Psyche Zone – Ultimate Guide

Hi, I′m Puncho, and this is my 3rd Crossing Void Guide.

I have found out that not many people have reached Psyche Level 6, and even less have been able to get the Alice Psyche featured there when you get three SS. So this Guide is made to help you all.

Apart from the Rewards for each Season (resetting at Sundays and Wednesdays) :

And for your Progress : 

There is one HIDDEN reward, the Psyche Border (Icon), which you can get if 100 people complete the Psyche Level 6 (only the first 100 people to complete the Psyche 6 will get the Frame) : 

All this said, i′m one of those 100 people who got the frame, since I reached level 6 as soon as it was available, so you can fully trust this guide. Here we go.

TYPE OF ENEMIES (the 7 possible levels you can find).

Let's start having a look at the different levels we have on Psyche, because each level has a “win condition” or something that stands out and makes that level unique.

Also take in account that on Psyche Level 5 and Level 6 there are 3 stages (on 3 and 4 there are two stages), so for 5 and 6 there will be a point where 3 AoE ones can happen at the same time. Also, the stage rotation is random, but for example you can't have Psyche V-2 two times in a row.
Also take into account that you CAN LEAVE the REAL TRY (not the Practice one).
If you don't have good crits you can leave the try by just clicking on top right and directly leaving, which is cool.

Psyche Zone Number 2 : Psyche Weakness on FRONT .

Psyche Zone Number 3 : Survive Stage – Medium .
Psyche Zone Number 4 : SHIELD BOT .
Psyche Zone Number 5 : Psyche Weakness on MID .
Psyche Zone Number 6 : Single Target Bot .
Psyche Zone Number 7 : Survive Stage – Easy .
Psyche Zone Number 8 : Psyche Weakness on REAR .

General Advices : 

  • Use WOUND users like Shana Support or KAsuna/Leafa cross skill for AOE plus A5 Olive IMP to increase your score.
    If it's not A5 does not guarantee to proceed.

  • Use FRAIL users like Mikoto Support for AoE or Yuuki, Kirino or Haruyuki for ST plus A5 Muramasa IMP to increase your score.
    If it's not A5 does not guarantee to proceed.

  • SS Mikoto : Swimsuit Mikoto (VE Expedition)

  • BG Mikoto : Summer Mikoto

  • KAsuna : Kimono Asuna

  • KiShana : Kimono Shana

  • KYH : Kuroyukihime

  • Stat Stick Slow : Zero/Miyuki/Boogiepop/Touma/Accelerator/Twins

  • Twins : Vocaloid Lin/Ren


Psyche Weakness on FRONT .

The Hound Level, Psyche 2, has two ways to face it.

  • Using an AoE team to ensure high score but taking into account there can be more AoE stages on this rotation.

  • Using a ST team to get a good score and leaving your good AoE fighters open for another stage.

And now you may be wondering, which is worthier Puncho?
Obviously, using a ST team.

I will leave some recommendations below (team compositions with their rotations), but is literally way worthier because sometimes you get rotations like (Psyche 2 + Psyche 4 [Shield Bot] + Psyche 8 [Rear Weak]) and that is really troublesome.
With this ST strat you can leave characters such as Alice, Kimono Asuna, Kimono Shana, Summer Mikoto, Yukina, SS Mikoto or Selvaria for another stage.

Misaki/Touma + Mikoto/Accel + Taiga/Miyuki-stat stick slow

Tomoka/Yuuki + Misaki/Touma + Taiga/Miyuki-stat stick slow

Summer Mikoto/Yuuki + Misaki/Touma + Taiga/Miyuki-stat stick slow

Anybody/Yuuki + Misaki/Touma + Asuna/Miyuki-stat stick slow

Someone to poke front + Selvaria/Alicia + Asuna/Taiga plus Miyuki-stat stick slow

Basically those are some recommendations. You can vary them if you have one character or another. Also you can change Misaki/Touma for something like Mikoto/Touma or something that can hit front with 4sp or similars.

