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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Game Mechanics

Q: Why can’t I generate a world?

A: There is currently a bug that disrupts the world from generating. The workaround is simply to restart and try again. It’s proven successful for most people. 

Also be aware that if you are playing on Windows, and are somehow unable to play, it may be because of your anti-virus software.

Q: How do I gather materials? How do I build structures?

A: Befriend a Grass-type Pokémon and use it to [CUT] trees. You obtain wood lumber that you can use to build things.

To [BUILD] structures, go to your party menu and select your starter Machop, and then select the field move. Cycle through various structures using the C and V Keys.

To break down unwanted structures, just use [CUT] on them. You will even get your materials back.

Q: What are Befriended Pokémon?

A: Any Pokémon you catch or allow to join your party is a Befriended Pokémon. Placing these Pokémon anywhere in the overworld will not revert them back to their wild state, but will continue to aid in your exploration.

Q: How do I get more Poke Balls?

A: You can [BUILD] a Campfire that allows you to create them. Use Apricorns obtained from cutting trees to create various Apricorn Balls such as Fast Balls, Heavy Balls, Lure Balls, etc.

Q: What can I do if I come across a Pokémon I want to catch, but my team is full?

A: You can still catch the Pokémon. Doing so sends them to a safe place; which means the last place you used your Sleeping Bag, or Bed.

Q: How do I make a Bed?

A: You need Soft Bedding, which can be constructed in a Campfire using Silky Thread (3) and Soft Feathers (3). Beds heal your Pokémon at a faster rate. As well as cure status ailments.

Q: What is a Silky Thread? What is an Item Drop?

A: You can obtain Silky Thread from Befriended Bug-type Pokémon. Befriended Pokémon drop items depending on their types. They can only do so when they are on a Habitat Tile they enjoy. Some examples include:

  • Normal-type Pokémon enjoy any Green Tiles. When placed on one, they will drop Manure.

  • Bug-type Pokémon enjoy Flower Tiles. When placed on one, they will drop a Silky Thread.

  • Flying-type Pokémon enjoy being near Trees. When placed on one, they will drop a Soft Feather.

Q: Can I place Habitat Tiles?

A: Befriend a Ground-type Pokémon and select its [DIG] field move to change the terrain. Cycle through tiles using the C and V keys.

Q: Can I breed Pokémon?

A: Placing two Pokémon of opposite genders that share the same Egg Group in the same area will lead to them breeding and dropping Pokémon Eggs.

They are hatched exactly the same as the games, but need less steps to hatch.

Q: I found Pokémon Eggs in the Overworld. Can I take them?

A: You can. Beware of Parent Pokémon nearby that will become aggressive if you steal their Eggs.

Q: What is an Aggressive Pokémon?

A: Aggressive Pokémon are dangerous and will chase after you if provoked. Stealing a Parent’s eggs, or interacting with a Pokémon that is hostile will aggravate them. 

They will relentlessly attack you until they are defeated. You must be prepared to either evade them, or to defeat them in battle. They also have their attack stats raised by two stages, so you must be well prepared for battle.

Q: Why did a Ghost appear during the night?

A: If you play during night time without any source of light, a ghost may appear and attack you. The Ghost will escape if you have a light source, such as a Torch, Campfire, or having a Pokémon that can use the [FLASH] field move.

You cannot battle these Ghosts without a Silph Scope. Once you build one, you can then battle or catch them.

Q: Why after I read a sign, my game started bugging out and the music got all spooky?


Q: How do I make a general?
A: Use this template:

TITLE: /pwg/ Pokemon Wilds General #

>What is Pokémon Wilds?

Pokémon Wilds is a Gen 2 Pokémon game/engine built using libGDX. It uses procedural generation to create large worlds with different biomes, each with their own unique Pokémon. The levels of wild Pokémon increase the further you explore, meaning that some biomes with rare Pokémon are difficult to get to. Your Pokémon can help you explore the world by usual means (cut, fly, surf etc), but there are also new field moves that allow you to interact with the world in new ways. Such as building structures/houses, jumping up ledges, starting fires, and more.

>Where do I get it?



>The following contains spoilers. Read at your own discretion




>Hey is [x] Pokemon in the game?

You can choose to sprite the pokemon in yourself. Provide us with Overworld sprites, Front and back, and the animated front. Don’t be afraid to try. Check the server for sprites already claimed by people.
>Hey how about you guys add a [x] biome?
Same thing applies here. Make the tileset and we’ll probably include it. As well as an overall idea of what the biome entails.
>Cool! What about my OC protag??
No. Mod it in.


Wilds v0.8 - https://youtu.be/GjA_rbYqOCY

Wilds v0.6 - https://youtu.be/G9W3WHSEJRs

Wilds v0.3 - https://youtu.be/TMHGzh3NoIs


previous thread [Insert thread starter]

Juicebox - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3393rqyvpw

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Slave to the Caffeine - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EKE-0ezmiM

Ducumoner - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4Q2gj5F73g

Show these folks some love. We’ll change this around each thread with new streamers/players. Thank you all for playing Wilds!

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  1. I've made soft bedding but when I try to use it like I would a sleeping bag a noise indicating I can't plays and nothing happens. What do I do?

    1. Use your Machop or a foghting type and build in your house. It should allow you to place the Soft Bedding

  2. Do you currently have or have plans to create a Patreon so that fans of the game can support the project?

  3. When you fly over the water to generate a new area do you lose all of your pokemon except your party?

  4. How do you evolve your pokemon in this game by either level or evo-items like how to use metal coat?

  5. Is there a possibility that this game will be "remade" in Gen 3 games instead of Gen 2 for "enhanced" graphics and such or is that not a possibility at this time and date?

  6. Would you consider making the safe space area only in one part so we don't have to keep going back and forth between worlds?

  7. during a pokemon battle why have my options eg; fight , run , and pokemon gone and how can i get them back?

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