Queslar Beginner's Quickstart Guide

 ZzzzThis Guide is slightly outdated, but almost all of the info is still good. 

This is a quickstart beginner’s guide for the game Queslar. It is meant to be concise, so it does not go very in-depth about any mechanics. If you have any further questions after reading it, you should ask in the “Help” channel in-game. 

If you don’t want to read through a bunch of text explaining the basics of the game and just want a checklist of what to do, just read the first section below

When you are new, don’t be afraid to use chat to ask for questions or assistance. Oftentimes if you mention you are new, players will send you some gold to help you start out. Obviously dont beg or be a dick about it, though.

And final thing before we get on to the actual guide: many things in the game will have a tooltip with explanatory text when you hover over them.

If you have any feedback on this guide, feel free to leave comments.

Checklist (aka the TLDR)

Note that this is not necessarily optimal, but following these goals in approximate order will help get you on the right track in terms of progression. This checklist will not go into much detail about why you should do these things. If you want to learn about that, keep reading the rest of  the guide.

  • Complete the Starting Quest Tutorial by navigating to Menu → Actions → Starting Quest. This will give you some basic starting information about the game and some useful rewards, most notably 8 free crafts and 8 free enchants.

  • Use some of the free crafts right away on the equipment you receive from the Starting Quest. This will significantly boost your stats, letting you kill stronger monsters and earn more gold.

    • It’s not a bad idea to save some of the free crafts until you are a higher level, as higher level gear will be stronger when crafted

    • When crafting, always upgrade to Relic quality and 5 Stat Slots. Ideally you want the equipment you craft to start out with Magical, Unique, or Relic quality, but it’s not that big of a deal this early on.

    • Keep Price Scale at 100% since it’s free.

    • Remember that you will be able to move up many mobs after equipping newly-crafted gear

  • I would wait until you reach level 50-100 before using the free enchants. The enchants will be significantly stronger at this level compared to level 1-10. 

    • Use one of the free enchants on an Action enchant. Equip the action enchant in Menu → Inventory → Accessories. 

    • For the rest, I’d recommend 3 Experience enchants and 4 Gold enchants (2 Experience enchants and 5 Gold enchants is not a bad idea either)

    • Always create Relic quality enchants

    • Keep Price Scale at 100% since it’s free

  • Mention that you are new in chat, and generous players may send you some gold to help you start out. Don’t beg or be annoying about it though

  • Join a village, preferably with a Kingdom. Use the “Recruit” chat channel for this 

  • Purchase 4 partners as you can afford it (Menu → Actions → Partner → Hire Partner). This costs about 11.1 million gold. Partners gather resources for you. There are 4 types of resources in the game: Meat, Iron, Wood, and Stone. Set all your partners to harvesting a single type of resource, aka your “monores”. It does not matter which resource you choose

    • Start upgrading the house building that boosts your monores production (Menu → House → Garden). Keep doing this for a long time. None of the other house buildings are worth it right now.

    • When doing quests, prioritize the ones that reward the stat related to your monores

      • Strength ? Meat

      • Health ? Iron

      • Agility ? Wood

      • Dexterity ? Stone

    • Gradually upgrade your partner speed. Aim for 100-120 seconds for each partner. Don’t worry about partner intelligence for now. 

  • Purchase 4 fighters when you can (Menu → Fighter). This also costs about 11.1 million gold. Start pushing dungeon levels using danger'sdangderr’s guide here. Sell the relics you get from dungeons for gold on the Market, and use that gold to continue upgrading your fighters to push dungeons. You can get to dungeon lvl 200-250 by doing this.

  • Buy VIP/QOL. If you’re willing to drop some real money to support the game, you can get a month’s worth of both for $10 USD. Otherwise you can purchase credits off the Market and use those. If you have to choose one due to budgetary constraints, VIP is more important

  • Buy 3-4 pets. Don't worry about these too much at first, but they are an important long-term investment so it’s best to get them early. Keep your pets fed with the monores you are producing, and set the stats they find to either Strength or Health.

