having a good time – listen to any instructions they give you.

As a guest, you’ll be playing as an Other! We have a selection of prepared Others for you to choose from, but if you have a particular idea for an Other you’d like to play, you can design your own! Message one of the Host/GMs to talk about making your own custom character. The most important thing to write in, after you’ve got your basic premise (and your halloween costume!), is a goal/reason to be attending the party. For the Guests, the Williams Halloween party is an opportunity to leave behind the responsibilities and burdens of the magical world behind, if only for a night. As such, you should not be attending the party for “Practitioner-y” reasons, for lack of a better turn. No ones on the lam from Witch Hunters, no one’s attempting to leverage the bubble of skepticism for their personal gain. Everyone’s attending the party pretty much just to have a good time. A good goal for a PC would be something like “Find love”, “Befriend one of the humans”, “Sell the kids alcohol and piss off their dad”.


Player Name:


Character Name:


Other Type/Sub-type:

Elemental (Fire)

Visual Description:

Usually appears as a gas-masked charred corpse, who leaves flaming footprints behind. Firefighter costume

What relief/benefit as an Other do you get from being at the party?

You spend much of your time waiting for forest fires and lightning strikes. Michigan is not a place known for its forest fires, and so you end up waiting quite a lot. It’s not the most exciting life. 

What is your main goal while at the party?

Tonight, you want to experience what it’s like to be a human, even though most of your thoughts are still fire thoughts. Maybe even try to get wet! No, you don’t know the connotations of that statement, at least not yet. 

Player Name:

Character Name:

Other Type/Sub-type:

Visual Description:

What relief/benefit as an Other do you get from being at the party?

What is your main goal while at the party?


  • The players tagged as Host (TheWhiteDuke, Thaydean, Coffeedog and Druza) are here to make sure everyone has a good time. Please listen to their instructions.

  • If you have a question for a Host, reach out to either TheWhiteDuke, or whatever GM is in charge of the section you’re in (sections below)

  • Signal that you're going to post by typing “…”, signal that you’ve ended your post by typing “||”. Try and write up your post in under 10 minutes, there are a lot of people here

  • Bot-Commands to enter and leave different parts of the house should be made in Bot-Stuff, or halloween-OOC, to avoid spam

  • Character conflict is natural and to be expected, but again, try to keep things casual and within the ~good party vibes~. Fights aren’t going to escalate to magical duels where people are afraid for their lives

  • This game will be keeping to a PG-13 rating; we’re going for spooky, not scary. Anything more adult than making out can only happen entirely off-screen with a fade-to-black.

  • Normal server rules still apply, even while roleplaying. Don’t be a dick.

Hold on, I’m from reddit and very confused!

Don’t worry, Discord can be confusing and there’s a lot going on in the Parahumans discord! We want you to be able to play just like everybody else. Of course you are free to explore that discord to your heart's content, but here’s the bare minimum what you need to participate:

  1. To join the discord, press this button and make sure you have a discord account! 

  2. Once you’re in, the only two chats you really need to pay attention to are “Game Announcements” and “Pactdice”, both of which are located under the “RP Discussion” category. The former will be where further announcements for the halloween event are made, the later is where questions about it can be asked/answered

  3. On the night of, you’ll be told to join certain rooms, or decide to move into rooms. In order to do so you’ll need to go to the “Bot Stuff” channel (under the general category) and type “%enter XXXXXXX”, where the X’s are replaced by the channel name of the room in question (you can see a list below)

When the time arrives on the 31st, keep an eye out on those two chats I mentioned before and you should be good to go! Oh, and please read the rest of this doc.

Navigating the Williams House

Due to the nature of the game, and the large number of players, PD Halloween will not be limited to a single chat room. To start out, type %enter halloween-OOC in #bot-stuff. Here you can discuss characters and read info. From there, typing %enter halloween-[Room] will allow you to enter any room in the house (for example %enter halloween-dining, %enter halloween-nook). We’ll start you off in halloween-entrance (ie, the front door), but from there you can move from room to room to reach pretty much anywhere. Once you’ve explored a room, feel free to jump around a little more without having to pass through each room along the way.

TIP: When you enter a channel, check the pinned posts! There should be a basic description of the room available there, including which rooms connect to it.

While the bot commands to enter different rooms should stay in #bot-stuff or #halloween-OOC, you should still make quick IC posts for entering and leaving rooms. This makes it a lot easier for the Hosts to keep track of everyone’s characters, and prevents things from getting really confused and muddled. Remember that any other guests in that room won’t know who you are yet – a brief description of your character will help them to interact with you.



Thay | Snizzledick: “Snizledick grows bored of the conversation, and makes his way to the Nook.”
Thay | Snizzledick has left #Halloween-Dining


Thay | Snizzledick has joined #Halloween-Nook

Thay | Snizzledick: “Snizledick struts into the nook, snorting out a loogie before leaning against the back corner. His ladies’ sexy nurse costume doesn’t fit any better than it did at the start of the night, and the sweat-stains are spreading.”

Appendix i. Blueprint of the House

Ground Floor


Appendix ii. Room Codes


Chat room


Out-Of-Character Discussion






Dining Room



Garage ?



Ground Floor Bathroom



Living Room















Upstairs Hall



Reading Nook



Study ?



TJ’s Room



Carly’s Room



Tyler’s Room



Master Bedroom ?



Attic ?



?: Mr Williams has declared any room with an ? off limits! Getting in will require some degree of tricksiness on the part of the PCs, and may incur the wrath of the father, so if you want to enter any of these rooms, message the appropriate Host beforehand.

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