Props and Costumes

Props and Costumes

As actors in a show, of course your props and costumes won’t be the real armor and magic items that are normally seen in a pathfinder campaign, but you don’t have an infinite prop budget either. After each episode, you’ll bank a certain amount of money to a prop budget, represented as Pathfinder GP. You can use this prop budget to either commission props (Just buy them, for the normal pathfinder price), or you can attempt to craft it yourself.


Crafting a prop or costume armor for your show will cost you 75% of the magic item’s cost, but it also confers other benefits. To craft a prop, you still must pass the craft DC, as well as have the requisite feats, and anything that your character in the show has access to for crafting (spells, alignment, etc), you have access to for making the prop. 

Once you complete the prop, roll a d20 for the boon. On a 1-5, you get nothing. On a 6-15, you get 1 boon. On a 16-19, you get 2 boons. On a 20, you get 2 boons, and the prop only cost 50% of the item’s cost to craft.(Come see me for random boons. I may roll something, I may just tell you what you get) Boons could be something as simple as +1 damage on attacks, or maybe you get an extra move action 1/day while wearing the item.

You can craft up to 2 props between each episode.

New Feat:

Advanced Propcraft:

Prerequisites: Any craft magic items feat (Craft rings, craft wondrous item, craft magic arms/armor, etc)

You may craft props for 50% of their cost, instead of 75%. If you roll a 20 for boons on crafting an item, that item now only cost 40% of the item’s purchase cost.

Normal: You may craft a prop for 75% of the item’s purchase cost, and on a 20 when you finish crafting it, the item only cost 50% of the item’s purchase cost.

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