PSO2 Endgame: Stuff To Do Before NGS – Rev 1.2

PSO2 Endgame: Stuff To Do Before NGS

By TnTImplosion

The purpose of this guide is to provide a summary list for things worth doing currently in PSO2.

At this point all the content has been released for global. With around a month till NGS release, feel free to do whatever you want but the following content will let you get the most out of the game. If you do want to tackle difficult endgame content, then you need to prepare accordingly.


Try to reach 85/85 main and subclass, or just 85 for scions to unlock ultra hard difficulty. 

The following are the fastest ways to level up your classes.


  • Keys let you run the associated bonus quest which give tons of exp

  • Exp scales with your level until level 80, so it is recommended to use keys after level 80

  • Keys are the fastest way to gain exp, but are limited in quantity

  • Stack as much EXP boosts as you can to get the most out of these

  • Rainbow keys are very valuable, don’t waste them!

4th Recommended Quest 

  • Rotates each day between 5 different quests

  • Broken World of Twisted Shadows is the best one to run

  • Disturbing Whistle of Chaos and Menace of the Bewitched Castle are decent

  • Other two are generally not worth for grinding exp

Urgent quests and UH difficulty bosses also provide a good chunk of EXP



Ultra Hard (UH) Cradle of Darkness is an urgent quest/trigger that drops loads of 13-14 star weapons and units. Triggers are purchased by the alliance leader, you can also go to block 7 or 22 where people host public triggers. Drops can be converted into excubes via swap shop, which are swapped to grinders at the excube exchange. Grinders can be sold at the NPC shop, each excube is converted to 30 grinders which are worth 12 000 meseta in total. This is currently the simplest and most straightforward way to make meseta, requires minimal effort but can get very tedious and boring after a while. 

Does this inflate the in-game economy? Absolutely, but that ship has already sailed.

Tips when running cradle

  • PSE bursts are critical to obtaining a lot of drops in a run. Mobs will endlessly spawn near players over its duration. It is mostly an RNG mechanic so it is difficult to control.

  • When a PSE burst is triggered, everyone should group together in a corner and start killing mobs as fast as possible. 

  • Make sure to have auto loot functions turned on, these can be accessed in the In-game settings.

  • Excess items are automatically moved to storage. Make sure to have enough storage space! You should aim to have at least 300 spaces to be safe.

  • You can keep weapons and units that have components for the bigger affixes (Astral Soul, Aether Factor, Mana Reverie, Absolute Glare). Personally I would keep 8 slot weapons with these augments (minus Astral Soul components), and all the units

Divide Quests:

Divide quests provide a lot of important materials for obtaining end game equipment. There are 35 stages in total, and you clear 5 stages per run. Clearing with an S rank unlocks the next 5 stages. You get points with each clear that count towards a weekly total. Try to reach 1 million points each week to earn all weekly rewards, most of the materials are quite valuable (modules can be sold in the player shop too!). Note that the weekly rewards are per character, meaning you can clear divides on alt characters as well.

Urgent Quests:

Feel free to try them all! There is a big variety in UQs, though many of the older ones have been put out of rotation. You can purchase triggers for the UQs at the Rising Weapon Badge shop.

Schedule for Upcoming Urgent Quests:

Scheduled UQs are gone with the release of New Genesis

Specific UQs I would recommend for their drops (May be out of date/out of rotation)

  • TPD (Face of the Abyss/The Primordial Darkness) – Endgame Gear and materials

  • Armada Training:Final Lament – SSA capsules, Rivalate units, Crack augment

  • Drawn to Darkness/Cradle – Lots of cubes, SSA/SGA capsules, occasional weapon camo

  • Persona (Malevolent Void) – trailblazer materials 

  • Luther (Wisdom Incarnate) – valuable SSAs

  • Apprentice/Mining Base – Good drops overall, affixing fodders and weapon camos

Note on 4man TPD (Twisted with hatred):

This is a VERY HARD urgent quest that requires proper endgame gear and decent skill. Do not attempt this without proper preparation. While the minimum gear requirements may vary, a reasonable minimum setup would consist of a fully affixed Klauz weapon and +250 atk affixes on units. If you can clear depth 100 on the sodam solo quest, you should be ready.

Story Quests:

Do try to clear the story. It is very long, but it will earn you a ton of SG in the end. You can skip all the cutscenes if you really want. It is also recommended to do it on Hardcore difficulty as this will yield you the full rewards for that specific battle to which you will never return to unless you want to.

Solo Endgame Content:

For the people who want to challenge themselves, there are some solo missions you can take on. These are some of the most difficult contents in the game.


