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Pokemon Showdown “Roles for Initiative” Entry

PK Username: Hollowarc

Character’(s) Name: Oliver Willow

Alignment: Lawful Good

Class: Cleric

Backstory: Oliver and Willow were once separate entities altogether, with Oliver being the prodigy son of the James line of artisans and craftsmen, and Willow being a fine puppet made with so much eye and soul that a spirit decided to embody it. This puppet would go on to be a gift for Oliver, as to how they were fused together in the first place. In his workshop Oliver tinkered with and made puppets and toys to amuse and entertain people, hoping to make them joyous while Willow gazed from nearby, wondering how making puppets could make him so cheerful and joyous. She envied him for his passion, and wished she could make people happy. One day a series of events transpired that would change their lives evermore. In his workshop, Oliver was working when a potent magical blast ruptured the wall in front of Oliver, smashing him into chunks and mortally wounding him. After bleeding out for thirty seconds or so, Oliver's father, a devout cleric of the craft deity Gond, runs downstairs to witness the dreadful accident, along with the nearly limbless Oliver on death's door. Alan James, not knowing anything better to do, calls down a divine favor from the great Gond, sacrificing himself to save his son. Gond saw the spirit puppet Willow, and knew what he could do to preserve the boy and to give the marionette purpose.

In an act of kindness, Gond creatively merged Willow and Oliver’s physical forms into one, making them a half-flesh, half-wood being. This transformation caused them to go into a 2 month coma, allowing their bodies to fully merge and heal into place. Eventually, the two woke up and Oliver Willow was born. After getting acquainted with the new voice in their head they would go on to become a cleric of Gond, grateful for the blessing and curse of a unified body.


  • Grafted skin between the wood and flesh

  • Light auburn hair

  • Light blue eye, Mechanical eye

  • Caucasian skin, Polished willow wood with decals 

  • Willow wood legs, right arm, lower torso, area around right eye

  • Everything else flesh & skin 

  • Proficient with hammers(Oliver) and shields(Willow)

  • Oliver age: 18.5 Willow (tree) age: 30

  • Total height: 5’11 feet,inches

  • Weight: 132 lb

  • For the face, basically Zuko’s burn from avatar but wood

  • Can switch between Oliver’s voice and Willow’s voice

  • Willow is protective of Oliver, and will take over if they’re in danger

  • Oliver is kind and creative, likes to make people happy

  • If you were to make a character sheet and actually play with the character, I would likely make 2 different sets of stats and use the average.

  • Reason for adventuring could be something along the lines of searching for something that could separate them while leaving them both intact.

  • Both enjoy woodworking & making art

Final Notes:

The magical blast that ruptured the wall and injured Oliver was an accident, not an attack, after much consideration it was also probably a Delayed Blast Fireball that did the deed.

(personal stuff below)

Personally, this project has really helped me with an identity crisis I have been having. I’ve been waking up as a boy one day and a girl the next, so being able to make a character of opposite genders being grafted together really helped do the same in myself. As of writing I'm pretty convinced overall that i’m genderfluid, and I'm glad that Oliver & Willow were able to do that. Even if I don't win or even place, I'll be a better person because of this project, so thank you wonderful people for giving me a reason to confront these issues! -Hollowarc

Contact me on discord at Hollowarc#3948

Or at [email protected]

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