Prologue: Death on a Plane

Over the course of several months, you have all been receiving several abnormal letters and invitations to various events. You were formally invited to the President’s Ball, asked to attend the Oscars, and given tickets to the Olympic Games and the Super Bowl. None of the invitations have ever had explanations with them. They have been mysterious and for your various reasons, you ignored the invitations, passing them off as too strange, scams, or just accidental. 

However, when many of the events you were invited to wound up on the news for assaults, disappearances, strange power outages and technical failures, you finally decided to attend the next time you receive an invitation to investigate or just to be there when the news is made. After much time waiting, you receive an envelope with a round trip ticket to Hawaii and a vacation package for a week of fun in the sun. The ticket is strangely routed through Chicago international airport, but nothing else seems off about the deal other than the abscurity of the free vacation.

So with that you have decided to take a brief vacation. With everything paid for, all you needed to do was take the time out of your week to go. The game begins with all of you  boarding an airplane. Your tickets were for roundabout flights that brought you to the Chicago International Airport and transferred you to another flight to Rhode Island. Once seated, you notice the group seated around you. 


-The Players: Introduce yourselves to each other. Describe your appearance, mannerisms, anything the others might notice. 

-Margaret DeLouse: An elderly woman sits next to one of the players. She is taking her grandson Phillip to Providence to stay with her while his parents work out some problems. She is a kind old lady who has no ill intentions and wants the best for Jack. Oh yeah, and she is gonna die.

-Phillip DeLouse: The grandson of Margaret, he is a nice boy who sees the best in people. He is also very inquisitive and explorative, doesn’t sit still for  long. He is often seen wandering around the cabin, trying to see what all the ruckus is about.

-Daniel Mishad: A man who does not talk much. He keeps quiet but is visible nervous most of the flight. He is constantly asking for water from the flight attendants and whenever another passenger dies, he gets more and more nervous. He always appears to be hiding something.

-Jerry Green: A talkative fellow who is very superstitious. When the first person dies, he claims the flight is cursed. As more deaths rack up, he makes more ominous predictions.

-Tom Freeman: A large burly man who does not talk to other passengers. When things get out of hand, he steps up and claims to be an air marshall. 

-Cole Daniels: Another tough looking guy who is also an air marshall. The pair are escorting a criminal to Hawaii so he can see his home one last time before incarceration. It was part of his plea bargain. 

-Ano Saburo: The criminal being escorted to Hawaii. He is a man who actually appears calm, but has been charged and convicted of murder. It was never proven, but he confessed to drowning his son in a bathtub. He just wants to see the Hawaiian sunset one last time.


-Frasier Hamilton: Senator running for re-election. Very talkative. Is always trying to push his platform. He is republican and wants to push big industry to help our economy flourish.

-Dr. Ryan Tompson: A doctor and the man who declares the death of some people. He is matter of fact and not very sociable. he seems reserved.


Mary Tanner: A cute girl, only 23, who is a flight attendant. She seems fine, but when the old lady dies, she can’t handle the pressure and ods in the bathroom. 

Vanessa Dunn: A stunning young woman, 28, who has to deal with people during the panic. She has a cross necklace, and can be heard praying when people start dying.

John Hewland: The Pilot. Old, 64. Overweight and sounds like it. He does not handle the pressure well.

George Taylor: Co-pilot. Younger, mid 30s. Has to handle the plane when John goes down.

Things that happen.

-Players notice Margaret not breathing when she takes a nap. She is dead

-Flight attendant covers the body with a blanket. 

-Players notice a tall pale man watching them. When they go to talk to him, he dissapears through the curtains to the next section of the plane.

-Mary is found dead in the bathroom. She appears to have overdosed on Benzodiazepine. The doctor pronounces her dead.

-The Marshals begin asking if people have seen a hawaiian man. Ano went missing during the commotion when he went to the bathroom.

-The pale man is seen again near the bathrooms. When players investigate, they find Jerry has been murdered, a sharp piece of plastic is embedded in his throat.

-The doctor is inspecting the body. The Marshalls continue to search for Ano. The captain is told the news and the players overhear one of the flight attendants say that he had a heart attack. They are trying to keep it quiet because there is enough trouble on board.

-The players see the tall thin man walking to the front of the plane. If they confront him, they find Ano holding Phillip hostage. The boy is scared and crying. 

-The pale man hints that he is not a man. He is not a demon, and no longer an angel. He is a entity of great power. A bringer of death. He tells the players that they have been mixed up in something far greater than themselves and there is not getting out of it. He says that his role here is not the deaths of the individuals, but the many. He is just entertaining himself until his real purpose. 

-Just then Daniel stands up with a small kanteen. He claims it is a bomb. Clearly nervous, he shouts words in arabic.

Players are on the plane to their first “mission.” An old woman dies next to one of them. Players begin speaking with a flight attendant when another death occurs. The players notice a strange man, thin, pale, and well dressed, always in the corner of their eye, always on the edges of the commotion. Several more deaths occur, even the pilot meets a horrible fate. When the players confront the strange man, he is very vague and cryptic. But he does mention that great changes are taking place in this world and that the players have gotten themselves wrapped up into it. Now there is no turning back. 

Death, the man’s true identity, says one final thing. The man says that he is merely passing the time until the real reason he is on the flight occurs. He looks at his watch, “Right about now.”

One of the passengers the players were interacting with earlier tries to hijack the plane.

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