Prospector character, Letter, skins and accessory analysis

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1. The life experience of Norton Campbell in chronological order

In the 1870's, California gold rush passed away, returning to Britain's old miner Benny, who was sick of poverty and ill-treated, and found his friend's son, Norton Campbell.

Norton Campbell, a Scottish son of Scottish origin, was a coal miner who, though silent and uncommon, often came to the workhouse to visit Benny. For a while, Benny began to tell his old friends' sons about what he had seen and heard of his old mines and gold in the Americas. He had told thirteen places in his story and made a deal with Norton that when he was fit to get out of the damn palace, he would go with Norton and go to America to find the golden mineral veins of his dream.

Norton, however, did not follow the agreement with the old miners, left the old man in the workhouse, leaving himself alone.

According to his 13 locations, Norton leaves behind the letters of recommendation and “hard work”, and turns to search for clues between the first 12 mines, but all of them did nothing. The last place was the Golden cave, which is the current map in the game, but the fallen meteorite just collapsed and could not go deep.

In thought, Norton decided to tell other workers about the golden cave, take the detonator, and unite them to break up and blow them into the pit. The other workmates, who were able to detect the miners, set up explosives outside the mine for the purpose of exclusively mining miners that night, causing the collapse of the mine and burying all the others, while his left face and arms were also affected with severe burns.

The wound entered the mine to find gold but no result. His series of actions may have helped to revive some unknown forces. And the golden cave turned into a glittering hole that was everywhere where the ghosts were traveling today.

Under the influence of this force, he had magnetic power himself and had dug out a part of the meteorite fragment, which had been brought out as the only survivor of the accident and grinded into a magnet. So this time, Norton Campbell has a psychological shadow over the dark underground environment and has begun to work as a geological surveyor.

But the job, while providing more stable income, cannot bring him a lot of money that would change his social status. He received an invitation from Oletus manor, which said he needed only to win the game, and he could get the money he wanted.

Norton Campbell was infected with pulmonary disease during the time of coal miners. And the prospector's profession, while it does, does not provide long-term guarantees. By balance, he finally decided to take meteorite magnets to the manor to play games that could lose his life.


2.Details of the design of character art

The clothes part

Campbell's dress fits the miners' dressing, but the style is closer to miners after the British Coal Mines Act of 1872. Protective gloves, security lamps on the hat, and tapes on the hook lock when the mine is down.

Campbell's dress should be similar to the picture of this man

If you look closely you can find that the details of the gloves and the belt are similar

The use of these gloves is because they protect the hand of the miners and cost cheap. Mining is a high-intensity activity, and Victoria and 1910 failed to realize machine mining, at best only to transport machines.

The tape on the clothes was a symbolic dress of the poor class, since the trousers of that period were actually not matched with the belt, and the pants were susceptible to a variety of conditions when they were heavily working. So people think of ways to fix their trousers with shoulder belts. But the trousers of middle or upper class can't find the trail of the trousers.

The jeans style of 1920, which was a backside paris button, but it was not designed until 1890

Campbell's pants should be similar to those designed for canvas or pants. The gold runners used to wear similar pants (because of wear resistance)

Then we'll talk about Campbell's hat.

But Norton's clothing style is more similar to adult miners

Wide cap to prevent the rubble from falling into the eyes and provide sufficient support for the security light on the head.

The safety lights on the hat are lighted while they are officially working, and remind the miners of any gas leak here.

But Campbell's hat is very different from that of it. One was the candle, not the security light, but the slot of the security light, and the first half and the second half of the hat were spelled, and the shape length of the hat was not the same hat. More like different hats.

A little speculation is that Campbell has changed his hat after career conversion into a prospector (on the ground) to make it more suitable for his current job. Candles can be lighted (Campbell has a fearful black set), while front-short caps can easily see the road, and the latter can be used to avoid rain and prevent shock and better suit the field. There's a fire helmet in the United States that's a design, so it no problem for someone think Campbell like a fireman. 

What should the candle replaced before be put in? It's supposed to be the security light.

The base slot was inserted, and it was lighted to carry the mine under the light. Although the risk is relatively high than David lamp, it is generally low and convenient. The miners were basically one of them.

Summarize: His clothes were the common dress of British/American miners after 1870, and the same dress was very consistent with Norton's working class.


3. Overview of Birthday letter

(For real i really happy for this Letter when i really done deduction hehe… yea i haven't done deduction when i post that in redddit.

This old man really have something on Norton  Speak some USA style English ╰(???)╯)

Norton's birthday letter appears to be a letter that he often visited the workhouse by the "iron chisel" Benny that didn't send him. There five important points mention in this letter :

1.Norton's father was also a coal miner and was a coal miner like Benny. Norton should have succeeded his father as a coal miner.

2.Benny has a certain prospect technique, and Norton's basic knowledge as an prospector should be what Benny taught him

3.Norton's unpredictable, silent personality  was existed before the mine disaster. But before the exposure of his own nature personality, the people around him were all illusions of good character.

4.This is possible that both of his parents had passed away, After learning from his father that Benny had gone to the California gold rush (and probably his father also as a member of these miners)he came to workhouse to find Benny and to explore the golden cave. 

5.Norton himself have very weak feelings between people, Even the emotions like family relationships are not as good as money in his values.

  1. Coal miner

Norton, my good boy, show some respect from your father,

Don't leave the old man behind 

Norton Campbell, Campbell, is derived from the German word “Cam” (meaning skewed)+ “Beul” (meaning mouth), and Victorian times are usually used by Scottish people. And combined with the information of the top coal mine, his birthplace is probably Scottish. Scotland is a coal-rich area, so the miners are very popular in the profession choices of the poor (because there is little threshold).

The UK coal areas are concentrated in ScotLand, Durham & Northumberland and Shropshire in central Shropshire and southwest in areas such as South Wales, the slum area is concentrated in Lincoln County along the south-east and east coast.

The local government has been working in the area of Lincolnshire, Lancashire, and others. Coal rich areas are in developed coal mining zones.

The development of related industries, while the depleted coal area is driven by the relevant industry.