  • Use the relics you earn to upgrade your boosts. 100% in each of the battle boosts is a good starting target, although the higher the better. The Healing boost can be kept a bit lower than the others. Also don’t neglect upgrading your Partner resource boost. You should try buffing that up to at least 50%. 

  • Continue to upgrade your partners. Aim for a partner speed of 60-75 seconds, and buy your 5th and eventually 6th partner when you can. Once your base stat reaches ~30k, you should consider upgrading Partner Intelligence as well as speed. A 2:1 speed:intelligence ratio is a good guideline. 

  • Upgrade all of your equipment slots to at least level 70, possibly a bit higher if you can afford it. 

  • Get all of your homestead buildings to level 500. Like pets, these are an important long-term investment so you want to get started on them early. 

  • Future Medium-term goals to shoot for:

    • 6 partners at 50s speed and 75% intelligence

      • Don’t forget to keep increasing the relevant base stat through quests3, and upgrading your boosts/house. These are important for resource income.

    • Dungeon level 700

    • All homestead buildings to 1000

    • 6 Pets

    • All combat boosts to 300%, and partner resource boost to 100%

    • All Equipment Slots to 90 

    • 10-15 personal quest refreshes

  • Future Long-term and Super-Long-term Goals

Quickstart Guide

The following sections will give a basic overview of game mechanics. As I mentioned before, this guide does not go in-depth about the game. If you still have questions after reading this, you should ask in the game’s “Help” chat channel.

Starting out - Actions 

The first thing you do to start playing is click the “Fight” button in the middle of the screen. This will start running your ActionsActgions and you will begin fighting monsters. An action is performed every 6 seconds. You start the game with 1200 actions. If your actions reach 0, you will enter fatigue mode. This means actions will take 15 seconds rather than 6. You can fatigue for up to 20k actions, at which point you will completely stop.

You can refresh your actions by clicking the “Fight” button again. Refreshing actions is free. Sometimes when clicking the button you will see a “Bot Check” popup. Just click it and move on - this is normal and you don’t need to worry about it. 

There are ways to increase the maximum number of actions you have. See here for more information.

Actions run server-side, which means you can close the game and your actions will continue to run.


When you started your actions, you’ll notice you started fighting Monster A1M1. This stands for Area 1 Monster 1. The UI lets you move to higher monsters and higher areas. There are 100 monsters per area and an infinite number of areas. The monsters get gradually stronger as you move up.

Each monster you kill gives a base of 1000 battling experience. This value does not increase as you move up monsters.

Each monster you move up gives an additional +2 base gold. You will start out with 10 base gold per kill at A1M1, and then A1M2 will give 12, and so on.

Each area you move up to gives 5% to Drop chance and Stat Drop chance.


Every time you perform an action, you have a chance to receive special item drops. The primary drops are:

  • Relics - a currency that is primarily used to purchase boosts, craft, and enchant

  • Equipment - Gear that can be worn to increase stats. Can be upgraded by crafting

  • Wootz - Used to craft equipment. More on that later

  • Enchanting Materials - Used to create enchants. More on that later

  • Stats - Increases your stats such as Strength/Health/Dexterity/Agility

  • Gems - Very rare item that be socketed onto your equipment for benefits

Drop Boost will increase the chance of receiving one of these drops on each action except for stat drops. 

Stat Drop Boost (this is different from Drop Boost) will increase the chance of receiving a stat drop on each action. This works for your character, your partners, and your pets. 

Both Drop Boost and Stat Drop Boost can be increased by moving up monster areas, enchants, and villages/kingdom bonuses.


When starting out, the most important thing to do is to start increasing your income. There are 3 different types of primary currency that can be considered income.

  • Gold

  • Resources (Meat/Iron/Stone/Wood)

  • Relics

Each of these currencies can be used to upgrade your character in some way. Early on, the best way to increase your income is to increase gold gain by killing higher-level monsters. This is because the scaling makes it easy to move up many monsters in the beginning. You’ll quickly go from 10 base gold per kill to 1000-2000 base gold per kill. 

