Power Rangers Ultimate Watchlist


Mighty Morphin – Season 1

Day of the Dumpster

High Five

Green With Evil (Part I)

Green With Evil (Part II)

Green With Evil (Part III)

Green With Evil (Part IV)

Green With Evil (Part V)

The Green Candle (Part I)

The Green Candle (Part II)

Gung Ho!

Doomsday (Part I)

Doomsday (Part II)

Return of an Old Friend (Part I)

Return of an Old Friend (Part II)

Mighty Morphin – Season 2

The Mutiny (Part I)

The Mutiny (Part II)

The Mutiny (Part III)

Green No More (Part I)

Green No More (Part II)

Missing Green

White Light (Part I)

White Light (Part II)

The Ninja Encounter (Part I)

The Ninja Encounter (Part II)

The Ninja Encounter (Part III)

The Power Transfer (Part I)

The Power Transfer (Part II)

The Wedding (Part I)

The Wedding (Part II)

The Wedding (Part III)

Mighty Morphin – Season 3

Ninja Quest (Part I)

Ninja Quest (Part II)

Ninja Quest (Part III)

Ninja Quest (Part IV)

A Ranger Catastrophe (Part I)

A Ranger Catastrophe (Part II)

Changing of the Zords (Part I)

Changing of the Zords (Part II)

Changing of the Zords (Part III)

A Different Shade of Pink (Part I)

A Different Shade of Pink (Part II)

A Different Shade of Pink (Part III)

Master Vile and the Metallic Armor (Part I)

Master Vile and the Metallic Armor (Part II)

Master Vile and the Metallic Armor (Part III)

Rangers in Reverse

Alien Rangers of Aquitar (Part I)

Alien Rangers of Aquitar (Part II)

Water You Think?

Along Came a Spider

Sowing the Seas of Evil

Hogday Afternoon (Part I)

Hogday Afternoon (Part II)


A Zeo Beginning (Part I)

A Zeo Beginning (Part II)

The Shooting Star

The Power of Gold

Do I Know You?

Revelations of Gold

A Golden Homecoming

Rangers of Two Worlds (Part I)

Rangers of Two Worlds (Part II)

Good As Gold



Shift Into Turbo (Part I)

Shift Into Turbo (Part II)

Shift Into Turbo (Part II)

The Millenium Message

Passing the Torch (Part I)

Passing the Torch (Part II)

The Phantom Phenomenon

The Darkest Day

One Last Hope

The Fall of the Phantom

Clash of the Megazords

Chase Into Space (Part I)

Chase Into Space (Part II)

In Space

From Out of Nowhere (Part I)

From Out of Nowhere (Part II)

Save Our Ship

Never Stop Searching

The Delta Discovery
Flashes of Darkonda

The Rangers’ Mega Voyage

Survival of the Silver

Always a Chance

The Secret of the Locket

Astronema Thinks Twice

The Rangers’ Leap of Faith

Dark Specter’s Revenge (Part I)

Dark Specter’s Revenge (Part II)

Rangers Gone Psycho

A Rift In The Rangers

Five of a Kind

Silence is Golden

The Enemy Within

Ghosts in the Machine

Countdown to Destruction (Part I)

Countdown to Destruction (Part II)

Lost Galaxy

Quasar Quest (Part I)

Quasar Quest (Part II)

Race to the Rescue


The Lights of Orion

The Magna Defender

The Sunflower Search

Orion Rising

Orion Returns

Shark Attack

Redemption Day

Destined for Greatness

The Rescue Mission

The Lost Galactabeasts (Part I)

The Lost Galactabeasts (Part II)

Heir to the Throne

To the Tenth Power

The Power of Pink

Protect the Quasar Saber

Facing the Past

Enter the Lost Galaxy

Beware the Mutiny

Grunchor on the Loose

Escape the Lost Galaxy

Journey’s End (Part I)

Journey’s End (Part II)

Journey’s End (Part III)

Lightspeed Rescue

Operation Lightspeed

Lightspeed Teamwork

From Deep in the Shadows

Truth Discovered

Ryan’s Destiny

Curse of the Cobra

Strength of the Sun

Olympius Ascends

The Queen’s Return

The Omega Project

As Time Runs Out

In the Freeze Zone

Trakeena’s Revenge (Part I)

Trakeena’s Revenge (Part II)

Sorcerer of the Sands

Olympius Unbound

Wrath of the Queen

Rise of the Super Demons

The Fate of Lightspeed (Part I)

The Fate of Lightspeed (Part II)

Time Force

Force from the Future (Part I)

Force from the Future (Part II)

Something to Fight For

Ransik Lives

The Time Shadow

Future Unknown

Worlds Apart

The Quantum Quest

Clash for Control (Part I)

Clash for Control (Part II)

Trip Takes a Stand

Quantum Secrets

Frax’s Fury

Dawn of Destiny

Fight Against Fate

Destiny Defeated

Beware the Knight

Time for Lightspeed

A Calm Before the Storm

The End of Time (Part I)

