Potion School

Potion School

By Kayne Ruse, KR Game Studios

(for 2-4 players)


You are a student at a magical school with a penchant for potions. Use your skills to earn the best grade possible by the end of the semester, or sabotage your classmates so they can't get ahead of you…


The goal of the game is to have as many points as you can get by the end of the game; each potion has a point value. Some dark market cards also grant points. Extra copies of potions do not grant points – so make sure you have a variety of potions in your hand at the end! Every 10 gold coins you own at the end also count as 1 point towards your final score.

Setting Up The Decks Of Cards

There are three decks of cards – potions, the market, and the dark market. The potions deck is placed face-up so everyone can see its contents, while the market and dark market decks are shuffled separately and placed face down. Make sure there is space for a discard pile as well. The top three cards from the market deck are placed face up for everyone to see – this is the “trade row”.

Hands And Hand Size

Each player has a normal maximum hand size of 5 cards, but certain effects can change this. If a player ever has more cards than their maximum hand size, then they must discard cards, one at a time, until they are left with the correct number of cards. Players play with their hands visible to each other.

Discard Pile

When a card is used, sold or discarded, it is placed into the discard pile. If a card is “recovered”, then it is moved from the discard pile to a player’s hand – this can’t be done if the player’s hand is full.

On Each Turn

On each player’s turn, they may take the following actions in any order: interact with the market up to three times (buying and/or selling cards), brewing a potion once, and using a card in their hand once. If a player hasn’t interacted with the market yet, they may instead choose to interact with the dark market, but doing so automatically ends their turn, whether they purchase something or not.

If the market deck is ever empty, then the active player finishes their turn, the game ends and points are tallied. Each player begins the game with 10 gold coins, and gain an extra 2 gold coins at the beginning of their turn except for their first – this is called the “scholarship”.

The Market Deck

When a player wants to buy a card from the market, they select one card from the trade row, pay it’s cost, and then place the selected card into their hand – they can’t do this if they have a full hand. The purchased card is then replaced in the trade row with the top card from the market deck.

The Dark Market Deck

To purchase from the dark market, first shuffle the dark market deck, then place the top three cards face up. Select the card you want to purchase, pay it’s cost, and then put it into your hand. Finally, return the unpurchased cards to the dark market deck. Players can choose not to purchase from the dark market after seeing the options, but their turn still ends.

If the “Curse” card is revealed from the dark market, you must follow it’s instructions, regardless of any choice you would otherwise make.

Using And Selling Cards

To use a card, select a card with instructions on it from your hand, follow those instructions, then place it into the discard pile. To sell a card, select that card in your hand if it has a sell value, place it into the discard pile, then gain gold coins equal to its sell value (Currently, you can only sell potions).

Brewing Potions

To brew a potion, select two ingredient cards in your hand, then search the potions deck for a potion with those ingredients (if the potion can’t be found in the potions deck, then it can’t be brewed). Place the selected ingredient cards into the discard pile, then place the potion card into your hand.

Choosing Colors

If you ever have to select a color, the options are: white, blue, black, red or green.

The Golden Rule Of Card Games

Remember the golden rule: card text overrides game rules.

Component List

100 game cards

  • 40 Ingredients, 8 of each color

  • 40 Potions, 4 of each color pair

  • 20 Dark Market cards, 1 copy of each

Bonus: 4 Gold tracker cards, 5 rules cards.

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