Protogen Fursuit Maker & Resource List

Protogen Fursuit Maker & Resource List

Below is a list of fursuit makers that offer commissions for protogen heads. I won’t track commission opening or close status here just to keep the list accurate.

“Protogens” are a fictional anthropomorphic open species created and owned by Malice Risu / Cool Koinu, I am just creating a list to make it easier to find fursuit makers for this out of this world species!

Please check the artist profiles before messaging them to ask if they’re open!

If you want kits, files, visors, claws etc…

I’ve included a page of resources at the end for those looking to make your own protogen fursuit, so scroll down for a list of parts resources or click here!

Contact Ren to add, edit or remove a listing:

Telegram, Instagram: @WereRen  

Twitter: @TheWereRen (slow or may not see)

To submit, fill out this blank:

  1. Name:* Your username / Studio name

  2. Website: 

  3. Main Contact: 

  4. Social Media:* 

  5. Location: 

  6. Type/Kit:* 3D print or foam etc. / Custom or premade (Kaiborg)

  7. Commission form link: 

  8. Base price:* 

  9. Notes special features additions etc.: 

  10. Images (collage preferred or 1 max): 

  1. Fluburtur / Flub Workshop

  1. Main Contact: Discord

  2. Twitter: @Fluburtur

  3. Location: France

  4. Kit: 3D print, Custom

  5. Commission form: Talk to me on discord

  6. Base price: 1200? (to be revised)

    1. plus extras: camera system, complex fur patterns

  1. DatBlueHusky / Dat Fursuits

    1. Main Contact: Twitter and Telegram

    2. Website:

    3. Twitter/IG etc: @Datbluehusky

    4. Location: Canada

    5. Commission form: Link

    6. Base price: $3000 USD

    7. Type/Kit: 3D print / Kaiborg

  1. Chisen_Lupus

    1. Website: 

    2. Twitter/IG: @Chisen_Lupus

    3. Location: China

    4. Type/Kit: 3D print / Custom

    5. Base price:


  1. Notes special features additions etc.: 

  1. PrinceCharmless / P.S. Studios

    1. Main contact: Instagram or Twitter

    2. Website:

    3. Twitter: @PSStudios6 / Instagram: @_p.s.studios

    4. Location: America

    5. Commission Form: See website

    6. Base price: $700

    7. Type: Foam Base Core. Eva foam/ Minky details. Airbrushing details.

    8. Special Features: Can add EL Wire and Fans. Speakers and other Accessories can be discussed. Lightweight and soft head can be made to your liking.

  1. Kaiborg Studios

    1. Website:

    2. Main Contact:

    3. Social Media:* @KaiborgStudios

    4. Location: USA

    5. Type/Kit:* 3D print / Custom

    6. Commission Form:

    7. Base price:* $3165

    8. Notes special features additions etc.: Can also do Primagens (closed species)

Photo credit: Dr. Wildlife

  1. Other protogen suit making resources

    1. Kaiborg Studios: 3D prints, visors, also makes Primagen visor frames

    2. JtingF: print files, clear visor for Patreon , also offers a full kit, visor frame prints only or tinted visor only

    3. Chisen_Lupus: Visors, helmet frames, LEDs, other misc parts like horns

    4. ZillionRoss's Visor frame and visor plug print files and tutorial

    5. ChilliCosplay's protogen foam head base pattern digital download

    6. Judifur's 3D Printed Protogen Headbase

    7. Judifur’s protogen ear/cheek panel print file (actual prints here)

    8. KosmicBearSuits' 3D Printed Base

    9. ChiliCosplay’s LED DIY Kit

    10. Mugiwara Cosplay’s protogen head base pattern digital download

    11. Mugiwara Cosplay’s toony protogen handpaw pattern digital download

    12. OroraStudio’s protogen claws

    13. 8CellStudio’s protogen claws, various sizes

    14. DreamVision Creations/DVC’s Raptor nub claws, great for protogen hands

    15. I recommend checking out or Adafruit for EL wire and panels as an alternative to LEDs.

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