Here I leave some rotations with specific combos :

(best one)

Misaki-Touma : 0sp , 0sp , 4sp , 0sp , 8cp , 4sp , 8cp (only with Misaki A1)

Mikoto-Accelerator : 0sp , 5sp , 5sp , 5sp , 5sp , 5sp , 5sp

Taiga-Miyuki : 0sp , 0sp , 0sp , 0sp , 10cp , 0sp , (jargn) 10cp

Tomoka-Yuuki : 0sp , 3sp , 3sp , 3sp , 3sp , 3sp , 3sp
Misaki-Touma : 0sp , 4sp , 4sp , 8cp , 4sp , 4sp , 8cp

Taiga-Miyuki : 0sp , 0sp , 3sp , 10cp , 3sp , 3sp , 10cp (3sp of Taiga, not Miyuki)

Tomoka-Yuuki : 0sp , 3sp , 3sp , 6cp , 3sp , 3sp , 3sp

Mikoto-Accelerator : 0sp , 5sp , 5sp , 5sp , 5sp , 5sp , 8cp/10cp (climax of Miko/Acc)

Taiga-Miyuki : 0sp , 0sp , 0sp , 10cp , 0sp , 0sp , 10cp

Tomoka-Yuuki : 0sp , 3sp , 3sp , 3sp , 6cp , 3sp , 3sp

Taiga-Miyuki : 0sp , 0sp , 3sp , 3sp , 3sp , 10cp , 3sp , 10cp

MaidKuroko-Touma : 1sp , 4sp , 4cp (climax) , 4sp , 4sp , 4sp ,4sp

Basically I highly recommend to use Taiga for Front Climaxes and resetting with Jargnéipr for another use, plus pairs like Mikoto-Touma, Maid Kuroko + stat stick (high attack Support) or even Summer Kirino-Leafa for a 4sp “nuke” or hard hit skill.

You can add Tomoka-Yuuki to get free sp each turn and frail occasionally with Yuuki, but probably you want to use Tomoka for another stage, so first composition would be the ideal. You can experiment putting Asuna+Someone instead of Tomoka just to poke Front.

For finishing, I need to tell you that PSYCHES are HUGE on this stage and this mode in general (is called Psyche Zone, so makes sense).
Misaki+Touma both with their Psyche, Accelerator Support with his Psyche to power Mikoto-Accel cross skill, Asuna Psyche… Every Psyche MATTERS.

    As last advice, use Indra (IMP Weapon, if you have it) on turn 3 or 4 to maximize effects.


    – Survive Stage . Medium


    This stage is basically one of the two “free” ones, as you only have to literally survive, which is easy.

    Soooo there is not much trouble here, just throw your least important characters (or just not the ones who have more weight on damage terms like Kimono Asuna, Alice, Mikoto etc).

    All to be said, on level 6 of Psyche Zone this stage is pretty harder than it is on level 5 or lower, getting S or SS actually requires a decent team setup.
    Surviving won′t be a problem, but you need some damage to get at least S.

    So if this stage appears with Shield Bot (hardest) or Psyche Weakness ones, make sure not to go all-in onto it (unless you are on Psyche Level 6, when you can go with your best setup since getting S or SS on Level 6 is pretty hard).

    To summarize : If this stage appears on Psyche Zone 1,2,3,4 or 5, use your characters left and you are OK on it.
    If it appears on level 6, you will need some damage to make it work, so don't lack on it.


    Well, this is basically the hardest stage of all, the Nightmare of Shield Bot.

    You may be wondering : W H Y , but it's just three bots who perma-shield from turn 3 to the end of the battle.

    That means, you will need a DISPEL to make those Shields disappear, plus probably Tomoka to make a setup that allows you to make enough damage thanks to the SP generation.

    And now is my time to shine! I was able to create one team that fits perfectly with these Bots, but requires Kimono Asuna as Limited Character and Selvaria+Emi, but as I say even with 200 talent characters is a bomb.

