Player Info

Player Info

Aringaurd Factions: 

The Emerald Tower – Of the plains they are a faction of monks that 

strive to uproot corrupt political power. They have agents all over but there main 

base is in the center of the plains of Tirmordane. They are heavily guarded and do 

not share their information. With them you get one chance. One of their main 

projects at the moment is trying to take down the tribe of Sil once again.There 

have been many people from the tribe of Sil that joined and attempted to 

overthrow The Emerald Tower.

Sil – Of the Desert they are a faction of Rogues who are trying to regain power. 

They once were the leading organization of Rogues and thievery but since there 

fallout and them losing power they have fallen. They are based underground in the 

Scorched Lands. The reason they lost their power was that it got out that long

ago they were caught helping the people of the Cokenden Empire that lives north 

of the island just above The Northern Reach. They accept many people into there 

“Group” but if you dare backstab them or try to get them in trouble they will come 

after you

Bourne – Of the Swamp they are a faction of Rangers and Druids. They work 

together with the fey and Nymphs to maintain the forest and nature of the island.

They accept almost no one other than very close friends and family. It’s been 

rumored that they are trying to create a Plane Shift to bring more Fey into the 

Material Plane. They are planning to take down the Dana tribe and if they can't do 

that politically they will do it physically.

Dana – Of the Mountains They are the main rival of the Bourne because they are 

a group of mainly Dwarfs that strive to bring in new technology into the world. 

Some of these are guns and cannons etc. The people of the Dana tribe don't really 

care for politics of nobles. However, many people go to them for help if there is a 

threat because the Dana tribe are very effective at killing. If you ask to join they 

will let you in with almost no regret but, if you double cross them or go behind 

their back they will kill you.


The Celestial Empire: A powerful empire in the southwest corner of the world. They fight a near constant war against the forces of Helspire. The empire is made up mainly of Aasimar and their heavenly allies. They’re pompous and self-righteous interventionists who can’t keep their nose out of other people’s business. Fortunately, the rise of Helspire has kept them more or less busy for  the last three centuries. This has lead to the rise of the Aringaurd Empire.

Helspire: It’s hard to label exactly what Helspire is, with it running somewhere between a feudal monarchy and pure anarchy. A small republic jammed between Theranos and the Celestial Empire. A portal ripped open in Rottanwolk swamp some 300 years ago. Before long, devils and demons came pouring through into Halspire. The Celestial Empire marched immediately south, meaning to meet this invasion with deadly force immediately. However they found, to their horror, the people of Theranos had already struck a bargain with the hellish powers. They’d traded their independence for power. A bitter and bloody war has been raging between the two ever since.

Anthel Nothor: The subterranean home of the High Elves and their gnomish allies. It’s made of great caverns of sculpted rock and magical grown crystal. The Elves within rarely venture out, with the nation as a whole being isolationist at best and rabidly xenophobic at worst. They are about 5-10 miles down underneath the surface.

Land of Endless Night: Far to the North across the Kadrak mountain

lies the endless icy wasteland that the Dwarves call home. The sun rarely appears here, and only the toughest and most resourceful can survive. The wandering bands of Dwarven nomads pride themselves on their ability to thrive in the harsh and unforgiving landscape. They look down on their brethren that live anywhere else, other than the Land of Endless Night.

The Detraxi Forest: Occupying most of the heart of the continent, the vast majority of the forest is not formally controlled by any major power. All of the adjacent nations harvest the forest for resources, but must constantly be wary for attacks by Halfling or Wood Elf bands who despise the intrusions into their forest. Most people are wary of venturing too far into the heart of the forest. There are far too many stories of people running across powerful Fey creatures in the woods for comfort.

Asturas: The legendary ‘Isle of Stars’ is a mythical country located in the sky somewhere to the east of The Detraxi Forest. The Isle is well known for its tremendous magical power. While magical items are vanishingly rare on most of the continent, they’re apparently in tremendous supply on Asturas, as no citizen of the island has ever been seen without at least one. The Isle itself is wrapped in as much myth and legend as reality. Its exact location is known to no one except its citizens, with some of the more fantastical tales claiming that they live upon a flying island. There have been only 2 confirmed sightings of Asturian citizens in the past 15,000 years, and no major activity has been seen from the Isle since the Calamity.

Theranos: This collection of small Islands is a hot climate. They surround a large continent of mostly mountains. Not many people travel here but they are riches here. For some unknown reason (magic) there is a island around the mountains. Many dwarves live here, that mine the gems. The rich on the island are constantly begging for power and gold, so they pay people to go and mine then take half.

World Astronomy and Gravity: 

There are two suns. There is 22 hours of daylight and 8 hours of the night. There 

is one moon and one scattered moon that was shattered by supposedly by Tiamat. 

the way that the moon's orbit is, on the 1, 4 and 7th day of the week instead of 

pure darkness there is low light. Aka you can see in low light up to 60 feet. The 

first 2 months are spring, the next 5 are winter, the next 4 are summer then the 

next one is autumn. During the first week of autumn, the two suns and the moon all 

align at the same time. The moon covering the two suns. For that week there is 

pure darkness and all non-magical light go out. The opposite happens in the first week 

of spring. During that week in autumn vampires and were animals come out. Because 

of all this, during the last 2 months, your jump height is increased by 3 feet and 

the opposite for the beginning 2. Also, your speed is increased by 5 feet and you 

have a +1 on all acrobatic and athletic checks. Overall you have an extra 1ft to 

your jump height.*(.85 Earth's Gravity)





Exotic Weapons:

4,000 BC 

Testing Beings  

1,396 BC 

Declares war on the Cokenden 

1,381 BC 

Cure is Perfected 

1,376 BC 

Army Reaches 1,000,000 soldiers 

1,375 BC 

Cokenden sees no sign of Aringaurd, so they decrease their defenses. 

