PoE 3.17 Phys Dot Champion

3.17 Phys Dot Champion

All in one POB: https://pastebin.com/5zQka2D5

My 3.17 Phys DOT Champion is a trade league focused build that will give you the great clear survivability and passable single target for the best price.  If you are playing SSF you will need to play the Gladiator variant of this build.   Phys DOT means physical damage over time and basically uses multiple time overtime effects to generate single target damage as well as clear.  Here are the different sources of damage the build will use:

  1. Corrupting Fever is a buff and a debuff.  When you cast this instant spell you will pay a big life cost and it will put a buff on you for 6 seconds at level 20 Spending a certain amount of life will refresh the buff.  Whenever you hit any monster It will apply a 1 second debuff to a monster that is a physical damage overtime that is not a BLEED.  This debuff will stack up to 10 times and the 1 second timer will refresh every time you apply another one.  You will be applying this debuff via Kinetic Blast (KB) with a wand as a mainhand weapon as well as your triggered spells.

  2. Kinetic Blast is a wand skill that will shoot projectiles at enemies when they hit an enemy it will create aoe explosions that will hit other nearby enemies.  When you fire Kinetic blast the build you will apply both Corrupting fever and its own natural bleed either via Haemophilia gloves + chance to bleed support.

  3. Explosions via Haemophilia gloves, enemies you kill with a bleed on them will explode.  When this happens it will apply corrupting fever to all the enemies around them as well dealing a substantial amount of damage because of proper physical damage scaling on the build.

  4. Exsanguinate is a physical hit + dot based skill that will be triggered via Spellslinger support or Poets Pen on the target.  It has a base 1 second duration and stacks up to 3 times so you will have to constantly have to reapply the debuff

  5. Reap is a physical dot based skill that will be triggered via spellslinger or poets pen on the target. It has a base 1 second duration and gains 1 blood charge every time you use life for this skill giving it 15% more damage stacks up to 5 times.

So basically you right click and fire KB, it applies bleeds and Corrupting Fever. Monsters explode, apply more Corrupting Fever, everything dies and you POG off.  When you fight a boss you will have to point to it and apply the Exsanguinate and the Reap damage.  If you are familiar with the build concept you might be asking this is normally a Gladiator build, why Champion?  

So in trade league you have access to Haemophilia gloves which will provide you with a chance to bleed, damage over time and explosions(5%) for very cheap.  Last league they were 1c on day one. These gloves pretty much emulate what gladiator provides for this build.

First to strike , last to fall gives you Adrenaline for 20 seconds when you reach low life and recover 25% life when you gain adrenaline and you cannot gain adrenaline again for 20 seconds.  Adrenaline gives you 100% increased damage, 25% attack cast and movement speed as well as 10 physical damage reduction. Huge right? And we have full uptime on adrenaline because our corrupting fever will be scaled to right under the 50% life mark which in the same server tick will bring our life above 70% and instantly gaining this buff every 20 seconds.  This tech will make you level faster as well as give you big damage and decent survivability in the leveling process as well as endgame.

Inspirational gives 35% increased effect of non-curse auras as well as a free banner.  The build uses multiple auras which include Pride, Malevolence, Determination, Vitality, Warbanner this gives the build big damage scaling as well as boosting some defenses.

Unstoppable Hero and Fortitude are self explanatory, Fortify on casters? I'm in.


Level 1: Grab splitting steel from the quest and look for RGG 3 links.  Purchase a Corroded Blade and if you still have 3 wisdom scrolls buy an Iron ring, if 2 wisdoms then buy Rustic sash.

Links: Splitting steel, Chance to bleed

After Tidal Boss:  Grab Dash, Onslaught and Ancestral protector from quests and purchase War Banner from the vendor.  Remember to drop War Banner on bosses for big bursts of damage.

Links: Splitting steel, chance to bleed , onslaught

War banner


Ancestral protector

Pre Brutus: When you get to the dungeon you can check the vendor for Longsword if you have a whetstone and magic rustic sash you can use the vendor recipe here for increased physical damage.  Get a decent life flask here.