    Rotation is the following : 

    Tomoka-Kuroneko : 0sp , 0sp , 3sp , 3sp , 3sp , 3sp , 3sp

    KAsuna-KYH :  0sp, 3sp, 12cp, 0sp, 8cp, (jargn) 8cp, 12cp

    Selvaria-Emi : 4sp, 4sp, 4sp, 4sp, 4sp, 4sp, 4sp (basically spam the cross)

    You can also use some of these LineUps, they also work:

    • DBK-Fast character/Kuroneko + Mikoto/Shana + KiShana/KYH

    • Accel/Kuroneko + KAsuna/KYH + Selvaria/Emi

    • Mikoto/Kuroneko + KAsuna/Leafa + Alice/KYH

    • SS Mikoto/Accel + Miyuki/KYH + KiShana/Kuroko

    • BG Mikoto/Zero + KAsuna/Leafa + Tomoka/Kuroneko

    As last advice, use Indra (IMP Weapon, if you have it) on turn 3 or 4 to maximize effects. 4 would be the best here.


    Psyche Weakness on MID .

    As it happens with Number 2, Number 5 offers two possibilities :

    • Using an AoE team to ensure high score but taking in account there can be more AoE stages on this rotation.

    • Using a ST team to get a good score and leaving your good AoE fighters open for another stage.

    So again, we have a dilemma over here, and is even worse cause it does require MID CLIMAX, which is harder to find than Front.

    Another problem is that usually for Mid “Nuke” you have Kimono Asuna + KYH, but those units use to be better for other stages, as both are useful on their own, even individually.

    So Puncho, what can i do here? Let me introduce you to the AOE GREAT TEAMS.

    After some research, I am happy to bring you a lot of rotations and compositions (most of them actually very f2p friendly, so win win) which will help you even if the characters doesn′t have a ridiculously high talent, even 250 can do the trick.

    Here you have my compo suggestions plus their rotations:

    • Mikoto/Kuroko + SS Mikoto/Stat Stick Slow + Yukina/Stat Stick Slow

    • Mikoto/Kuroko + BG Mikoto/Stat Stick Slow + Yukina/Stat Stick Slow

    • Selv/Emi + SS Mikoto/Accelerator + Alice/Stat Stick Slow

    • Tomoka/Mashiro + Mikoto/Kuroko + KAsuna/Stat Stick

    • Tomoka/Mashiro + BG Mikoto/Kuroko + Kasuna/Stat Stick

    • KAsuna/Leafa + Selv/Emi + Alice/Accel (#1 DD AOE rotation)

    • Mikoto/Kuroko + SS Mikoto/Miyuki-Twins-Zero-Touma + Yukina/Accel

    • Mikoto/Kuroko + SS Mikoto/Miyuki + Yukina/Zero

    • Tomoka/Kuroneko + Selv/Emi + KAsuna/KYH (shield bot compo if there is not shield bot, still useful here)

    • KAsuna/Leafa + Yukina/Tomo + Alice/Accel

    • Alice/Miyuki + Butterfly KYH/Zero + Kojou/Yukina

    Top AoE DD compos (dont have rotation but you can ask for it or find videos with it – also will put them if you really need them)

    • KAsuna/Leafa + KShana+KYH + Alice/Accel

    • KAsuna/KYH + Misaki/Shana + Alice/Accel

    • Kirito/RUSSIAN + Alice/Accel + KAsuna/Zero

    • Tomoka/Mashiro + KAsuna/KYH + Miyuki/Zero

    • Tomoka/Mikoto + KAsuna/Accel + Miyuki/Zero

    • Tomoka/Mikoto + KShana/KYH + Alice/Accel

    • Tomoka/Mikoto + KAsuna/Leafa + Alice/Accel

    • Tomoka/Mikoto + KAsuna/KYH + KShana/Accel

    Mikoto/Kuroko + SS Mikoto/Miyuki + Yukina/Stat Stick Slow

    Mikoto/Kuroko + BG Mikoto/Stat Stick Slow + Yukina/Stat Stick Slow

    Selv/Emi + SS Mikoto/Accelerator + Alice/Stat Stick Slow

    Tomoka/Mashiro + Mikoto/Kuroko + KAsuna/Stat Stick (my AoE DD compo)

    Tomoka/Mashiro + BG Mikoto/Kuroko + Kasuna/Stat Stick


     Single Target Bot

    If this stage appears you are probably saved.

