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Quest #1: Frenzy in the Forest

Campaign setting for 4-5 players, encounters made via Kobold Fight Club

Quest Rewards:

  • 25 gold pieces per person


Whether you had just arrived in town, or you had been a resident for some time, the townspeople have immediately or suddenly turned to you for help: something’s cause trouble in the forest, and people are starting to believe that trees are being possessed by spirits and attacking people who come through.

Long-Term story:

These trees seem to have come alive because a stone, an uncut chunk of emerald the size of a human’s thumb, was infused in one of their bodies, the life-giving magic spreading to the nearby plant life. Gemstones like these are uncommon and incredibly powerful. A cloaked figure from the organization known as the Arcane Appraisers will be waiting for them in town to tell them about the emerald they had just retrieved and the organization’s mission: Find, retrieve, and possibly destroy these stones before they end up in the wrong hands.

Social Encounters:

If the party decides to head into town to gather information, tell them:

  • The attacks from the forest started about a week and a half ago.

  • People are getting attacked because the only path, mainly used for trade, from this town to the next is directly through the forest.

  • There were other attempts made by the townsfolk, an elf, a human, a gnome, and three halflings, but they never returned.

  • They were about to send another traveler, a cleric named Kompatema Kuracanto (just refer to him as Canto), who was preparing at the Creaking Caravan

Encounter #1: Bandit Buffoonery

4/5 vs. 4, 100 XP

Bandit x4


Encounter #2: Blight of the Bumbling trees

4/5 vs. 6, 200 XP

Needle Blights x2 (Plant creatures that look like Groot)

Medium, NE

AC: 12 (Natural Armor)

HP: 11

Speed: 30 ft.

Str: 12(+1) Dex: 12(+1) Con: 13(+1) Int: 4(-3) Wis: 8(-1) Cha: 3(-4)

Condition Immunities: Blindness, Deafened

Senses: Blindsight 60 ft, Passive Perception 9

Languages: Understands but can’t speak Common

Challenge: ? (50 XP)

Twig Blights x4


Perception Check, DC 13: As you look closer, you can see very noticeable patches of what look to be smoothed emerald on each of the blights.

Follow-Up Intelligence Check, DC 17, decrease by 2 every 3 above the Perception Check target based on individual rolls: You’ve learned about Blights before, and they definitely match the descriptions, but those emerald patches feel incredibly out of place.

/You think they might have something to do with the haunted tree you’ve been hired to investigate.

/You remember that there were six townsfolk that went missing.

Upon removing those patches of emerald with a successful attack, the Blight(s) shriek and fall to the floor, their skin graying out. Once the battle is over, the skin of said Blight(s) crack and break off, revealing the figures of the townsfolk that went missing in the past week and a half.

Final Encounter: All Bark and A Lot More Bite

4/5 vs. 1, 450 XP


Budding Life: The Awakened Tree grows an Awakened Shrub at the very start of the encounter as a Bonus Action, after that, it begins growing another one as a Free Action for 4 rounds. A creature can target the bud, dealing half damage to the Awakened Tree overall, but removing that bud, preventing it from growing until the Awakened Tree’s next turn. Area of Effect spells apply regular damage to the Tree and Shrub/buds.


When defeated, the corpse of the tree quickly withers and rots away to reveal a pristine, raw, glowing emerald the size of a human thumb.

If they somehow cast Identify:

This particular gemstone is the Gaia Stone, enabling the carrier, wielder, wearer, etc. the ability to cast Barkskin a number of times equal to their Wisdom Modifier, minimum once, per day. Requires Attunement.

Total Rewards: Gaia Stone, 900XP, thus bringing them to level 3, and 75 Gold Each

Quest #2: Armada of Duality

Quest Rewards:

250 Gold Per Person, XP.


There are stories of a legendary pair of warriors that travel the land, conquering and abusing every town and village they pass through, and now it seems that those stories are true. You’ve just received word that they’re in the area, coming for Po’wai. The townsfolk rely on you once more.