Post Brutus: Grab Vitality and purse smoke mine try to get a sapphire ring here for Merveil and blink strike dudes.  Can also pick up Maim for totem

Level 12: Get Spectral Helix

Links: Spectral Helix, chance to bleed , onslaught

War banner

Smoke mine

      Leap Slam

Ancestral protector Maim


Act 2: Grab Quicksilver from Den quest, and Herald of Ash from chambers. Level 18 check for Poleaxe, which you can use an essence on or vendor recipe for increased physical damage.  Bandits will be ”kill all” and You need to finish the Golden Hand Quest and grab survival secrets. Using this jewel early will give you better uptime on your flasks.

Act 3. You are basically Helix carried at this point and don't really need to adjust anything.  The stuff you need to look out for your slinger swap will be. Trying to get resistance on gear.  4 Link RRRB or RRBB are both acceptable. Minimum RRB. Try to get some low int requirement wands with 3 sockets/links. Save any spell damage wands/shields you get or wands with +1 to physical spell.  You will do Lab and get First to strike last to Fall and do Library for gems. You want to offhand level the exsanguinate right away as it is act 1 gem and you sort’ve want to swap after dried lakes is when I usually do it. You can do it after that also depending on your gear but here is what you need for the swap over to slinger. Total 6 alterations, 3 transmutes, 1 chance orb


Spellslinger(alt) Exsanguinate(trans) Reap(Chance) (Cruelty(alt)/Efficacy(trans)) later in act 4 replace last support with Brutality(alch)

Corrupting fever(Alt) LifeTap(trans) Efficacy(trans) - You can play around with needing Efficacy or not depending on your skill tree and level of Corrupting Fever.  The point is to get the cost to bring you under half hp to trigger the adrenaline with one click.  

Frenzy(Alt) Faster attacks (alt)  >>> Maim you can socket maim for extra damage when you have sockets

War Banner

Smoke mine(So if you got a decent shield you can start using Shield Charge Faster Attacks)


So if you remember you picked up Survival Secrets from act 2 it is used now to sustain your life, when you first swap to the slinger setup the casts are going to take a lot of your life but this is going to go away within the next few acts when you get more reduced life cost. You should have -15% already from life

Mastery but the bulk should come from Cannibalistic Rite

This setup will get you to maps: https://pastebin.com/Z4zRULUt  This is what your build will look like going into maps.  With 131% life and over 100k dps you will be fine moving forward.  Now it's time to pick up some core items for the build moving forward and moving your character towards the endgame.

Level 95 PoB and Gear Progression: https://pastebin.com/APpaLYfz

This Level 95 POB is full of basic resist gear and several Key pieces in trade league: 

Haemophilia usually around 1c is the key unique here once obtained you can switch to Kinetic Blast and delete maps.  If they are cheap enough, invest in a second pair for bossing links and it will be an easy switch.

Poets Pen Will let you remove all your spellslingers saving your mana reserve so you can use Auras.  Poets Pen was a 5c item last league for the first week.  If you cannot obtain one you can use this setup until you do. https://pastebin.com/t8eF9AqR

Doryani invitation Physical is your leech and it's normally around 5c at league start.  With the builds and leech give you 2k+ healing you can afford to take damage on boss fights without worrying too much. Along with instant enduring cry you have a proper amount of sustain on boss fights.

If you have the proper stats on the POB you should be fair tanky, have lots of regen and do around 2 mil Shaper dps.  The build should be flying through maps, it is at this point one of the fastest clearing builds in the game with very small amounts of currency invested.

Due to the new patch I have no idea what the bosses are like and the difficulty so this is where it gets tricky.  If the bosses hit too hard(or if you are playing hardcore) we are going to need to build spell suppression or more armour by using determination in the build.  If we are lacking DPS we have to build more damage depending on.  I will list optional routes from this point.

https://pastebin.com/JVzcMgkw  This is a version of a well geared champion with 43k armor without flasks full suppression 2.2 mil dps this build should be all bosses as it will probably not die at all.  This is about as tanky as the build will get without going below 2 mil DPS

https://pastebin.com/C2L9aJxV DP

Due to the new crafting methods from 3.17 I will not be able to tell you the most efficient way of crafting these items until we actually play the patch. However this was my end game character from last league and the crafting methods used for influenced items.

Endgame Pob: https://pastebin.com/hXxiGp6R

Endgame Crafting

Wand: For your intro wand you can also make a level 4 character and use 40% quality of physical gems on a ilvl4 wand to get +1 physical skill gems.  If you aug regal and you can craft physical damage over time and use the More likely craft in harvest.  This should have a 50% chance of landing +1 skill gems with physical damage over time, then you can craft damage overtime on it and it's a decent wand.

