PvM Abbreviations

PvM Abbreviations

Note: If there’s a term missing, let me (Evil Lucario) know and I will add it!

0 spec – Getting 0 specs/mechanics (varies based on boss)

110% – Heightened Senses (Archaeology relic)

1cc – 1 cycle core/crystal (kill core on Solak P1 in one go OR kill all Seiryu crystals in one go)

2h – Two-handed

4T/4TAA – 4 tick autoattack

5T/5TAA – 5 tick autoattack (Melee/Ranged only)

Abil – Ability

ABS – Armadyl battlestaff (equipment)

Adren – Adrenaline

Aggro – Aggression
Ambi – Ambassador (boss)

Anti – Anticipation (Defence ability)

AoD – Angel of Death (boss)

AoE – Area of effect

AoS – Amulet of souls

Apot – Adrenaline potion (generally more refers to replenishments and adrenaline renewal potions)

Arma – Armadyl equipment

AS# – Aftershock # (Invention perk)

Asc – Ascension crossbows (equipment)

ASR – Asylum surgeon’s ring (equipment)

Asphyx – Asphyxiate (Magic ability)

ATN – All Together Now (Yakamaru feat)

Auto – Autoattack

Bane – Bane equipment (dragonbane, abyssalbane, revenantbane)

Base – Base tank

Basic – Basic ability

BBC/Blights – Blightbound crossbows (equipment)

BD – Bladed Dive (Melee ability)

BiS – Best-in-slot

BM – Beastmaster Durzag (boss)

Bombard – Bombardment (Ranged ability)

BP – Borrowed Power (Lunar spell)

BSA – Black stone arrows (Ranged equipment)
BSD – Black Stone Dragon (boss)

BT – Bomb tank (Vorago), Base tank (Raids)

BU – Backup tank (Beastmaster Durzag role)

Build – Get adrenaline

C# – Crackling # (Invention perk) OR Caroming # (Invention perk)

C4TAA – Continuous 4 tick autoattack (patched technique)

Cade – Barricade (Defence ability)

Cane – Hurricane (Melee ability)

Cept – Intercept (Seren spell)

CD – Cooldown

Chin – Mechanised chinchompas (equipment)

Chincend – Ranged technique; stalled Incendiary Shot out of range, equipping chinchompas and releasing the stalled Incendiary Shot for massive AoE

ChinSGB – Ranged technique; using Seren godbow spec with an Essence of Finality while equipping chinchompas

Cinders – Cinderbane gloves (equipment)

Claws – Dragon claws (equipment)

Clear bleeds – Freedom (Defence ability)

CoE – Conservation of Energy (Archaeology relic)

Conc – Concentration Blast (Magic ability)

Corr/Corrupt – Corruption Shot/Blast (Ranged/Magic ability)

Corp – Corporeal Beast (boss)

Crit – Critical hit

DB – Dragonbreath (Magic ability)

DBA/Dbaxe – Dragon battleaxe (equipment)

Dbow – Dark bow (equipment)

DD – Death dot (stand on the same square)

DDS – Dragon dagger (equipment)

Debil Debilitate (Defence ability)

Debuffs – Vulnerability, Stagger, and/or Enfeeble (Standard spells)

Deci – Decimate (Melee ability), Decimation (Ranged weapon/spec)

Deto – Detonate (Magic ability)

Deto boots – Blast diffusion boots (equipment)

Devo – Devotion (Defence ability)

Devo# – Devoted (Invention perk)

Dh – Dharok (refers to either Berserker’s Fury or Dharok’s set)

DI – Deep Impact (Magic ability)

Disrupt – Disruption Shield (Lunar spell)

Dom gloves – Dominion gloves (equipment)

Dom tower – Dominion Tower

DoT – Damage over time (bleeds)

Double – Double poison (Yakamaru role)

DPM – Damage per minute

DPS – Damage per second (literal), attack as hard as possible (command), non-specific role (preparation)

Dry/Drys – Drygore weaponry (equipment)

DS – Death's Swiftness (Ranged ultimate), Disruption Shield (Lunar spell), Dazing Shot (Ranged ability, less commonly used)

