Photograhy Niche Research

Photography Niche Research


Types of photographers


  • Wedding photographers

  • candid Portrait

  • events/parties photographers

  • nude photographers

  • eCommerce photographers

  • baby/family photographer

  • Wildlife Photographers

  • Real estate photographers

  • Vehicle Photographers

  • Fine art photographers

  • Sports Photographers




Data of coaches in Photography:


17,500 coaches outside the photography industry and they have a proven track record for results, no problem (Source)


Total Addressable Market Size


Indian population is around 1.25bn

Around 35%people are below the age of 30 that means around 37.5cr

Considering uniform no of marriages every year around 1cr people will marry every year for next 30years

That means  50lac couples will marry every year.

Now  India has more no of middle-class marriages and people spend around 10000Rs for photography in marriages on an avg. Considering on 50% people affording this our final calculation comes

25lac marriage photo orders at the rate of 10000Rs per order.

This equals 250bn Rs. Or around $4bn per year.


According to Vyas, the growth rate of the photography industry can be pegged at 15-20% overall.


Important Resources:


Keyword research


Here is the keyword research plan:





Most of the photographers in the Indian market still believe in old traditional methods like advertising on billboards, scatter business cards at an area shop, waiting for customers at the shop. They need a new mindset, step by step mindset in order to build an online photography business.


Not having a good idea of digital marketing. They are still stuck with their separate referral base and old customer base.


Photographers are having problem in managing a proper online CRM for their clients. The motive of building a loyal client base.


Indian Photographers need awareness of digital marketing techniques for getting leads online for their photography work.


Most of Indian Photographers are not aware of getting online freelancing work.


Most of Indian photographers are not aware of selling photos online.


Senior photographers are stuck with cheap rates in the market.


New photographers face problems in positioning themself in the market and pitch to clients to get some work.


Photographers need high ticket clients, high ticket wedding shoots, portfolio shoots, fashion shoots, real estate shoot and many more.


Photographers and businesses don’t have a good idea to build a profitable referral network of their business.


Unique Selling Proposition


Your Product/Service




Target Market


Monetisation Model


Future Revenue Model


To be continued….


  • Plan of 3-4 months forward

  • Customer Avtar

  • Change website (Calendly integration on the website)

  • Unique Selling Proposition

  • Subscription strategy, syrup email strategy, funnel building

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Also, Make a separate group for helping photographers.

  • Monetisation strategy

  • Focus on the concept of Selling photos online

  • Create an autopilot model

  • Create your own source of promotion Video or listing

  • All things include in strategy like funnel building, customer problems finding and etc.


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