You can also buy a wand on Trade Prioritizing +1 all spell skills,  +1 to physical spell skills, Physical damage over time multiplier, Damage over time multiplier 

Endgame wand :

  1. Obtain ilvl 82 wand with 26% damage over time multiplier

  2. Fracture it and dont go 0/9

  3. Use 4 Socket Reso with corroded, shuddering, metallic, jagged for +1 to all spells

  4. Annul all the prefix except +1 to all spells with an open suffix

  5. Use Prefix Cannot change and attempt to Aisling a prefix that's useful

  6. Make sure you have 2 suffix craft cannot roll attack mods

  7. Use Harvest Craft Aug Phys for +1 to physical spells

  8. Unveil a mod, useful mods : spell damage, physical damage

  9. Craft prefix cannot change use harvest craft reforge physical to get physical damage over time multiplier.  You should probably keep anything T3 or over because 2 and 1 are very hard to roll

  10. Craft attack speed with dex and int to help out with stats

Shield: +1 Physical spell gems + life and res, buy one or buy a +1 phys fracture and craft your own.  Block is a good stat.  If you feel like you want to be extra tanky you can try Crafting a +2 max res shield or use a saffles frame.

Helm: Intro helm is just a helm with life and res and whatever stats, Intelligence is pretty good because of wand requirements.   Enchants come next, Corrupting fever damage will give you damage.  Pride and malevolence mana efficiency will allow you to have vitality.   The best damage mods for helms are Elder 12% increased physical damage taken(Maven) or Synth helm 15% increased effect of non-curse auras from your skills.

Body Armour: There's a lot of choices here, the main 2 damage stats are gem levels and aura effect. End game pobs 1 gem level is about 7.5 % damage 25% aura effect is about 11%

  1. Skin of the Lords gives +4 to gem levels with empower

  2. Skin of the Loyal with a corruption of +1 socketed gems or +2 to duration will give +4 to gem levels

  3. Diallas Malefaction with +1 corrupt or +2 to duration gems is a very cheap and cost effective alternative. You can corrupt your own

  4. Vicatario with corruption of +1 to socketed gems will give aura effect and  +2 to gem levels

  5. Any Body armour with decent armour life and +1 to socketed gems or +2 durations corruption will give +2 to gem levels

  6. Any Rare armour with +1 to strength gems from elevated warlord strength mod or fossil crafted mod will give you +2 to gem levels

  7. Crafted end game chest.  +1 strength gems(warlord maven) awakeners orb with 25% aura effect (redeemer)

Amulet: You want to start with a 25 damage over time amulet until you can afford the +2 amulets. This league will be harder to craft. However you can still force Physical damage overtime onto any hunter amulet with full prefixes.

Rings: You start off with resist rings.  When you upgrade you want one vulnerability ring, this helps with bleed chance and gives you damage.   The other ring is just for resistance and Damage over time if you can get it on the ring.  The easiest way is to get a fractured life ring and spam some essence.   Vermillion is the best base here. The easiest way to make a good vulnerability ring is to get the suffixes you want by harvest crafting caster or buying one from trade and locking your suffixes then use a veil chaos.  Block mana and unveil life.

Boots: Just Life res movement speed.  Enchant should be life regen if you've been hit recently or attack and cast speed.   Easiest way of getting a really good pair is to find suffixes you want, Res, stats, regen and use suffixes cannot change and veil chaos, block mana and unveil a movement speed mod then craft life.

Belt: Stygian with res or regen.


6.  Stygian Vise

  1. Get ilvl 84+ Elder Stygian (you can get whatever influence Stygians and use Harvest to change it)

  2. Use harvest Reforge more life or pristine fossils for t1 life and % life and an open prefix (might have to beast craft this, though it's a lot of work to get this physical damage mod on the belt and it's not going to be worth it for a lot of people)

  3. Use prefixes cannot change and use harvest reforge physical for global physical damage (it's only a 43% chance to land this mod)

  4. Use prefixes cannot change and reforge whichever element you need, repeat until desired number. 

  5. Use prefixes cannot change and Aisling slam for stats, hybrid resistance depending on what you need.

  6. Craft whatever mod you need.

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