1,374 BC 

Ritual of Apotheosis begins 

1,374 BC 

Building of The Forgotten Temples begins 

1,372 BC 

Kas is promoted to 2nd in command and given the Sword of Kas 

1,362 BC 

Building of The Forgotten Temples ends 

1,359 BC 

All items are gathered and brought to Kelteran 

1,358 BC 

The Forgotten Temples shoot into The Tower of The Soulless and the battle of Kas and Vecna begin 

1,357 BC 

Vecna Commands his army to begin ravaging everything is sight 

1,352 BC 

After plunging Aringaurd into full panic and turning them into undead, they begin to go to Slythero 

1,352 BC 

Aringaurd reaches Slythero with 5,000,000 troops and battle beings 

1,350 BC 

Slythero calls on other empires 

1,200 BC 

Aringaurd begins to lose so Vecna joins the fight 

1,100 BC 

Pray (Prayer of Life) is done. Bahumat is summoned 

551 BC 

Vecna is pushed back to the shoreline 



1 – 3000 AC 

The Dark Ages 

3500 AC 

Tianchao is reinforced with more angels 

3800 AC 

The Seven are introduced 

5000 AC 

Asmodeus begins to charge into The Abyss 

7699 AC 


Thing    Exsplanation

    The Forgotten Temples    These temples are giant 100 x 100 temples of pure silver that was mixed with the blood of a Tarasque. They are rectangular pyrimads that are open at the top

    The Tower of The Soulless    This 1000 foot tall tower is made of stone with blood sigals. 

    Prayer of Life    The Prayer of Life was a group prayer where all of te Dragonborn that were pushed back to Draconia. When the Dragons were pushed to their breaking point, they joined and locked hands and summoned Bahunmnat. Many gave their lives for this spell.

    The Unending Frey    The Unending Frey was the final battle of the Calamity. It was the battle between all the forces of Vecna and all the Dragonborn of Bahumaut. This is the battle that killed off all the Metalic dragonborns and almost all the Platinum Dragonborns.

    The Dark Ages    The Dark ages was a 3000 year period of rebuilding the world. After The Unending Frey the world was left in dissaray. The forces of the world joined together to reforge. Any evil forces of Aringaurd were killed.


The world was in a state of growth. Great arts were created and the world was mostly at peace. There was no major threat to anyone. The Eight, wishing to become more powerful, hear word of a way to ascend into godhood. One of them particularly, Vecna. He now begins to test people with these potions to try and turn them into undead. He took people from the Detraxi Forest and tested them but they began to turn into bugbears and other monstrous races. While continuing testing he then declared war on the "Cokenden" which was really just the monstrous races. If anyone objected to his planes they were killed on sight. After over 15 years he finally perfected his "cure". He told the people of Aringaurd that he found a "cure" to their problems. He gave them the potions and one by obey they were turned into his minions. Once he had thousands of minions, Aringaurd began to turn into a panic. Over the next 5 years he turned hundreds of thousands of people into great beings of evil, combining there should to create even more powerful beings. Once his army reaches this size he begins the Ritual of Apotheosis.

This ritual was a 12th level spell and required the sacrifice of all other 7 members of The Eight hundreds of legendary magical items and complexes throughout the empire. These points are referred to as The Forgotten Temples. There are 6 of them laid out throughout the empire. A mile radius around each of them are void of all life and only death reigns there. These areas are walled in and are guarded by only the most elite guards. After all of the magical items are brought to the center of Kelteran and the Tower of The Soulless is built in the center all Eight gather at the top of this thousand foot tower with glowing red and black runes running up the side. Postmen at each points activate The Forgotten

Temples. A giant beam of pure black and undeath shoot from all towers and impact the Tower of The Soulless. As they make contact there is a deafening thunderclap. As the black energy runs up the Tower of The Soulless the runes glow brightly as the energy reaches the top of the tower. The other 7 members of the 8 are all floating about 100 feet away. The black energy hits Vecna and he lets out a scream in pain as the necrotic energy enters his body, killing and decaying all the skin, and muscle, leaving only bone. During this process Kas charges forward and cuts of Vecna's hand. The rest of The Eight, then go and try to apprehend Kas but he is blood thirsty. He cont

As Aringaurd reaches the shoreline, the battle begins. They war for years to come, slowly pushing into Slythero. Once Slythero forces begging to get pushed back they call on the other empires. Helspire and The Celestial Empire (Tianchao). As the three great empires began to war of Slytheros front, Aringaurd began to lose.

Just as they see a glimpse of failure, Vecna shows himself, in his new godly form. Immediately the tides of battle change as Aringaurd now has a god on their side. Once again Slythero and now as well Helspire and Tianchao get pushed back to the capital, of Slythero, Draconia. After trying to hold the line for years and years they began to pray. They began to pray to Bahumat and he came. The Platinum Dragon came to the Material Plane to fight off the forces of The Undying King. With the bringing of Bahumat, Kathric, Tianchao , Helspire, Theranos, Anthel Nothur , Land of Endless Night Theranos and Asturas joined the fray. They world forces then pushed Vecna back to the shoreline. The final battle commences (The Endless Frey) where the world is victorious over Vecna and Bahumaut sends Vecna to the divine gate.

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