Remember that you can also sell the resources & relics you produce for gold in the Market. 

Partners & Resources

Later on in the game, resources become the best source of income. This is because there are many factors & multipliers that increase your resource production. There are 4 different types of resources: Meat, Iron, Wood, and Stone.

Resources are gathered by partners. You can purchase a partner by navigating to Menu → Actions → Partners, and then clicking the “Hire Partner” button. The first partner costs 10k gold. You can buy an infinite number of subsequent partners but the cost increases by 10x each time. So the 2nd partner will cost 100k gold, the 3rd will cost 1m gold, and so on.

Partners have their own action timers, which starts at 180 seconds per action. This can be upgraded with gold. Partner actions also have a chance to find drops such as relics & equipment. 

You should set all of your partners to gather the same resource. This is often called “monores”.  This is more efficient because there are different upgrades for each type of resource. By gathering only a single resource, you can focus only on the upgrades for that single resource instead of spreading out your time/gold. In order to obtain the other resources, you can sell your monores for gold and buy the other resources on the market. Alternatively, you can trade your monores for other resources with other players (use the Trade channel for this). 

It does not matter which resource you choose to gather. 

You will also notice another partner upgrade called “Intelligence”. Hover over it for more details. Essentially, your partners gain stats from you. The more intelligence they have, the more of your stats they gain. This is important because each 100 partner stats provides +3 base resource gain in the related skill. However, intelligence is not as valuable as Partner speed early on, since you don't have many stats anyways. So focus on upgrading partner speed initially.

Dungeons & Fighters

Dungeons & fighters are a mechanic that will boost your relic income. They are separate from battling and are not related in any way. In other words, upgrading your fighters does not affect your battling skills in any way, or vice versa. Your first fighter is free, but you can buy up to 5 more for a total of 6. The cost for each fighter scales like partners where each is 10x as expensive as the previous.

In this mechanic, you buy and upgrade fighters in order to beat dungeon levels. Each dungeon level you beat will give a permanent +2% to relics gained when you get a relic drop. 

I will not go into more detail about the mechanic here. See danger'sdangderr’s guide for some builds. Purchasing QOL will make your life much easier with dungeons, as you no longer need to wait for fights to complete and can just skip them. Joining a village with the Dungeoneer building will also let you automate dungeon fights, but this costs a bit of gold so it is not ideal for a new player.


In the “Boosts” section, you can spend relics on upgrading your character. There are Battle boosts and Partner boosts. Most of them are self-explanatory, but you can hover over them to see some more information. Boosts can go over 100%, which amplifies their effect. For example, 200% Multistrike means you will always attack 3 times per round in a battle.

For the battle boosts, level them all up approximately equally except Healing, which does not need to be upgraded as much. Do not worry about an optimal ratio for the time being. 

For the Partner boosts, you only have to spend relics on the resource you chose for your partners. Do not neglect this as it is very helpful for your partner income.

Equipment & Crafting

There are 7 equipment slots onto which you can equip gear. Equipment provides stats, which lets you kill stronger monsters. Equipment is a drop, but you can also buy equipment from the Market or Item Shop. Each piece of equipment has a level requirement. 

Crafting lets you upgrade a piece of equipment to give it more stats. Each piece of equipment can be crafted only once. Crafting costs resources, relics, and wootz. Go to Menu → Actions → Crafting to see how it works. The higher the required level of a piece of equipment is, the better it will be after it’s crafted.

When you’re starting out, getting crafted gear will be a big help because it will let you move up many monsters, which will significantly boost your gold income. However, crafting can be a bit expensive for a new player. If you’re lucky, you can check the Market to see if you can buy some crafted gear around your level for cheap. Otherwise, consider reducing the “Price Scale” when crafting. This will reduce the stats given by crafting, but it will also reduce the cost. For your very first set of gear, reducing the price scale to 20-30% is still worth it.

Equipment Slots, on the right-hand side of the screen, are an upgrade that gives a percentage increase to the stats of the equipment in that slot. 