  • Remnants of a parallel world ultimate quest

  • Solo boss fight, there are 999 levels (depths) in difficulty

  • Each depth is unlocked by clearing the one before

  • Daily limit of 50 clears

  • Some valuable SSA capsules can drop from here

  • Difficulty increases the lower you go and he gains new attacks!

  • Depth 999 awaits a special fight for you!


  • Solo fight of the 2nd phase on TPD

  • Similar to Masquerade, but with 100 depths, and a limit of 10 clears per day

  • Drops valuable SSA capsules (such as Augment will 2) as well as agile weapons

Endless Missions

  • Can be done solo, or any party size up to 4

  • Try to reach as high of a score as possible

  • Gives tons of SG from the associated titles, note that there are different titles for solo, duo, trio and 4man runs

  • Forever loner title is a big flex

Getting Gear

Gear will transfer to NGS, but will be scaled down

We cannot confidently say how current gear will compare to new gear in NGS

List for weapons and augment conversions:

Note on Affixing:

Affixing can be a very convoluted system, and difficult to learn. That being said I would still recommend at least some basic affixes on your final set of gear. Always ask for help if you’re unsure on what to do, you will save time and money in the long run.

Sample of a basic 7-slot unit affix :

(This is for reference only, there are many options available depending on what you have on hand)

On another note, S-grade augments (SSAs) should be considered essential and you should grab them when you can. 


There are many weapons that are available currently, but these are the ones that I would recommend. You can use any weapons you want while leveling up at low levels, but you should equip 15 star weapons as soon as you can.

Always enhance your weapon to +30/35!

Some weapons crafted by Zig can be exchanged to other weapon types in the same series, meaning that you can make one weapon to try multiple classes!

  • Millionaire/Croesus Series:

    • Obtained from the collection folder in the main lobby

    • These are a decent starter weapon, and should be the minimum for ultra hard content

    • As it is a starter weapon for UH content, you should try to upgrade from this as soon as possible

    • Both weapon series are identical in stats, but Croesus has a lower dex requirement to equip it

  • Agile Series

    • Obtained from Zig, requires materials obtained from TPD (Face of the Abyss UQ) and divide quests

    • Very decent weapon, has SSAs 1-4 which should be filled in 

    • Is a precursor to the Klauz weapon series (Best in slot overall), so worth obtaining for that alone

  • Fluxio/Rinser Series

    • Fluxio is obtained from titles for completing CM3 (challenge mission 3), Rinser drops from certain missions

    • Competes for 2nd best weapon series

    • Fluxio can be exchanged between any weapon in the series at Zig for free

  • Klauz aka Cras Weapon Series

    • Best in slot weapon overall

    • Highest base attack and has SSAs for 1-5

    • Also obtained from Zig

    • Requires an Agile weapon enhanced to +35, note that the one you obtain from Zig can only go to +30!

    • Granias are obtained from divide medal exchange, limit to 4 per month (note you also can get some from a title for clearing stage 35 divides)

  • Outdated but still decent

    • Rivalate

      • Solid weapon, but not worth using over Agile/Klauz

      • Shares the same S5 SAF as Klauz, worth getting one to hold for an S5 holder/printer.

    • Trailblazer

      • Useful as a PP battery due to its potential, but overshadowed by other weapons for damage.

    • Atlas EX

      • Potential lets you tank one lethal hit, mainly useful for its utility. 


For UH difficulty you should be using 13 star units, no exceptions. Also try to get some affixes on your units. Even a simple affix will be a significant improvement

Always enhance units to +10! It's so easy to do for the additional stats it provides

These are the common units to use right now. There are the units that drop from cradle, but there are generally better options:

  • Schvelle

    • Drops from various UQs and rainbow keys.

    • You can use them if you have nothing else, but try to get something else when you can

    • Keep some handy as it provides a useful SAF

  • Novel

    • Obtained from rising weapon badge 5 shop

    • Very good starter unit, provides a lot of defensive stats as well

    • I recommend these units over schvelle

  • Rivalate

    • Upgrades from novel unit at Zig, also drops from Armada training:Lament

    • Loses a lot of HP compared to novel but has more offensive stats

    • Prepare to be a glass cannon should you make these your final unit set

  • Trailblazer

    • Good overall unit

    • Upgraded from 12 star version at Zig

    • Requires void erebite fragments, drops from persona UQ (will need to grind a lot for a full set!)

    • UH Persona can also drop the units on their own

  • Atlas

    • Drops from UH Luther UQ

    • Good stats, but drop rate is very low

  • Klauz

    • Best endgame unit set to go for

    • Drops from TPD (very low chance, be warned!) or crafted by Zig

    • Requires lots of modules from divide quests (can be bought from player shop if you have big $$$)

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