Distribution of the coal mines in UK

Scotland's steel industry started earlier but slowly. Scotland's coal has a large amount of two

Sulphur oxide, not suitable for smelting steel. In 1800, 8.5 tons of coal were consumed per ton of steel, even by 1820, 8 tons of coal per ton of steel. The energy-intensive steel industry consumes 10% of Scotland's coal. In 1828, Nelson invented heat wind technology and applied in Scotland, and the Scottish coal industry began to use strip coal instead of coke coal as a metallurgical fuel, making only one-third of the coal used to cure a ton of pig iron. Scotland's production of iron iron rose from 37.5 million tons in 1830 to 241,000 tons in 1840, and pig iron production reached 828,000 tons in 1855. The increase in the production of pig iron has led to more coal resources into the metallurgical industry, which consumes roughly 9.8 million tons of coal from 23% in 1840 to 38% in 1855. In 1860, Scottish ferrite produced about 12 million tons, consuming 40 percent of Scottish production, and about 3.5 million tons of coal.

After 1860, the proportion of coal consumption in the metallurgical industry began to decline, and absolute numbers still increased. Coal consumption was 30% in 1869, about 4.4 million tons of coal.

It's the peak of coal consumed by the metallurgical industry. By 1887, it was only 21 percent of about 4 million tons, down to 10 per cent by the end of the nineteenth century.

The coal consumed by the export trade industry is second only to the metallurgical industry. Scottish coal mining has a virtual monopoly on coal supply from Scottish Railway Company, which isolates competition from south of Scotland. In addition, the production of tobacco from Faffland in southern Scotland and from Newcastle and South Wales in southern Scotland are competing in Scotland ports. Although South Wales has been favored by Glasgow industrial production and the British Navy has preferred anthracite-free coal in Wales, Scotland's coal is cheaper and its quality is enough to meet the needs of steam engines, so coal in Scotland can also take a seat on the national market.

Ah.. Smell something i will exam next year.. 


Coal mines in Scotland

The living conditions of Scottish miners are very bad, even though they have little social status. There were also several reforms in the coal industry, but each time it brought new casualties rather than increased social security.

Familiar with the mine working environment and also get a little salary recharge for home. In Scotland, mining is a family

Labour: Men mining underground, women and children dragging coal on the ground . . . these families are considered 

A mine's subsidiary property, if transferred, is sold.

In The official information books (of course it spoiler in weibo) mentioned that:

Norton Campbell has been gloomy and unspoken all the time. But everyone knew that he would work tirelessly to escape his destiny, and that was a daunting commitment. He survived in a terrible mine accident.. 

Norton's longing for money is the fundamental purpose of changing destiny. This motivation and means are indeed linked to the social strata in which he is located.

Moreover, the mine also explains why he has been running/falling over long periods of game, and the sound of a strong cough and the breathing of a foreign body in the lungs. Coal miners are easily able to get pulmonary diseases like pneumoconiosis, and Norton should have been infected with similar diseases during the experience of the miners.

2.Exploration technology

In Chinese letter, Benny using glittering golden motherlode instead of using sparkling golden mine in English letter 

Here for the Chinese letter later i put it here no worry

And to be honest, motherlode actually is a professional geological exploration term to express the direction of the main mineral veins in a given area.

Benny himself seems to have the ability to find gold mines (and therefore to take part in gold rush), and as an uneducated miner (Chinese letters are not dirty because they are harmonious and are heavily tongue) able to speak professional vocabulary that indicates that he has knowledge in this area.

And in the letter he knew nothing about Norton. Since it was mention about the gold mine, it was probably handed over to him the basic technology for the gold mine. Norton's show that he did have a mind looking for the gold mine, and his explorators' initial technology, probably from Benny.

And for English.. Later i explain why btw 

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3.The character disguise

What kind of person are you really behind your polarized facade?

Even to an old man.. you wouldn't trick an old miner who'd spent half of his

lif crawling in mines,right?


No.. Norton,dammit,you fraudster!

Benny has mentioned that Norton's own character is so unpredictable that others are really hard to judge his mental state. But, combining his ability to possess the miners' recommendation and their appreciation, he would have felt more about a hard-working and good boy before the accident

3.Efficiency: We need to try more.

A stack of letters of recommendation: It can be seen that every employer Norton had worked under is impressed with his diligence and willingness to learn, and expressed regret at being unable to employ him for longer periods.

His deduction was also titled with virtue: Kindness, Diligence, Efficiency, Resilience, Patience etc.

Benny himself possesses exploration technology and a senior gold runner who can return from gold rush, and should have a rich life experience and a better preparedness for the human being (in short a half-personal figure). But he would not only be fooled by Norton's performance, but even after he had gone a long time before he could react to its essence. The point that Norton Campbell's external performance should be said, indeed, very confusing.

The fool's gold referred to later refers to iron, light bronze metal gloss and gold-like pattern, and is often mistaken as gold, but it is cheap metal

It's used here in Norton, which on the one hand refers to him for deceiving Benny and fooling those around him, and on the other hand, when Benny thinks he's really kind (gold), but for real it's not (just pyrite).

Using one idoem to end this: 

All that glitters isn’t gold

Yes sorry vera ? ?°??°?

4.Parental relations

We were completely unknown about the family situation in Norton before the birthday letter. He was a very weak, unpredictable person.

The native family usually shows how the child's character is shaped, in other words, to help people understand their role from their growth experience. Families are also mentioned in many character-making exercises, such as priestess Fiona, photographer Joseph, even Jack, the Ripper, who has more or less mentioned family and family.

But Norton's performance was only himself, and the first half of his life was as if it was truncated by a sudden truck, and we were totally unknown

So, while it is just a reference to "for your father's sake" , we can also be sure that he should have come from the bottom of the miners' family. Moreover, the notion of love and family for Norton was rather illusory and unable to give him a sense of security, given Benny's affection easily for money, and there was a basic mistrust on Japanese official Twitter about his favoured feelings.

In other words, his parents may be irresponsible or unable to take responsibility (for example, they have already died). The experience should also give Norton a considerable impetus to his present character.


Here we're going to follow it, and say the last point of the Birthday letter, Norton's "values" .

He was undoubtedly a supremacist of money, in other words a primordial. But Norton's prize and the role of a monastery like a tall old man are quite different. Money is, in the final analysis, a means to him, not to be happy or happy himself.

In his life with Benny, Norton did have a sense of happiness and security in his interaction with the elderly

What kind of person are you really behind your polarized facade?

It's just that this sense of security is not long, or even panic, for a situation of origin. He has a fundamental mistrust in the relationship between people, as he has shown in his presentation: Norton's search for gold mines, choosing to use others and to reach a cooperative relationship only when he has no means of finally. He was in fact a strong attempt to avoid unnecessary socialism and inclined to be alone.

In other words, money becomes a necessary means of changing his social identity, and thus not dependent on others. The security of this means goes beyond Norton's desire for love, love, friendship and even social identity, so he will do whatever he can.

Lastly, paste some chinese translated letter to show this thing btw..