Enchants can be created and equipped. Each enchant gives a single kind of boost, such as Gold boost or Experience Boost. You can equip one enchant per equipment slot, so 7 in total. Navigate to Actions → Enchanting to see how it works. Creating an enchant costs resources, relics, and enchanting materials. 

When you create an enchant, you specify a level for it. You need to be at least that level in order to equip it, so typically you just create an enchant at your current level. Higher-level enchants have stronger effects.

One important thing to keep in mind is “Breakpoints”. These are limits on how many enchants of the same type you can equip based on your level:

  • < level 1000: Max 7 of any enchant

  • 1000 - 1499: Max 5 of any enchant

  • 1500 - 1999: Max 4 of any enchant

  • 2000 - 2999: Max 3 of any enchant

  • 3000+: Max 2 of any enchant

As an example, when you are level 999 you can equip 7 gold enchants. However, once you hit level 1000 you can only equip at most 5 gold enchants, and your other 2 enchants must be something else. 

Action Enchants

Action enchants increase your maximum number of enchants. They are very powerful in this game because a single action enchant can give you a day’s worth of actions. You’ll want to create a single Action enchant ASAP and equip it by navigating to Menu → Inventory → Accessories.


Quests give rewards in exchange for hitting requirements such as “survived battles” and “gold obtained”. It should be pretty self-explanatory. The type of quests will always be the same, but the exact objective and rewards are randomized within a certain range.

Note that if you do the quests that have gold as an objective, it does not actually take your gold, you just need to gain that much gold from battling.

The duration of quests can be extended. Longer quests give slightly worse rewards.

Your main focus should be on quests that give the stat corresponding to your “monores” (the resource that your partners are gathering)

  • Strength corresponds to Meat

  • Health corresponds to Iron

  • Agility corresponds to Wood

  • Dexterity corresponds to Stone

So for example, if you are harvesting Meat, then you should focus on getting as much Strength as possible from quests. This is because, as we mentioned before, partners get increased resource gain based on your corresponding base stat. Quests are the main source of that Base stat. This is important for increasing your resource income.

The quests that give battling experience in exchange for gold earned are helpful too, since you are a new player that needs to catch up in levels. 

You can purchase additional quest refreshes from the Premium store in exchange for credits. 

Every 300 quests completed increases the amount of stats rewarded by a quest by 1. This is an important long-term benefit to consider when doing quests.

See here for a bit more info on how to quest effectively.


A village is like a clan or guild. They offer a variety of boosts in exchange for taxes (some villages will not have any tax, however). The boosts provided by a village are (usually) significant. It is highly recommended to join a village, otherwise you will be at a big disadvantage.

Use the “Recruit” chat channel to look for a village. 


A kingdom is a group of up to 5 villages. Kingdoms work together on things like PvP and kingdom-specific upgrades. Ideally, you should join a village that is in an active kingdom. Notable kingdoms at the time of writing include: Organized Chaos, Zero Wind, Oriath, Cats Cafe, Rome, D2JSP, Yjorn, and Erewhon.

PvP Map & Tiles

The game has a PvP mechanic that revolves around kingdoms. If you navigate to Menu → Kingdom → PVP → Map, you can see a grid of tiles with various boosts on them. Kingdoms battle each other in order to hold these tiles and gain the boost effects from them. 

The boosts from these tiles are multiplicative with other boosts, so they are particularly powerful. 


Kingdoms also have a PvE feature called Explorations. A kingdom can start an Exploration, which lasts for anywhere between 14 and 59 hours. During this, every member’s resource production is reduced by some percentage amount. When the exploration is over, a battle ensues between the kingdom and mobs. If the battle is won, then the Kingdom will get a +2% permanent boost of some sort. The permanent boosts from explorations are additive, not multiplicative.

Explorations have levels, so once you beat one level you move on to the next. The Exploration battles get increasingly harder as levels increase. 

When an exploration level is running, every member in the kingdom has the chance to find Gems.


