Postman deduction

  1. Copper bell: every time when bell ringing, everyone will give me the secret on the papers, that's a kind of trust

A post office notice: From now on, Victor Grantz will be the Postman from this post office, responsible for delivering envelopes and packages.

  1. Nickname: "Father" never call my name, only call me "postman", just like everyone calls him "Father"

An envelope that gives to myself: Victor, I heard one sentence––"find a dumb human who can speak, now that call underlying"

( Actually here, 口风紧 is a Chinese envelopes thing meaning that doesn't let the rumor come out )

  1. Curiosity: He says that if he into the accident, he would let these envelopes give to Wick and send out here.

An envelope: Inside has one material Trading List and tons of addresses.

  1. "Present": "Father" always send envelopes to a policeman–– when owner not at besides, his friend Wick will help him collect the envelopes

One anonymous envelope inside has tons of money and an address.

  1. Special value: sometimes people will ask me about the Identity of "father", their discuss let me nervous.

Investigation memo: recently those gangs are very careful, with those people who pass on a message have a happy ending. 

  1. Rupture: "Father" won't let me send envelopes again.

One police record: one postman witness a policeman who walloping those street kids.

  1. Difference: I just one of their tools

An envelope that gives to me: Victor, when you.. Having your own secret?

  1. Business: The envelopes I send are getting thicker and thicker, but the packages I send back are getting smaller

Package note: What is "more", don't have to be greedy! In addition, don't let the postman come again if you want to receive your goods, let your people collect yourselves.

  1. Occupy: I also have a secret now.

A newspaper clipping: A fire broke out in a private house … A police officer was killed and others were injured. … the local postman discovered the fire in time and put it in rescue … to avoid the spread of the fire.

  1. Hesitation: Should I warn him? Is he gonna question me? Am I having a chance to get that letter?

Surveillance record: everything is as usual, but if the "postman" is as talkative as the policeman, just remove them together.

  1. Dishonesty: I still that postman, just missing a bell.

A memo: Don't say anything. You are eye-catching enough. We don't mind that dog was lit twice.

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