Oh yeah, actually Benny using some kind of Scottish English to write this letter. So, please just love Scottish ? ?°??°?



4.The wise: the analysis of the skills

The core idea of Norton Campbell is really smart and suited to academic.

First, Benny was his exploration teacher, but Norton Campbell's late magnetic exploration should be entirely on that basis.

The earth has a geomagnetic field, and the compass built on this basis can indicate the direction along the magnetic line. However, if there are veins in the nearest crust, then the direction of the compass will deviate in degrees, which we generally call failure.

The magnetic line diagram within the character's character semperability shows that a ring magnet can, in some ideal case, simulate a earth's magnetic field.

Norton usually carries the magnet around, and the track will certainly be affected by a fixed way. The effect of a geomagnetic field on the compass is quantitative A, the effect of a ring magnet on the compass is a self-variable B, and the B can be expressed by an equation that includes distance and magnetic strength. When arriving near the magnetic mine, the magnetic mine gives the compass a new interference variable C, and C can be expressed by equations containing distance and magnetic intensity.

A three-dimensional coordinate system is established, based on the location of the compass, which represents the disturbance of the geomagnetic field, circular magnetic, and the magnetic interference of the mineral vector, and the location of the mineral vector is set to be unknown. The magnetic variables of the compass rotated, the magnetic field, the magnetic circular magnet can be solved in order to obtain the orientation and magnetic nature of the vein, and then map (this is the exploration work in an ideal state).

If Norton had documented the magnetic intensity of different veins, it could even be speculated about the type of veins he found.

Simple summary: Magnetic measurement can be used to define magnetic anomalies (direct detection) that represent the ore or, in some cases, connected with the ore deposit (indirectly or infrared detection).

In short, he covered the subjects of  geomagnetics,  in which Carl Friedrich Gauss had not measured the more accurate geomagnetic field for the first time until 1832, and he had invented the first magnetometer capable of measuring the intensity of the absolute magnetic field, with a complex structure. And this prospecting was officially recognized and used on a large scale, at least after World War II

Of course, because he has some magnetic nature in the official data, he is uncertain whether he has a natural sensing to minerals himself.

Then it's a real and traitor

The star will say behind the statuer, so it's not here for a while. Norton's two other articles were dug out in his exploration work:

One is ancient amber

And another one is small furnace

Let say amber first.

The ancient amber probably like this 

Several amber fossils containing butterfly specimens were found in Mexico and elsewhere in 2004, most of them from the world 40 to 50 million years ago, belonging to the extinct butterfly. They are likely to have ended in the Cretaceous and Mesozoic periods, when the ancient butterflies that lived during this period witnessed the demise of dinosaurs and the rise of mammals.

By studying these extinct butterflies, we can not only know how this species has evolved. What's more, by analyzing their morphological structure and simulating the way they acted in life, we can also infer the surrounding environment, thus making more reasonable scientific inferences about the process of dinosaur extinction. In fact, this also involves a specialized subject: phenology

Simply put, it's just…. sciencetos (? ′? ? `? )

Then the furnace 

The furnace may feel strange and fictitious at first sight – but this kind of triple-ear structure is similar in China history.

Xuan furnace

Of course, most of the real things are lost, the above picture is just a copy of the Qing Dynasty, and Norton dig out is not necessarily true.

The Xuande Furnace, also known as the Xuan Furnace, specifically refers to the bronze incense burner cast by the court during the Xuande era. The Xuande Furnace is said to be a batch of bronze wares specially made by the Ming Emperor Xuanzong in 1428 (three years of Xuande). There are both ceremonial devices for large-scale sacrifice and religious activities such as suburban temples and furnishings for daily life. Different from common bronzes, the Xuande furnace is cast from brass and has exquisite workmanship. It was on par with Yongle Carved Lacquer, Jingtai Enamel, and Chenghua Doucai at the end of Ming Dynasty. The most important category in the device.

(Google translate because i too lazy to translate ? ?°??°?)

(Should i tell you i last year i learned china history?)

Your next sentence would be: Why would he dig out the Ming Dynasty furnace?

This is about to be a history… As we mentioned earlier, Norton is likely to be involved in gold rush in America. And, it might be not California, but elsewhere (after all, after the rush had been widely used), after all, the gold rush had been swept through Oregon and Mexico in the south of San Francisco, and there were reports of gold digging elsewhere.

So, the ancient amber and the small Furnace are probably something he dug out during his gold rush in the Americas.

History has been a controversial question for history: whether the Ming Dynasty actually sent ships to the American continent and had exchanges with the natives?

Some domestic history books support this view

Summary:In America, the Indians have the same culture as Chinese ming culture.

(For real this one if u can read chinese then read it if u not then just read summary.)

But because the material material is not sufficient, the mainstream is still the Columbus discovered America. And in the year Ming sent overseas ambassadors, there were a sacred furnace in the goods carried by the ship.

The Furnace that Norton dug out was clearly used by native Americans (and was estimated to be long-lived). Analysis of its shape and process, whether or not it was the first-time seizure of the clamp out of the sea in the Ming Dynasty, at least one vacancy in the Indian culture and life customs (and, of course, if it is a copy, the historical value would be very high).

So, what he dug out was really great, and he turned straight to an archaeologist. Although it was estimated that no one could be able to find the goods at the time.

And then I'll say that his magnetic exploration method is scientifically sound and feasible…

Because modern archaeology does use magnetic exploration to find cultural objects

In the archaeological field, magnetometers can be used to detect the fine deviations caused by iron archaeological relics, kilns, certain stone architecture structures, ditches and beetles in the geomagnetic field. The scientists have improved the magnetic anomaly detectors used to detect submarines during the Second World War, mapping the magnetic field differences across the Earth's seabed. Basalt is a seabed, iron-rich volcanic rock, which contains a strong magnetic mineral that can bias the compass in a small range.

Chapter 3 Magnetic Exploration

1. Application of high precision magnetometry in archaeological surveys

2. archaeomagnetic and its application in archaeology

3. The role of magnetic exploration in archaeological investigation

4.Magnetic archaeological detection mechanism and application effect

5. Application of high accuracy magnetic method in the archaeological of Shaanxi Province

6. Magnetic detection test of copper – recorded hill smelting sites

Ok these really are professional things..

So Norton's approach was successful, but unfortunately too far ahead for his time, and he was not valued by most people (though it was not the same as it was now that it was largely earning money.


5.Abandoned: emotes analysis (including implant)

Norton Campbell's special emotes design also contains many personal details and personality experiences

Let's start with the most emotes everyone like: 


Sorry and i not sorry if u see this mike 

I know you guys would like heh his dance curse!!!