Parties allow you to combine the stats, combat boosts, and enchant effects of up to 4 people for a certain number of actions a day. This is very powerful since you can fight much stronger monsters and can also get strong boosts from the combined enchants. For example, if all 4 people in your party have +300% gold boost from enchants, then when you run party actions you get a total of +1200% gold boost from enchants for the duration of those actions.

Every day, you get a number of party actions equal to 10% of your total actions from the previous day. You can do a maximum of 14400 actions a day, which means you can get at most 1440 party actions a day.

Parties are very helpful and you should try to find one ASAP, but to be honest it can be hard since most players already have an established party. You can try to join open parties that don’t already have 4 people, but there is a chance you’ll get kicked. Don’t get discouraged. You can post in the “Recruit” chat channel to try and look for a party.


You can upgrade various buildings in your house for boosts. These cost resources, and take time to build. Initially, you should only build the house upgrade that boosts your resource production. None of the other house upgrades are worthwhile. 

There are 3 sources of boosts that will increase the speed at which you upgrade house buildings:

  • Village Swift upgrade

  • Kingdom House speed boost from Explorations

  • Kingdom House speed boost from PvP tiles


Pets consume resources as food and in return improve your fighting ability by providing:

  • Actives - give you damage & defense as long as your pets are being fed

  • Passives - lower the stats of the monsters you fight, letting you kill stronger monsters

  • Stats - gives you stats

You start with 1 pet and can purchase more. The cost scales just like partners and fighters.

Pets gain experience every action. Every 10 levels a pet gains gives them +8% efficiency. Efficiency is a straightforward multiplier to all of the pet’s effects (actives/passives/stats).

Pets don’t seem very useful at first, but they become very powerful over time when combined with Homestead, which is covered next. They are therefore an important long-term investment that should not be neglected.


Homestead is a mechanic where you use resources to upgrade four different buildings. Every 2 hours, these buildings have a chance to produce ingredients. By upgrading the buildings, you improve the chances of getting an ingredient drop every 2 hours. Ingredients are used to forge decorations, which can be placed in plots. Decorations give boosts to pet experience gain and the amount of stats that pets find. 

Here we can see why pets become so powerful over time. As you upgrade homestead and forge more and better decorations, you gradually increase your pet experience gain and pet stats. This means your pets will gain levels faster and faster, and will also find more and more stats. As they level up, they get higher and higher efficiency, which increases the effective number of stats they provide. Combine this with the fact that you eventually will have 6 or 7 or more pets. Pets will at some point be the source of most of your stats. 

Homestead and pets are one of the most long-term investments in the game, although they might not appear as such initially.


How do I get more actions?

You can increase your maximum actions by: 

  • Buying and utilizing an Action Enchant. This is the most effective way of getting actions, as a single Action enchant typically gives you over a day’s worth of actions. You can equip an Action Enchant by navigating to Menu → Inventory → Accessories.

  • Having VIP, which increases actions by 25%

  • Purchasing extra actions using credits (not recommended as it’s not cost effective. Just use action enchants)

How do I increase my income?

Initially, the best way to increase income is by getting some gold enchants and getting stronger so that you can kill stronger monsters. This is because early on in the game, the way monsters scale lets you easily move up many monsters to get significantly more gold. Furthermore, your base stats are low when you’re just starting out, so your resource income will not be very high.

Later on, the best source of income comes from partners in the form of resources & relics. Remember that partners have a chance of finding relics on every action. In order to boost your income from partners:

  • Put all your partners on the same resource, aka your “monores”

  • Upgrade partner speed & intelligence. A 2:1 ratio is often recommended (2 speed upgrades for every 1 intelligence upgrade). However, early on in the game you should just focus speed. This is because your stats will be low so intelligence will not be as useful

  • Buy more partners. You should aim to have 6 and eventually 7-8 partners.

  • Increase your dungeon level. This increases the amount of relics you get from every relic drop. 

  • Run resource and drop enchants

  • Focus on the quests that reward the stat corresponding to your monores. See here for details. This is important because your base stat, along with intelligence, will increase your partner’s base resource production. 

