Powers, Allies, and Tensions

Powers, Allies, and Tensions

Minotaur Empire:

Holds much of the blood sea, as well as Silvanesti/Sargosanti, and major inroads into Khur. After the fall of the Senate and destruction in Lacynos, the empire has gone into shock. It’s power is dividing. Leaders are heading back to Mithas to compete to be the new Emperor. Others ruling Sargosanti have wised up and are recognizing that there is opportunity to be had by controlling Sargosanti.


  • Establish a new Emperor and Senate

  • Expand empire

  • Keep Sargosanti (Silvanesti)

Internal Factions:

  • Mithas

  • Sargosanti

    • Kavas de Dexos, Minotaur Warlord (Paladin of Conquest)

    • Belisanthanus Ohn Sargosanti, Half-Elven Emmissary (Bard of Whispers)


  • Trade with Teyr

  • Trade with Flotsam

  • Trade with Dwarves

  • Truce with Ogrelands

  • Divided relations with Khurish

    • New guard merchants support Empire

    • Traditionalist family powers oppose Empire


  • Silvanesti guerillas and allied elves

  • Neraka fears expansion

  • Khurish traditionalists

  • Nordmaar fears expansion


Khur was becoming a satellite state of Kothas. With the contraction of Kothian power, traditionalists are looking to regain independence… and go back to fighting amongst internal tribes. New guard of rising merchant class dislikes this chaos and wants the lawfulness of Imperial rule to fuel trade.

Desires/Motivations (variable based on Khan or merchant lord):

  • Independence and security

  • Secure trade

  • Individual glory

Internal Factions:

  • Traditionalists

    • Grand Khan

  • Merchant Families

    • Govara and Raha Al-Jadidi

    • Afzaii al-Radji (father Zandi is dead) and Takhti


  • Divided relations with Kothas

  • Trade with dwarves

  • Trade with Flotsam

  • Silvanesti Elven refugees


  • Kothas

  • Ogre raiders

  • Fear Nerakan expansion

Silvanesti Elves:

The Silvanesti are a people in exile. Displaced from their home, they want it back. They have predominantly settled in Khur and Nordmaar. Also Quailnesti. Although they maintain a presence in Khur they want to go back to their homeland. The Khurish do not want to disrupt relations with the Minotaurs for the sake of the elves.


  • Retake Silvanesti

Internal Factions:

  • Settlers

  • Guerillas

    • Quivalothas aeth Tarqaurin, Red Wizard Transmuter


  • Fuck all Minotaurs

  • Teyr – Draconians are gross and vile monstrosities

  • Ogres


  • Nordmaar

  • Khurish traditionalists (secret)

  • Qualinesti

  • Solamnics (sort-of)

Flotsam/Toedaic Knights:

Lord Toede and the Todeic Knights rule Flotsam. They are a small power and basically just trying to play all sides. They mostly want to not get crushed and do their darndest to just stir tension among other powers to keep the attention off of themselves. They would prefer not to have a new Dragon Army arise, but will maintain plausible deniability so they have the option to jump ship and kowtow if necessary. 

Thoradin (Mountain Dwarves):

The dwarven nation of Thoradin is young. It is in a precarious position sandwiched between Neraka, Blode, Khur, and Sargosanti. The young nation of Thoradin wishes to raise itself back to the former glory of ages past. They are relatively neutral at the moment, using their craftsmanship and trade to buddy up to other imperial powers, while building up their military secretly underground in order to expand. This is held back by tension between Zhakar dwarves and other dwarven ethnicities. 

The Zhakar dwarves are still suffering from a mold plague that limits their reproduction.

Thoradin has shut itself closed and is wholly subterranean.


  • Drive away ogres and reopen surface

  • Secure subterranean passages

  • Expand Dwarven empire in mountains


  • New Thoradin dwarves

    • King Severus Stonehand

  • Zhakar dwarf followers of Severus


  • Ogres

  • Trouble underground – Zhakar dwarves

  • Dislike the Draconians


  • Close alliance with Neraka

  • Alliance with older Khurish traditionalists

  • Grudging trade with Kothas

Other (Hill) Dwarves

  • Stonesplitter Clan dwarves of Port Balifor

  • Shalecutter dwarves of Khur


The Draconian nation of Teyr is the youngest nation on Ansalon. They are trying to achieve stability, but their warlike hearts still yearn for battle and conquest. Many Draconians are happily joining up with the Cult. If the PC’s are not careful, the entire nation of Teyr could swing to be in league with the Cult.


  • Solidify and expand the Draconian nation

  • Gain reputation, recognition, and respect from the other nations.


  • Kosh – Bozak

  • Trex – Sivak


  • Followers of Zahvah

  • Old military guard

  • Dragon Cult sympathisers


  • Tension with Nordmaar and Solamnia

  • Dislike for Elves

  • Distrust the motives of the Nerakans


  • Trade with Minotaurs

  • Trade with Pirate Isles

  • Nerakan emissaries trying to forge alliance and get Draconians back in their fold (but Draconians are distrustful)


I imagine this place having a very Wakanda meets Olmec feel to it. Healthy dose of horselords built in. Their independence has led to a sense of isolationism that has limited their military power and influence. This has



  • Survive and maintain freedom and independence


  • Plainsmen

  • Forest/City dwellers


  • Dislike Neraka since dragon wars

  • Major tension with Draconians

  • Tension with Minotaurs


  • Solamnic Knights (allowed in many territories)

  • Silvanesti elf exiles

  • Legion of Steel


The Solamnic Knights have an interest in what’s going on in the east. See themselves as the ultimate bastions and force of good and so desire to expand their sphere of influence across the continent because they believe that would be best for everyone.

Legion of Steel

Primary base in Khur. A flexible organization that works primarily in small, mobile groups gathering intelligence and undertaking small tactical strike missions. They distrust all of the national powers and are fearful of anyone gaining too much power or influence.

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