And really? I even saw a post saying that he don't know how to dance? ( °?° )

Ok back to serious side

He danced in the Mexican side, called Huapango, which means to dance with Son huasteco style songs on wood. Locally, it is a common traditional dance, and it is often found in various video and video works (e.g. pink panther). In a sense, Norton's dance is a case of his past gold rush in the Americas.

Moreover, his provocation was "to use a finger to pat his cheek and mouth to do the corresponding action. "

Many people think that this action is about to kiss him( yea fangirl would do that), but

No! This move is in Mexico you'll be beaten! This action in Mexico means "are you an Idiot?" In other words, it is a curse, it is a provocation.

The two actions show that Norton should have been to Mexico and spent some time on the ground, so they are all in the way of the culture. His golden skin is also Mexican style, and he is very deeply influenced by culture

Besides, his nap was interesting

It is easy to slide down and lean on the chair to sleep, which is very different from the sleeping position of others lying on the table. In fact, when miners work in the mines, they basically doze on the stones. Because this sleeping method is easy to detect changes in the surrounding environment, you can immediately get up and run outside in the first moment of a mine disaster. This action also reflects his living environment to a certain extent, and Norton has indeed had a strong psychological shadow on the mine disaster until now. 

There was a very cute expression in the movement of looking around: Norton got up, played handsome, lost the magnet and the magnet rolled randomly, and he hustled around and sat down. It can be seen here that Norton actually has a more active and lively side, and another point may indicate the magnetic setting on his side. Because the magnet was suddenly removed from his hand, it did not follow the usual mechanics. It should be caused by a certain repulsion between the magnetic force and the magnet in his body

Finally, the details about Norton's actions when he was knocked down

This detail was discovered on Twitter.

when Norton Campbell was knocked down, his face before the fall was similar to other characters, but a smile appeared on the face after the fall (looking crazy). In a manor game, being knocked out to some extent means being out or dead, or at least injured (not to the player, to the character himself). 

In other words, Norton didn't feel that afraid about his injuries and death. In fact, his behavior model does carry a strong element of self-destruction, his distrust of others and his self-reliance in his character have reached a more morbid degree.

According to the official data settings,

Personality has also become more extreme, gloomy and depressed, and greedy. There are rumors that magnets may have affected him Brain, maybe that terrible mine disaster has been entangled in his heart.

Although the accident was caused by him, the impact of the mine disaster on Norton was indeed very large, and it caused him pain for a long time. When the official  golden cave advertised pv on Twitter, the official Emma said in the comment area, Norton said to the golden cave "Don't forget". Maybe he don't need to worry about these things when he die. Although it is a very self-defeating idea, it may also be a relief for him.

 ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ?? 

6.C skin: the manifestation of learning and luck 

The Chinese official Norton's favorite watch shows that he has a great interest in minerals. Of course, this is incomplete. It's harmonious.

In Japanese official, his good things turned: blasting, magnetic prospecting, and what he liked was very blunt: money, reputation, status. The heat and cold on both sides was too big to come out when many Japanese teachers thought they were wrong or felt that the contrast was too divided.

(Actually, considering that china has domestic audit mechanisms can be understood)

But the meaning are not changing, as his is interest in collecting minerals, which is also reflected in his C skin

The three skin should be the experience of Norton's experience during his period as a prospector. He had a mineral collection of his own, so the three skin corresponding minerals should be his collection.


Cordierite (mineralogy) or iolite (gemology) is a magnesium iron aluminium cyclosilicate. Iron is almost always present and a solid solution exists between Mg-rich cordierite and Fe-rich sekaninaite with a series formula: (Mg,Fe)2Al3(Si5AlO18) to (Fe,Mg)2Al3(Si5AlO18). A high-temperature polymorph exists, indialite, which is isostructural with beryl and has a random distribution of Al in the (Si,Al)6O18 rings.


Catalytic converters are commonly made from ceramics containing a large proportion of synthetic cordierite. The manufacturing process deliberately aligns the cordierite crystals to make use of the very low thermal expansion along one axis. This prevents thermal shock cracking from taking place when the catalytic converter is used.

The method used to identify direction during the cloudy sea is only necessary to use outdoors. So Norton stressed, "as a compass,but not in a pitch-black mine! "


Brownstone is actually not a standard name. It is a mineral used to extract red dyes. It is more commonly called "Cinnabar" (for the one who vomits mercury in the country of gems). Cinnabar is produced in limestone, slate, and sandstone. It is more commonly used as a dye in China, but it is actually rare in the United Kingdom. The red in Britain is rarely produced with mineral dyes (not the main place of production after all), and their red is more often called "cochineal red". This is done on the one hand because rare dye colors are a sign of distinguishing upper and lower classes, and on the other hand, mineral dyes do have various potential hazards (such as the arsenic poisoning crisis caused by green dyes)

So, the red clothes here in Norton if they were made of a taw, they were actually wearing them to be a damaging body. Red was also one of the expensive dyes, and it was in a sense that he was in a position to use a risk dye (desired to rely on minerals) to dye clothes.

Stalactites are karst products, which refer to different forms of calcium carbonate deposits such as stalactites, stalagmites, and pillars formed during long geological history and specific geological conditions in caves in carbonate areas. Stalactites are a type of drip stones. Due to the long formation time, stalactites have important research value for ancient geological surveys. Caves formed by stalactites can be called stalactites.

What is described here should be Norton's experience of traveling alone to the stalactite cave. The cave is essentially different from a pit, so he may not have triggered ptsd (hence the name Wonderland). However, which cave is in doubt, One is probably the British National Marble Arched Cave Global Geopark, located in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, England. It was first discovered in 1895 by Edouard Martel, a well-known French speleologist who teaches in the field of caveology at Sorbonne Theological Seminary in Paris. The second is probably Carlsbad Cavern National Park, located in New Mexico, USA, and was only discovered in 1920. Both match the example that nobody heard when Norton went and was only discovered decades later.

(One said that one or two are considered World Heritage ….. At that time, they were regarded as the focus of academic research. Norton was really not suitable for making money and suitable for academic research)

( ?ˊ????)??? o

7. B skin: Gold worship and attribution 

Norton's blue skin currently has the following (not counting McDonald's linkage, magic item keeper are essentially the blue skin of the plot-associated soul attractor, so it does not belong here)

It can be found that his b skin is basically in a position of a disadvantaged group, either through a miserable experience, or because he is too weak to do anything about the encounter.