  • Upgrade the house building that boosts your monores production. This is the only house building worth upgrading for a while

  • Invest in the Partner relic boost for your monores

When should I buy my 7th partner?

Once you have a total of approximately 35b gold invested into partners, then you should reset all of your partners to get shattered partner gold, and purchase your 7th partner with that shattered gold.

How do I get more experience?

Every monster gives a base of 1000 experience. This does not ever increase as you move up monsters. Here are all the ways you can get more experience per kill:

  • VIP - Gives 10% multiplicative experience gain

  • Experience enchants

  • Villages gives bonus experience based on their Tavern building level

  • Kingdoms give bonus multiplicative experience gain, 5% per tile allowed up to a maximum of 25%

  • Frenzy gives you the ability to kill multiple monsters per action, granting more experience

What do you mean when you say multiplicative boost?

Many things in the game follow this general formula:

Gain = (base gain) * (general boost) * (special multiplicative boosts)

Most boosts in the game fall under the “general boost”. This includes boosts from enchants, village buildings, relic boosts, house boosts, and boosts from explorations. These “general boosts” are added together with each other. 

Multiplicative boosts are important because they amplify the gain from the “general boost”. For example, imagine you have 1000% general boost. An extra 20% general boost is not as great as it seems, because that just brings it up to 1020% since they’re additive. However, a 20% multiplicative boost is great because that is multiplied against the general boost, giving an effective 1200% boost.

Currently, VIP & Kingdom PvP tiles are the only sources of multiplicative boosts. 

Sidenote: the formula above shows why base stat is so important for resource production. The extra stats improve your base resource gain, which is then multiplied by all your boosts. 

How should I forge Homestead decorations?

There’s no definitive answer here. Strategies can vary and people have different opinions. But some general rules you’ll want to follow when starting out with Homestead are:

  • Do not forge with T1s and T2s. The stats they give are not very good and are not worth the plot space

  • Always forge with 200 of an enchanting material so you don't get a 5x5 decoration decorationfren

  • You can mix ingredients if they give the same stats (e.g. Tin and Khroasan because they both give Health & Dexterity Drop Amount), but don't mix ingredients that give different stats

  • Use T4s as you find them. They are rare so it’s not worth waiting for multiples

What are gems? How do I get gems?

Gems are items that can be socketed onto gear. They give additive relic battle boosts such as Critical Hit, Multistrike, etc. There is also another type of gem called a Frenzy gem. See the next question for info on that.

Gems are very rare drops that can be found while your Kingdom is running an exploration. You can also buy them from others on the Marketplace. If your kingdom has the Gem Fragmenter upgrade, then you will passively gain gem fragments over time, and you can use 5 gem fragments to create a gem. 

What is frenzy and what does it do?

Frenzy comes from a special type of Gem and it gives you a chance to multikill monsters. For example, if you have 50% frenzy you have a 50% chance of fighting a 2nd monster each action. If you have 150% frenzy then you’ll always fight 2 monsters each action, with a 50% chance of fighting a 3rd. Each monster after the first monster gives 0.6^x of the gold/exp of the first.

Like normal gems, Frenzy gems can be found as very rare drops while your Kingdom is running an exploration. 

You can fuse a Frenzy gem from 3 non-frenzy gems.

What are house tokens? 

These are an artifact from an old game update. These currently cannot be obtained.

What does “Skip Battle” do in Dungeons?

“Skip Battle” causes the battle to be run immediately, instead of having to wait for each round to go by. The battle is still simulated properly, which means you can still win or lose that dungeon battle, it is not a free win. Skipping dungeon battles requires QOL.

When should I buy my 6th fighter for dungeons?

You don't need a 6th fighter until around level 800. However if you have the gold saved (1b gold), then it's not a big deal to buy it a bit earlier. 

Dangderr’s guide only goes up to level 600. What do I do after that?

Ask your village/kingdom, or ask in Help. 

Why doesn’t Dangderr’s Guide use 2 of the same class for Fighters? Like 2 Knights or 2 Healers? 

