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How to Use the Genshin Optimizer for Hu Tao
Optimizer created by frzyc#3029; Guide written by u/Lugarugan28 (Bliz#5826)

1. Open the Genshin Optimizer.

2. Click the Artifacts Section on the topmost corner near the logo for PC while on the top left corner for Mobile.

3. Choose the artifact set of your artifacts, input its level, choose the specific piece (flower, feather, sands, goblet, or circlet), choose the main stat, input your substats, and click "add artifact." Repeat this process until you have all the artifacts you would like to optimize.

4. Once finished, click the Characters Section in the same menu as the Artifacts Section.

5. Input Hu Tao's Level, Constellation, and Weapon with their specific refinement level. On the Talents Section, input her specific Talent Levels. Be sure to activate her Elemental Skill by checking the box as well as activating her passive "Sanguine Rouge" for the extra Pyro Damage Bonus.

6. Be sure to activate reactions if needed, namely Melt and Vaporize.

Note: Choosing Avg. DMG will display Hu Tao's average damage, a mixture of her overall DPS when she crits and when she does not crit. Choosing Crit Hit DMG ensures that the damage displayed has Hu Tao critting.

7. If you would like to add Team Buffs, be sure to repeat Steps 2 to 5 for Hu Tao's teammates. After which, choose her Teammates in the Team Buffs Section.

8. Click "Generate Builds" on the bottom-left corner. If you would like to add specific artifact set combination, you could do so by clicking "Artifact Set" and adding your chosen set combinations. You could also choose your specific mainstats in the "Artifact Main Stat" section.

9. Choose what you would like to optimize by clicking the "Optimization Target" button. Which specific aspect of Hu Tao's build would you like to have the most of?

10. Click "Generate Builds" once more to make the Optimizer Tool show the best combination of your artifacts. Be sure to judge according to your preferences.

Note: For further information, be sure to watch this video for a quick guide and join the official Discord server! Make sure to also donate to the optimizer’s developer via Paypal or Patreon if you are able to.

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