In fact, this is highly consistent with his social identity (miner). At the time, Norton was indeed a disadvantaged group.

Here are two points:

① The social status of miners and gold prospectors

② What kind of existence is equivalent to their end

① The social status of miners and gold prospectors

At the beginning of the Victorian era (1837-1901), England was a highly hierarchical society, which could be divided into three main classes. People today may associate class with income. Income does determine one aspect of class, but English class also depends on your values, education, occupation, family relationship, family history, bloodline, and your personal Words and manners and dress.

Throughout the Victorian Hive, miners are at the bottom.

Although the nineteenth-century coal mining industry is particularly important to the United Kingdom-the operation and development of the Industrial Revolution requires power to support it, and the coal mining industry is the fundamental source of its operating power. However, the people at the bottom who relied heavily on miners to support their livelihoods did not receive due respect or even basic human rights .

In the early nineteenth century, the British government adopted a laissez-faire management attitude towards the coal industry in order to ensure the amount of coal mining. The mine owner took advantage of this to deduct his salary and hire women and child laborers to leave the mine. Due to the heavy workload, the average education level of the people in the mining area is extremely low, and crimes and strikes are frequent. At that time, the miners were slaves of the mine owners to a certain extent . Most of the native miners were not allowed to work from one mine to another. If the mine was sold, they were equivalent to being sold to a new one. boss. This situation was more common in the eighteenth and first half of the nineteenth century. Although it eased in the later period, miners still suffered discrimination.

Major coal mine accidents have become frequent, and the government has been stunned by huge explosions and deaths. People are widely mistaken

The main cause of casualties in coal mines is believed to be explosion. But in some depressed and relatively poor areas, only large coal mine accidents can attract public attention. John Bouder, a senior mining engineer at the time, thought it was right to mention the coal fields in Salem County and Norsenberland. On average, common and inevitable coal mine accidents are far more deaths than inflammable gas explosions in this region. At the time, less access to coal mine accidents and lack of knowledge had allowed only catastrophic accidents to attract public attention. Miners were either crushed, suffocated, drowned or killed in coal mines, without investigation and recording of deaths and deaths, and no mechanism existed for investigating victims of coal accidents. At this time, the public paid little attention to the poor situation of the miners, as coal accidents were hidden, newspapers were not reported, but there were still some incidents publicly known.

It was not until after the coal mine accident investigation committee was set up in the United Kingdom with the promotion of the Miners 'Association and the Workers' Movement that the situation was eased. However, the coal mine regulations of 1860 still stipulated that child labor was legal, and pits could even employ child laborers under the age of twelve, but they needed to protect their rest and study time (there were church schools at that time).

A statistics of the number of dead and injured miners from 1872 to 1880 on the miner's website (the era of Norton life)

For the miners at the time, the way to directly change their destiny was to obtain a large amount of money -in other words, the US " gold rush " frenzy at the time

" In that era, poverty was the original sin for the lower classes "

So it is obvious that most of the gold diggers at the time were speculative members of the lower classes and had a very low social status. On the one hand, their accidents have become the cornerstones of broadening the western United States and developing the grassroots cause of the United States; on the other hand, only a small number of people in this dream family can achieve success after the gold rush, rather than being damaged by businessmen, illness, An intrigue fools away all the money and ends up with nothing.

(Or in other words, those who were able to come back alive from the gold rush in that era were considered ruthless)

② What kind of existence is the poverty-stricken home in their end?

Either choose to become a gold rusher and continue working as a miner. Basically, there is no exception for the poverty-stricken people's fate after their incapacity .

As for what it was, Benny ’s letter actually made it clear.

l just can't stay in this dump any longer.

The workhouse, also known as the relief home, the relief home, the poor home, and the poverty-stricken factory, is an organization that provides jobs and livelihoods for the poor and originates from the Elizabethan Poor Law.

The poor homes have been highly developed in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In other European countries, there are only small homes. For example, the Netherlands has only three large homes in the country.

(In a sense, this also proves that Benny returned to the UK after the gold rush period.)

Of course, the poverty-stricken home is called the poverty-stricken home, and the living environment is actually very harsh.

The most terrible aspect of the workhouse for the working class is that, for what reason it has caused failure, it has become a punishment for failure. All other warm measures, such as friendly associations, private charity, etc., have not completely eliminated the threat of the system. Although many workers movements are initiated by the steady parts of the working class that are unlikely to be a stable part of the poor in the hospital, it is still a continuing public insult for the emerging Labour Party. The rise in the social status of the working class makes the system increasingly unbearable. The better the working class, the worse the workhouse seems to look, even if the material conditions are comfortable.

In addition, the people in the poverty-stricken home are living a prison-like life, and the work they do is punishing. At the time, the working class of working people basically regarded entering the poverty-stricken house as an open shame-because they thought that they were willing to deny their human rights and were imprisoned like prisoners, or to lower their status and this group of "lazy men" .

The lower classes are actually stigmatizing each other to some extent. They don't see that the fundamental contradiction comes from society, but think that everything is because they don't have enough money or power-in other words, in social terms, they don't work hard enough .

And sometimes, the poverty-stricken homes are actually equal to the mental hospitals. At that time, the British mental hospitals were openly opened to outsiders and they paid money for admission fees. In other words, these government agencies do not treat people as people at all, but rather as tools for making money or hunting strange market animals . Slanting upwards and downwards, it is not unreasonable for Benny to call this a scum pit.

After understanding these, let's take a look at Norton's B skin.

Gold Digger

The first is the professional "gold digger" that best represents his past identity.

In the gold digger's matching skin, he lost the opportunity to get rich because he was cheated, and he could not find the gold that Marshall found. But this is not the case. Norton is lucky . The western tycoon's story is essentially "Marshall and Western tycoon excavated and found pyrite (Fool's Gold, pv English's report on gold implies this), and then used this publicity as real gold to attract people to invest in towns Make money from it. " And to know the truth of prospectors have been killed in western tycoon with explosives ,buried in the riverbed of Dili.

In other words, Norton's role is unfortunate: he survived the gold rush, and despite his exodus, he saved his life; but his efforts and struggles were basically empty. The workers are all dead. Gold is a scam, and he lives alone. This is also very similar to his realistic story.

The two skins, patchwork and wanderer, represent "the inevitable persecution and decline of vulnerable groups in the context of social change ."

These two skins correspond to the groups in the two stories. Bloodlines are weak newborns. Investigators who patch their lives for (just don't exist) are just outdated. They are like Norton himself. Even if they have a certain power, the power is too weak for this large environment.

The skin  is more complicated.