The End of Time (Part II)

The End of Time (Part III)

Wild Force


Darkness Awakening
Ancient Awakening

Wishes on the Water

The Bear Necessities

Soul Searching

Soul Bird Salvation

Curse of the Wolf

Battle of the Zords

Predazord, Awaken

Revenge of Zen-Aku

Identity Crisis

The Ancient Warrior

The Lone Wolf

Power Play

Sing Song

The Wing of Annamaria

Reinforcements from  the Future (Part I)

Reinforcements from  the Future (Part II)

The Master’s Last Stand


The Flute

Taming of the Zords

Monitoring Earth

The Soul of Humanity

Forever Red

Fishing for a Friend

Sealing the Nexous

The End of the Power Rangers (Part I)

The End of the Power Rangers (Part II)

Ninja Storm

Prelude to the Storm

There’s No “I” in Team

Looming Thunder

Thunder Strangers (Part I)

Thunder Strangers (Part II)

Thunder Strangers (Part III)

Return of Thunder (Part I)

Return of Thunder (Part II)

Return of Thunder (Part III)

Return of Thunder (Part IV)

The Samurai’s Journey (Part I)

The Samurai’s Journey (Part II)

The Samurai’s Journey (Part III)

Shane’s Karma (Part I)

Shane’s Karma (Part II)

Shimizu Returns (Part I)

Shimizu Returns (Part II)

Storm Before the Calm (Part I)

Storm Before the Calm (Part II)

Dino Thunder

Day of the Dino (Part I)

Day of the Dino (Part II)

Legacy of Power

Back in Black

Beneath the Surface

Ocean Alert

White Thunder (Part I)

White Thunder (Part II)

White Thunder (Part III)

Truth and Consequences

Burning at Both Ends

Bully for Ethan

Copy That

Triassic Triumph

Disappearing Act

Fighting Spirit

Strange Relations

Thunder Storm (Part I)

Thunder Storm (Part II)

House of Cards

A Test of Trust

Thunder Struck (Part I)

Thunder Struck (Part II)


Beginnings (Part I)

Beginnings (Part II)


Sam (Part I)

Sam (Part II)

Shadow (Part I)

Shadow (Part II)


Wired (Part I)

Wired (Part II)

Messenger (Part I)

Messenger (Part II)

Reflection (Part I)

Reflection (Part II)

S.W.A.T. (Part I)

S.W.A.T. (Part II)





Endings (Part I)

Endings (Part II)

Mystic Force

Broken Spell (Part I)

Broken Spell (Part II)

Code Busters

Legendary Catastros

Fire Heart

Stranger Within (Part I)

Stranger Within (Part II)

The Gatekeeper (Part I)
The Gatekeeper (Part II)

Scaredy Cat

Long Ago

Inner Strength

Ranger Down

Dark Wish (Part I)

Dark Wish (Part II)

Dark Wish (Part III)

Heir Apparent (Part I)
Heir Apparent (Part II)

Light Source (Part I)

Light Source (Part II)

The Return
Mystic Fate (Part I)

Mystic Fate (Part II)

Operation Overdrive

Kick Into Overdrive (Part I)

Kick Into Overdrive (Part II)

The Underwater World

Heart of Blue

Weather or Not

Face to Face (Part I)

Face to Face (Part II)

Man of Mercury (Part I)

Man of Mercury (Part II)

Behind the Scenes

One Gets Away

Once A Ranger (Part I)

Once A Ranger (Part II)

Ronny On Empty (Part I)

Ronny On Empty (Part II)

Things Not Said

Red Ranger Unplugged

Home And Away (Part I)

Home And Away (Part II)

Way Back When

Two Fallen Foes

Nothing to Lose

Crown and Punishment

Jungle Fury

Welcome to the Jungle (Part I)

Welcome to the Jungle (Part II)

A Taste of Poison

Way of the Master

Good Karma, Bad Karma

Blind Leading the Blind

Pushed to the Edge

One Master Too Many

Ghost of a Chance (Part I)

Ghost of a Chance (Part II)

Bad to the Bone

Friends Don’t Fade Away

True Friends, True Spirits

Path of the Rhino

Dash for the Dagger

Race to the Nexus

Arise the Crystal Eyes

Fear the Phantoms

Blue Ranger, Twin Danger

One Last Second Chance

Tigers Fall, Lions Rise

The Spirit of Kindness

To Earn Your Stripes

Now the Final Fury


The Road to Corinth

Fade to Black


Go for the Green


Ranger Green

Ranger Red

Ranger Yellow (Part I)

Ranger Yellow (Part II)

Ranger Blue

Doctor K





Belly of the Beast

Ancient History

Key to the Past

Beyond a Doubt


If Venjix Won

End Game

Danger and Destiny (Part I)

Danger and Destiny (Part II)

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