    There are lots of compositions that can be used as Single Target, especially when the rest of the stages are AoE focused or basically have 3 bots instead of one.

    If you score more than 150.000 on Decrepit Dream Single Target, you shouldn't have a problem on this one (unless it is level 6 again), but I will just leave some compos that can help (rotation is probably different than your regular ST because that bot is slower than DD bot).

    Also, take into account that, for a higher score, A5 Nightingale (Lamp/Healing IMP) is pretty much the key, since it removes 2 Debuffs (gimmick on this Stage is removing debuffs from your LineUp and removing buffs from enemy Bot, but is only worth removing debuffs instantly with A5 Lamp)

    Frailers : Yuuki support 3sp , Haruyuki 3sp , Kirino support 3sp , Izaya support 3sp 

    Rotations : 

    Since this ST robot is different from Decrepit Dream one, I only got that rotation, and so far so good, but here are some combinations that work well still:

    Tomoka/Yuuki + Misaki/Touma + Taiga/Miyuki/Zero etc

    Tomoka/Yuuki + Kasuna/KYH + Taiga/Miyuki/Zero etc

    Tomoka/Yuuki + KAsuna/KYH + Taiga/Tomo

    Tomoka/Yuuki + KAsuna/KYH + Tatsuya/Miyuki/Zero etc

    Tomoka/Yuuki + Misaki/Touma + Taiga/Tomo

    As last advice, use Indra (IMP Weapon, if you have it) on turn 3 or 4 to maximize effects. 4 would be the best here.


    Survive Stage . Easy

    The other “free” stage, and this is actually VERY free.

    Before facing this stage, do the other 2 (or 1 if you are on Level 4 or 3), and then use the rest of your best characters for this, DON′T PUT YOUR BEST ONES HERE!

    As this is the freebie, you can throw here the characters you want, as you literally have to survive (and whatnot deal some damage).

    PSYCHE ZONE NUMBER 8 – Psyche Weakness on REAR

    Basically pick one of the STAGE 5 compositions, since it's basically the same but Psyche Weakness is now on Rear.

    Then again is not viable using REAR ULTS or similar like on Psyche Stage 2, where Front is literally the best option. Maybe when Emi Main and Sadao Psyches come it could change, but at the moment I strongly suggest not to wear a rear focused team.

    So yeah, again pick compositions from the list above (the long list on Stage 5) and you should be good.


    – Front and Rear Shield Switch

    New Psyche Stage introduced recently.

    About this one, it consists of a Permanent Shield that rotates between the Front enemy and the Rear enemy. With that Shield the enemy doesn′t take any damage, except Psyche Damage, but is NOT worth attacking to the user with Shield.

    What′s best on this Stage, is attacking the enemy that does not have the Shield. For references, these are the turns and the respective Shields:

    Round 1 – Shield on Front

    Round 2 – Shield on Front

    Round 3 – Shield on Rear

    Round 4 – Shield on Rear

    Round 5 – Shield on Front

    Round 6 – Shield on Front

    Round 7 – Shield on Rear

    Round 8 – Shield on Rear

    Round 9 – NO Shield

    Round 10 – NO Shield

    Also there are only 10 Rounds for this level on Psyche Zone 5 and 6. For Psyche Zone 3 and 4 there are 8 Rounds, and dont know exactly where the Shields place, but you can try Practice Mode and see the enemy buffs to see where the Shields place each turn.

    So the best teams on this mode, are basically:

    • FOR REAR 

    • Tatsuya + Tomo/Other: Since this Stage seems made for him, as he can rotate between Front and Rear and Climaxing the position marked.
      Tomo cross makes him more viable.

    • Emi + Sadao : Really useful to deal high damage to Rear enemy.