Each unique fighter in your setup gives +25% bonus to all statistics. If you have 2 Knights or something, you will lose out on that +25% bonus. Ultimately, it is more efficient to use all unique fighters to take advantage of this.

How do I effectively do quests?

This depends on several different factors, such as how often you are able to check the game and how many quest refreshes you have. Different people will also have different opinions on it. 

Like I said earlier, you want to focus on quests that reward the main stat corresponding to the res you produce: 

  • Strength corresponds to Meat

  • Health corresponds to Iron

  • Agility corresponds to Wood

  • Dexterity corresponds to Stone

When you’re new, it may also be worthwhile to also take some quests that reward combat experience, so you can catch up a bit in levels. 

When starting out, if you don’t get a quest for your desired stat, you want to take the quest with the shortest possible duration. If you do find a quest for your desired stat, then you want to take that quest with a longer duration, maybe anywhere between 4x and 10x. Before you go to sleep, use all your quest refreshes to try and find a quest for your desired stat, and take that with the longest duration for overnight. If you use up all your quest refreshes and don’t find a quest for your desired stat, then maybe take the quest that rewards combat experience at 2x or 3x duration.

Later on when you have higher income, you’ll want to invest in some quest refreshes. These can be bought using credits. If you do not check the game often and only run quests at the longest duration, then 10-15 quest refreshes should be enough such that you’ll be able to always run quests with your desired stat. However, if you are very active and able to check the game often, you might want to invest in many more quest refreshes, perhaps up to 30. This will let you constantly run shorter duration quests (1x - 4x) with your desired stat. The reason this is better is because for every 300 quests completed, the stats rewarded by quests goes up by 1. So in the very long-term, it’s good to build up your quests completed so that you get more stats from quests. 

When should I create new enchants? When should I get new equipment?

It is worth getting a new set of enchants if the new enchants have ~10% higher boost (give or take) than the old one. 

It is worth getting newly-crafted equipment if the total stats of the new equipment is at least ~200k higher than the old gear.

The power of creating enchants and crafting equipment will increase with your level and also increase gradually with time. 

What Enchants should I use?

It varies between players, but here are some general guidelines: 

  • Early on, you want to run a couple Experience enchants with the rest being Gold enchants. This is because you need to catch up on experience, and gold will be your main source of income for a bit until you upgrade your partners & fighters.

    • If you have lots of xtrade potential and don’t have to worry about income, then it might be better to run lots of Experience enchants to catch up in levels.

  • Later on once you have upgraded your partners and made progress in dungeons, Resource & Drop enchants become more worthwhile. 

  • If you are aiming to be strong for PvP purposes, then Stat Drop enchants will be important as well. This is because they affect the amount of stat drops found by pets. Only run Stat Drop enchants after you’ve invested in pets & Homestead

  • It is not worth running resource enchants if your Kingdom is running an exploration that reduces your resource production by 70%

Here is an example of what enchants I would run if I were starting a new account:

  • Lvl 1 - 1999: 3 Experience enchants and 4 Gold enchants

  • Lvl 2000 - 2999: 3 Experience enchants, 3 Gold enchants, 1 Resource or Drop enchant depending on which gives better income and whether your kingdom is running Exploration

  • Lvl 3000+: 

    • If kingdom is running Explorations that reduce resource production significantly: 2 Experience enchants, 2 Gold enchants, 2 Drop enchants, 1 Resource enchant

    • Otherwise: 2 Experience enchants, 2 Gold enchants, 2 Res enchants, 1 Drop enchant

    • After getting decent Homestead boosts: 2 Experience enchants, 1-2 Stat Drop enchants, and the rest split between Gold/Res/Drop depending on which ones gives biggest income boost

What is BP? How can I increase it?

BP stands for Battle Power. It is an approximation of how effective you are in PvP. It is not a great metric, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. But if you want to increase it, then you should increase your damage, HP, and defense. 

What should I upgrade & invest in next?