On the one hand, he may represent that the class will usher in an end to the poor house; on the other hand, he does show Norton's personality, or mental anomalies. As mentioned earlier, Norton has a semi-extreme indifference and distrust of the relationship with others (even if it is relatives) , and if this feeling continues to expand, it is precisely a persecution delusion .

The jarhead will use confusing behavior to fool people, and Norton's shaky personality does make people feel difficult to communicate.

Norton Campbell has always been a hazy and difficult person to others.

This skin began to touch some of his essential characters, and the gold and purple skins in the future are more directly aside from the factors of the times, and his personality is best portrayed or best reflected.


8.A Skin: Speculators

The skin of Mr. Mole comes from the "String of Tremolo" series (Mr. Swifts). This series essentially tells the story of the circus reconstruction. The plot is very weak. The skin more shows the characteristics of the character, or the characteristics that the character experiences. . 

And Mr Mole's description is

"This type of creature has an acute

sense of smell and it can detect

many things,such as gold and


This paragraph actually reveals two qualities that Norton has:

① Excellent smell, can smell a lot of things → Excellent judgment of opportunity

② such as gold and jewelry → seize the opportunity to make money

① Excellent judgment of opportunity

In fact, combined with the analysis of Norton above, it is not difficult to see that he is indeed very far-sighted in some matters and has very good luck . From the perspective of digging out the amber and the stove, Norton is not without luck. He does have luck, but the direction of his efforts, the direction he is good at, and even the direction of luck are not suitable for making money .

If he was not born in such a low-level environment, but in the middle class, or the family of little craftsmen, then his bright mind and sensitivity to change can really support him to make a difference.

But he is not, so this judgment is actually a kind of harm to him .

② The essence of seizing opportunities is to make money

Capitalism prevailed in the Victorian era, and hard work and talent were not enough to make money from capitalism . It is important that you have the capital to get started .

Norton is not without capital, but his capital is too small compared to the opportunity he smells, and it is not enough to compete with others . On the gold rush, he personally could not really monopolize the gold, and the gold did not actually exist. In terms of exploration technology, he needed a platform high enough for people to value his discoveries and technologies, but he did not; on the excavated items It is true that he found a lot of valuable things, but those who did not pay attention to those times

In other words, he is indeed "Mr. Mole" like this skin: he can smell gold and jewelry, even an entire gold mine. But for a mole that is at the bottom of the food chain in nature, it has no way or ability to take these things for himself, otherwise it will ignite himself .

This skin actually has a very malicious point … The mole will gradually become blind as it grows, and then it will live in the dark underground for life. If it is exposed to sunlight, it will die because of nervous system disorders. .

Norton has a fear of darkness, and especially hates the environment of darkness.

That's why he went to work as an prospector, trying to escape the dark underground.

The official skin seems to be revealing a very tragic fate of Norton by the nature of the creature himself: no matter how struggling it is, the fate himself cannot be changed. Like a mole, after all, they will live underground for a lifetime. Once you see the light, understand that destiny can change and try to change this destiny, it will bring greater consequences . Such as mental breakdown, no success, such as being trapped in a manor and dying

(So some people persecute moles every day. Although moles are really fun to persecute, they are really miserable.)


9. gold skin: death and life, the two sides of the soul

Of course, although many of Norton's skins are very tragic, this is definitely not the case . Rather, this skin actually reveals how bad things Norton Campbell could do if he had achieved status, money, and status in the present state .

This skin belongs to the Magic school series. (More important, this series is base on Harry Potter)

Of course, this man already.. Destroy a school.. 

A brief summary of the story is: A god of death in Mexican mythology, in order to assemble the holy hand at hand, traveled thousands of miles to the European "Hogwarts" and became a faculty member in a local wizarding school.

This wizarding world, like Harry Potter, is divided into black wizards and white wizards. The two sides have been fighting for a long time, and the holy artifact required by the god of death has been guarded by the white wizard to suppress the big devil in the black wizard. However, in the case of knowing that this will break the balance, the lack of morality of the Mexican skeleton still broke into the forbidden ground and grabbed the holy artifacts on both sides of black and white, leaving behind a white beard (can be seen as the principal of Dumbledore) ) And the Necromancer (think of it as Voldemort), and then a war broke out between the black and white sides.

(This kind of essence analysis i will do it in future. See… me when i boring lmao..I still doing my school homework. )

Of course i will say the ending here (°?°)??

Here I will talk about some simple art designs of the soul attractor itself, because they will be used later.

This skull makeup has a specific cultural origin,call the La Calavera de la Catrina

The Catrina Skull is a tincture character created by Mexican printmaker Jose Guadalupe Posada in 1913. It was intended to ridicule that although Mexico gained independence through the revolution, the people of the country remained for themselves. Ashamed of their bloodlines, they scrambled to wear clothes that mimicked French style and applied cosmetics to make them look whiter and more Europac.

And her name "catrina" is the feminine noun of "catrín", which means "Princess flower". Katrina's skull also wears a huge French-style hat and puts a bouquet on it.

(Yes, the big cap of the soul-inducing man also comes from this)

Today,  Catrina is an important cultural image of Mexico, and a large number of people imitate and dress in her style 

Here is a few cultural knowledge about Death Festival

The Dead Day (in Spanish: Día de Muertos) is similar to Halloween, where family and friends are gathered together to bless the dead. In Mexico, the Dead Festival is an important holiday. The celebrations were held on 1 and 2 November, the same as the Catholic holiday (1 November) and the Halloween (2 November). The traditional memorial is to build private altar, with sugar skulls, life-long chrysanthemums and food that the deceased loved, and carry them to the cemetery to the deceased to celebrate the dead.

If you had seen the animation movie of Coco, you should have become more familiar with the holiday: the living will serve their ancestors on the altar, and make-up into skeletons to the cemetery. The dead came to see the loved ones through the bridge made by the Maysan.

Of course, since the details will certainly not stop.

Next, we'll talk about the historical origins of the Dead, and explain some of the background of Norton's Spirit:


The origin can be traced to the Native ritual of Columbus for centuries, and a festival of the Aztec people dedicated to Mickett Casivatel. The goddess are the goddess of death in their cultural traditions, and the duty is to supervise the bones and to host the ancient festivals of death.

Later, these holidays combined with Spanish tradition, gradually evolved from Aztek traditional holidays into the present Death Festival.

Today, she can also be seen in modern holidays, but she is called the Holy Death, which gives the Catholic skeleton shape.