DTB – Deathtouch bracelet (equipment)

DTD – Deathtouched dart

Dum – Combat dummy

DW – Dual wield

ECB – Eldritch crossbow (equipment)

ED# – Enhanced Devoted (Invention perk), Elite Dungeons (boss encounters)

ED trilogy – Elite Dungeons 1, 2, and 3 in consecutive order

ED token farm – Repeat Elite Dungeon 1’s first room for fast Dungeoneering tokens/hour
ED gold farm – Repeat Elite Dungeon 3 up to Crassian Leviathan for fast money

Enh replen – Enhanced replenishment potion

Ent – Entangle (Standard spell)

EoF – Essence of Finality (equipment)

Eq/Equil – Equilibrium (Invention perk or aura)

F#/Flank – Flanking # (Invention perk)

Flick – Prayer flicking (quickly changing between overhead prayers like protection prayers and Soul Split)

Font – Telos specific mechanic, Font of Life (Archaeology relic)

Fort – Fortitude (curse)

FotS – Fury of the Small (Archaeology relic)

Frag – Fragmentation Shot (Ranged ability)

FSoA – Fractured Staff of Armadyl (equipment)

GBarge/Fury/Flurry – Greater Barge/Fury/Flurry (Melee abilities, old names used to be Mutated Barge/Fury/Flurry but still commonly referred to as MBarge/Fury/Flurry)

GCD – Global cooldown

GChain – Greater Chain (Magic ability)

CConc – Greater Concentrated Blast (Magic ability)

Gmaul – Granite maul (equipment)

Gores – Drygore weaponry (equipment)

GRico – Greater Ricochet (Ranged ability)

Grim – Erethdor’s grimoire (equipment)

Grimshaw – Switching between Erethdor’s grimoire and a scrimshaw of cruelty/elements to benefit from both

Gstaff – Guthix staff (equipment)

GWD – God Wars Dungeon

GWD2 – The Heart of Gielinor/God Wars Dungeon 2

Ham/Hammer – Statius’s warhammer (equipment)

Hex – Hexhunter bow (equipment)

HSR – Hazelmere’s signet ring (equipment)

HP – Hitpoints (literal), slow down DPS to avoid reset (Vorago specific)

I#/Invig# – Invigorating # (Invention perk)

Ice – Ice Blitz/Barrage (spell)

Immo/Immort – Immortality (Defence ability)

Imp# – Impatient # (Invention perk)

Imp core – Imperium core (equipment)

Incend – Incendiary Shot (Ranged ability)

Incite – Check for Incite (unintentionally pulling aggression from the base tank), role for Rise of the Six where you turn Incite on and keep aggression of the RotS brothers

Ingen/IotH – Ingenuity of the humans (sigil ability)

Inquis – Inquisitor staff (equipment)

Juice – Utilize X strongly (ranges from Summoning familiars to Berserker’s Fury)
JW – Jelly wrangler (Yakamaru role)

KBD – King Black Dragon (boss)

Khops – Khopeshes (T92 dual wield Melee weapons)

KK – Kalphite King (boss)

KQ – Kalphite Queen (boss)

Lengs – Dark Shard/Silver of Leng (equipment)

Lf – Looking for [group]

LotD – Luck of the dwarves (equipment)

LP – Lifepoints

MD – Melee distance

MDS – Greater Dazing Shot (Ranged ability, old name used to be Mutated Dazing Shot but still commonly referred to as MDS)

MH – Mainhand (equipment slot)

Meta – Metamorphosis (Magic ability)

Mines – Dominion mines
MSoA – Masterwork Spear of Annihilation (equipment)

MW – Masterwork (equipment)

Natty – Natural Instinct (Defence ability)

NC – North chargers (Beastmaster Durzag role)

Needle – Needle Strike (Ranged ability)

Nips – Dreadnips

NT – North/sand tank (Yakamaru role)

No mind/realm – Fast duo Solak P4 (both players stay out of mind to DPS as much as possible)

Nox – Noxious weaponry (equipment)

Off – Command to stop DPSing

OH – Offhand (equipment slot)

Omni – Omnipower (Magic ability)

Ons – Onslaught (Constitution ability)