    • Emi Support : Her 3sp Skill is actually strong, so you can generate CP with it. Viable.

    • Kino : Yes, Kino (lol). As Wound user, you can use his skill to apply Wound on the Rear enemy, and so that Climax to the Rear with Olive to deal more damage.

    • Sadao : Sadao himself can deal good damage to Rear with his Skill, and it can′t change form, since you are not attacked, the bots won′t make you go under 60% HP.

    • Kuroko Support : If needed, Kuroko Support herself gives a Rear Skill, but is not the best option. Can be used for CP generation though.


    • DBK (Dual Blades Kirito) : Used to proceed his Climax, he does well on this mode. So make sure to boost him if you need it.

    • Emi Main : Can be used as Climax user, but with 8CP cost.

    • Maid Taiga : Her 3sp skill to Rear enemy makes her a suitable character on this Stage, since she can even Climax full power to that position having used the 3sp previously.

    • Kuroko + Tomo : You can use their cross and Kuroko herself to deal good damage to Rear enemy. And also, the Climax(es) Skill.

    • FOR FRONT   –

    • Misaki + Touma : Probably the most recommended pair along with Emi Sadao, since the 4sp damage to Front enemy is high.

    • Summer Mikoto : Her 3sp Skill to Front enemy is really good, so you can as well proceed it if you have SMikoto raised.

    • Shizuo Support : Along with SMikoto, his 3sp skill is good for damage, but he is more of a tank. Can be used tho.

    • Boogie / Wilhemeina : As Kuroko Support, their skills are Seals, but can be used for generating CP.

    • Yuuki Support : Can be used as Frail user, to make more damage with a Climax + Muramasa IMP.

    • Havia : Can be used as Wound user, to make more damage with a Climax + Wound IMP.

    • MHCR-Drei : Don′t ask. Does damage. 


    • Misaki : Her 8CP Climax can be used to insert Wound and Frail on the enemy, and proceed Muramasa/Olive for more damage input.

    • Taiga : Undoubtfully the best Climax you can use, so if you have Taiga make sure to include her on the rotation. Also her skill are mostly Front focused, and can cross with Holo to make more Front damage.

    • Asuna : Is also viable, since her Climax after Skill 2 can make full crits easily, so wouldn′t be bad damage.

    • Maid Kuroko : For cheap 4 cost Climax, plus 5/4sp skill, is another one to take into account.

    HP LEFT to pass on A/S Rank (Psyche Zone 6)

    For Psyche Zone 7 (Easy) : 

    • Just survive. As long as you do some climaxes and crosses, you shouldn't have problem on getting S/SS rank

    For Psyche Zone (Semi-Easy) : (S rank)

    • 9.431.000

    • 9.256.000

    • 9.300.000

    (The 3 Enemies have Psyche Weakness, so is easier to score higher. You only need A-rank to mantain yourself on Psyche Zone 6 but only have requirements for S-rank)

    For Psyche Zone 5 / 8 (Mid and Rear Weak.) : (A rank)

    • 9.409.000

    • 9.207.000 (this for the MARKED with Psyche Weakness)

    • 9.521.000

             (S rank)

    • 9.418.000

    • 9.394.000

    • 9.277.000 (this for the MARKED with Psyche Weakness)

    (SS rank)

    • 9.247.000

    • 9.060.000 (this for the MARKED with Psyche Weakness)

    • 9.415.000

    For Psyche Zone 6 (ST Bot) : (A rank)

    • 8.460.000 


    (S rank)

    • 8.140.000

    For Psyche Zone 2 (Front Weak.) : (A rank)

    • 7.996.000

    • 10.025.000

    • 10.200.000

             (S rank)

    • 7.768.000 (Front enemy obviously)

    • 9.968.000

    • 10.200.000

    For Psyche Zone 4 (Shield Bot) : (A rank)

    • 9.511.000

    • 9.218.000

    • 9.359.000

    I hope you guys like the Guide, I tried to make it as full as possible.

    See you on the Void!

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