Interestingly, people thought she was born only as a baby, and died. Mickett Casivatel has no flesh, but has a strange chin used to swallow stars during the day. In Aztec culture, death is often humanized, half of the blood and flesh, exposing skeleton, symbolizing the duality of life and death.

It is, it is, the best manifestation of the duality of the death of the spirit that the spirit skull makeup combined with his background story and his accompanying blue magic.


The other side of the skin, the Magic Item Keeper, was set up in the story by the "Spirit" as a magic collector with the appearance of Europa. Because the story is in Europe, witches are blonde Europa.

First, skin color – a clear contrast to the soul – the color of the magic, the blue eyes of the blond, the typical Europa looks and the common face of the pure wizard of Harry Potter. Excessively standard appearance cannot help to cast doubt that the spirit is not suspicious, but that the special "make" of the appearance.

Moreover, the sleeve of the devil is a ironic detail.

The symbol on his sleeve was a simplified version of the Roman double – faced Janus


Janus is the god of the Roman and the god of the Roman. Have two faces before and after or four faces in the four sides, symbolizing the beginning. The oldest message told people that Janus was the originator, and held the beginning and the introduction, and held the exit and end, and he was called the "portal manager" , who always symbolized the world's contradictory things, so his portrait was painted in two faces, with the word "twin-headed Janus".

The black part represents a triple meaning:

1.In his capacity as the magic, Norton is the administrator of protecting the peace of the school and guarding the devil. But as a soul, he easily destroyed the hard balance between black and white, and triggered war.

2.The devil is his fabricated human identity, and the soul is his true appearance. Two faces.

3.The spirit of the skull of the life of the life of the skull, the corresponding life of the corresponding death

 Okay, let's return to the title: Death and Life, the double faces of the soul

I said before, I didn't finish the story in that analysis. In other words, the lack of a skull grab the magnet will certainly follow up after it runs.

The battles between black and white wizards have caused many deaths and injuries, and the souls of these wizards must have been killed. And the originally character of the soul is Mexico's "holy divine of death" — a newborn, uncontrolled by cultural and mythical class.

We can see in the display of the soul that he does guide, or possesses the soul of the dead of the war, black and white, stand-alone and class

In other words, the death of the Death was equal, but he was greedy. He knew from the moment he decided to seize the sacred instrument that would trigger a great war, causing many innocent casualties. And the soul-soul wants this kind of casualty, because his two aim is to make the war.


After all, he is death, and the death is a dead man, and it is no longer normal to guide the soul.

Even if the deceased may be a man who is a man who is emotionally friends next day and evening, he doesn't care.

In other words, the spirit's skin and Norton's character are essentially the following:

①The division on the character

As Benny's sudden transformation against Norton was unprotected, the character of the spirit and the Magic Item Keeper seemed to be quite different. One is the careful, cold, merciless greed, and one is the caring, caring, working-loving Magic Item Keeper. The two great differences of identity are entirely competent for Norton, both because he has the talent and talent, and because he does not really have a definition of self, and Norton does not know who he is.

②A desolation of life and death

His anger and joy to others was very cold. He understands, but he doesn't really go to the sympathy. He is actually trying to avoid unnecessary social contacts and avoid people's contacts with himself.

Norton does have a basic conscience and moral bottom line, but with these knowledge, he will still break them for himself, and will do what he has done to get. Even if that effort was wrong.

③To realize their own interests, we must do our best

 This extends to the third point — to be used for the benefit of the best.

Norton itself has some outcome-oriented opinions: as long as the result is good, it's good. Otherwise, it's meaningless (contrary to Kevin's idea, that even if the result fails, it's not a problem, whatever the process is unfortunate. After all, there are things that have historically been inevitable.

In this sense of result and indifference to others, he is realistic for "money" , the story for "soul" , and the means.

④  To self – rejection and abandonment

And then the most important thing is the root cause of his series of characters

Norton really hates him in a fundamental way


This disgust is not disgusting, nor is it because it is not because it is the disgusting. His disgusting self is a combination of origin, character, growth environment and other self. He is himself a love of his life, and he wants to live. And this love was so strong that it was combined with his disgust, and it had a divisive effect on him.

That's why he laughed when he fell down

Review the details of Norton mentioned above.

1. He does not trust the feelings between people, including kindness, and he tends to act alone and to possess it alone 

2. He has tried to change his destiny throughout his life and tried to make money for that

3. His movements, gestures and dances belong to Mexican culture, and he is deeply influenced by that side and does not barely show them 

4. In pursuing monetary power, he likes minerals and knowledge themselves and collects things that others cannot understand

5. Metaphors of the la Calavera de la Catrina


As mentioned above

Catrina Skull was the Tin prints role created by Mexican cartoonist José Guadalupe Posada in 1913, intended to ironize that Mexico, despite its independence through the revolution, was still ashamed of its own descent, struggling to wear a French-style clothes, and to make itself more white and European.

The skin of the Spirit is also interesting, because the golden skin generally refers to the position of the character that they belong to (for example, a lord for the prophet, fate for the spell). Norton positioned himself as an alien, who returned from Mexico to Europe, bringing subversive turmoil in Europe.

In other words, he thinks that the person of "European origin" is only one side of his own, and that he goes on to be "others" . This man is nothing but Europeans, even Mexicans who spent years in the gold rush, better than what he had.

He was not proud of his identity, he hated his original identity, he needed to find new identity, and he did not know what the new identity should be.

The lack of his identity led to a fundamental lack of security. And the divide and environment of class told him that the only way he wanted to get answers and get rid of the moment was power, which was money.

So Norton is keen to his career, but always screwed things up in the most extreme way; he has a great degree of appreciation and trust in society, and doubts about whether it exists; he has a happier life in this class, but always searches for something else, and he has a mess of life; he always smiles, laughs, and feels angry or depressed, and is indecisive.

These problems arise because of his persistent pursuit of solving, but the most fundamental reason is that he doesn't even know what the answer is.


10. Pisces and Norton

(This part if u not Interested can skip, because I don't believe in constellations, please use the half-time break to relax, the information here is sourced from the relevant encyclopedia, personal do not express any views)

Norton's constellation is Pisces, and Pisces (Template: Greek moon, astronomical symbol: ?) is one of the zodiac constellations, measuring 889.42 square degrees, or 2.156 percent of the day's area, ranking 14th out of 88 constellations throughout the day.