Overkill – Adrenaline renewal (outdated term)

Ovl – Overload

P++/P+++ – Weapon poison++/Weapon poison+++

P# – Phase number, Precise (Invention perk)

P#E# – Precise # + Equilibrium # (example: P6E2 = Precise 6 + Equilibrium 2)

PF – Planted Feet (Invention perk)

Pneck – Phoenix necklace (equipment)

Pois – Poison

Portent – Portent of life/death

Proc – Random effect activates

PT – Pet tank (Beastmaster Durzag role as PT1/3 or PT2), poison tank (Yakamaru role)

Pwand – Wand of the praesul

QBD – Queen Black Dragon (boss)

R# – Ruthless (Invention perk, general meaning), Relentless (Invention perk, use this if C#R#)

Rago – Vorago (boss)

Rapid/RF – Rapid Fire (Ranged ability)

Rax – Araxxor (boss)

Rejuv – Rejuvenate (Defence ability)

Res/Reso – Resonance (Defence ability)

Ref – Reflect (Defence ability)

Rep – Reprisal (Constitution ability)

Replen – Replenishment potion

Revo – Revolution

RoD – Ring of Death (equipment)

Root skip – Reaching Phase 1 cap on Solak before the roots special attack at 1:07

Rot/Rota/Rots – Rotation/rotations (not commonly used)

RotS – Rise of the Six (boss)

Salve – Overload variant, Salve amulet (e) (equipment)

SBS – Spellbook Swap (spell)

SC – South chargers (Beastmaster Durzag role)

Scrim – Scrimshaw (equipment)

SD – Shield Dome

Seis – Seismic equipment

SGB – Seren godbow (equipment)

Shards – Storm Shards (Constitution ability)

Shat – Shatter (Constitution ability)

Sigil – Limitless, ingenuity of the humans, Demon Slayer, Undead Slayer, etc (outdated term since change to “abilities”)

Sign – Sign of life (also Defence cape perk), sign of death

Slow – Slow down DPS

Snap – Snapshot (Ranged ability)

SoA – Storm of Armadyl (Standard spell), [Fractured] Staff of Armadyl (equipment)

SoS – Staff of Sliske (equipment)

SoL – Staff of light (equipment)

Spear – Masterwork Spear of Annihilation (equipment)

Spec – Special attack

Spirit flick – Switch to spirit shield right as enemy attacks you to maintain top dual wield/2h damage with lossless 30% damage reduction

Splash – Missed

SS – Soul Split

Stag10, Shark + 10 – Shark pool tag + 10 planks (Yakamaru role)

Sticks – Incense sticks

Stun5/10, Stun +5/10 – Stun DPS + 5 or 10 planks, commonly 5 (Yakamaru role)

Sub/Subj – Subjugation

Sun – Sunshine (Magic ability)

SWH – Statius's warhammer (equipment)

TC – Target cycle

Tendrils – Blood/Shadow/Smoke Tendrils (abilities), Yakamaru/Telos mechanic

Thresh – Threshold abilities (noun), to use thresholds and basics until death, end of phase, end of mechanic, or otherwise specified (verb)

Tick – Game tick (0.6 seconds)

TL – Top lure (Vorago role where you climb on Vorago on P1)
TL5 – Top lure + Voke 5 (Top lure as well as using Provoke to take the fifth bleed during Vorago smashes)

Tmaul – Terrasaur maul (equipment)

TMW – Trimmed masterwork (equipment)

Turm – Turmoil (curse)

Tuska – Tuska’s Wrath (Constitution ability)

TWP – Teamwork Protection (curse)

T99 prayers – Praesul curses

Ult – Ultimate ability

Venge – Vengeance

Vigour – Ring of vigour

VLS – Vesta's longsword (equipment)

Voke – Provoke (Defence ability)

Vuln – Vulnerability (Standard spell)

Ward – Death Ward (Archaeology relic)

WM – Wild Magic (Magic ability)

Xlog Forcibly closing client

Yaka – Yakamaru (boss)

Zerk – Berserk (Strength ability)

Zerk ess – Berserk blood essence (equipment)

ZGS – Zaros godsword (equipment)

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