Ranger, Urban Warden Conclave v.1.0

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Ranger, Urban Warden Conclave

Urban Warden Magic

Starting at 3rd level, you learn an additional spell when you reach certain levels in this class, as shown in the Urban Warden Spells table. The spell counts as a ranger spell for you, but it doesn't count against the number of ranger spells you know.

Ranger Level



Disguise Self


Detect Thoughts




Dimension Door


Dominate Person


At 3rd level, if you spend at least 8 hours in a humanoid settlement, that location becomes one of your Favored Terrains until you move at least 1 mile away from its outer boundaries.

Additionally, while you are in a humanoid settlement that is one of your Favored Terrains, you gain the following benefits:

  • You gain a climb speed of 30 feet

  • Your running jump distance increases by a number of feet equal to your Dexterity modifier

  • You gain Proficiency in either Persuasion or Intimidation

Close Combat

You are an expert at combat in confined spaces. At 3rd level, you may use a bonus action to mark a creature you can see within 30 feet of you. The mark lasts until you complete a long rest, or you use this feature to mark another creature.

Whenever you Grapple the marked creature as an action, you may use a bonus action to perform a single melee attack against the marked creature. Additionally, your first successful attack each turn against a Grappled creature deals an additional 1d6 damage.

Whenever you hit the marked creature with an attack of opportunity, that creature's speed immediately drops to 0.

Extra Attack

Beginning at 5th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.

City Stalker

At 7th level, you may now cast Hunter's Mark without any spell components and without alerting the target that this spell has been cast on them. Additionally, you will always know the location of creatures that are marked by your Hunter’s Mark as long as they are within 90 feet of you and are not magically concealed.

Meat Shield

At 7th level, while you are adjacent to the creature you have marked with your Close Combat feature, you benefit from half cover against attacks from all other creatures except the one you have marked.

Commune with City

At 11th level, you are able to tap into the flow of the urban ecosystem's energy. After a settlement becomes your Favored Terrain, the next time you complete a long rest in that settlement, you may ask the DM up to three questions that can be answered with a yes or no. The questions must pertain to the current circumstances of the city. If you ask a question about something that is magically concealed, the answer will be "no."

Close Quarter Defense

At 15th level, whenever a creature attacks you with a melee attack, you may use a reaction after their attack to immediately perform a melee attack against that creature. If this attack hits, you may perform one of the following options:

  • The target must succeed on a Strength Saving Throw (DC=8 + your proficiency bonus + your Strength or Dexterity modifier) or drop a weapon it is wielding. If it is wielding more than one weapon, you choose which weapon is dropped.

  • The target creature must succeed on a Constitution Saving Throw (DC=8 + your proficiency bonus + your Strength or Dexterity modifier)  or be Blinded until the beginning of your next turn.

  • You may move up to half your speed without provoking attacks of opportunity.

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