The Story Begins:

The heroes are gathered in the inn as usual, when an arrow flies in through the window, possibly burying itself in someone, with a message attached: “You are next.” Fearing for their lives, they hire the party to make sure the Armada does not do the killing thing.

Encounter #1: Pressing Matters

5 vs. 5, 350 XP

x4 Bandits


x2 Apprentice Wizards


Spells List: 

-Cantrips (at will): fire bolt, mage hand, prestidigitation

-1st level (4 slots): burning hands, mage armour, magic missile

-2nd level (2 slots): invisibility, misty step, lesser reverse gravity

Lesser Reverse Gravity: 2nd level spell, Transmutation, Single-Target, Range 30 ft., Dex Save, take 3d6 bludgeoning damage on a failed save. Duration: 1 Action.

Perception Chance, DC 16:

As you progress through the forest, you see that one of the trees looks different from the rest. While it was cleverly hidden, you can tell that its bark is a shade darker than the usual oak surrounding you.

If they choose to investigate, DC 14:

The moment you make contact with the tree, a light shines in your eyes before it dims to reveal a rectangular box in the tree, containing a leather belt, its buckle a spherical ruby encased in iron, pieces of leather, metal and cheetah skin, flint and steel, and a letter.

Read the letter:

“To whomever may find this letter,

I first wish to congratulate you on finding the tree. Then again, planting birchwood among a forest of oaks was a bad idea on my part. Regardless, if you have found the letter, then you found the belt as well. This belt contains powers not even the most powerful wizards can comprehend. Use it well, use it wisely, for it may be the key to everyone’s survival.


Arcanist Ze’Kielle.”

Gaia’s Wrath (Belt)

Requirements: Humanoid living creature to wear the belt, natural material (whether by finding it or possessing a Spell Components pouch). This item’s uses are considered to use the spell Polymorph at 4th level. Bonus action to activate.

Gaia form Stat Bonuses: Requires Leather

+5 Temp. HP across all forms (+5 every 4th level, max 10)

+2 Str, +1 Damage Die

+1 AC

+2 to Strength/Strength-Based Rolls

When Temp. HP runs out, make a concentration check (DC 10+leftover damage) to maintain the form at ? health, minimum 1. If Temp HP only goes back to 1, the next hit will automatically drop the form and the belt cannot be used until the next long rest.

CHEETAH Bonuses: Requires cheetah skin

+3 to Dex checks

User is affected as if haste had been cast.

-1 to user’s normal AC

BOULDER Bonuses: Requires rock

Reduced movement by ?.

Refer to the spell stoneskin

+2 to Constitution saving throws

Form only lasts a number of turns equal to the user’s Constitution score. Stunned for 1 turn if limit reached.

BOMBER Bonuses: Requires fire or torch.

+Proficiency in Firearms (refer to gunslinger class page)

Added 1d6 damage to fire damage (+1d6 every 4 levels)


WRATH FORM – Standard action to activate, requires all materials listed above.

Any attempt to activate this prematurely will cause an arcane explosion, dealing 2D6 force damage, +2D6 every 10 uses (switching between forms, etc.)

Only useable every 2 long rests

Brings user up to 15 Temp HP

+5 to all checks and saves concerning physical stats (Str, Dex, Con)

Encounter #2: Test Run

10 vs 1 (Minion fight, all enemy HP=1)


Encounter #3: Campground Calamity

6 vs. 4/5, 1,000 XP

4 Thugs


2 Wolves


Encounter #4: Showtime!!!

2 vs 4/5, 900 XP

Envrad: Weapon – Axes Of Hurling (retrievable)


Goudriel: Weapon – Greataxe


Stats: Axes of Hurling


Weapon (handaxe), uncommon, normal damage 1d6+Strength Modifier

This handaxe has a normal thrown range of 25 feet and a long range of 100 feet. When you hit with a ranged attack using this weapon, it deals an extra 1d6 damage. Immediately after the attack, the weapon flies back to your hand.

Rewards: Axes of Hurling, 3,400 XP, 75 Gold Per person

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