It’s hard to always know what the “next best thing” to do is in this game. Here are some good long-term goals to shoot for (within the first 9 months of playing):

  • 7 partners at 35 second speed and 90% intelligence each

  • All homestead buildings to 3000

  • 7 pets

  • Dungeon level 900

  • Equipment slots to 110 each

  • 300%+ Frenzy

  • 500% in all combat boosts

  • 150% in partner relic boost

Here are some super-long-term goals to shoot for (within the first 18 months of playing):

  • 8 partners at 35 second speed and 100% intelligence each

  • All homestead buildings to 4000

  • 8 pets

  • Dungeon level 1400

  • Equipment slots to 135 each

  • 300%+ Frenzydung

  • 900% in all combat boosts

  • 200% in partner relic boost

Help! IHelp I have a bug!

The first thing you should do is try refreshing or hard-refreshing the game. This fixes most minor issues you’ll encounter. If that doesn’t work and you’re positive you have a bug, you should post the bug in the #bug-report channel in the game’s Discord.

What’s the formula for X?

In the following formulas:

  • “kd” stands for “kingdom”

    • “kdExplo” refers to the boost gained from Kingdom Explorations

    • “kdPvp” refers to the boost gained from Kingdom PvP map

  • villageX refers to the bonus gained from the village building named “X”

  • XEnchant refers to the total boost from enchants for X

  • VIP is the bonus from VIP. If you have VIP, then its equal to 1.1 (10% gain), otherwise its equal to 1. 


GoldBoost = (1+goldEnchant+villageMarket+playerLevel/10000 + kdExploGold) (1+kdPvpGold) VIP

BaseGoldPer1Kill = 8+2((Area-1)100 + MonsterNumber)

BaseGoldPerNKills = 1n( 8+2((Area-1)100 + MonsterNumber))0.6n-1

  • This formula is for when you kill more than one monster per action due to frenzy. Frenzy kills have diminishing returns where each kill after the first gives 0.6^x of the original

GoldPerKill = floor(BaseGoldPerKillGoldBoost)


Normal actions and partner actions have different drop boost (normal actions are your typical action every 6 seconds for fighting monsters)

NormalDropBoost = (1+(playerArea - 1)0.05 + dropEnchant+kdExploDrop)(1+kdPvPDrop)

PartnerDropBoost = (1+ dropEnchant+kdExploDrop)(1+kdPvPDrop)3



  • partnerSkillLevel refers to the gathering skill e.g. Hunting/Mining/etc.

Relics have a base drop chance of 1%, so you can use that and the figures above to calculate how many relics you make in a given time period. 


What is xtrade? 

Xtrade stands for “Crosstrade”, also commonly referred to as “xtrading” or “crosstrading”.

Crosstrading is the trading of currencies between different games. For example, you could trade gold in Queslar for gold in another game. Crosstrading is common in the pbbg genre. Besides Queslar, the most popular games for crosstrading include:

  • Lyrania

  • Relics of Avabur

  • Idle Quest RPG

  • Elethor

Crosstrading through the d2jsp website is also common in Queslar.

Crosstrading is allowed in Queslar, but it is against the rules to talk about it in any public chat channel. There is a dedicated “Crosstrades” chat channel you should join if you want to crosstrade: /joinchannel Crosstrades

What should I do if I have a lot of xtrade income?

If you’re able to obtain a lot of gold from xtrading when you start playing Queslar, then in general the long-term goals and roadmap remains the same, but there are a few differences in how you might want to get there:

  • Run a majority of experience enchants. Since you don’t need to worry about establishing an income early, it’ll likely be better to run more experience enchants instead of gold/drop enchants in order to catch up in level. I’d suggest running the maximum number of experience enchants you’re allowed to have (limited by enchant breakpoints)

  • Invest in homestead very early. Homestead is a timegated system since you can only get ingredients every 2 hours, so it's better to get it started early in order to start accumulating those. 

  • Similarly, get 6-7 pets early. Pets are also timegated in a sense since you need to level them up and pet level is directly tied to pet efficiency. 

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