You practice dancing on a knife's edge away from your companions in the most tactically advantageable position on the field. As the sniper, you often strive to reach the best position on the field to support your allies. Some times, this will require you to be away from your companions. You constantly risk being found or caught out of position in return for a higher vantage point or a better angle. You are rewarded with deadly shots and impactful fire support. Long distance archers, forward scouts, and lone wolves generally take this archetype.

Weapon of Choice

At third level, you select a weapon of choice. This weapon must be ranged. Confer with your DM as to what is an acceptable weapon for your campaign, these weapons may include a long gun, heavy crossbow, light crossbow, longbow, etc. You are considered proficient with this weapon. When you make an attack with this weapon, double your proficiency bonus to hit. You may also add your proficiency bonus to damage dealt by this weapon.

Vantage Point

When you choose this archetype at third level, you benefit from extreme training in regards to perceiving targets, new landscapes, and making judgements on the fly.

You have become adept at finding the best place to survey the landscape around you. You gain a climbing speed equal to your movement speed. When you find a position at least 20 feet above ground level, you can survey the land for a half mile in all visible directions. You have advantage on Wisdom Perception checks when you are in this position. 

If you spend a minute in your vantage point and focus on a certain feature within view, you can learn whether or not it is a creature, what type of creature it is, and the specific species of creature if you have seen it before. You have advantage on your first attack against a creature you perceived with vantage point.

If you spend an hour in your vantage point, you now have a detailed map in your head of the surrounding area within one mile. Any unusual features stick out to you as unnatural.

If you spend a day surveying, you now understand the basic happenings of the landscape. These happenings can include things such as where do the squirrels eat, when do the children go to school, what is the nightlife like, etc.

If you spend two or more days focusing on a specific target, you learn their normal routine, social status (to a degree), frequent contacts. Any deviation from this routine will be very notable to you after this period of observation should you continue to watch.

Covering Fire

Starting at 7th level, you are able to keep your allies safer in combat by covering them, allowing them to move more safely, and pinning down the threats.

You can now choose to take a covering fire action. When you take this action, you can no longer move (until your next turn or if you are forced) and your turn immediately ends. You gain an additional reaction and any ally that starts its turn within a 60 foot cone originating from your weapon gains +1 to AC and 5 ft of movement speed. If you take the covering fire action from a vantage point (at least 20 feet above ground level), the bonus to AC increases to +2 and the movement speed increases to 10 ft.

In addition, you may use your reaction to fire a shot against a creature that makes an attack roll against your allies. You take this shot at advantage and if it hits, the enemy attack fails and is wasted (a creature with extra attack or multiattack may still make any remaining attacks that they have). When you no longer have any reactions, the covering fire cone ends and your allies no longer gain the bonuses provided by it.

Up Close and Personal

By 11th level, you have come to realize that staying at a safe distance from your enemies is not always possible. You mastered limited forms of martial arts meant for evening the playing field with an enemy who manages to get into your face.

You gain proficiency in Sleight of Hand, improvised weapons, and unarmed combat. If you already have proficiency in Sleight of Hand, you may choose an additional skill. You may also take the grapple, shove, and disengage actions as bonus actions.

Pick Your Targets

Starting at 15th level, you have mastered selecting the most vulnerable or most important targets on a battlefield. On the first turn of combat, you may select a number of creatures equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum of 1). Against the chosen creatures you gain the following effects: when you hit your target with an attack from your weapon of choice, you add your Wisdom modifier (minimum of 1) to the damage and you critically hit on 18-20. If any new creatures enter the battlefield, you may exchange any number of your targets to the new creatures. However, you may not change your target to any of the existing creatures on the battlefield, only to new creatures who have been on the field for 1 round or less.

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