Realm of Norrath Rules

Realm of Norrath Rules and Guidelines

Story Introduction for Realm of Norrath


G1The Gods

C1Character Creation Guidelines 




C5Item Effects

C6Available Magical Item Slots

C7Banned Source Books & Material





B5Item Enchantments

B6       Banned Spells

B7Banned Feats

     G1 Deities in Norrath 

(Standard deities still apply though you should also choose a norrath deity your character worships for roleplay purposes)

Character Build:

     C1 Character Creation Process

  1. (Characters start at level 6 with 5d1000+3000 Gold Pieces)

  2. All ability scores start at 8.

  3.  You then apply racial bonuses.  See C4 for races.

  4. You then may roll up to 8d4 TOTAL dice to add to ability scores. 

  5. You can roll up to 3d4 for a single ability score. 

  6. You may add 1 extra d4 to to a single ability score if you take a flaw from the following table (Rolling d13 to determine). These amounts are applied based on what you declare your d4s on BEFORE rolling them. 

  7. You are allowed 1 reroll on a single ability score(this involves rerolling any of the dice associated with that ability score taking the second result. 

  8. Special guidelines on intelligence in Realm of Norrath. 

  9. If you are not sure how any of this works ASK. Do not make assumptions because it may not be as bad as it seems.

  10. (A GM or trusted player must be present for all rolls made, though you may fill everything else out in advance).

     C2 Hitpoints:

  You roll hitpoints and may reroll your level 1 hitpoints once. You may not reroll for any levels past first level

     C3 Classes:

      No classes are banned except those in the listed books under B3 and B1.

Class List for Norrath.

     C4 Races:

      Most races are allowed but I would prefer if you stay within the lines of a race from everquest(most of which are on this list)

       Most of the standard base races(humans, elves, dwarves, etc) that are canon 3.5 are remade in the following list to fit closer to the lore but are not that much different to the base 3.5 versions. I prefer if you use the Norrath version.

 Link to Races for Norrath


     C5 Item Effects:

      Anything that allows you to wield a weapon more than 1 size category than your own natural size category(AKA you cannot strongarm bracer and then giant growth yourself to use a huge weapon, you would still be limited to large sized weapons)

     C6 Magical Item Slots:

      Magical Item Slots will be restricted to these slots not unless you have one time use items. Changing out a magical item is 1 MOVE ACTION.

Banned Stuff:

     B1  Banned Books(some things MAY be allowed but you must bring them up with me first):

  1. All Psionic Books(Very few things are allowed from these books). 

  2. Book of exalted deeds. 

  3. Tome of Battle 

     B2 Banned Races

  1. Anything +2LA or higher 

  2. Half-Ogre

  3. Half Minotaur

     B3 Banned Classes

  1. Rainbow Servant

  2. Verminlord

  3. Dweomerkeeper

  4. Tainted Scholar

  5. Hulking Hurler

  6. Halfling Outrider

  7. Frenzied Berserker

  8. Planar Shepherd

  9. Master of Many Forms

  10. Thrallherd

  11. Spell to Power Erudite variant

  12. Warlock

     B4 Permenancy

  1. No Permenancy or constant effects on anything higher than 2nd level are allowed unless listed in a book that is not banned.

     B5 Banned Item Enhancements

  1. Valorous Weapon

  2. Splitting (bows and crossbows)

  3. Sizing Weapon

  4. Items that grant more than 1 minute of true seeing per day

  5. Wrathful Healing

  6. Tomes are limited to +4 maximum

  7. Retributive Amulet

  8. Scarab of Invincibility

  9. Collision

  10. Strongarm braces

     B6 Banned Spells

  1. All forms of Celerity(lesser, normal, greater)

  2. Persistant Spell

  3. Power Word: Pain

  4. Wish

  5. Time Stop

  6. Limited Wish

  7. Wither Limb

  8. Alter Form

  9. Polymorph is restricted(You must have encountered the creature ingame and it must be cleared)

  10. Wraithstrike

  11. Dance of Ruin

  12. Greater Metamorphisis

  13. Ray of Stupidity

     B7 Banned Feats

  1. Combat Instincts 

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