Pisces in Greek mythology represents the incarnations of Aphrodite and Eros in the water. Aphrodite became a fish hiding in the Nile (the Euphrates River) to escape the attack by the giant god Tifeng, the son of the goddess gaia. Then she found that she had forgotten to take her son, Eros, to escape with her, and went ashore to find Heros. To prevent her son from becoming separated, she tied the two men's feet together, and then they became fish-like and dived into the river. Later Zeus lifted The Fish, the first incarnation of Aphrodite, into the air to become the Constellation of Southern Stakes, and the two fish tied together by her and eros incarnate were called Pisces.

And constellations, Norton's March 19 belongs to Pisces type three:

This 10° is not very good for those who cannot restrain their inward character, because you may be brought to an unfavourable environment to seek absolute consciousness and truth. This will lead to instability in your inner world: to live in real world, to aspire to the illusion of the vain. These two irreconcilable thoughts are all the time haunting you.

The person born on 19 March is not only stubborn, persistent, but also able to use their charm to achieve their ideal goals. They are both dreamers and practitioners, and have the absolute capacity to make the dream come true. However, the person born that day, though decisive and pragmatic, had little consciousness. They will definitely plan their plans with caution, because once they decide, they must be "unsuccessful and successful" to follow. Even at the level of private life, they will be as careful as they do, without care if they agree or doubt.

In short, whether their nature is pragmatic or innovative, their behavior is usually unknown as the straight way they are “moving forward,” but they often may not be aware of mistakes or mistakes.


11. Norton is associated with 

the golden cave

The next thing to say is that Norton may be one of the main contributors to the flash cave

In a sense, the Iron Chisel was given to Norton's last mining address, and in an English version of his letter, his "iron chisel" was a special name, not part of the name, that was quoted. To date, the Identity V's birthday correspondence has a special name (not the name in Valletta letter) largely associated with the main line.

The name in the Birthday letter is not much related to the main line, but only to the end of the day, the cowboy's Angelina and the current Norton's "Iron Chisel" Benny. The cowboy's own story is quite complete, and it's not part of the estate. But Norton's story has been riddled, including his origin, the mine's experience, and even the magnetic nature of his body, and the meteorite magnetic meaning, which has not been specifically exposed.

Norton itself has a special response to Golden Cave.

On official JP Twitter, Norton first made a statement to “don't forget” and then expressed a statement that he was really afraid of the place.

And the map presentation of the Golden Cave is also interesting

Golden Cave

Despite that not a single piece of gold was ever found,Count Barriere still got what he wanted with this land

There's no gold, but there's something else

Besides, the ghoul that translate with Wikipedia has the same pants as Norton

Ghouls are a species of cannibalistic humanoids featured in several of Lovecraft's works. 

They are first depicted in the short story Pickman's Model, where the eponymous main character meets with the beings regularly to paint them in various poses and activities. It is revealed in The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath that Pickman is in fact a partial or full-blooded ghoul, and now resides with them in the Dreamlands as a chieftain.

In combat, they are known to use items such as headstones and were unfamiliar with other types of weaponry up until their battle with the Moon-beasts. It was here that they first discovered, and quickly mastered, the use of spears and of javelins. With this newfound technology, they were able to annihilate the garrison of Moon-beasts on the nameless rock off the coast of Sarkomand in the Dreamlands.

The ants here are similar to the fire red ants in the America

ヾ(* ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄▽ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄*)ノ

11.Ghoul and the color out of the space 

Here i will use American mythology, The mine details and if Norton was present in the Golden Cave. 

First, there is a hidden word on the first floor of the mine, starving – a deformation of starve.

And there two explanation for starving.

And the red ants say the mines must be in the Americas, and the American myth exists a cannibal monster: Wendigo.

Usually Wendigo will be regarded as a monster possessed by human beings or human beings, occupying their cannibalistic sols. This is a legend circulated by the Algonquin family of North American Indians (they have many languages and pedigrees, distributed in the north of North America), and people who become Wendigo will have a strong desire to eat human flesh. It may be a mental illness. Wendigo will also appear in modern horror novels.

In the myth of Algonquin, Wendigo has a pale face, which appears in the legend of the Ojibwe, Sodos, Cleans and Nascapy and Inuits. Wendigo is a zombie, but is thinner than zombie, never enough, always looking for new victims. Some believe that Windigo's existence is based on the history of human famine, and without food it can be equally disabled.

In some portraits, Wendigo usually has white hair

And the ghoul in the golden cave, probably, were trapped in collapsed cave, and started to eat miners from the silk starvation. Norton should be detonated from the outside (at least not in a place that would not be trapped in a cave) and therefore not trapped, but suffered a wave and burn. And they're stuck in a cave, they can't be saved. And to begin mutation with some influence.

This influence comes from meteorites. more clearly, color out of the space.

It was a scene from a vision of Fuseli, and over all the rest reigned that riot of luminous amorphousness, that alien and undimensioned rainbow of cryptic poison from the well—seething, feeling, lapping, reaching, scintillating, straining, and malignly bubbling in its cosmic and unrecognisable chromaticism.

HPL “color out of the space”

The color of star is a kind of Cthulhu creature, but it appears like a pure color. It is not a gas, nor a material entity; it seems like a glittering, immutable color, flying around, glittering in its light shadow. It emits color different from any color in the known spectrum; this special color can flow on the ground and fly in the air like a creature. When it eats, its prey skin and face display the same light as the color of the star.

The color of the star usually falls on Earth through meteorites, and breaks out of crusts. These jelly-like larvae can grow very large. When it starts to penetrate the ecosystem, local plants begin to grow sickly; fruit tastes bitter, and insects and animals produce malformations. Human beings can mutate.

The small  little color out of the space leaves its nest, hunts nearby, and begins to consume the vitality of the area it had affected as a larvae. Once the land is drained, it will be wasted from now on, and no plant will continue to grow. Bright light can inhibit the color of stars. During the day, it will stay in dark, cool hideouts, preferably in some kind of water bottom: ponds, wells, lakes, reservoirs and even the oceans, are ideal places. And the mine is one of them.

My personal theory here is that meteorites are covered with color out of the space and come out of the shell when they were blown up by explosives and begin to affect the trapped miners and become zombies. And the ants in the mine were similarly affected, turning into "toxic colony" . Norton's magnets, most likely to be part of the star's color shell or itself, and his character changes and behavior abnormalities, are influenced to some extent by this power. This unknown force is also reflected in his magnetic nature.

In official book (in weibo)saying that

Is there any more dark and terrible game than that mine?

One of the supporting evidence is that the effects of the star globe.

It's like a star from the magnet.

The color of the unspeakable beauty

And the star globe describes it as a "gems buried deep in the earth" .

Oh forget to tell what Count Barriere want to get.. If you already read until here, i already mention like in the title 


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