I changed my way to handle Nexus portage of my mods. Nexus being an as old dinosaur as my upload bandwidth, uploading each archive update of my mods is too much of a hassle for me : around 30 minutes of upload here, vs passive upload and update of my cloud folders. 

So starting from now, I will only link my Mega folders that are constantly updated. 

Mega link of the collection :!hRoS2S5I!tr-vq7UA4T_HFbkP8RIerg

how to download and install :

then, as usual : put the mod folder in …\Steam\steamapps\common\DarkestDungeon\mods

Updates :

Please note that if on my side upload will be automated, you’ll still have to download on your side to get updates. So follow my work to know when to download again.

You can also check on each mega folder from when I last updated the mod on the workshop, follow these three steps to do so.

Individual skins :

Collection :

Other :

Contact :

For any information please contact me on related Workshop mods OR on discord at @Cow#0003, I can be found in the modding hub Moonlit Dungeon Discord or in the official Darkest Dungeon Discord

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